50 Wholesome Posts To Remind You There’s Good In The World

It’s simple—do good, feel good. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the giving or the receiving end. Random acts of kindness can make anyone’s day better. For example, a genuine smile from a cashier or barista can sometimes seriously boost my morning mood. Almost every time, I’m tempted to extend that joy that I get to someone else. It’s like a wholesome virus with a leading symptom of smiling from ear to ear.

What’s most impressive is that they don’t have to be grand gestures. There’s a Japanese concept called Mono no aware. It’s about noticing and appreciating small moments that bring you joy. At the heart of the concept is the fleeting nature of life. If we only get a limited amount of time among people, why not use it to make others feel good?

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We at Bored Panda have compiled this list that might be just the tonic for when you’re feeling down. Start scrolling and tap that upside arrow below the ones you like!

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#1 Babysitter Is Wholesome

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Liz Taplin is a career coach and former teacher with 35 years of experience under her belt. She mostly helps teachers – past, present and future, but works with charitable and voluntary organizations as well. Bored Panda reached out to Liz to better understand the importance of acts of kindness, because, as she states on her professional page, “there is no greater privilege than serving others.” Can the reasons behind kind acts be selfish, geared toward self-satisfaction? It’s interesting to understand what drives our need to help others. “I believe kindness and wellbeing are both innate human capacities and that they feed each other,” says Liz. “It’s a chicken and egg question, though. We feel good so [we] do good things. We do good things so [we] feel good. It doesn’t matter which comes first!” 

Whatever the reason, helping others is a two-way street. Neuroscientists have found that helping others positively affects our brain. It boosts the levels of the love hormone oxytocin and dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives us the feeling of euphoria. The latter one causes what’s called “helper’s high”. But that’s not all. Being nice to others also releases serotonin and endorphins. Serotonin acts similar to dopamine and causes the centers of pleasure to light up your brain. You want some of that high? Try volunteering at a local animal or homeless shelter, help your elderly neighbor with the lawn or shovel their snowy driveway. The good deeds don’t have to be impressive or go viral. Simple everyday favors should help you get that mood boost just as well.

#2 So There’s This Boy Running Around In A Superman Outfit, Yelling “I Just Beat Cancer”. Feel Good Times Ensue

Image credits: cdean51

#3 Members Of The Aurora Police Strategic Response Team Rappelled From The Rooftop Of Children’s Hospital Colorado, Dressed As Superheroes, To Surprise Patients

Image credits: RJ Sangosti

“For me, a random act of kindness means helping someone from a place of love and humanity and is the ultimate gift we can both offer and receive,” adds Liz. “Gandhi taught that the best way to find yourself is in the service of others, so that’s one outcome for the ‘giver’. For the ‘receiver’, the value is not just the act of kindness itself but the fact that a stranger sees you and values you. And the impact spreads, like ripples in a pond – a person is likely to become a giver very soon after being on the receiving end.” She gives a simple everyday example: “A great experiment to see this in action is to let someone out in front of you in heavy traffic. Within a few minutes, they will do the same thing to another car.”

Performing acts of kindness is part of the art of enjoying the little things in life. Liz has a few suggestions on how you can practice this habit. “I have a post-it note on my desk that says ‘make someone happy’ as a reminder that if that’s the only thing I do each day then it’s been a good day,” she shares. Don’t get discouraged if you feel incapable or are not sure where to begin. Liz reassures: “Engaging in random acts of kindness is a habit we can nurture. Getting started is easy, just do simple things like reaching for a product off the top shelf at the supermarket for someone.

#4 Ballerina Aesha Ash Is Wandering Around Inner City Rochester In A Tutu To Change Stereotypes About Women Of Color And Inspire Young Kids

Image credits: dickfromaccounting

#5 My BF Grew Up Incredibly Poor. When He Was A Child, He Wanted A Charizard Lunchbox – He Felt If He Had It At School, He’d Feel Normal, Like Everyone Else. I Found The Lunchbox On Ebay, 18 Years Later

My boyfriend and i were at Walmart recently, and he recounted a story to me from his childhood. He grew up incredibly poor, his mother being a single mom raising two kids on her own, his father abandoning them when he was very young. He and his mom would “window shop” at stores, just to pass the time and look at stuff they knew they couldn’t buy. When he was little, when pokemon was really big, Walmart had a Charizard lunch box. He thought it was the coolest thing; Charizard was his favorite pokemon, and how often did you see things with just Charizard? The lunchbox wasn’t necessarily expensive, but with the threat of no power or running water, it might has well have been a billion dollars. His mom put the lunchbox on layaway and said he’d get it for his birthday, but my boyfriend knew that it wasn’t going to happen and it was definitely more of a gesture. It was so much more than a lunchbox. He felt if he had this lunchbox at school, he’d feel normal, he’d feel like everyone else.

His birthday is in December, and after much eBay stalking I found the lunchbox he yearned for, 18 years ago. It was in amazing condition. This was the moment it really started to sink in. He cried for a LONG time. He finally got his lunchbox he could never have.

Image credits: StevieRedicavage4

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#6 Australian Paramedics Fulfill Dying Patients Wish To See Beach

Image credits: Danielle Kellan

The benefits of kind acts are not only short-term. They can deepen already established connections or help you start new friendships. Even the simple act of helping a family member wash the dishes not only results in gratitude from the other person, it also qualifies as quality time, where you can tell each other about your day or share a funny story from work. In a similar vein, volunteer work is a great place to make new friends. You can meet new people who are potentially interested in doing good deeds and maybe even form lifelong friendships.

#7 This Guy Was Outside Of Walmart

Image credits: sbook28

#8 Man Devotes His Life To Adopting Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes

Image credits: dickfromaccounting

#9 A Kenyan Lady Found Her Childhood Friend On The Streets Suffering From Drug Addiction And Took Him To Rehabilitation

Image credits: Ocean219

A National Geographic reader shared a story of an unexpected picnic while solo traveling in Istanbul. While in a park, she was waved down by a local family and was offered to join them and eat a homegrown salad. “We didn’t share a language but we shared a meal, smiles, and kindness,” she says. 

Interestingly, the effect of random acts of kindness to strangers can be surprising. Scientists suggest that most good-doers don’t expect to get a positive reaction. A 2023 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology has found that we systematically undervalue the positive impact our good actions have on the recipients.

#10 This Man Said He Was 10 When The Atomic Bomb Hit Hiroshima. He Had So Little Food That Him And The People Around Him Ate Small Birds To Survive. Now He Feeds Sparrows Every Day To Show Them His Thanks

Image credits: xinxanovich

#11 This Guy Did The Best He Could To Help

Image credits: benderesss/pikabu

#12 This Man Looks So Happy To Have A New Kitten

Image credits: Bodegacats_

This can explain the doubtful thoughts preceding a good deed. In some cases, it’s the fear of being misunderstood. “What if me bringing donuts into the office will be misconstrued as sucking up to my superiors?”—asks that little judgy voice in our heads. Other times, we’re worried about not getting the reaction we expect. “What if my coworkers don’t like the donuts and will hate me forever after this?” These thoughts are irrational and reflect our own insecurities more than predict the possibilities of what can truly happen. However, it’s also possible to build up nice behavior in our heads to be this grand gesture that the recipient should greatly appreciate. But when they don’t react in ways we expect, we get disappointed and might swear off good deeds altogether.

#13 Staying Till After The Credits

Image credits: super-marvel-dale

#14 This Is Caleb. Caleb Has A Degree In Zoology And Asks His Customers What Their Favorite Animal Is. He Gives Them Facts While Completing Their Orders!

Image credits: gangbangkang

#15 A Mariachi Musician Let My Hard Of Hearing Son Put His Head On The Guitarron So He Could Hear It. He Was Amazed!

Image credits: prettydorky

The Japanese have many different concepts on the philosophy of living. Some of them have permeated popular culture globally, like the art of golden repair kintsugi. In the same category as the already mentioned Mono no aware can be ikigai. This concept is about defining and following your purpose in life. Similar are also kaizen—striving to always improve—and wabi-sabi. The latter invites us to find beauty in the imperfections of life, resisting the urge to always strive for perfection.

As was mentioned in the beginning, in Mono no aware, one practices seeing merit in the fleetingness of our existence. One way people can work on this is by actively appreciating the little things that bring them happiness. But how do you do that, you ask? And what exactly are “the little things”?

#16 The True Spirit Of Christmas

Image credits: pdmcmahon

#17 After A Month In The Hospital, Grandpa Finally Got Moved Into A Room Where He Could See Out The Window… I Wanted This To Be The First Thing He Saw When Woke Up

Image credits: turtlemander

#18 Syrian Refugee Hands Out Food To Homeless In Germany To “Give Something Back”

Image credits: Tabea Bü

The first thing to do is not think of “the little things” as cliche. We as people can sometimes be too proud, consider ourselves too cool for simple things. Earnestness as a character trait can be looked down upon for being too “cringe”. 

However, failure to see its virtue can be the cause of a great deal of stress and pressure. Getting the dream job, the dream house are nice goals, but they happen rarely and the excitement eventually wears off. In order to feel a bit happier every day, it’s better to think about the details, like getting into a freshly made bed. Just think of how good that feels!

#19 Partizan Belgrade Goalkeeper Comforts His Teammate After He Is Barraged By Racist Chants For 90 Minutes

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 I Thought I Was Calling My Mom But I Had The Wrong Number And…

Image credits: jaileene_a

#21 Our Son And His Big Sister Ringing In His Official Adoption And The End Of His Time In Foster Care

Image credits: WizardofDoitland

What word can sound more cliche than “mindfulness”? A term that truly encompasses everything and nothing at the same time. At first glance, at least. But if we were to explore the different strategies of mindfulness, they would really be about being present. Actively choosing to notice your insignificant surroundings is a habit that can be taken for granted. Slow down a few times a day for a couple of minutes and try to smell the aroma of your coffee, hear the sounds from outside the window. In some cases, this can even be considered meditation. Maybe it is, but it’s also your subconscious kickstarting the habit of appreciating the little things.

#22 Her Name Is Phoebe. And She’s A Good Girl

Image credits: taliaphillips2

#23 An Elderly Man Sitting Outside Of His Car Door Spoon Feeding His Wife Ice Cream

Image credits: StuffyUnicorn

#24 Bus Buddies

Image credits: cagedragehere

This next tip is especially poignant in our current age of information. We’re bombarded with news, trends and visual stimuli constantly (really everything everywhere all at once, am I right? It’s a shame we haven’t yet evolved to have hot dogs for fingers, it could serve as a great point of focus during meditation). Disconnecting from technology for some time during the day and going outside for a walk can help you stop rushing through life. Taking a walk doesn’t necessarily mean in nature. It’s possible to take a break in a bustling city too. Try to recharge from the chatter and laughter from other people.

#25 This Janitor At My Friend’s School Is A Huge Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan. Since The Prices Were Extremely High And He Was Devastated About Not Going, All Of The Students Came Together And Bought Him The Tickets

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Toby At The County Shelter 2 Years Ago And Is Now King Of Our House

Image credits: azureen

#27 This Promposal

Image credits: shardonwedel

While being kind to others, don’t forget to practice self-kindness. Don’t be too hard on yourself at work, give yourself some “me time”, maybe start journaling. The golden rule is to treat yourself like you would treat a good friend.

When you’ve done that, circle back to helping others. There are many initiatives you can join, like the Kickstart Kindness program. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has many suggestions of what you can do if you have no idea where to start. Perhaps even some of the entries here in our list will inspire you to do some good deeds. It’s just like a certain up-and-coming indie artist sings: “Treat people with kindness.”

#28 Therapeutic Dogs Waiting With Great Anticipation To See Their Respective Children In A Hospital In Italy

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#29 Dad’s Friend Mike

Image credits: monicaheisey

#30 A 22 Year Old Guy From Harlem Befriended An 81 Year Old Woman Who He Met Playing Words With Friends Over The Past Year. Last Week He Traveled To Florida And Met Her In Person For The First Time

Image credits: gangbangkang

#31 People Waiting In Line To Foster Dogs And Cats After The Animal Shelter In Austin Flooded. Faith Restored In Humanity

Image credits: TyneeLips

#32 All Of The Netherlands Was Silent For 2 Minutes Today To Remember Victims Of War. This Dominoes Delivery Boy Stopped In The Middle Of The Streets

Image credits: teymon

#33 My Dad Is A College Professor. When One Of His Student’s Babysitter Didn’t Show, She Had To Take Her 4 Month Old Daughter To Class. She Started To Get Fussy, So He Did What Any Good Dad Would Do. They Spent Almost The Entire Class Like This!

Image credits: owls_everywhere

#34 This Police Officer Stopped Traffic, In The Rain, To Save This Wet And Limping Little Dog. Faith In Humanity Restored

Image credits: MissEmKay

#35 Farmers From West Michigan Sending Some Of Their Hay To Kansas, Oklahoma, And South Dakota To Help Other Farmers Who’s Crops Were Burned In Fire

Image credits: aletati

#36 Wife Is A Kindergarten Teacher. A Couple Of The Teachers Started A “Comfort Closet” At Her School For Needy Kids To Get Hygiene Supplies And Clothes. All Donation Based

Image credits: Terevok

#37 94 Year Old Keith Davison, Lonely After Losing His Wife Of 66 Years, Built A Pool For The Neighborhood Kids

Image credits: KARE11

#38 Friendship Finds A Way

Where there is a will there is a way. Calebs buddy Ike missed him very much, I went to the kids room earlier today and played with Ike for a bit, he asked how Caleb was doing and so did Caleb’s other friend Casey. We said out goodbyes and I headed back to Caleb’s room. Ike rolled over in his wheelchair and knocked on the door and wanted to come say hello. Caleb is on double doors and is unable to leave the room so I grabbed some rubber gloves and a controller and gave it to Ike outside the glass, now they are having a blast playing Call of Duty. Love seeing these guys smiling and just being kids.

Image credits: grownupboy

#39 It Was Pouring Rain And This Dog Was Taking Shelter By The Store. A Woman Came Out And Wrapped It In A Blanket, She Later Came Out Again To Let The Dog Into Her Store

Image credits: MBMIII/pikabu

#40 An Elderly Man In My Neighborhood Had A Heart Attack While Shoveling His Driveway. Paramedics Took Him To The Hospital, Then Returned To Finish Shoveling His Driveway For Him

Image credits: Optimoprimo

#41 A City Worker Washes And Folds These Blankets For The Homeless

Yesterday this pile of blankets was all over the ground filthy, partially wet and frozen having been slept In the night before. I saw a city worker putting the stuff into what looked like a trash can. Then this morning I walk by the same spot and see the blankets had been washed and folded. Made me smile

Image credits: GreenWigz

#42 Sorry, I Got Something Stuck In My Throat

Image credits: mrjamesob

#43 Everyone Was Grumpy At The Gate Before An Early Morning Flight. Someone Changed The Channel From CNN To Cartoon Network And Suddenly Everyone Was Smiling And Laughing Watching Loony Toons Together

Image credits: bigsoap

#44 Probably The Best Birthday Present You Could Get

Image credits: renblankk

#45 My Dogs Favorite Toy Is Santa, So We Brought Her To See Him

Image credits: jjmontaldo

#46 For The Past 12 Years, This Man Has Visited Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta Twice A Week To Hold And Comfort Babies In The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Earning Him The Nickname “ICU Grandpa”

Image credits: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

#47 Locals Cover Street Dogs With Blankets During The Snowstorm In Istanbul

Image credits: Politico_juan

#48 92 Year Old Man Making A Card For His 93 Year Old Wife

Image credits: GeorgeResch

#49 License Plate Does Not Check Out

Image credits: AmazingNews

#50 This Dog Followed The Google Earth Guy

Image credits: samjhewett

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