50 Times People Took Their Dogs To The Groomers And Had To Look Twice When They Got Back (New Pics)

We all know the stress of going to get a drastic haircut. A high reward cut requires taking high risks. But what if the stylist cuts off way too much? What if they misinterpret your vision and give you a mullet? What if the trendy bob you asked for ends up being a bowl cut? What’s even worse than the pre-haircut anxiety is the sinking feeling leaving the salon knowing you’re stuck with an unsalvageable hairdo for the next few months.

As people, we have the chance to speak up when a haircut starts going awry, but our pets don’t have the same luxury. We drop them off at the groomer just praying our babies will return looking as adorable as when we left them. A great way to prevent terrible haircuts is by bringing in photos of what you want. In the case of animals, however, maybe it’s best to bring in examples of what you don’t want. We’ve gathered photos of some of the worst haircuts pets have ever received to make you laugh (and maybe to be cautionary tales as well). Below you can also read our exclusive interview with Jess Rona, Los Angeles’ most popular celebrity dog groomer.

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Enjoy this list, and when you think you’ve seen it all, check out two other Bored Panda pieces featuring unfortunate animal hairstyles here and here.

#1 I Made A Mistake. She Won’t Let Me Clip Anymore. Will I Be Arrested?

Image credits: Tasha Malek

Haircuts can be extremely emotional experiences for us. According to a survey, one in five American women have burst into tears immediately after leaving a salon. (I may or may not be part of that group…) The Daily Mail also reported that “One in five [women] have been so disappointed they have withheld a tip, one in ten have refused to pay the bill, and one percent have even threatened to sue a salon after a bad haircut.”

Given how concerned we are about our own hair, it’s no surprise that we are particular about our pets’ fur as well. And while it may be tempting to skip a trip to the groomer for fear of an unfortunate cut, Alpha Paw breaks down some of the facts of pet grooming, including it’s importance for your animal’s health and hygiene.  

#2 I Asked For The Can I Speak To Your Manager Haircut. I Almost Peed Myself

Image credits: HopHeadRed34

Alpha Paws explains that giving your dog a spa day at the groomer “aerates your dog’s coat, which ensures healthy growth and evenly distributes your dog’s natural oils”. They also are likely to notice things you could accidentally miss. “Your groomer will look over, feel, and check every area of your dog, so they will likely discover any problems. They may discover lumps, skin issues, seeds, infections, or injuries that the owner has missed. Groomers are professionals intent on giving their canine charges the best possible appearance, hygiene, and health.”

It’s also important to make sure your dog’s coat doesn’t become matted. Matting traps in moisture and can lead to a host of issues including skin inflammation and infections. So professionals recommend getting your dog to he groomer every 6-8 weeks, depending on the breed and what their fur is like. “If your dog has a short coat, most groomers recommend bathing no more than twice a month, with once a month being optimal. Bathing more often will strip your dog’s skin and coat of essential oils. Dogs with medium to long coats should have a full groom every four to six weeks. A dog with a long coat will benefit from monthly “tidying” to shave off any matting.”

#3 Thanks I Hate It

Image credits: realburtiis

#4 This Cat Fully Shaved… Except For Its Face

Image credits: mebeim

Similarly to human haircuts, there is a wide range in the cost and quality of pet grooming. A $7 haircut from Walmart is not going to yield the same results as a $300 styling at a high-end salon. So naturally, the business of luxury pet grooming was born. High-end pet products have hit the market, and pet spas are becoming increasingly popular.

One such business marketing to the most glamorous pets is Les Pooch. Based in New York, Les Pooch’s website says they are “dedicated to developing the finest professional dog grooming tools, luxurious fragrances & gentle bathing products”.

#5 I Asked The Groomer To Cut Her Paw Fur Shorter This Time

Image credits: amycleonard

#6 “Gave Him A Shave”

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Image credits: lunarlilache

The concept of Les Pooch is pretty sweet; they just want the best for our animals. “Les Pooch was founded on the concept of providing the best care for your best friend. We recognize that your pooch is more than a pet. He or she is a beloved member of your family. That love is not one sided. Your pooch loves you too. You can see it in his or her eyes, the crook of the head, the wag of the tail. As the human caregivers for these lovable companions, we want to shower them with affection and show how much we care.”

#7 Y’all. This Is My Cousin’s Dog Henry, Who Was Given A Mohawk Haircut From Groomer. We Have Been Laughing For 2 Days

Image credits: Twisted_NaeNae

#8 Had To Have The Vet Shave My Cat To Treat A Skin Issue, And He Looked So Fake No One Believed These Photos Were Real

Image credits: PyrateHooker

#9 This Dog Looks Like It Is Wearing A Mask

Image credits: Couch_Licker

Their website features lines of fragrances, shampoos and brushes for the world’s most fabulous dogs. Well, the most fabulous and the most affluent. One of the scents available for purchase, Michel VIP Parfums, sells for $4,000 per 4 ounce bottle. Here is the product’s eloquent description:

“A diffusive unisex fragrance with top notes of Mandarin Blossom and Pink Grapefruit, Michel VIP Parfums are the ultimate expression of art. The light, fresh, elegant scent dries down to the perfect accords of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Orris which, when combined with the rare Essence of the Osmanthus flower, creates a soft, warm, and unique harmony. Only once every two years can enough petals of the rare Osmanthus flower be picked and distilled to create this truly distinctive ‘living’ fragrance that soothes the olfactory senses.”

#10 What Happened?

Image credits: SonaSierra19

#11 Just Shaved My Newfoundland. Look At His New Hair Style. What A Dude

Image credits: dannygally

#12 “Give My Dog A Slinky Look” “I Gotchu Fam”

Image credits: mazu74

Even celebrities need to take their dogs to groomers too, so it was only a matter of time before their trusted groomers gained a bit of fame as well. One of the most popular pet groomers in Hollywood is Jess Rona. Insider published a piece featuring her in 2018, referring to her as “the celebrity dog groomer who makes up to $6,000 a week”. Jess, whose client list includes Katy Perry, Nina Dobrev and Zooey Deschanel, went viral on Instagram a few years back for featuring dramatic slow motion videos of her freshly groomed clients. 

We reached out to Jess to hear her opinion on why dog grooming is so difficult, and she told us, “It’s actually not difficult when you’re a professional! I think it’s just because most dogs don’t love getting groomed. But if you are a professional like me – you learn how to communicate with dogs through gentle touch and calm energy, I look for behavioral clues to respond to through gentle touch so I am able to communicate with them. If you’re a pet parent, dogs know they can get away with a lot more. So just make sure delicious treats are involved! As well as professional grooming once every month or so.”

#13 A Lady Posted This On A “DIY Doodle Grooming” FB Page And Said They Think They Messed Up And I Cannot Stop Laughing

Image credits: thegreatesk

#14 I Picked My Dog Up From The Groomer’s And Burst Out Laughing. The Groomer Apparently Didn’t Understand My Request Very Well And Gave Him This Monstrosity Haircut

Image credits: phoriaa

#15 I Feel Like My Dog Looks Way Too Cute. Barber – I Got Chu Fam

Image credits: ItsDaJman

We also asked Jess about the importance of proper grooming, and she explained that, “Grooming is important for the health and well-being of your dog. Groomers can catch things like skin growths, overgrown nails, dental issues, skin infections, ticks/fleas and matting before they become larger problems that require a vet. Dander and oils build up on your dog’s skin and coat. Getting your dog groomed or even just bathed professionally monthly is best.”

Given how luxurious Jess’ treatments are, we asked her if dogs love getting pampered as much as we do. “Yes totally! I know my dogs feel better after they get a bath. They prance around and I know they feel happier and more comfortable in their skin.”

Lastly, Jess just wanted to add to be cautious with our pups in the heat. She keeps “seeing [dogs] at flea markets and farmers markets: during the hot summer months”. “Please don’t walk your dog on hot asphalt. As a groomer, I see hurt pads from heat, and since dogs are much lower to the ground, they can overheat.”

#16 Work Cats Got A Close Crop For The Summer And Now They Look Like They’re In A Community Theater Production Of “Cats”

Image credits: imaginaryerika

#17 I Thought I Was Having A Rough Day. Then I See This Poor Bastard And Know Others Have It Worse

#18 I Got My Girl Groomed. This Is Not What I Was Expecting. I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: GoMooGo

Jess’ business is thriving today, with her website listing unique services offered for her furry clients including blueberry facials, argan oil face masks and therapy baths. Dogs can also receive a “splash of color” with a variety of fur dye options including one or multiple colors on a tail, all over color, color designs (leopard, hearts, etc.), nail painting and even earrings. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty jealous that I can’t make an appointment with Jess now.

#19 My Dad Is Shaving My Dog But He Took A Break At Her Head. Business Up Front, Party In The Back

Image credits: darbypumphrey

#20 Yeah I Don’t Think He Likes The Haircut

Image credits: Inazumaryoku

#21 “What Have They Done To Me?”

Image credits: DV123

Another celebrity groomer and author of the best-selling book “DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show: Everything You Need to Know, Step by Step” is Jorge Bendersky. Based in New York, Jorge’s client list includes Ralph Lauren and Gisele Bündchen. His rates start at $300 an hour, but he makes house calls and notes that his “clientele is very exclusive”. According to Jorge, “grooming is not a wash and go; it’s a luxury”.

#22 My Mom Just Ruined My Dog And She Literally Said “He Wanted To Keep It Long On The Top” I Am Devastated

Image credits: lindsaymartin15

#23 The Groomer Has My Dog Looking Like He Has A Disease

Image credits: brysonthetoypoodle

#24 I’ve Been Cutting My Dog’s Hair To Look Like A Person

Image credits: dog-admin

Public curiosity with extravagant dog grooming has grown in recent years too. At least two reality competition shows have been produced to provide platforms for the best groomers on the globe. Groomer Has It ran on Animal Planet for 2 seasons from 2008-2009, and more recently, Rebel Wilson’s Pooch Perfect was broadcast on the Seven Network in Australia. They both featured skilled groomers competing to demonstrate their expertise and provided excellent publicity for the businesses of the winners. 

#25 That’s Horrible

Image credits: DelayniJohnson

#26 Mistakes Were Made

Image credits: jessicaopgenorth

#27 Mom Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Cut Our Pony’s Hair Cause It Couldn’t See

Image credits: IAmTheMasterB4U

I know that when I have a pet, they will be treated like a member of my family. And while I won’t be able to afford $4,000 cologne for my future pup, I do plan to spoil them with a level of extravagance that does fit into my budget. Just because they’re an animal doesn’t mean they can’t be humiliated by an atrocious hairstyle like the pets featured on this list. And if I do accidentally trust the wrong groomer one day, my dog will have every right to burst into tears upon leaving.

Have your pets ever had a traumatic experience at the groomer’s? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section, and don’t forget to upvote all of the animals that you feel the most sympathy for!

#28 My Boyfriend Wanted To Cut My Cat’s Hair For Once And Totally Failed. It’s So Sad But A Little Funny At The Same Time

She always looks angry so it is probably not because of the weird hairdo

Image credits: ELISE_B

#29 Yesterday I Was A King, Today I Am A Rat

Image credits: _diabolina_equestrian

#30 She Looks Wonderful

Image credits: Camarade

#31 Had My Cat Shaved

Image credits: kekka65

#32 His Groomer Called Me To Come Get Him Because She Was Done Trying

Image credits: Exoticwombat

#33 Probably The Last Time I’ll Be Allowed To Give My Dog A Haircut

Image credits: reconchrist

#34 Fluffy Corgi When The Groomer Shaved Her By Mistake

Image credits: dhdhk

#35 Wait Until The Professionals Are Back

Image credits: ryanspetsupplies

#36 Took My Dog To Get Groomed (Trim And Undercoat Brushed Out) And The People Decided To Shave Him

I thought it was common knowledge to not shave a dog with fur like this? Especially for a dog grooming service. He looks so bald.

Image credits: CaligulasPeri

#37 I Should Have Known When I Went In, And The Earlier Appointments Were Coming Out All Looking Like This

Image credits: chloerathburn

#38 My Significant Other Owns A Dog Grooming Facility And This Guy Came In Today. Meet Freddy Fender

Image credits: nessman930

#39 I Had The Groomer Try A New Clip On My Dog

Image credits: Re8jv24

#40 The Groomer Told Me Not To Laugh At Him. I’ve Failed

Image credits: mmmel

#41 Ever Seen A Shaved Husky? Now You Have

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 “I Got A Haircut Today. I Am Undecided If I Will Hate My Humom Forever Or Just Until My Hair Grows Back”

Image credits: sparkles.teacup.persian

#43 My Boy Ended Up Freaking Out At The Groomer’s And His Trim Ended Up Being A Buzz Cut

Image credits: externalkyuubi9

#44 Vet Recommended Haircut

Image credits: tupacohontas

#45 My Poor Dog Came Back From The Groomers Looking Like This

Image credits: ChadAndBradsXbox

#46 When That “Play In Pond, Roll In Wood Shavings” Life Is Too Legit To Quit

Image credits: the_hops_project

#47 “I’m Not Fat It’s The Way I’m Sitting”

Image credits: kekka65

#48 My Friend’s Husky After The 3rd Time She Had To Be Shaved Down For A Tick. She Refuses To Take The Vet’s Treats Now

Image credits: xellex

#49 Mom Took Me To Get A Buzz And The Groomer Sent Me Home Lookin Like A Peeled Chicken Nugget

Image credits: unbotheredcalvin

#50 When You See It

Image credits: neveralonemama

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