50 Times People Spotted Such Huge Jerks, They Just Had To Shame Them Online (New Pics)

It’s perfectly fine to have disagreements and differences of opinion, but it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. Treating others with kindness, even when we don’t see eye to eye, is essential for building a sense of community and creating a positive environment for everyone.

When we act like jerks, we not only hurt people, but we also diminish our respect; again, it’s okay to have strong beliefs and stand up for what we think is right, but there’s no need to belittle or demean others in the process. Compassion not only benefits those around us, but it also brings joy and fulfillment to our own lives.

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Sadly, these things are often easier said than done. So, as a reminder that we should strive to make the world a better place for each other, we at Bored Panda put together a list of those who don’t. We hope that karma catches up to these inconsiderate weasels.

Continue scrolling to check out the images and don’t miss what we learned about empathy from NY-based Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Valentina Stoycheva and Psychologist and Collaborative Divorce Coach Dr. Ann Gold Buscho — their comments are spread between the entries.

(This is a new rendition of an ongoing series. For older publications, follow the links here, here, and here.)

#1 Stealing From A Grave

Image credits: lee_redrobin

#2 Gettting Used To The Fact That Some People Are Just Jerks

Image credits: gwinefcc

According to Dr. Valentina Stoycheva, the author of The Unconscious: Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications, empathy is dependent on having developed a ‘Theory of Mind,’ which is the ability to understand and share the emotions of others.

“Many factors, such as upbringing, personality disorders (such as narcissism, for example) may result in an inability to experience empathy,” Stoycheva told Bored Panda. “In addition, some people may situationally struggle with this if they are in an active state of being traumatized or have significant mental health difficulties. As a result, temporarily, they may have a hard time empathizing with others due to a lack of internal resources to do so.”

#3 Teacher Taking A Child’s Hearing Aid As Punishment “Cause She Wasn’t Listening Anyway”

Image credits: raniawrites

#4 Support Worker Leaves Her Shopping Bags On Top Of The Disabled Man In Her Care As She Takes A Fag Break

Image credits: ww-m

“Empathy is hard-wired into our species, some believe, which allowed our species to work in groups, form communities, and prosper,” Dr. Ann Gold Buscho, who penned the book The Parent’s Guide to Birdnesting, also told Bored Panda.

“They may lack empathy because of trauma in childhood, especially abusive parenting. They are in survival mode and scanning for threats (hypervigilant). Lack of empathy is associated with low intelligence and several mental health disorders, and some people may not have the internal resources necessary for empathy when they are overly stressed, just trying to keep their heads above water.”

#5 Neighbour Built A Community Library. Last Night Someone Dumped Chili And Cat Food Inside

Image credits: Extric_Atorium

#6 My Cat Almost Got Stolen Today

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Image credits: Geico2017

#7 Someone Replace This Receptionist

Image credits: princess_labia

The good thing is that egoistic behavior can be modified. “Empathy is a part of high EQ (or emotional intelligence),” Dr. Buscho explained. “It is a skill that many people can be taught through therapy and a desire to develop more intimate relationships with friends, families or partners.”

However, she said that if someone doesn’t recognize their deficit of empathy or isn’t motivated to develop it, it will be difficult or even impossible to remedy, even with professional treatment. “Therapy would be helpful, as would coaching and feedback from others, … [however,] certain personality disorders are so entrenched that the egoistic behavior may not be changed unless the consequences of that behavior are so painful that the person becomes curious or motivated to commit to change.”

#8 This Was Posted In A Restaurant’s Facebook Group

Image credits: somnifacientsawyer

#9 Someone Send This To Rosie

Image credits: danstille

#10 Big Time Karen Energy

Image credits: bour-bon-fire

#11 Man I’m Actually Pissed. My Mother Got Rid Of My First Pet Without Warning Me

Image credits: Bucket0fMilk

Interestingly, women are better at empathizing with other people than men.

Recently, researchers asked people to look at photos of the area around a person’s eyes (the person is making a particular kind of facial expression, and the study participant had to identify what that person is thinking or feeling from a set of possibilities).

To see if cultural differences impacted empathy scores, data was collected from teams around the globe. Merging their results with large samples from different online platforms, the authors of the study were able to capture results from nearly 306,000 people across 57 countries including Argentina, Croatia, Egypt, India, Japan and Norway, and in 36 countries, women scored on average significantly higher in their cognitive empathy scores than men did, while in 21 of the countries, their results were similar.

There wasn’t a single country in which men scored better, on average, than women.

#12 The Big Family Behind Us At The Food Court When They Left

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Some Rich Kids In Honduras Thought This Was Cute

Image credits: ProgenitorOfDragons

#14 Tourist Scales Ancient Egyptian Antiquities

Image credits: AloofNerd

#15 A Caretaker Stole My Grandpa’s Old Rolex Before He Passed Away. I Was Supposed To Have It

Image credits: Motherhazelhoff

“This study clearly demonstrates a largely consistent sex difference across countries, languages, and ages,” study co-author Carrie Allison, who is the director of applied research at the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, said in a press statement.

“This raises new questions for future research about the social and biological factors that may contribute to the observed on-average sex difference in cognitive empathy.”

#16 Neighbor Parked His Tesla By Blocking The Sidewalk, Someone Threw Red Paint At His Car

Image credits: Legitimate_Country11

#17 A Mom Left Her 2 Kids, A Child And Baby In A Carseat, Alone While She Went Into Dance Class

Image credits: p4755166

#18 This Dude Decided To Park In Front Of My Driveway When The Entire Street Was Free

Image credits: iBahnez

#19 We See Stuff Like This On A Daily Basis

Image credits: empire1018

However, I am willing to bet that many of you, dear Pandas, have had strong reactions browsing through these pictures.

Dr. Valentina Stoycheva highlighted that this happens because most of us have a need for the world to be, at least to a degree, organized and predictable in order to feel safe. “People who act like jerks break social contracts that we all need in order to function in society,” she said.

“Even if their behavior does not concern us, we still experience it as possibly dangerous or threatening. If everyone started acting this way, then society as we know it would collapse and that is scary.”

#20 Don’t Be This Type Of Person

Image credits: SlugsLoveBeer

#21 Friendly Reminder To Call Out Your Family For Bad Behavior

Image credits: DaughtersLament

#22 Mom’s Boyfriend Threw Away My 9-Year-Old Collection Of LEGO Because I Didn’t Use It For A While. There Are Sets From The 1990s In There And Also Sets In The Harry Potter Series

Image credits: SecondNo1399

#23 My Dad’s A Nurse And The Hospital Gave All The Nurses This Bag Because All Nurses Are Women Apparently

Image credits: JamesBuchanan3410

#24 Guy Posts Racist “Nice Guy” Post And Then Proceeds To Argue With Everyone Who Tells Him He’s A Jerk

Image credits: asiniloop

#25 Found A Camera In My Air B&b. It Was Halfway Behind The Painting With Only The Lens Peeking Out

Discovered it because we heard it clicking after me and my girl got out of the shower.

Image credits: _Atoms_Apple

#26 This Guy On The Train Was Putting His Mask Down Every Two Minutes To Sneeze And Played Music On His Phone For One Hour

Whenever someone asks him to stop he got aggressive.

Image credits: ThirtyTimesK

#27 Burned Down Community Book Donation

Image credits: Unsung-torpidity

#28 Poor Dog Left In A Filthy Car

Image credits: PrinceferX

#29 My Landlord Entered My Apartment Without Notice (Illegal) To Tell Me To Clean My Lint Trap

Image credits: kiddo-l

#30 There Is An 11-Day Bin Man Strike In Edinburgh And This Is Only Day Two. Most Of The City Is Like This

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Somebody Vandalized A Gay Pride Sidewalk In The Town Over From Me

Image credits: YouNeedToMoveForward

#32 This Jerk’s Parking. Needless To Say There Was No “Disabled” Sticker On The Car

Image credits: Brutal_Expectations

#33 There’s A Limited Amount Of Parking At My Apartments, And This Douchebag Parks Like This Anytime He Can So Nobody Will Hit His Car

Image credits: Aggressive_Action

#34 The Worst Kind Of People That Shouldn’t Exist

Image credits: JosephiKrakowski78

#35 If You’re A Parent And Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

Image credits: dillonconnerty

#36 A Jerk Blocked My Mom’s Driveway, So She Can’t Pick Me Up From A Football Game

Did I mention it’s cold, windy, and rainy… And none of my friends are there so I can’t get a ride from them.

Image credits: mad_cherry

#37 She Wants A Discount In Exchange For A Bottle Of Water (Tap Water, That Is)

Image credits: Love_Summer

#38 Seen At A Gas Station

Image credits: Poorly_Drawn_Fish

#39 Her Friend Didn’t Answer The Phone

Image credits: rocketranger64x

#40 Letting Your Kid Draw On The Nobel Memorial At The Natural History Museum

Image credits: Paddyfarmer

#41 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

Image credits: shelblikadoo

#42 Moving Day. Looks Like Drunk Me Left A Note For Future Self. I’ve Been Sober For 4.5 Years. Man That Guy Was A Jerk

Image credits: dunnkw

#43 I Work At A Pet Store. Some Jerk Used A Brush For Sale To Brush His Dog, And Then Just Put It Back. Dude

Image credits: _SirWellingtonIII

#44 People Who Leave Perishable Food On Store Shelves

Image credits: tr_rage

#45 Owning A Maserati Doesn’t Make You Not Trashy. They Just Opened The Door And Set Down Their Litter

Image credits: pateOrade

#46 The State My Ex Left My House In After I Went Away For A Week

Image credits: Mau5_matt

#47 There’s A Package Bandit In My Building And One Of My Neighbors Had Their Medicine Stolen

Image credits: rottenfigs

#48 Dude Takes His Massive Mastiff On The Bus And Fails To Control The Dog. Dog Is Barking Every 10 Seconds. Bonus Points For The Dude’s Cheeks Hanging Out

Image credits: ends1995

#49 A Man Disguised As An Old Women In A Wheelchair Threw A Cake At The Mona Lisa Painting In Paris

Image credits: lukeXC2002

#50 Person Behind Me Had Their Lights On So Bright I Couldn’t See

Image credits: Rochelle6

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