54 Delusional Notes That Bosses Actually Had The Nerve To Display At Work (New Pics)

I’m sure being a great boss isn’t easy. Managing a whole team of employees while attempting to keep morale high and turnover rates low could be stressful for even the coolest of cucumbers. But keeping your team from hating you shouldn’t require winning any awards for being the World’s Best Boss. Just refrain from posting passive-aggressive signs in the workplace, and you should be okay…

Below, we’ve gathered photos of some of the most infuriating and insulting messages bosses have posted for their employees that have later ended up on Reddit. We’ll warn you right now, pandas, that scrolling through this list might make your blood boil, so be sure to upvote the messages you find most egregious. And if you ever find yourself in charge of employees, remember these examples of what not to do!

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#1 Is This Even Legal? Servers Make $3 An Hour In This Area And You Can Take Their Tips?

Image credits: SourceIntelligent741

#2 The Place My Girlfriend Works At Just Posted This Sign In Their Break Room. The Company Had Record Profits Last Year

Image credits: harveytheham

#3 This Sign At My Local L&l Hawaiian BBQ Spot

Image credits: WhyTry32121

What is it about respecting employees that some bosses find so difficult to do? It feels like every day there’s another story going viral of a toxic employer who’s treating their workers horribly, and as the photos on this list go to show, there are plenty of bosses out there who continue to get away with it year after year. According to a survey from GoodHire of 3,000 Americans with full-time employment, managers as a whole are failing miserably. Only 39% of workers said that their managers are open and honest about promotion opportunities, and only 44% consider their supervisors to be transparent and honest during conversations about salary and compensation.

Less than a third of these workers say that their managers actually care about their employees’ career progression, and less than half believe that their superiors respect their personal time away from work. According to those surveyed, the most annoying things bosses do are micromanage workers and request that they work outside of their regular hours. But 82% of American workers say they would quit a job where they had a bad manager, so this treatment of workers clearly isn’t sustainable.  

#4 You Could Say There Are Perks

Image credits: BluntTruthGentleman

#5 So This Is The Sign Posted On The Bathroom Door At Work Today

Image credits: Sir_Garbus

#6 Teacher Appreciation Week Part 2. Our Superintendent Left A Very Heartfelt “Thank You” Note For Staff Members In The Lounge

Image credits: givemebesos

Surveys such as this raise the question of whether or not employees actually quit or if their bosses drive them to it. How are they supposed to feel satisfied, appreciated and optimistic about their futures when they’re told they’re not allowed to have water or take any breaks during the day? Apparently, most employees find themselves annoyed by their managers at least one day per week, and 84% of American workers feel their managers are redundant, reporting that they believe they could fill the role themselves. In fact, 89% of hospitality workers say they’re even more qualified than their superiors to do their jobs.

Aside from all of the small annoyances and frustrations employees have about their bosses, the vast majority of workers actually consider their employers to be toxic. One survey from Monster found that 76% of American workers say they have a toxic boss, and many of them describe their employers as power-hungry, micromanagers, incompetent or simply never around. A very small minority, 5% of workers, report that they’re actually great friends with their bosses, but clearly, there’s a problem in the American workplace. And considering how much material we have for lists such as this, I would say that there are plenty of toxic bosses out there.

#7 Is This Even Legal? Stopped At A Restaurant For Lunch And Saw This Sign In The Employee Area

Image credits: Cheek_Sorry

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#8 When My Grandfather Passed Away, My Boss Asked For A Funeral Note. Wtf Is A Funeral Note?

Image credits: snaresht

#9 Job Called Me In. First Day And I Found This. The Wall Of Fame Had Nothing On It. There Were Many Other Notes Basically S***ting On Everyone. Left 30 Minutes Into The Shift… No Regret

Image credits: Miserable-Sign-7892

When defining what makes a toxic workplace, employees describe it as being disrespectful, abusive, non-inclusive, unethical or cutthroat. Women are more likely to report toxic experiences at work than men, and white workers report having an easier time moving on from toxic employment than employees of color. And if you’re a manager or boss who’s wondering if you fall under the umbrella of toxic leaders, Kathryn Minshew wrote a piece for Yahoo! Finance breaking down some of the signs you might want to look out for in yourself. First, consider whether or not you always speak first. Toxic managers tend to “stay within their own brain bubble” and fail to give others a chance to share their thoughts and ideas.      

#10 A Note And Bonus Math Lesson From My Manager. My Addition To The Sign Was Not Appreciated

Image credits: SheriffJoseArpaio

#11 Gross. “Do Not Sit Unless You Have Doc Note”

Image credits: MosiahJasper

#12 I’m So Done With This Petty, Asinine Bulls**t

Image credits: doughnutsprinks_

Minshew goes on to note that you might be contributing to toxic leadership if you find yourself constantly checking in with your team. Micromanaging can make employees feel suffocated and assume that you don’t trust them. Communicate deadlines clearly and keep your employees accountable, but don’t breathe down their necks. It can also be frustrating for employees to be stuck doing the same very specific tasks day in and day out. This can stifle creativity and eliminate any chances to grow and improve. Great managers think of new ideas often and keep an open mind to how their teams can move forward. 

#13 Employees Need A Doctor’s Note To Eat At Work

Image credits: MiladyWillDo

#14 Little Old But This Note Was Put Up Last Summer During Record Breaking Heat Here In Utah. It Was Like 112f If I Remember Correctly. Rip Those Of Us Working Outside

Image credits: Shivwiggits

#15 An Old Sign Posted At My Customer Service Job. Thought Police Are In The Back Office

Image credits: im_tiny_nic

It’s also an incredibly toxic trait if you, as a manager, feel the need to put your employees in their place. You may be in a leadership position, but you’re all adults. Having a higher salary or being the one to delegate tasks does not make you any better than them. Never take out anger on employees, speak to them in a condescending manner or project your own insecurities onto them. If you want your team to respect you, it’s crucial that you treat them as equals and afford them the same respect.  

#16 This Sign At My Work. They Will Charge Staff For Anything As Minimal As A Broken Ice Cream Cone

Image credits: whatthef__ck

#17 Does Anyone Else Have A Sign Like This? It Just Feels Off

Image credits: slayaboy87

#18 Simultaneously Threatening And Hysterical Sign From My First Job (Donut Shop)

Image credits: LostAMillionMen

If you’re a worker who finds yourself in an environment with a passive aggressive boss who leaves lovely notes such as the ones featured on this list, it’s probably best to get out of there as soon as you can. But if you haven’t been able to find a new job yet or are just waiting for the right opportunity to jump ship, here are some tips on how to deal with your frustrating boss for the time being. Allaya Cooks-Campbell at BetterUp first recommends identifying your manager’s go-to behaviors. This can help you anticipate how they’ll respond to certain situations and be prepared or even avoid them altogether. It’s never fun to tiptoe around anyone, but sometimes, it might be easier than facing your manager’s wrath.

#19 This Sign Posted At Our Shop… Dont They Know I Need At Least 3 Days Off A Month For My Mental Health

Image credits: sleepybot0524

#20 Work Wants To Charge Us 0.50 Cents Per Shift For Our Tips Or Have Us Wait 2 Weeks. Wtf!

Image credits: Crystal_City

#21 New Manager In Training Is Trying To Make A Name For Himself And He Thinks This Is The Way To Do It

Image credits: Cynical_Egg

It’s always best to take the high road when your employer stoops down to the passive-aggressive route. Remember that their behavior doesn’t actually have anything to do with you, as it stems from stress, insecurities, their upbringing or something else out of your control, so try not to take it personally. It can also be helpful to over-communicate with a passive-aggressive boss to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. Put everything in writing, keep paper trails, and make sure that you’re always on the same page.

#22 A Thank You Note From My Job To My Husband For My Mandatory Overtime

Image credits: SolitudeWeeks

#23 This Sign At A Hotel I Stayed This Weekend

Image credits: Positive_Meal523

#24 What A Day To Know How To Read

Image credits: INTPgeminicisgaymale

If a toxic or passive-aggressive boss is starting to really take a toll on you, don’t be afraid to speak up. Whether that means having a conversation with HR or expressing your concerns directly to your superior, it can be important for your own mental health to seek a solution to these problems. Going into work stressed and anxious every day, unsure of how your manager will treat you, is not healthy. Request a meeting with your boss or HR representative to share how you’re feeling, and work together to find a solution. And if common ground cannot be found, it may be time to move on. 

#25 This Was Several Years Back, But My Gm Used To Post Notes Like This All Over The Place

Yes, employees got written up for having water bottles under the registers. He ended up getting fired for stealing money from the store, apparently.

Image credits: kevorkian-scarf

#26 This Childish Sign

Image credits: Janefire

#27 Found This On Facebook. Post Said The Sign Posted Behind The Counter Of A Fast Food Restaurant, In Full View Of The Customers…

Image credits: aut0maddic

If any of these photos remind you of your own boss, pandas, I urge you to get out of that toxic workplace as soon as possible! Respect is the bare minimum of what employees should receive from their managers and employers, but unfortunately, many of them can’t even provide that. Keep upvoting the pics that you find particularly offensive, and feel free to share in the comments below if you’ve ever seen a similar message at work. Then, if you can handle even more anger, you can find Bored Panda’s last list on the same topic right here!

#28 A Note From Management When I Used To Work Here

Image credits: jayzval

#29 My Boyfriend’s Manager (Who Has Been Making All His Employees Clock Out Early) Left This Note For Him

Image credits: Bunnykapow

#30 My Boss Likes To Hide Behind Notes Instead Of Talking To Us. Today We Found This

Image credits: Additional-Gur-8051

#31 Came In To This Today

Image credits: slaterbabe10

#32 Hmmm….. I Don’t Think I Will Be Signing This

Image credits: 21KatieBugCat

#33 “English Only” Sign Spotted Today At Georgia Nail Salon

Image credits: Dear_Contribution481

#34 Coworker Got Promoted To Assistant Manager And Has Been Going On A Power Trip With Notes. Found This Today:

Image credits: Kyko08

#35 How Do You Go From Requesting That We Be Soul-Less Worker Ants, To An Inspirational Speech? I Hate Ppl

Image credits: scott74531

#36 My Head Boss At Sonic Left Us A Friendly Note

Image credits: ArgumentSouth2741

#37 Found 2 Of These Signs In The Tim Hortons I Work At Today, Figure Even Though They Pay Me S**t Wages, I’ll At Least Offer My 2 Cents

Image credits: TheOfficialSlimber

#38 This Sign For Employees In The Kitchen At The Cafe I Work In

Image credits: Gamer_GullSolo

#39 Am I Losing It Or Is This Insane?

Image credits: paigezilla

#40 My Company Was Recently Bought Out And Laid Off 18 Of 31 Full Time Employees. They Just Put This Note On Our Time Clock. Companies Don’t Care About Us, Only Profits. It’s Time For Us To Take Back Our Rights As Workers And As Humans

Image credits: mooseman077

#41 This Was Posted The Other Day When It Was -15

Image credits: EveningRing1032

#42 Ownership Telling You You’re An Unsung Hero Via An A4 Note Addressed To The General Employee Base

Image credits: Im_DeadInside

#43 Came In The Morning Before Thanksgiving At A Grocery Store To This Note From Our Gm. They Were Short Staffed From Cut Hours The Night Before. We Were Short Staffed Again Today. Thanksgiving Is The Busiest Day Of The Year For Grocery Stores. Next Time Just Say Thank You

Image credits: MN_killuh

#44 So Basically Even If I Have A Doctor’s Note, I Am Still Required To Find My Replacement? Is This Legal?

Image credits: ManufacturerCalm8186

#45 I Work In A Kitchen. Employees Are Allowed Just One Free Drink Each Shift-Pay Regular Price For Food. My Manager Went To A Meeting Today, This Was One Of The Notes They Gave Him. We Cannot Even Get A Free Drink Anymore

Image credits: Uber_4_yuh

#46 I Got Back To Work After Being Very Sick And Found My Wall Calendar Hidden In My Desk With This Note. I Am Pissed

Image credits: duckydarlings

#47 Forced To Use Pto For “Company Holidays”

Image credits: soleario21

#48 Why Do The Lowest Paid Jobs Enforce The Most Draconian Rules? No Sitting For Cashiers At A Quick Mart

Image credits: RobinKennedy23

#49 My Job Requires Us To Sign This. Is This Legal

Image credits: PokerPoke

#50 This Note Left By My Boss (And The Correction Left A Few Hours Later) At A Privately Owned Dmv In Minnesota

Image credits: RemovedByGallowboob

#51 My Boss At My New Job Was “Up Til 2am Typing This For Me” And Was So Tired Today

Image credits: mikegoblin

#52 Post It Note

Boss hands you this with no context. Whats your take? This is the second time this has happened. I’m in California. Medical and dental were the reason I switched to this job full time.

They cover 100% of it for me. We are a staff of 5 people. One of two full time, the other being the owners kid.

After speaking to them, its their way of showing the monetary value they put into me hourly ontop of my wage.

Image credits: Prog89

#53 Lovely Notes My Sister’s Boss Leaves.i’ve Been Telling Her To Quit For 2 Yrs

Image credits: Bebopcanoo

#54 Are Any Of These Illegal? Rules Posted At My Step Sons Part-Time Job

Image credits: Sabrewulf6969

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