52 Of The Most Insensitive And Thoughtless Gifts People Have Received, As Shared On Twitter

While all gifts are synonymous with a nice gesture and are meant to uplift our souls, not always do they do that. Sometimes, the very opposite happens.

Remember the last time you received a gift you didn’t want or need, or something that was plain insulting? After all, we are just almost a month after all the winter festivities, meaning we have probably one or two gifted things we’d be much better off without.

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So when the Twitter page UberFacts asked people “What’s the most messed up gift you’ve ever received?”, it hit way too close to home for many. The stories that make you laugh, cry and feel bad for these gift receivers (and givers, too!) started rolling and we wrapped up some of the most eyebrow-raising below.


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While buying a gift seems pretty straightforward, the task often turns into a headache-inducing mission that yields questionable results. No wonder so many gift givers tend to leave it for the very last minute, or grab something on their way to the party, or be a little too creative with it, or overthink it altogether.

So in order to find out what it takes to pick the right gift for a person and what common mistakes to avoid, Bored Panda reached out to the spokesperson of PartyPlease, a party planning platform where you can book, schedule, and manage chefs, bartenders, DJs, and other entertainment professionals for your party.


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There are thousands of mistakes people make when buying a present, but PartyPlease named a few of the most common ones they see. “People not considering the recipient’s interests or preferences before buying a present. A great example is the classic ‘regifting’ scenario, where someone receives a gift they don’t want and decides to give it to someone else who, ultimately, doesn’t like it either.”

Another faux pas when picking a present is buying something too generic or impersonal. “It’s acceptable when playing Yankee Swap, but it is a no-no for a birthday present or, worse, an anniversary. 9 out of 10 couples that give each other socks end up breaking up. That might be a made-up statistic, but seriously, avoid generic and/or impersonal gifts,” PartyPlease explained.


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A typical mistake number three is not considering the occasion or the relationship with the recipient. “I’ve seen people giving home decor items such as vases, shakers, or even ashtrays at baby showers! Read the room…”

Last but not least, PartyPlease argues, the most common and worst mistake is buying gifts at the very last minute. “Whenever you do that, you cannot take the recipient’s interest into consideration, it won’t have any relation to the occasion, nor will it be an appropriate gesture for the relationship between the gifter and the recipient.” In fact, all you will be able to find at the last minute will be generic and impersonal gifts.


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When asked what gift ideas work for most people, PartyPlease said that they have to check the following requirements – to be thoughtful, practical, and timeless. “For example, a nice piece of jewelry (nothing too flashy), a good quality wallet, a set of high-quality kitchen knives, a best-selling book in the recipient’s favorite genre or by their favorite author, a luxurious spa or massage gift certificate, and of course, a 21st century original, a subscription to their favorite streaming platform.”


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When it comes to surprise gifts and parties, they can surely be fun if planned and executed correctly. “The key is ensuring the surprise is well-timed and appropriate for the occasion.

A surprise birthday party for a close friend or family member can be a great way to show them how much they are loved and appreciated,” PartyPlease told us. However, the details must be appropriate to the occasion and even the weather. “Imagine planning a beach birthday party in the middle of the winter season or near the storm season.”


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Another tip from PartyPlease is to always take personal preferences and restrictions as your north star when planning a surprise gift or party. “For example, if you hire a private chef for a surprise anniversary dinner for your SO, make sure you inform the chef about allergies or food restrictions from day 0; if you forget about it and remember 20 hours before the anniversary dinner, there is little to nothing that the chef can do about that.”

Or, just entrust your party to the professional planners who know what they’re doing while you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your mimosa.


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