51 Jokes That Needed No Explanation But Were Explained Nevertheless, As Shared On This Online Community

Some people take more time than others to wrap their heads around jokes. Innuendos and clever puns usually carry a hidden meaning, which might seem confusing at first. Research shows that nearly 70% of people laugh at jokes they don’t understand. The fact that humor occasionally requires specific knowledge or exceptional perception doesn’t help either.

Nevertheless, some quips simply call for a bit of attentiveness or common sense. But even with such minimal requirements, they might be baffling to some in the audience. An abundance of such instances can be found online, as the internet is a treasure trove of jokes, witty comments, and other frivolous material to make people laugh.

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Here at Bored Panda, we dove into the depths of the That’s the Joke subreddit to bring some examples of people unintentionally missing the gag line. And they might be funnier than the actual jests. Make yourself some popcorn and start scrolling through.

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#1 *rest

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Who Gonna Tell Him

Image credits: Abin5ur

#3 That’s A Corn Dog!

Image credits: CatchingFiendfyre

#4 That’s Crazy

Image credits: gannon_yeehaw

#5 Sick Joke Bro

Image credits: ANameYouCanPronounce

#6 How Does This Have 110 Likes

Image credits: ToxinLab_

#7 ?

Image credits: kowaterboy

#8 It Is At Least A Lvl 1 Meme

Image credits: Christanmom147

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#9 •••

Image credits: AryaKar1shma

#10 I Mean…. Yeah It Is

Image credits: AndrewAllStar888

#11 Pretty Self Explanatory

Image credits: Punsandrecreation

#12 No Way… I Mean Let’s Ignore Cloths

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 S**t Quality Btw

Image credits: ThisTook1Hour

#14 Haha Yes Tumblr Moment

Image credits: liamfirthh

#15 Heh – You Said Boobies

Image credits: RokMartian

#16 That Was The Point

Image credits: VenatusDominus

#17 Come To Brazil

Image credits: lucas52540

#18 I Sure Did!!!!

Image credits: covid-1990

#19 That One Person Who Ruins The Joke

Image credits: KC-Karate

#20 Amy Schumer Isn’t Funny

Image credits: kiidlocs

#21 First Of All, The Repost, Then This Comment

Image credits: Viksome_12

#22 Found This On A Different Subreddit. Sorry To The Hardcore Redditers For Reposting

Image credits: RoostarHead

#23 I Just- I Dont Understand

Image credits: Godhaslefttheserver2

#24 Thanks For Clearing That Up

Image credits: Here-For-The-Comment

#25 They Should Make A Joke About That

Image credits: rocketsalesman

#26 Guy Ruined It

Image credits: gnohomobromo

#27 The Comment My Cousin Made To A Post My Sister Shared On Facebook

Image credits: Rude_Influence

#28 When An Entire Sub Whooshes As One

Image credits: 852derek852

#29 Didn’t Really Need Any Explanation, But Apparently 161 Others Felt It Did

Image credits: fossilmerrick

#30 Room Temperature Iq On This One

Image credits: timurshah

#31 C’mon Man I Made It So Obvious

Image credits: RandomStupidClips

#32 Nice Job

Image credits: Christanmom147

#33 You’d Think Someone In A Meme Subreddit Would Catch On

Image credits: Aneides_Aeneus

#34 And It Was The Top Comment Too

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Gardener, Removed

Image credits: MasterSpectacleMaker

#36 Smallpox

Image credits: GreyFoxNinjaFan

#37 That Is In Fact The Joke, Thanks U/Jesstgefangirl_

Image credits: InconspicousJerk

#38 The Caption… Yeah No S**t

Image credits: skittlepiddle

#39 I Dont Know What To Put Here

Image credits: astronaut9525

#40 Thanks For The Explanation

Image credits: kiidlocs

#41 Thank You For Your Contribution

Image credits: heythisispaul

#42 Sorry For Sh** Cropping

Image credits: pyro-fanboy

#43 Oof He Got You There

Image credits: MooxBoi

#44 Borderline Self-Aware

Image credits: 107bees

#45 Well Done

Image credits: PerfectMemester

#46 Toph Be Like: Akdbdbwkaheeid

Image credits: AquaticSombrero

#47 Yep, You Got It

Image credits: toph88241

#48 Thank God He Pointed That Out!

Image credits: Spergle

#49 Found On Snapchat

Image credits: Cling–Clang

#50 On A Coronavirus Puns Video

Image credits: osher_

#51 “Their”

Image credits: AlmightyCurrywurst

Source: boredpanda.com

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