50 Times People Fused Excellent Ideas With Great Execution And Came Up With These Brilliant Crafts (New Pics)

Here at Bored Panda, we’re avid crafters! All you have to do is take one look at Crafty Panda, and you’ll know that we love to keep our paws busy by crafting, creating and embarking upon DIY projects galore. But we’re not the only ones who love a great art project. The Craft Projects subreddit has over 2 million members and is full of some of the most impressive and brilliant creations the internet has ever seen.

So to marvel at some of the best creations of the craft kings and queens of  the world, we’ve gathered some of our favorite posts from r/Crafts down below, as well as an interview with craft expert and the woman behind the Gluesticks blog, Brandy. Be sure to upvote the projects you wish you had thought of yourself (or you wish you had the skills to recreate!), and let us know in the comments if you’ve recently been working on any DIY projects that you’re particularly proud of. Then if you’re interested in even more art project inspiration, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the Craft Projects subreddit right here!

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#1 Needle Felted Fruit Bat, One Of My Most Recent Woolen Miniatures

Image credits: y_fedorova

As children, arts and crafts were an integral part of many of our routines. Art class at school ensured that we kept our imaginations active and our creativity fresh, and many of us came home to scribble in coloring books or create little projects to present to our parents as gifts. But somewhere down the line, many of us stopped making time to incorporate crafting into our daily routines. We become busy with the hustle and bustle of adult life and forget that it can actually be extremely peaceful and calming to dive into a cross stitch or painting every now and then.

We hope this list will inspire you to get back to your roots and embark on an arts and crafts project of your own. You don’t need to be an expert or turn DIY into your entire life, but remember how rewarding it can feel to complete a project. Arts and crafts can be great fun, and there is nothing more satisfying than being able to say, “I made that myself!” As one of the posts in the Craft Projects subreddit says, “Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself with $92 of craft supplies!” 

#2 Someone Recently Called Me Bob Floss

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#3 I Crocheted A Parasol

Image credits: iamacraftyhooker

To learn more about crafting from an expert, we reached out to Brandy, the woman behind the crafting blog Gluesticks. She told Bored Panda that she had originally had a family blog, but she found herself sharing so many DIY projects on it that she eventually decided to create a separate blog to showcase her creative side. Thus, Gluesticks was born!

We asked Brandy what her favorite part of crafting is, and she told us she loves the process. “Sometimes it turns out exactly like what I envisioned, other times it doesn’t turn out at all, and sometimes it turns out better than I could have imagined,” Brandy shared. “No matter what, I learn something new!”

#4 Made A Red Cardinal From Wool. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well

Image credits: FeltedBird

#5 My Dog Passed Away, So I Turned Her Leash Into A Keychain And Bookmark

Image credits: HiveFleetOuroboris

#6 Needle Felted Dog Miniature

Image credits: Marysiowe_Misie

We also wanted to know if there were any craft or DIY projects that Brandy is particularly proud of. “The most popular thing I ever shared was my Pop Tart gingerbread house in 2020,” she told Bored Panda. “It was so fun to see so many families make pop tart houses that year, but I think the project that I am most proud of are my sock pumpkins!”

“I love projects that are EASY (my pumpkins take 10 minutes), but are cute and things you’d want to display in your home,” Brandy shared. “I made them with a group of 20 girls at my church’s youth group, and it was so fun to see how excited they were to take their pumpkins home.”

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#7 I Created This Design For My Friends

Image credits: imolha

#8 Made This Stained Glass For A Friend Who Moved To Kansas Recently

Image credits: kazoo3179

#9 Fan Art For Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron. Colored Polymer Clay. How Do You Like It?

Image credits: Elena3332005

And according to Brandy, crafting can be for anyone and everyone. “I think we all have the desire to create,” she shared. “Whether it’s food, crafts, a cozy home, writing, etc. Just remember that it’s a learning process. Many, many recipes and crafts that I made when I was first starting out ended up in the trash.”

“I remember my husband taking a sewing project out of the trash and saying, ‘I think you may want to come back to this when you’ve calmed down.’ And he was right,” Brandy shared with a laugh. “If you find yourself making stupid mistakes, stop and pick it up again another day.”

If you’d like to learn more about Brandy’s best crafts or find some inspiration for what to make yourself, you can find her blog Gluesticks right here!

#10 Something Different To Top My Tree This Year. I Wonder If My Relatives Will Notice

Image credits: tabloach

#11 Made A Corset And Didn’t Have Anyone To Share It With So I Hope Someone Enjoys!

Image credits: black_sunflower610

#12 Shark Night Light Made By Me!

Image credits: AmoyCK

If you’re looking for some motivation to begin your arts and crafts journey, one great reason might be to build a sense of community or to strengthen your relationships with others. Creating together can be a bonding experience, if you work with someone else or value their input on your project, and you will both feel a sense of accomplishment after you’ve completed your pieces. 

If you’ve made something to display in your home, you’ll both have a permanent, tangible reminder of the time you spent together, and this shared hobby can be a way to strengthen your relationship even more in the future. You’ll always have something to discuss and do together. If you’re a parent, crafting with your kids can be a great activity to encourage as well. You can help them take pride in their work, and you’ll never run out of artwork for the refrigerator, walls and their bedroom. 

#13 I Made This Cactus Coasters Set With Leather For My Aunt’s Birthday. Do You Think The Flower Pot Is A Bit Too Wide At The Base To Be Somewhat Realistic?

Image credits: taod86

#14 I Have Been Making Glass Figures For Several Years Now. I Want To Share This Spider With You, What Do You Think?

Image credits: Nikita_GlassSymphony

#15 I Painted Comic Book Shoes This Week And I Think I’ve Started An Obsession

Image credits: MoxieMama326

Crafting can also be a great way to relieve stress. Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day working for someone else, unable to commit that time and energy to anything we are really passionate about. Because of this, it’s important to have ways to unwind after clocking out for the day. Arts and crafts can be a great way to do this because they often don’t require a great amount of brain power. Getting out of your head and into your hands to work on a piece of visual art can be a great way to clear your mind, and focusing on a repetitive task such as knitting or crocheting can allow your brain to relax. 

There have even been scientific studies on how relaxing crafting can be, as one study found that patients recovering from anorexia reported feeling much less anxiety, and instead a feeling of satisfaction, pride and accomplishment, after being given knitting lessons and access to free supplies. Once they occupied their hands and had something to focus on aside from their disordered thoughts, these women made great progress in their recovery. 

#16 Have Found A Perfect Background For This Embroidery Piece I Made!

Image credits: rebordacao

#17 Lighthouse Keeper Bjorn And His Friend A Seagull Named Bert

Image credits: Dunaeva13

#18 Snake Earrings

Image credits: VallaVica

Art projects and crafting can also be great ways to express ourselves, particularly when we can’t easily articulate our feelings. When words fail, art is the perfect form of expression. A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words anyway. So if you prefer to process traumatic events or the stress of your daily life through shapes and images on a canvas, that is perfectly valid. If you want to create a sculpture that depicts your inner turmoil, it can be quite therapeutic to put that out into the world. Bottling up our emotions and feelings is never healthy, but there are a variety of ways we can let them out. If your favorite vehicle for unleashing stress, anger and/or sadness is through a paintbrush and canvas, more power to you! Experience the sweet catharsis and turn those emotions into something tangible that you can be proud of.

#19 My Favorite Time Of Year Is Almost Here. Always Woodburned By Hand, Never Laser!

Image credits: misscareer

#20 Been Wanting To Do This Guy For A While And I Think It’s My Favorite Piece Of Glass I’ve Done So Far

Image credits: kazoo3179

#21 A Dachshund Quilt I’ve Just Finished As A Gift For My Sister In Law

Image credits: FuriousWanker

Crafting is valuable even when it’s simply a hobby, as it can add enjoyment and satisfaction to your life. But if you are passionate about your crafting and you want to turn it into a source of income, selling impressive art projects online can be quite profitable. People will pay big bucks on sites like Etsy to get their hands on expertly crafted goods that they can’t find anywhere else. I personally love Etsy and have purchased some fantastic items from the site, like a phone case with dried fruits and flowers imprinted into it and gorgeous bandanas that slide perfectly onto my dog’s collar. But if you need some ideas of what you can sell online, first you’ll want to look at your strengths and consider what is trending at the moment.    

#22 This Is My First Wooden Ring On Which I Have Worked Long Enough

Image credits: Vivaldi_Antonio

#23 Found An Old Tube TV By The Trash. Now My Cats Have A New Spot!

Image credits: vianetzy

#24 My Mother Is Too Shy To Post, So I’m Posting Some Pictures Of Her Mini House – The Kitchen

Image credits: EarthcitizenA

Some popular crafts that are commonly sold on Etsy are prints, ceramics, jewelry, phone cases, headbands, stickers, candles, homemade soaps, mugs, jewelry and blankets. You can sell almost anything and everything on the site though, so if none of those options stand out to you, I’m sure you can still think of a profitable craft that you’re capable of perfecting. If you’re a photographer, you can sell prints. If you’re a painter, you can sell paintings or other objects that you’ve painted. If you’re great at sewing, you can sell pillow cases or articles of clothing. And if you’re great at needlework, cross stitches with cute designs or funny sayings are quite trendy as well. 

#25 This Embroidery I Made Is Dedicated To Us, Procrastinators

Image credits: rebordacao

#26 I Made Watermelephant Ornaments For This Christmas

Image credits: Hannahporcelain

#27 My Grandmother Passed Away This Weekend And I Wanted To Share One Of The Many Things She Made. She Made This Entire Doll. She Poured The Molds For The Hands And Face, She Pained The Doll, She Sewed The Dress, And Crafted The Hat And Mask

Image credits: mightycranberry

Are you feeling inspired to head down to your local arts and crafts store and go on a spending spree? Try not to get too carried away, but feel free to enjoy the bliss of pure, unadulterated crafting. Whether you plan to paint a canvas, sew a pillowcase, fill up a scrapbook or start a woodworking project, we hope you can find a little DIY time in your life. And if you can’t, no worries. You can always live vicariously through the members of r/Crafts. Keep upvoting the pics of projects you find particularly impressive, and then if your appetite for art project inspiration still isn’t satiated, you can find our last article on the same topic right here.  

#28 Bird Embroidery On Tulle Featuring Barbed Wire. 12″ Hoop

Image credits: Bethcarrollart

#29 Made This From Some Plastic Bags And Old Wires

Image credits: klm_wtf

#30 I Thought I’d Share This Little Polar Bear Pot I Made Out Of Porcelain!

Image credits: everyonelse

#31 I Made A 7ft Long Octopus Plushy. He’s Called Octopus Prime, And He’s The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Made This Year

Image credits: goodpigeon

#32 Making An Axolotl Head For Your Mannequin Counts As Craft, Right?

Image credits: pm_me_your_amphibian

#33 I Made An Oil Painting Showing How It Felt To Lose My Dog Of 15 Years

Image credits: tinytinatuna2

#34 My Wife Asked Me To Make A Ring Holder

Image credits: tirapolo

#35 My Kid’s Theatre Teacher Asked For Fake Food For Their Play, And Fake Food They Shall Have!

Image credits: razzelledazzle

#36 Front Entryway Doors

Image credits: Normal_Diamond3067

#37 I’ve Been Making Brooms For The Past Roughly 3 Months And I Just Made My First Double/Wedding Broom

Image credits: goldfishgwen

#38 I Created Stained Glass Versions Of Origami Paper Boats

Image credits: ilovedactyles

#39 Just Finished. Crocheted Sweater

Image credits: Theyenney

#40 I Made A Baby Mobile For My Spooooky Friend

Image credits: kerrietaldwell

#41 I Made This Macrame Choker With Rose Quartz, Let Me Know What You Think!

Image credits: Physalia-

#42 I Made A Harry Potter (Chamber Of Secerets) Themed Ring With A Set Moissanite. Let Me Know What You Think!

Image credits: Boxhead2424

#43 A Stop Motion Puppet I Made For Someone! She Was Made From Milliput, Balsa Wood, Wire, Latex And Fabric

Image credits: ilovesheep123

#44 I Make Pressed Frames From Real Dry Flowers

Image credits: Bohemialife1

#45 3 Years Of Progress With My Ceramics! Can’t Wait To See What This Will Look Like In The Next 3 Years

Image credits: everyonelse

#46 The Jade Brick Bowl! I Cast These Oak “Bricks” In Green Resin And Turned Them Down To A Bowl. What Do You Think?

Image credits: FormanWoodworking

#47 My Paper Peony And A Real One

Image credits: trivium1234

#48 Girl With A Pearl Earring

Image credits: Unique-Blacksmith873

#49 I Made This Embroidery As A Gift To My Religious Grandma And She Loved It!

Image credits: rebordacao

#50 A Rope I Made By Hand Using Locally Foraged Daffodil Leaves & Stalks – This Rope Then Was Used As A Handfasting Cord At My Friends’ Wedding

Image credits: walkinglantern

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