50 Wholesome Rescue Pet Pics To Heal Your Soul (September Edition)

Adopting a pet is an important decision and it shouldn’t be something you rush into. But it’s so rewarding. After all, you’re saving more than one life — by taking an animal home, you’re not only giving them a second chance at life but you’re also freeing up space so the rescue organization can help another critter.

According to some estimates, around 6.3 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 810,000 are returned to their owners, 4.1 million shelter animals are adopted, and 920,000 are euthanized.

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It’s worth mentioning that the number of dogs and cats euthanized in American shelters annually has declined from roughly 2.6 million in 2011 but I think we agree it should be even lower. Way, way lower.

Each month, we at Bored Panda accentuate the difference a loving family makes for an abandoned or mistreated animal by celebrating the ones that opened their doors and hearts to those who needed love and care the most. Continue scrolling to check out September’s edition and catch up on the series if you’ve fallen behind: August, July, June.

#1 Today We Adopted This Gorgeous Little Hedgehog

Image credits: the_real_fhqwhgads

#2 I Just Adopted This Senior Lady! She’s The First Cat I’ve Ever Had And She’s Also The Sweetest One I’ve Ever Known. Senior Cat Appreciation!

Image credits: Soup_God_

#3 Originally Was Going To Adopt 2 Of These Guys. Turns Out Three Times The Charm. We Got All The Siblings Together! They’re Super Close And We Didn’t Want To Leave The Sister Out

Image credits: NoLongerARedditor

#4 Adopted My First Void This Week, Isn’t She A Beaut?

Image credits: brass_butt0ns

#5 Left Was From 5 Days Ago Before I Adopted Him. Right Was Earlier Today. I Am So Lucky I Adopted Him, He’s The Sweetest Most Caring Cat And I’m Thankful To Have Him

Image credits: audreybrookee

#6 Katara – Purebred Mutt, Rescued And Adopted In Montreal. Of Course, We’re The Lucky Ones

Image credits: Saint_Bond

#7 My New Cat’s Reaction To Her Forever Home

Image credits: we-are-the-foxes

#8 I Still Can’t Believe I Was Lucky Enough To Be The One To Adopt Her

Image credits: DonSmo

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#9 Our 2 Newly Adopted Kittens

Image credits: djaylange

#10 Adopted A Pupper, She Mlems When She’s Asleep

Image credits: svrstati0b

#11 How To Adopt A Hooman

Image credits: druule10

#12 Myself (Middle) My Brother (Left) And My Best Friend (Right) With Our Puppy Siblings We Just Adopted

Image credits: snmnc123

#13 In A Span Of Two Days We Adopted This Baby And Got Engaged

Image credits: 42069Nicebro

#14 This Is Beowulf. Turns Out Beowulf Is Actually A Girl And Now Needs A New Name. Any Ideas?

Image credits: wcollins260

#15 Just Got Her, Need Help Finding A Name. I Like Mushroom, But My Mom Doesn’t

Image credits: KattMann00

#16 Just Adopted These Two Sweet Brothers. Our 2.5 Year Old Son Chose The Names… Meet T-Rex And Cardboard

Image credits: patallcats

#17 Adopted These Two, Meeting Them On Thursday For The First Time

Image credits: nattarbox

#18 Adopted A Kitten Today! Her Name Is Loki, She Is Super Scared, But Too Cute

Image credits: Wauwaiiiiiii

#19 This Is The Fourth Stray Kitten I Find Near My House. They Keep Coming And I Keep Adopting Them. Am I Cursed?

Image credits: microdipodops

#20 Just Adopted This Big Baby, My Very First Standard Issue Cat. He Even Came Pre-Derpped!

Image credits: ferretherapy

#21 My Teenager Lost Her Beloved 13-Year Old Ginger Rescue Kitty Last Year To Cancer. We Recently Adopted A 3-Year Old Creamsicle. I Think They’re Both Gonna Be Just Fine

Image credits: AlaskaGirlinGeorgia

#22 Illegaly Smol Cat That Adopted Us Yesterday

Image credits: chrumocka

#23 My Newly Adopted Boy Angus Looking Quite Dapper!

Image credits: TotoroTortoise

#24 This Old Boy Thinks We Adopted The New Kitten Just For Him

Image credits: hiimaunicorn

#25 Look At This Perfect Little Bean I Just Adopted

Image credits: laney_belle

#26 Doctor Doom Enjoying Her First Nap In Her Forever Home After Her Stint At The Shelter

Image credits: Pliosaurs

#27 Are Blind, 9 Year Old, Recently Adopted Boys Cute? I Sure Think So

Image credits: WhoIsTheyAnyway

#28 Poe & Kylo First Day Of Kylo’s Adoption vs. One Week After Adoption

Image credits: peanutbuttervraptor

#29 My Feral Baby I Adopted From My Backyard

Image credits: SnooaLipa

#30 Just Adopted This Precious Girl From A Family That Don’t Want To Take Care Of Her. She’s Supposedly 6 Months, But Shes Soooo Huge

Image credits: robertpoebukowski

#31 Adopted This Little Guy The Other Day, He’s A Complete Sweetheart

Image credits: Lucybeatrice

#32 Just Adopted A 13 Week Old Kitten, And His Big Brother (3 Year Old Golden) Is Taking His New Role Very Seriously

Image credits: SteRaeSal

#33 Just Adopted Her And I Think She’s Fitting Right In

Image credits: platypuspenile

#34 Meet Pearl, We Just Adopted Her

Image credits: ixinho

#35 Just Adopted. Her Name Is Minette

Image credits: infinitelymany

#36 Adopted Him Today, He Loves Cuddling

Image credits: justBreathing__

#37 Drove Five Hours To Adopt This Sweet Girl, Mocha. She Was Saved From Being Thrown Out Of A Moving Car. She Is The Most Gentle And Affectionate Little Girl And Will Be So Loved!

Image credits: somebodyimpressme

#38 We Adopted This Lil Guy Yesterday & He Gives Me The Warmest Fuzzies. Home At Last!

Image credits: freezings

#39 Adopted My Boy And My Cat Finally Accepted Him. Can You Tell That He’s Happy?

Image credits: SewerWolf666

#40 Name Suggestions For Our Newly Adopted Pup? As Well As Breed Guesses? He’s About 5 Months

Image credits: Ralliart69

#41 Friend Asked If I Could Adopt A Stray, But My Dog Ended Up Doing The Adopting

Image credits: Wambo_Jambo

#42 Meet Aspen. Just Adopted Her And She’s An Absolute Sweetheart

Image credits: AlanaAraya

#43 This Is Hank. He A Stray I’m Caring For. He Slept Where My Husky Used To Sleep And Gave Me The Same Look My Husky Had, And I Think He’s Gonna Be Mine Now

Image credits: orange_picture

#44 Found This Little Girl On The Street And We Are Adopting Her. Her Hair Is All Matted And She Has Some Skin Issues And I Look Forward To Posting Her Transformation Pictures. Does She Look Like A Jenny Or Millie?

Image credits: blakey1414

#45 Adopted These Babies Yesterday, They Are Really Scared And Are Hiding In Their Cozy

Image credits: TheGamingBaba

#46 Recently Adopted These Two Dingleberries. They’re Not Related But Get Along Quite Well

Image credits: yuribotcake

#47 Just Adopted This Little Buddy, Got Returned 2 Times, 3rd And Final Home Now! He Still Needs A Name!

Image credits: kitt_katt_99

#48 This Is Henry, The Newest Member Of Our Family

Image credits: DisasterScoutMaster

#49 When We First Adopted Our Dog A Few Weeks Ago vs. Today. He A Thick Boy Now!

Image credits: CommercialImmediate3

#50 We Have Adopted Our First Daughter Yesterday

Image credits: WyidealizowanyIdeal

#51 Cute Girl We Adopted… She Is Being A Little Sunshine In Our Lives

Image credits: incelXD

#52 Newly Adopted Kittens. Tom And Jerry

Image credits: Candid_Arm1065

#53 My Cousin Just Adopted This Little Pup. Meet Lulu!

Image credits: dibbiluncan

#54 Adopted A Cat Today

Image credits: StomachJazz

#55 We Adopted Nala!

Image credits: Lestessa

#56 Meet My New 13 Day Old Pup. I Haven’t Named Him Though. Suggestions Are Welcome. He’s A Stray And I Adopt Strays

Image credits: thelonelyone215

#57 I’m So Glad We Adopted Them Together

Image credits: growup_andblowaway

#58 Went To Adopt One Cat, Came Out With Bonded Sisters

Image credits: Lifeofsage

#59 Adopted Her On Sunday From A Hectic Household. This Is Us After An Hour In Her Forever Home

Image credits: Leilavdm

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