52 Times Britain “Went Too Far” (But We Still Love You, Brits)

Ah, Britain—my old love. From the fabulous invention that is tea time to the country’s storied history, impressive architecture, and most of all gorgeous parks, I’ve been enamored with British culture for as long as I can remember.

However, like some of the nation’s more errr creative meals (beans on toast, you might be delicious but I’m looking at you), its culture also has some quirks. Absolutely fun and uniquely witty? Definitely! Chaotic to the max in an oh-so delightfully and distinctly British way? You can count on it.

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To show you the depths and bizarre niches in British humor and everyday culture, Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of things that will make you wonder whether, this time, Brits have gone too far. Personally, I hope Britain will never change—it’s far too entertaining to watch from the sidelines.

Psst, Pandas, I’m off to make myself a spot of Earl Grey, so have a scroll down and remember to upvote your fave pics. And be sure to check out Bored Panda’s exclusive interview about the role that British humor plays in its culture with London-based comedian and comedy writer Ariane Sherine.

#1 Good Old National Trust

Image credits: GamingStuffed

#2 Best Thing In Today’s Daily Mirror

Image credits: psycoticmonkey

#3 There Is Something Terrifying Happening In Brighton, England

Image credits: Cookie0024

British humor, let alone culture, gets more difficult to define the closer you look at it. At first glance, everything seems to be clear-cut: the Queen, the Victorian era, rading P. G. Wodehouse’s books, looking posh, sounding posh, pip-pip, cheerio, drinking tea and eating crumpets, liking ships (and having lots of them!), and the Beatles to name a few iconic images. You can probably picture these without much effort.

#4 Historical Figures Lined Up For Reopening Of Museum Of Gloucester

Image credits: Dommlid

#5 Front Seat On A Double Decker Bus

Image credits: LIS1050010

#6 If You Can Read This, You Are Not A Train!

Image credits: TropicalTito

But once you start thinking about it, British culture becomes harder to define precisely. And naming a few examples of what’s overwhelmingly British doesn’t get to the essence of what makes British humor, well, British.

#7 It Gets Confusing

Image credits: tarbard

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#8 Challenge Accepted

Image credits: UberPirateNinja

#9 This Is The Most British Headline I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: hatefax

I wanted to get a better handle on the link between humor and culture, so I reached out to comedian Ariane who’s working on a number of witty projects. Who better to talk about what makes people laugh than a British comedian who knows what the entire thing is all about?

#10 A Fine Example Of Sophisticated British Humour

Image credits: xeniaox

#11 When The Pubs Have Been Closed For 4 Months, A Bit Of Rain Won’t Stop These Lads

Image credits: TheForthWallBreaker

#12 Breakfast Trifle

Image credits: Fannygobbler

Professional comedian Ariane told Bored Panda that humor plays a “huge role” in British culture. And this isn’t bound to change anytime soon. “I think it is inherently witty and quirky but coupled with a huge dose of irony and self-consciousness,” she noted that British wit often has a dollop of self-deprecation mixed into it.

#13 Ok, Who Did This?

Image credits: Dopebox81

#14 Got A Baked Bean Mug For My Birthday So Naturally I Did The Right Thing

Image credits: ImNOTmethwow

#15 A Very British Headline

Image credits: johnnydobbo

According to Ariane one of the best things that sum up the essence of British humor is the Very British Problems book series that also has a Twitter account. “It’s sarcastic, petty, ridiculous, embarrassed, self-conscious, and underpinned with the knowledge and awareness of how silly Brits are,” the comedian said.

#16 Welcome To Leigh

Image credits: -Glitter-Herpes-

#17 The Joys Of Living In Britain

Image credits: Jonesy27

#18 An Actual Job Here In The UK

Image credits: TrixieLaBouche

I also talked to Ariane about the impact that British soft power, films, and media have globally. In her opinion, the way that British culture is characterized all around the world is slightly inaccurate and doesn’t represent the reality of being a Brit.

#19 Looks Like A Rave

Image credits: ichoosemag

#20 This Guy Is An Absolute Baller

Image credits: Brownian-Motion

#21 Who Amougst Us Hasn’t Dreamed Of Smelling Like Cherry Bakewell Tart Or Love Hearts?

Image credits: limamikegolf

They’re not all as glamorous as the stars you’re used to seeing on your TV screens (though I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that all brits have a secret use-in-an-emergency top hat and monocle kit; pity I haven’t been able to prove it yet).

#22 Found An Angry Note On My Car Today. I Replied.

Image credits: superhove

#23 Hipster Level: London

Image credits: imgur.com

#24 When The Council Forget About A Sinkhole In Your Town

Image credits: Nubetoobe

“When people think of us, they think of the Royal Family, iconic images like London buses and phone boxes, afternoon tea, period dramas, and posh people—like Hugh Grant in Richard Curtis films!” Ariane explained how the world tends to think when it thinks of the UK.

#25 Google Maps Accurately Capturing U.k. Life (Leeds)

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#26 Truly A National Tragedy

Image credits: Denaltro

#27 Found This In The Staff Room After The Morning Meeting…

Image credits: CarlCarlito

“They see us as charming and antiquated and think we’re adorable. Spoiler: we’re not really like this! Which they’ll find out if they ever visit Britain, but I guess most people never do, so we remain cute and posh in their imaginations,” she said.

This proves that even a lack of travel can have its upsides, namely, maintaining the illusion that all brits are as charismatic and gorgeous as the delightful Mr. Grant.

#28 Its Bank Holiday, Payday Friday. The Efforts For A 17:00 Post Work Pint Fill Me With National Pride. Liverpool

Image credits: yflmd

#29 Mom Brought A Slice Of Bread To Try Out Toasters

Image credits: ColmMutton

#30 At First I Thought It Said Cornhole

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#31 Banksy Really Outdid Himself This Time

Image credits: boundtew

#32 Cheerio Germs

Image credits: GREEKTRGEDY

#33 I’ll Never Get Tired Of East London. #hatformyhat

Image credits: king_cardashian

#34 My Local Cinema Being A Little Pessimistic About Reopening

Image credits: david_dremel

#35 Coronavirus Restrictions Are Being Eased Too Quickly

Image credits: Proud_Idiot

#36 You Just Are

Image credits: iNeedHealing24_7

#37 A Bloke Tucking Into Full English Breakfast On The Tube

Image credits: VR3X

#38 A House Overtaking A Boat On The A30 Today

Image credits: iago1984

#39 What’s More British Than Trains And Sausage

Image credits: trundleforth

#40 Breaking!!! Breaking!!! Hat Found!!!

Image credits: RegisterFirm1014

#41 To Be Honest Asda, I’d Rather You Got It From The Cow

Image credits: waggywaggydogdog

#42 The Waitrose Way

Image credits: jacoblb_

#43 Wrong Sort Of Heat

Image credits: F1isP1

#44 Came Across This House That Uses A Baby’s Gate As A House Gate, Interesting Choice.

Image credits: MissEmeralds

#45 “British Cuisine Is Bad” – Oh Yeah? Think Again

Image credits: Jalapeno-Head

#46 I Took Cuthbert For A Charity Skydive

Image credits: fizzy_elephant

#47 Looks Very British

Image credits: Vegalyp

#48 Northumberland… Lowest Population Density In England… Just How I Like It

Image credits: blueskybel

#49 Pie On A Barm! Why Not!

Image credits: teastreet

#50 British Town Names

Image credits: headfallsoff

#51 Bands Will Put Their Name On Anything These Days

Image credits: guarding_dark

#52 Wine And Jam

Image credits: col_6

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