52 Times People Spotted Insane Excuses For Not Getting A Covid Shot And Just Had To Shame Them Online

The World Health Organization has announced time and again that COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be safe, effective and life-saving.

What’s even better is that the new analysis by PHE found for the first time that 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be “highly effective against hospitalization from the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant.” So as the contagious new variant is sweeping across the country, getting a COVID-19 shot is now basically a matter of not getting severe complications, and for some, it’s a matter of life and death.

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But when it seems like all the evidence of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination is more than obvious, some people still find the excuse of not getting it. And honestly, some of their reasoning is beyond insane.

From believing that a COVID-19 shot will turn you into a living zombie to claiming that Jesus himself is enough of “a protector and a mask” to protect from the virus, it’s one hell of a read. Treat it as a sci-fi read at most or utter craziness, and scroll through some of the worst excuses people shared online down below.

#1 What Are A Vaccine For?

Image credits: Milesio

#2 Celsius

Image credits: Bride-of-wire

#3 Anti Vaccine Geniuses (Friend Found This On Facebook)

Image credits: bridgetroll3d

#4 Anti Vaxxer Pretends To Be Educated

Image credits: lol62056

#5 Totally…

Image credits: hpreddy

#6 Why Get A Vaccine If I Don’t Have The Virus

#7 Anti-Vaxxer Logic

Image credits: biyaaaaahh

#8 Taking Vaccine = Having No Faith In God

Image credits: anoobsearcher

#9 Oh Yeah, That Too. (#antivax)

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#10 Healthier

#11 Vaccines Are For Dogs

#12 Vaccines Now Cause Genetic Disorders

Image credits: duckroll420

#13 Ah, Yes. The Old “Ya’ll Are Gonna Get Microchipped” Statement

Image credits: thebroccolioffensive

#14 If Vaccines Were Healthy…

Image credits: Comfortablejack

#15 The Virus Is Targeting The Unvaxxed

#16 Anti Vaxxers Lurk

Image credits: meatilicious3

#17 Pass The Vaccine

Image credits: HandInMyCookieJar

#18 It’s A Tragic Day For All Of Us

Image credits: lucynyu13

#19 You Can’t Vaccinate Your Lungs

Image credits: MasterAinley

#20 He Didn’t Create Iphones Either

Image credits: givemebackmyfork

#21 Anti-Vax Logic

Image credits: Shyrecat

#22 Response To Me Receiving The Covid Vaccine

Image credits: Darkmoonlily78

#23 Plastic Is Magnetic!

Image credits: spoonsandstuff

#24 The Ancient Spartans Didn’t Need Vaccines

#25 “Pro-Choice”

Image credits: DaFunkJunkie

#26 Nah

Image credits: LargeSackOfNuts

#27 Gotta Love The Bible Belt Where Only 44 Percent Of Residents Have Received The Actual Vaccine

Image credits: ArchaicNoxia

#28 Caught This Gem On A Friend’s Post About The Vaccine

Image credits: lilituba

#29 It Makes You Magnetic

#30 Got Em

Image credits: fourtwenty0420

#31 Beautifully Pointing Out How Jack Doesn’t Know Why A Vaccine Is

Image credits: captainplatypus1

#32 She’s Made For This Sub

Image credits: BEARCATS2010

#33 Counterpoint… No You Are Not

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#34 I Just Don’t Get People

Image credits: prisoner_human_being

#35 Nothing Is 100% Safe Anyway

Image credits: ar12123

#36 Apparently, Getting The Vaccine Makes Any Girl You Have Sex With Infertile?!?

Image credits: burntsnoah

#37 Covid Is The Devil! [via A Facebook Atheist Group]

Image credits: tyw7

#38 On A Post Asking If Anti Vaxxers Would Want To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine If It Gets Released Officially

Image credits: fragmaster7777

#39 Probably Not Even The Full 30 Minutes

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#40 Who Needs Vaccines?

Image credits: SparkyWizard05

#41 I Ventured Where No Sane Person Should Go

Image credits: Navy0684

#42 An Interesting Vaccination Strategy

Image credits: funkypug

#43 “God’s Vaccine”?? I Can’t Anymore Y’all…

Image credits: UniSquirrel13

#44 Trust Him, He Is A “Doctor” (Found On Tiktok)

Image credits: aetherialnemesis

#45 Parent’s Response To My Encouragement For Getting Covid19 Vaccine

Image credits: No-Moose470

#46 This Person, Who Claims They Want Businesses To Reopen…but Isn’t Willing To Do The One Thing That Would Get Them To Reopen

#47 The Covid Vaccines Spread Themselves?

Image credits: aaufooboo

#48 If You’ve Had Covid 3 Times In A Row Your Not Okay

Image credits: I_Hate_Bruselsprouts

#49 What Is This?

Image credits: UrGey69

#50 That’s Not How It Works, That’s Not How It Works At All

Image credits: Kuritsu243

#51 “Our Doctor Told Us To Vaccinate, But My Cousin Said It’s Bad News So We Didn’t.” This Person And Their Partner Are Both Hospitalized With Covid Now, By The Way

Image credits: Jessieface13

#52 Has Repeatedly Objected To Thimerosal — Which Was Ironically Added To Vaccines During The 1930s To Help Prevent Potentially Life-Threatening Contamination With Harmful Microbes

Image credits: JimCarrey

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