53 Examples Of ‘Nice Girls’, A Female Equivalent Of The Toxic ‘Nice Guys’ (New Pics)

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term nice guy. Online, it usually means a male who is unassertive, fails to express his true feelings and intentions, and when dating, he’ll dishonestly use acts of friendship and basic social etiquette for the sole reason that his effort will progress to a romantic or sexual relationship. They’re the self-proclaimed gentlemen of the internet.

But this — let’s call it personality type — isn’t exclusive to men. Women can possess it too. And nothing proves its universal nature better than the subreddit r/NiceGirls. This online community has 804K members, and they’re constantly sharing chat logs, social media posts, and other forms of content where questionable ladies reveal their true colors.

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From those who forbid their boyfriend to buy stuff from female sellers to the ones that cheat on their partners whenever they find someone taller, here’s to thinking that you deserve the world.

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#1 I’m Sure This Is Going Well For Her

Image credits: J_Dabson002

#2 A Girl’s List Of Red Flags

Image credits: SuperShaggySandwich

#3 Pay For Everything Or I’m Outta Here

Image credits: Stimmolation

#4 Someone I Went To High School With….

Image credits: seeyouspace__cowboy

#5 The Bros Come First

Image credits: lanky_fingers

#6 Finished Second Date Tonight, Told Her Didn’t Think Things Would Work Out. Seemed Okay With It. Just Got This Right After I Got Home

Image credits: djg09876

#7 You Can’t Buy From A Girl

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 I’m A Heterosexual Male That Goes To Cosmetology School. Had This Interaction With An Anonymous Person That Goes To My School. I’ve Never Given Anybody At School My Phone Number

Image credits: rybayless

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#9 She Thought She Could Pull A #freefoodfriday On Him But Homeboy Didn’t Play That

Image credits: Own_Performer_7713

#10 Wants A 90/10 Relationship

Image credits: SinceWayBack1997

#11 Found This

Image credits: ThomarusTheSecond

#12 Context: Ex Cheated On Me, On My Birthday… And Didn’t Tell Me Until I Drove An Hour And A Half To See Her First, Had Sex And Had A Few Beers So I Couldn’t Leave. This Is The Exchange We Had Today, I Was Honestly Just Expecting An Apology And Maybe Some Maturity But I Guess That’s Too Much To Ask

Image credits: ToasterBathing

#13 She’s Literally Cheated On My Friend And Constantly Refers To Herself As A “Nice Girl” Who “Isn’t Like Other Girls”

Image credits: gothic-hippie

#14 Matched With Her, Her Social Media Was Full Of Anti-Covid Propoganda, So I Told Her It Wasn’t Going To Work Out. Then This Happened

Image credits: robbo12131

#15 Ah Yes, Because If A Man Is In A Relationship, It Is Law That He Can Only Speak To Women He Is Related To

Image credits: aetherialnemesis

#16 Nice Girl Thinks She’s The Number 1 Priority In Her Friend’s Life

Image credits: Biazoba

#17 No Social Media If “You Ugly”

Image credits: AvaTyler

#18 For Context; On A Video About Broken Heart Syndrome

Image credits: MajoraSkullChild

#19 Mhm About Me?

Image credits: Crustyhotdog

#20 Thats Not How It Works

Image credits: ItsYaBoiCyrus

#21 I Don’t Know If It Counts But This Girl Is Saying Cheating Is Ok. I Felt Disgusted When I Saw It. I Felt Like Sharing It

Image credits: arda_the_badass

#22 I Wasnt Constantly Replying To Her Texts, And After We Both Agreed To Break It Off She “Accidentally” Sends Me A Tiktok About How Men Don’t Date Intelligent Women Due To Insecurities.

Image credits: [deleted]

#23 “I’m So Much Better Than Those Other Bimbos”

Image credits: Nikolaideon

#24 So I Let Down This Girl From The States Cause We Matched On Tinder Because I Don’t Do Ldr’s And Then This Happens

Image credits: Hambleee

#25 Shared By A Facebook Friend. The Word You’re Looking For Is “Abuser”

Image credits: Bortron86

#26 “I Was Only Being Nice” Proceeds To Guilt Trip The Hell Out Of My Buddy

Image credits: LuckyDucky64

#27 Hope This Is The Right Place To Post This, But As Context: This Girl Posts Selfies Daily – The Hypocrisy

Image credits: AnnaMak

#28 Matched On Tinder; Thats The Last Time I Blindly Swipe Right On Everyone.

Image credits: Remm1ngton

#29 We Matched And Talked For A Week Or So Months Ago, She Was Very Negative And I Wasn’t Feeling It So Let Her Know I Was No Longer Interested. We Matched Again Recently Because I Didn’t Recognize Her New Pictures And Got Hit With This

Image credits: dunksquad23

#30 I Wonder Why She’s A Single Mom Lol

Image credits: uwl

#31 So Deep. Powerful, Even. Stunning And Brave.

Image credits: dca6484

#32 My Cousin Posts This Crap But Then Goes And Hits Her Ex BF With A Car

Image credits: MaeOneyz

#33 Not The Best Thing To Say In A Public Chat

Image credits: TransGaySewerRat

#34 My BF And I Are Polyamorous, These Are Some Screenshots From A Girl He’s Been Talking With Lmao (BF Is Pink)

Image credits: TheGinger6readH0use

#35 A Girl That Hit On Me Through Ig. Seems Like I Dodged A Bullet Ghosting Her

Image credits: fiyu123

#36 I Dont Know How To Title This.

Image credits: mercurialbuddha123

#37 I’m Actually A Nice Girl, Provided You Have Money!

Image credits: dkkgaming

#38 Found This While Going Through Snap Stories

Image credits: i_have_a_show

#39 None Of You Peasants Deserve Her, Wise Men Only

Image credits: RayOmkar

#40 A Random Girl Sent Me Unsolicited Nudes And Got Mad When I Wouldn’t Send Any Back.

Image credits: Acekard75

#41 My Super Nice Sister-In-Law

Image credits: HitchensFanBoy

#42 Lost Another Person To The Madness

Image credits: RenaissanceMan247

#43 See You At Church I Guess

Image credits: Relative_Stable6060

#44 Girl Messaging My Friend Before vs. After He Tells Her He’s Taken

Image credits: filmento

#45 Been Blowing Up My Phone All Week And Then Pulls This Card.

Image credits: Zealousideal_Ad_20

#46 This Nice Girl Messaged Me, A Male, About A Matchmaking Server And Had This On Her Status.

Image credits: mrlasagnaman

#47 Seen This On Some Girls Snap Story, Have To Post It Here Xd

Image credits: SIGACR

#48 This Comment On My Social Media…

Image credits: Monteravela

#49 Confession Time: I Was A Nice Girl This Time 5 Years Ago. 🙁 Excuse Me While I Be Sick. Thanks, Facebook Memories!

Image credits: thewaryteabag

#50 I Went To Sleep At 3am

Image credits: Aarya1324

#51 This Person Constantly Talks About Bodyshaming Of Girls/ Idiotic Beauty Standards Etc. And Then Writes This Kinda Stuff.

Image credits: sekhmet0108

#52 Omg! Was I Actually A Nice Girl!?

Image credits: CupcakeLuverrr

#53 A Woman Wants To Break Up With Her Boyfriend And Got This Gem From A (Former) Drug Addict And Criminal. I Don’t Think Ex Girlfriends Are The Reason She Is Single.

Image credits: Lazy_Compy

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