52 Fun And Interesting Facts To Share With Your Work Bestie

Sometimes, reading some interesting information at work is just what you need to take your brain cells for a walk and get the creative juices pumping. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the /r/FunFacts subreddit provides – safe-for-work interesting facts!

If your boss catches you scrolling this post or the aforementioned subreddit, consider telling them that this is just what you needed to jog your productivity. In fact, there’s a new fact for that as well – when your brain learns new information, it forms new neuronal connections, and the more it does this, the better it gets at it. That’s called neuroplasticity.

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#1 A Deck Of Poker Cards Has A Metaphysical Meaning: 52 Cards – 52 Weeks A Year, 4 Suits – Seasons, 13 Cards Of The Same Suit – 13 Phases Of The Lunar Cycle. If You Add Up All The Values ​​of The Cards In The Game Deck, You Get 365 Days (Including The Joker). The Second Joker Is A Leap Year

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#2 Fun Fact : In Switzerland It Is Illegal To Own Just One Guinea Pig . This Is Because Guinea Pigs Are Social Animals, And They Are Considered Victims Of Abuse If They Are Alone

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The process by which your brain actually learns these facts is an interesting and not entirely intuitive one. Let’s dig in.

Most people know that our brain consists primarily of neurons. These cells link to one another with synapses, forming a dense network of connections that send signals through the brain and onwards throughout our bodies. At a basic level, these are the cells that embody the information we learn.

#3 Fun Fact: There’s A Service Called “Cleaning For A Reason” In The U.s And Canada That Cleans The Houses Of Women With Cancer For Free So They Can Focus On Their Health

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#4 The Eggplant Is Called The Eggplant Because When It Is Young It Looks Like An Egg

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When your neuronal connections fire in certain patterns, those connections are strengthened and reinforced, and those reinforced pathways become the basis of all of our knowledge.

This is, of course, a gross oversimplification. Our brains contain lobes and segments that are specialized towards different parts of our thinking processes, but at a basic level, we have neural pathways criss-crossing those regions of the brain that form the basis for what we know.

#5 Armadillos Can Hold Their Breath For Up To Six Minutes And Are Known To Walk Underwater To Cross Streams!

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#6 Fun Fact:

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#7 Fact:

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#8 In 1850 Dmitri Mendeleev Walked Almost A Thousand Miles To Moscow So He Could Apply For The University Of Moscow. Although He Was Not Accepted, He Walked To St. Petersburg Where He Was Accepted, And With That Education, He Developed The Periodic Table Of The Elements

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#9 Fun Fact: LEGO’s The Largest Tire Manufacturer In The World

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#10 “Fun Fact “ Koalas Have Fingerprints That Are Almost Indistinguishable From Human Fingerprints

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#11 Fun Fact:

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#12 Fun Fact: A Black Robin Named Old Blue Became The Mother Of Her Entire Species When She Was The Last Fertile Female In A Group Of 5 Robins. There Are Now Over 250 Black Robins On The Chatham Islands, And Have Raised Their Status From Critically Endangered To Endangered

Image credits: gemmalyn9_

#13 A Picture Of Dr. Religa Monitoring His Patient’s Vitals After Completing A 23-Hour-Long Heart Transplant. At The Bottom Is A Picture Of The Same Patient, 30 Years Later. He Managed To Outlive His Doctor

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#14 In 1985, After An 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Mexico City, Nearly All Newborn Babies Survived A Collapsed Hospital. They Are Known As “Miracle Babies” For Surviving 7 Days Without Nourishment, Water, Warmth Or Human Contact

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#15 Fun Fact: Don’t Get Bitten By A Chinese Water Deer

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#16 Poor Guy

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#17 Fun Fact: Ethan Zuckerman, The Man Who Invented Pop-Up Ads, Apologized To The World For Unintentionally Creating One Of The Internet’s Most Hated Forms Of Advertising

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#18 Fun Fact:

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#19 Narwhals Tusks Are Actually Teeth, Can Grow Up To 10 Ft, And Can Bend Up To A Foot To One Side Without Breaking. Their Purpose Is Still Not Well Understood. Some Narwhals Do Not Have Tusks. Their Skin Is Very Rich In Vitamin C, The Same As An Orange By Weight. There Are None In Captivity

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#20 Fun Fact:

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#21 The Meaning Of The Greek Word “Cerberus” Is “Spotted” So Technically Hades’ Dog’s Name Is “Spot”

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#22 Found On Insta

Image credits: jamowarp

#23 This Is A Piranha. Contrary To Popular Belief, They Almost Never Attack Humans (Unless Crazy Starved). I Work At An Aquarium And Clean Their Tank While They Are In There (About 12 Of Them). Quite The Scaredy-Cats, Actually. Won’t Go Anywhere Near Something Living As Large As A Human

Image credits: sadmusicianhours

#24 If You Hold The Head Of A Chicken Still And Draw A Straight Line While Chicken Is Looking At It, It Will Be Hypnotized

Image credits: Sophi3123

#25 There Once Lived A Viking Called Harald Bluetooth. He Was Called That Because He Loved Blueberries. The Bluetooth Technology We Know Nowadays, Has Been Named After Him. And The Symbol Are The Runic H And B Put Together

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#26 Fun Fact: A Rural Japanese Town Under Siege By Monkeys Is Defended By Three Elderly Women Armed With Airguns Who Call Themselves The “Monkey Busters”

Image credits: spikeknight1

#27 Fun Fact: Research Shows That Some Fish Eggs Remain Alive Even After Being Swallowed By Mallards, A Breed Of Ducks. These Eggs Then Come Out As The Ducks’ Poop And Hatch When They Find Water Again. This Explains How Some Fishes Emerge In Ponds And Pools Without A Hint

Image credits: Iamvicky07

#28 Fun Fact: There’s A Species Of Sheep That Has Two Pairs Of Horns Called Jacob Sheep. They Are One Of Very Few Species Of Sheep To Have Multiple Pairs Of Horns. Here’s A Picture Of Its Skull:

Image credits: H20bean

#29 Fun Fact. Did You Know?

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#30 Mickey Mouse Has An Older Sister. She Only Appeared On The Comic Books Thought

Image credits: DemandParticular

#31 Fun Fact: Spiders Don’t Have Muscles In Their Legs. They Extend Them Using A System Of Hydraulics Powered By Their Blood Pressure. When They Die, Spiders’ Legs Curl Up Because The Blood Pressure Is Gone

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#32 Fun Fact, We Often Overlook The Length Of Time That Dinosaurs Existed

Image credits: thehistoryuniversity

#33 There’s A Town In Texas Named “Earth” On Earth!

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#34 There Are No Muscles In Your Fingers: Their Function Is Controlled By Muscles In Your Palms And Arms

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#35 Fun Fact: The Former Prime Minister Of Bulgaria From 2001 To 2005 Was Also The Last Tsar (King) Of Bulgaria After His Fathers Death In 1943,he Became Tsar At Just 6 Years Old. He Was Tsar Until The Communist Took Over And Sent Him Into Exile

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#36 Japan Fixed This Road In 1 Week. How Long Would Your Country Take?

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#37 Fun Fact: This Is Null Island; The Exact Center Of The World. At Exactly This Point, Is 0 Latitude And 0 Longitude, It Is A Little Of The Western Coast Of Africa

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#38 Fun Fact: Wolverine Frog

Image credits: Animal_FunFacts

#39 Fun Fact: The Most Valuable Artifact From The Titanic Is A Violin

Image credits: SomLuzur

#40 Fun Fact, Geese Have Cartalige Spikes On Their Tounges

Image credits: I_got_de_good_memes

#41 Fun Fact: The Guinness World Record For “Longest Kiss” Is 58hrs,35min, 58secs

Image credits: crazybutton07

#42 Fun Fact: “Witch Windows”, Or Diagonal Windows, Exists Almost Exclusively In Vermont. The Name Comes From The Superstition That Witches Cannot Fly Their Broomsticks Through Slanted Windows

Image credits: LillianHanna

#43 Fun Fact 145 Years Ago The Twins Chang And Eng Bunker Died On Jan. 17th. They Were Conjoined Twins. Born In Siam They Were The Name Giver For The Siamese Twins

Image credits: Krokodrillo

#44 Fun Fact: Hafþór ‘The Mountain’ Júlíus Björnsson Weighs More Than Black Pink

Image credits: allIsayislicensed

#45 Fun Fact: Scar Is Hercules Headpiece In Disney

Image credits: probsjesus69696

#46 Fun Fact: Highest Temperature Ever Recorded By A Particle Accelerator

Image credits: stefanfection

#47 Fun Fact: There Is A Service Called Jam Bustling In Chinese Cities Where Drivers Stuck In Jams And Need To Get Somewhere Urgently Can Book A Service To Get Picked Up Immediately

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#48 The Woman Seen In Many Stereotypical Karen Memes Is Name Kate Gosselin, A Reality Star With 8 Kids, A Set Of Sextuplets And Twins

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#49 Fun Fact:

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#50 Fun Fact: In The 1980s, Fredric Baur, The Founder Of Pringles, Requested To Be Buried In A Pringles Can. His Children Honored The Request And Had A Portion Of His Ashes Buried In The Signature Pop-Top Can

Image credits: BlackBeardTheGreat

#51 Fun Fact: On April 6, 1893 Andy Bowen & Jack Burke Were Involved In The Longest Boxing Fight In History. The Fight Lasted 111 Rounds (3 Mins Rounds Each), It Took 7 Hrs & 19 Mins Until Referee John Duffy Called “No Contest” After Both Men Were Too Dazed & Tired To Come Out Of Their Corners

Image credits: IrynaSasha

#52 Fun Fact: There Is A Mcdonald’s That Can Be Found In Sadona, Arizona That Has Blue Arches Interesting Of The Usual Yellow Arches. The Reason For This Change Was To Fit The City’s Decor As The Yellow Arches Wouldn’t

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