53 Clever And Funny Sight-Gags You May Have Missed In The Simpsons, As Shared On This Twitter Thread

The Simpsons have influenced an entire generation like no other sitcom. According to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, the show basically reinvented the wheel by creating a medium of its own. Hence, the show is now the longest running TV series in history, airing for the first time before I was born.

And yet, viewers, many of whom can quote the lines from the show by heart, still find little details that make them burst out laughing, year after year after year. So when Twitter user @Manuclearbomb asked people “What’s your favorite visual gag from The Simpsons?” it hit close to home for many Simpsons aficionados who wasted no time in sharing their own personal favorites.

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Below we selected some of the most iconic, unusual and interesting visual gags from The Simpsons you either find hilarious or will be surprised you have not noticed before! Scroll down, upvote your favorite ones, and if you’re still hungry for more Simpsons goodness, be sure to check out our previous The Simpsons feature about its most wholesome moments.


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Previously, Bored Panda spoke to Aaron Demeter, The Simpsons connoisseur and the creator of the iconic Putting Challenge game, about what exactly made the longest-running primetime scripted series on TV an icon of an entire generation. According to Demeter, the success of The Simpsons is partly due to “certain timelessness to the humor and writing of the early Simpsons seasons that I think has helped keep the show alive for so many people through so many different formats.”


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At its peak, The Simpsons had such a massive reach that it became an important piece of media. Years later, the sitcom still captures our imagination and brings a sense of nostalgia. According to Demeter, “people first interacted with it when they were young and are now creating their own media, whether this is through memes, music, writing, etc.” Aaron believes that it’s through The Simpsons that an entire generation got inspired and informed on their own creativity.


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To this day, Demeter remembers some of The Simpsons’ most touching moments. One is the “‘Do it for her’ moment that ends ‘And Maggie Makes Three’” and “Lisa getting to play the Sax with Bleeding Gums Murphy one last time in ‘Round Springfield.’”

Demeter told us that the first one is ”an incredibly heartwarming moment that really shows Homer’s love for his family and how much it helps him make it through his days at the power plant,” said Aaron. Meanwhile, the second one always gets Aaron because he used to play saxophone when little. “I always tear up a little when Homer makes the decision to purchase a saxophone for Lisa instead of an air conditioner,” he said.


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The show’s cultural impact is also unquestionable; just think of the infinite amount of catchphrases and one-liners that created a shared cultural knowledge among fans all over the world. Moreover, The Simpsons’ success as a prime-time animated show led directly to the creation of other sitcoms like Family Guy, American Dad, and Futurama. It also influenced an explosion of witty animated shows aimed at adult audiences, challenging the myth that animation lacked substance and depth and so was meant for kids.


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Most importantly, the show convinced America (and the world) that animation could be for adults and still be commercially profitable at primetime. As a result, the door was opened for many of its imitators, from Beavis & Butthead to South Park. It also marked a new era which set the tone for a new kind of self-aware, hyper-referential form of comedy that has influenced everything from The Office to The Daily Show.


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