53 Times Toxic Partners Exposed Their True Colors

Not every relationship ends in a ‘happily ever after.’ And sometimes, your knight’s shining armor is just for show. So much so that these people end up being called out on the front page of the internet for how awfully they treat their partners. Lies, accusations, and manipulation… it’s an emotional rollercoaster that’s more powerful than a soap opera.

Bored Panda has collected some of Reddit’s most infamous posts about toxic relationships where people clearly don’t respect their significant other. You’ll find the stories and screenshots as you scroll down.

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#1 This Cb Demanding A More Expensive Bag From Her Boyfriend

Image credits: Nannookky123

#2 Trashy Husband

Image credits: Jplfernandes

#3 Please Show His Wife The Note And Money

Image credits: sharbinbarbin

There is an online community called r/niceguys that features some of the worst cases of people pretending to be nice, only to put down others when they don’t get their own way. ‘Nice guys,’ no matter their gender, tend to be jealous, controlling, and spiteful.

‘Nice guys,’ like the ones portrayed on the r/niceguys subreddit, as well as other online communities, are all about creating the appearance of being kind, wholesome, and supportive. The reality, unfortunately, is often very different.

#4 Husband Goes A-Wall Over Wife Giving A Man A Glass Of Water

Image credits: Nebulandiandoodles

#5 My Facebook Friend Posted Her Boyfriends Debit Card Info Because He Wouldn’t Give Her $40 To Get Her Nails Done

Image credits: Jaydon1

#6 My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes

Image credits: kate_mili

They usually have confidence issues that run very deep. They tend to be extremely jealous, and attempt to control who their significant others spend time with.

Their personal insecurities lead to relationships that are very unhealthy because they’re built on a foundation of suspicion and paranoia.

#7 This Guy Chose To Get His Wife Pregnant Rather Than Be Alone

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#8 Who’s That Pokémon!? It’s Niceguy Cheating Boyfriend

Image credits: MD564

#9 Can’t Get Ahold Of Boyfriend, She Cheats, And He Is In The Hospital

Image credits: Drugpusher82

Anyone can tell you that if you take trust out of the equation, you’ve got a relationship that’s pretty much doomed to fail. It’s not really a relationship if you’re always accusing your partner of lying to you or being unfaithful.

In some of the situations presented in this list, there are a few ways to tackle the problems at their source. The first is to have an open and honest conversation with your significant other about their behavior.

#10 Husband Who Is Struggling To Make Ends Meet Gets Mad At Wife For”Lowering Herself” Because She Found Coupons In The Trash To Feed Her Kids

Image credits: se7en_7

#11 Married Niceguy™ Looking To Cheat After He Acts Like A Husband For A Night And It Didn’t Get Him Laid

Image credits: 3KidsInTheTrenchCoat

#12 Just Nice Guy Alen, Looking To Cheat On His Wife And Have You Cheat On Your Husband

Image credits: reddit.com

Explain your position. Tell them how you feel when they don’t trust you or talk down to you. Set some clear and healthy boundaries. Though, keep in mind, a single conversation won’t save your relationship—it’ll take time and effort for real change to happen.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider couples counseling. Having a neutral third party give you a helping hand can work wonders. However, not all relationships can—or should—be saved.

#13 I Understand Coming Out Can Be Difficult, But Cheating On Your Wife Of 20+ Years Isn’t Okay

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 Going Your Whole Pregnancy Knowing Your Boyfriend/Husband May Not Be The Father, Yet Still Leading Him On Is One Of The Most Emotionally Abusive Things You Can Do To Someone

Image credits: beaverkc

#15 My Girlfriend’s Ex’s List From Circa 2009 For Getting Back Together

Image credits: ClickCluckClack

If your partner is physically or emotionally abusing you, reach out to a counselor or an organization for advice specific to your situation. These professionals can support you as you consider what to do next. There is no excuse for abuse.

#16 I Can’t For The Life Of Me Understand Why Her Boyfriend Has A Problem With This

Image credits: Strik3rd

#17 Podcaster Says He Would Leave Her Wife If She ‘Lets Herself’ Go After Childbirth

“If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her once. If you don’t get your sh*t together, because I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, my spouse, but if you can’t do that, I’m out’”.

Image credits: nypost

#18 Wife’s Time Of The Month

Image credits: theMightyMacBoy

What separates ‘nice guys’ from everyone else is the lack of genuine confidence. These ‘nice guys’ have a victim mentality and lash out at the people around them when things don’t go their way.

Again, this isn’t gender-specific: anyone can be toxic, it’s not just guys who are jerks.

#19 It’s Been A Week Since I Kicked Him Out And Went N.c. This Morning, I Transferred My Anger Onto Paper

Image credits: kinkyhair1913

#20 I Can Hear The Wedding Bells

Image credits: ItsLexiCream

#21 My Ex Wifes Response To Why She Could Be Trusted Not To Have Another Affair

Image credits: jakesmothermon

A while ago, Bored Panda touched on the topic of building a genuine sense of confidence. A fitness expert explained to us that it all comes down to proving that “you’re not a victim.” He suggested focusing on small tasks and small victories at first.

According to the expert, helping others in need, taking care of your health, advancing in your career, and focusing on having a successful relationship are some of the things that will instill a sense of confidence. 

#22 Girl Accuses Boyfriend Of Leaving Her After He And His Family Discover She’s Been Faking Her Pregnancy For 8 Months

Image credits: palehag

#23 “I’m Sorry” Says The Nice Guy Who Verbally Abused His Wife So Badly She Left Him In The Middle Of The Night

Image credits: lilmxfi

#24 My Sisters Boyfriend Trying To Guilt Her By Saying He Helped Her With Problems

Image credits: Getrekt347

“When you’re successful in one area you build confidence in yourself and that will translate to all of your life,” he said, earlier.

However, positive changes aren’t instant. They take time. The fitness expert noted that “your brain needs proof around your new identity.”

“Confidence comes from repetition and mastery. The more you do ANYTHING, the more confident you become. The good news about this is everyone is capable of earning confidence,” he explained.

#25 Nice Guy/BF/Husband??

Image credits: queennobody

#26 This Is The ‘Ex’ Husband Of My Girlfriend’s Best Friend. She’s Been Trying To Get A Divorce From Him For Almost A Year, He Won’t Sign The Papers But Will Message Her Friends And Coworkers, Constantly Lying About Her Cheating And Making Himself Out To Be The Victim

Image credits: Brino21

#27 Context: He Posted A Pic Of Himself And His Wife On R/Tinder And Then Commented This S**t – His Brother In Law Then Saw The Post And The Comment

Image credits: lv_Mortarion_vl

“Responding to failure is all about the story we tell ourselves. Do you tell yourself that you are a failure? Or do you tell yourself you failed, have now gotten feedback, and know how to get better? It’s all our perspective,” he pointed out that we control how we respond to criticism and feedback. Some run away from uncomfortable truths. Others use them to grow and become better people, for the sake of their loved ones.

Many men featured on the r/niceguys subreddit are prime examples of toxic masculinity: they have a misogynistic attitude that arises from distorted ideas of what they ‘should’ be like.

A psychotherapist explained to us some time ago that people like that tend to think that men should “never be ‘weak’ or ‘soft’” or vulnerable. People who embody the traits of toxic masculinity feel that they always need to be winners and they tend to look down on women, as well as their rights.

#28 Police Officer Cheats On His Wife While On Duty And Gets The Other Girl Pregnant

Image credits: goodnoodle72

#29 Posting On Fb About Abusing Your Boyfriend

Image credits: kenibeni123

#30 Lol Let Me Drug My Boyfriend So He’ll Always Want Me

Image credits: Flaky_Wonder8263

“A man with healthy masculinity is the opposite to these traits: someone who is self-reflective, embraces their emotions including sadness, anxiety and crying, a man who isn’t afraid of their own femininity and believes that women are equal, and therefore are very clear about respecting boundaries and consent with women,” the psychotherapist told Bored Panda during an earlier interview.

He added that healthy masculinity allows men to feel comfortable with having their opinions challenged. They’re open-minded and willing to have debates because they’re not scared of being proven wrong.

#31 Husband Cheating On Wife With Maid. Posted On A Community Yard Sale Site

Image credits: karahee

#32 “Good News, My Wife Died. Suh, Ladies.”

Image credits: Derpherpderpdeederp

#33 Nice Guy Husband Turning Bitter Because Wife Had Male Friends Before Marriage

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 When Your Maid Of Honor Sleeps With Your Husband

Image credits: Matthewangel96

#35 Advertising The Passing Of Your Husband

Image credits: RedditUserWeNeed

#36 When You Are Selling Nudes Of Your Wife On Facebook

Image credits: InspireMonkey

#37 Husband’s Gift To His Wife This Morning. Hopefully She Gives Him A Divorce

Image credits: BlueCrown21

#38 Looking For Fun (Aka Sex) While Husband Is Deployed, But You Must Attractive Smart And Drug Free To Cheat With Her

Image credits: isactuallyspiderman

#39 Nice Little Text Exchange I Found On My Boyfriend’s Phone Today To His Girl Best Friend. ??????????what A Sweet Man?

Image credits: Aliceinchains_______

#40 Ex Girlfriend Texts Me At Around 11:30 For A Hookup. Shes Married And Her Army Husband Is Deployed

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 She Was Looking For A New Boyfriend Not Even A Week After Her Last One Died Of A Drug Overdose

Image credits: TidusTheDreamOfSpira

#42 Three Years Ago, My Ex-Wife Was Concerned About Losing Her Alimony If She Remarried. At The Time Said I’d Pay It For At Least Another Year. That Was Forgotten Until This Morning:

Image credits: UnanticipatedUll

#43 A Visual Representation Of My Rage When So Aggressively Took Back His Very First Heartfelt Apology Because He Did “Nothing Wrong” And Was “Forced” To Say Sorry

SO has not once in 3 years stuck an an agreement. Every promise broken. Many times, he has lied to my face about it. Every time denies he was wrong or minimizes the issue. Then he attacks me (I am controlling, constantly berate him, I’m selfish, “on a high horse” etc). He didn’t do anything wrong! This is my fault, my problem. He is the victim of my inflexibility!




We have been to counseling specifically because he breaks agreements. We’ve also talked A LOT about how inappropriately he responds when confronted with a wrong doing and have been working on helping him learn alternative ways to react.


This weekend was his second chance to actually stick to an agreement and apply everything we worked on (he blew the first chance, shockingly). But guess who didn’t stick to the agreement?! I chewed him out and that’s when the “forced apology” came. Not long after he stormed into the bedroom, took it back, and then DARVOed me.

Image credits: throwaymyprobs

#44 My Ex Asking Me To Take Her To Pick Up Her Boyfriend From Jail And Her Response When I Said No

Image credits: judge_death1

#45 What My Neighbors (Ex?) Boyfriend Did To Her Apartment Door

Image credits: Timothyy124

#46 Trashy Girl Tried To Kill Her Boyfriend Instead Of Just Asking Questions

Image credits: solidifiedtreeresin

#47 He Is “The Most Respecting Guy” While Explicitly Disrespecting My Request For Him To Refrain From Responding. This Is My Now Ex Husband Who Touched Me While He Thought I Was Sleeping, Knowing My History Of Sa While Sleeping. His Begging For Another Chance Was Triggering So I Tried To Tell Him

Image credits: cnugs

#48 More Fun Texts From The Darling Ex Husband!

Image credits: stuffedtacos

#49 His Wife May Have Just Posted Her Husbands Last Facebook Update

Image credits: HopefulDayTrader

#50 Husband Just Doing A Little Jail Time

Image credits: hyperformer

#51 My Friends Boyfriend Sent Her This… For Saying She Needs Space To Spend Time With Her Dad On Father’s Day

Image credits: Potential_Teaching38

#52 My Ex Girlfriend. Self Explanatory To Get A Cheaper Cutting Board

Image credits: VanCity_Livin

#53 Wife Gets Stabbed By “Dope Pipe” By Husband. He Posts On Facebook. Tags Her Then The Comments Start

Image credits: ninjamadeapizza

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