53 People Who’ve Entered New Levels Of Cringe And Got Posted In The ‘Cringetopia’ Online Group (New Pics)

Think of all the cringeworthy things we do. Like realizing you were walking the wrong way and having to do a complete 180 on the street. Or assuming your coursemate asked for your number because they thought you were cute and gently telling them that you’re seeing someone only to understand they just wanted to work on your group project. What about waving to someone who’s definitely waving to a person behind you? That’s a classic.

Now multiply the embarrassment these actions have caused you by approximately 1,325 and you’ll know what to expect from r/Cringetopia. As you may have learned from our previous publications on this subreddit here, here, and here, it’s the place to go to when you want to confuse and disturb your mind. Which, I guess, everyone has to do every once in a while to keep themselves in check—if you find that the content below doesn’t bother you at all, please contact your shrink.

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#1 Cardi B Approves This Message

Image credits: __Dawn__Amber__

#2 I Can Do It But You Can’t

Image credits: Grant_w1999

#3 This Post Is Totes Yeets Yo

Image credits: PoonSwoggle

#4 Cringe

Image credits: neilhimself

#5 But I Have 11k Followers!

Image credits: ParticularAd4039

#6 A “Class Clown” Threw A F**ing Trash Bin To The Teacher And Think He’s Funny

Image credits: ligmattis

#7 Trying To Find Logic

Image credits: esberat

#8 What The [hell]?

Image credits: Load_Disk

#9 The Baby From Nirvana’s Nevermind Cover Is Suing The Band For Exploitation. This Is Why.

Image credits: MrEuginger

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#10 I Have No Words

Image credits: Bejdza69

#11 Quora Moment

Image credits: nughty_hobo

#12 What Were They Thinking?

Image credits: TopMindOfR3ddit

#13 Big Yikes

Image credits: AbelNB

#14 Twitter User Discovers Empathy

Image credits: Goofyjeff4

#15 My Iq Isn’t High Enough To Find The Humor

Image credits: siempremajima

#16 Apparently “Child” Is A Slur Now

Image credits: woIfgamingyt2020

#17 What

Image credits: The0xt0

#18 Why Tho?

Image credits: Emir_t_b

#19 He Must Not Have Been A Real Man

Image credits: BlanketMage

#20 Apparently You Can’t Eat Food By Yourself?

Image credits: rocketship94

#21 What Was The Point Of This?

Image credits: Spying_on_your_fam

#22 What The…

Image credits: EdgyGuy69420

#23 Logic Not Found

Image credits: CucumberDay

#24 Good Ole Fashion Keemstar

Image credits: keemstar

#25 Nah, This Is Cringe

Image credits: BrunoStalky

#26 So Messed Up

Image credits: RetributionRay

#27 At Least He Redeemed Himself

Image credits: B34TBOXX5

#28 Seems Legit

Image credits: RandyLongsocksMcgee

#29 Sad Cringe

Image credits: CheeseLoverMax

#30 Sheesh

Image credits: frrtcht

#31 Nice Guy Moment

Image credits: ittvoy

#32 Having A Mental Breakdown Because You Got A Samsung Instead Of An iPhone

Image credits: BilingualThrowaway01

#33 Vegans Forgot To Read Food Chain In Schhol

Image credits: Jyaten

#34 Love You Dad From A Disappointment

Image credits: Happy_Death64

#35 “Disappointing”

Image credits: zabuza235

#36 F

Image credits: skyetrack

#37 My Wife Had A Surprise Party Last Night And Her Friend Parked Around The Corner. In The Morning She Woke Up To This Letter On Her Car…

Image credits: THEbrent19

#38 Imagine Being That Angry About Someone’s Happiness

Image credits: stathx

#39 People Think That Negro Refers To The Racial Slur

Image credits: Bushboiwilly

#40 Soooo…. What’s Her Name?

Image credits: OffensiveandLoud

#41 I’m Sorry But This Was A Little Cringey Of Elon

Image credits: elonmusk

#42 Alpha Male Grindset

Image credits: DilanDop

#43 People That Insist On Getting Trigger Warnings Shouldn’t Be On The Internet

Image credits: need_dope-a-meme

#44 Oh No


#45 Instagram Thot Uses Her Dads Funeral And Coffin As A Backdrop For Her Latest Photoshoot

Image credits: SourTittyMilk

#46 How Is This Funny?

Image credits: dickbuttinator

#47 How Does This Even Happen

Image credits: local_parcel

#48 Literal Cringe Face

Image credits: jhovudu1

#49 Blast From The Past

Image credits: CharsiMunda99

#50 Elon Musk Is Live-Action Cringe

Image credits: elonmusk

#51 So Romantic

Image credits: Proxila

#52 Plus Sized Women, Overweight Men

Image credits: lifted333up

#53 This

Image credits: chainsandbruises

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