51 Reality Checks From “Personal Finance For The Financially Challenged”

Google “how to save money” and you’ll get 3,740,000,000 results, promising you will be able to save up for any purchase if you just give them a click and scroll through their ads. Oops, I mean, text. Move over Jerome Powell, nowadays even teenage TikTokers are experts on macro and micro economy. Or are they?

The members of the subreddit Poverty Finance: Personal Finance For The Financially Challenged don’t think so. And when you look at their content, it becomes pretty difficult to disagree with them. These Redditors share actual financial advice, frugality tips, stories, opportunities, and general guidance for people who are struggling financially. Oh, and they also torch pseudo financial gurus, burning their out-of-touch content to a crisp. My favorite.

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So this time, as an introduction to the online community, we’ll focus on the jokes and memes they’ve collected since getting together in 2018.

#1 Being Poor Is Expensive

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#2 Being Poor Is A Choice? If You Play By The Rules You’ll Be Safe? Really? Tell That To Him

Image credits: OpeningCredit

#3 Stress

Image credits: jfitzgeraldMD

#4 Just A Holiday Reminder

Image credits: GxldSociety

#5 Had A Good Laugh At This

Image credits: YoungFunE

#6 So True It Hurts

Image credits: crazyjuice__

#7 What A Lot Of “Frugal Bloggers” Don’t Realize

Image credits: _lizharvey

#8 I Felt That While I Laughed

Image credits: savvysims

#9 It’s Not That Hard

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Image credits: TheAndrewNadeau

#10 Pretty Much

Image credits: InternetHippo

#11 *Sad Noises*

Image credits: eleanormtweets

#12 Financial Health Is The Best Form Of Therapy

Image credits: caitiehannan

#13 To Be Honest

Image credits: heyzo_

#14 Poverty Marriage

Image credits: joeygllghr

#15 I Know Many Of Us Are Taking Responsibility For Our Part, But…

Image credits: wendi_c_thomas

#16 I’ve Never Felt More Prepared

Image credits: SomebodysColdOne

#17 Ain’t That The Truth

Image credits: angellenise

#18 Can Anyone Explain Where My Starbucks Money Is Going?

Image credits: MattBellassai

#19 Big Poverty

Image credits: BenjaminPDixon

#20 Money Saving Tip!

Image credits: TheBashBuzz

#21 Overdraft Fees Cripple People Already Struggling Financially

Image credits: the_razzlesnake

#22 Two Ways

Image credits: viachicago22

#23 Game Stop Stock

Image credits: JUSTINtime4aLAF

#24 Oof

Image credits: Sugm4dig

#25 How I Feel About Overdraft

Image credits: YoItsMCat

#26 So True

Image credits: nokia621

#27 It’ll Ruin The Day

Image credits: brooklynmoon

#28 One Star

Image credits: pizza-bunny

#29 “Poor People Are Just Bad At Saving Money”

Image credits: saul2015

#30 Me, Organizing My Finances

Image credits: min_mus

#31 Here’s How To Pay Off Your Debt

Image credits: ariel_rubinstein

#32 Breaking News! Millennials Are Still Poor

Image credits: gangbangkang

#33 Finally Figured It Out

Image credits: nokia621

#34 Well, It’s Technically A Phone Number…

Image credits: thebestbobever

#35 This Hit Close To Home

Image credits: blueholeload

#36 It’s Fine, I Didn’t Want To Have Fun Anyway

Image credits: pennhardaway

#37 It’s Almost Offensive, Right?

Image credits: UpYours003

#38 And It Also Doesn’t Have Debt

Image credits: InAFloodplain

#39 Not Big On Dave Ramsey But This Is Solid Advice On Car Buying

Image credits: gangbangkang

#40 Save Half Your Paycheck, Regardless Of Whatever Else You Have To Pay For, Regardless Of What You Earn, I Guess

Image credits: Iusemyhands

#41 Amirite

Image credits: AndThenChineseFooood

#42 Can’t Shame Poor People For Wanting Nice Things Too

Image credits: gangbangkang

#43 Santa Won’t Bring Me Rent Money

Image credits: girlscoutc00kies

#44 In Trying Times Like These, It’s Important To Remember This Advice

Image credits: temp_plus

#45 This Hit Me Hard

Image credits: bonoboalien

#46 It Never Ends

Image credits: emericee

#47 It’s Time For A New Loan

Image credits: polon256

#48 Feels Bad

Image credits: ThePoorAlwaysLose

#49 It Never Ends

Image credits: KaleBrecht

#50 He Gets It

Image credits: JamilaAhmed

#51 Paying Rent With Cash Really Puts The Cost Of Living Into Perspective For Me

Image credits: iamalmostpatient

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