54 ‘Tattoo Customer From Hell’ Posts That Tattoo Artists Probably Know All Too Well

Some people never cease to amaze us with how entitled to discounted or even free services, products, bargains, and goods they feel. Called Choosing Beggars, they even have a whole Reddit community dedicated to their worst faux pas, and we previously wrote about it here, here and here.

It seems like no one is immune to a choosing beggar attack, it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do. This time, we’re taking a look at the tattoo artists who got their nerves challenged big time.

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Think of customers who tried to find an easy and inexpensive way to getting themselves inked with, you guessed it!, little results.

#1 Customer Wants A Tattoo Artist To Issue Them An “Inconvenience Fee” For Setting Them Up With An Artist Who Was An Ex-Con

Image credits: to_the_tenth_power

#2 I Draw Pieces Inspired By Historical Art Styles And Sometimes Do Tattoo Designs For People. Today I Had My First Choosing Beggar Experience

Image credits: GrafSpoils

#3 Haggling With Tattoo Artists Is Never Advisable

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 This Was Posted By A Local Tattoo Artist

Image credits: damnngurlll

#5 My Buddy Is A Tattoo Artist. He’s Also My Personal Hero

Image credits: TheBrennanCo

#6 My Local Tattoo Parlour Must Have Seen Their Share Of Choosing Beggars

Image credits: fuuuaaark

#7 Im A Few Months Into My Tattoo Apprenticeship.. Apparently I Shouldn’t State My Job On A Dating Site

Image credits: katarinakiwi

#8 Tattoo/Piercing Shop Must Be Used To Choosing Beggars

Image credits: 0Lltango

#9 Any Tattoo Artists Willing To Do A House Call For Free?

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Image credits: LikeOtter

#10 Being Called Pathetic Only Because The Person Is Charging For A Tattoo Design

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 I Feel Really Bad For Tattoo Artists

Image credits: Closakoi

#12 Local Tattoo Artist Is Done With People Offering To Exchange Goods For Her Services

Image credits: uniyum

#13 “Hey Let’s Get Matching Tattoos, But I Get To Pick Them And You Have To Pay For Both”

Image credits: _psychedella___

#14 My Local Tattoo Shops Sign To Deal With Choosing Beggars

Image credits: thatgirl829

#15 Daniel, A Tattoo Artist I Know In Fresno Ca At Most Wanted Gets Messages Like This Almost Daily. Got His Permission To Post

Image credits: sonicsnob

#16 I’m Willing To Let Anyone Tattoo Me For The Small Price Of It Being Free

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 “Your Art Is Mediocre At Best So Please Design Me A Free Tattoo”

Image credits: meow_mayhem

#18 This Guy That Wanted Me To Design A Tattoo For Him That Takes Up To 5 Hours Of Work

Image credits: Shish_Kabab

#19 Looking For Someone To Design A Tattoo For Me, I’m Not Going To Pay Though. Don’t Be Rude

Image credits: PinheadLarry_

#20 A Little Story About Choosing Beggars. From A Tattoo Artist In Oslo (@ruben.maclean.ttt)

Image credits: saltsukkerspinn96

#21 Tattoos Cost Money. Some People Don’t Get That

Image credits: heytherehs13

#22 Client Got A Small Simple Tattoo On His Wrist And He Was Very Happy With It. Few Days Later He’s Frantically Emailing And Calling The Shop When It’s Shut, Requests A Touch-Up And Insists He Was Overcharged, And Wants To Speak To The Manager

This dude was a walk-in, and wanted a last-minute tattoo on his wrist. He seemed very friendly and grateful for being seen at such short notice. The first thing I noticed was that he was suuuuper nit-picky once the tattoo was done; going back and forth to touch up a millimetre at a time to his liking. I was fine with it, as it’s what the client wants and he’s looking at it constantly so it needs to be “perfect”. Overall he was super happy with it and we thought that was the end. Days later (when the shop is closed), he sends like 5 emails and tries to ring up several times in the span of like 10 minutes. This pic is just the best part of the ordeal. My boss (who is the manager) talked him through it and diffused everything. Our shop minimum is $130, and we make that very clear at the start. The $100 tattoo he mentions was part of a fundraiser with set prices. Never thought I’d encounter a choosing beggar yet here we are

Image credits: AlarmedEggplant

#23 This Tattoo Shop Clearly Has Some Stories

Image credits: GreenBuck13

#24 One Just One Of Tons Beggars Exposed

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Tattoo Artist Finally Has Enough And Goes On A Rant. Why Do People Believe They Can Get A Tattoo For Free?!?!

Image credits: AngelFears1676

#26 A Tattoo Artist At The Shop I Work For Has Been Working On A Sleeve For An Acquaintance Of His, Not Even Charging Her, And She Asked To Come In Today To Get More Done

 He was booked for the day and she copped an attitude over him not clearing his schedule for her

Image credits: Downwardspiralhams

#27 $500 Tattoo Sleeve? I Felt I Needed To Share This Because They Want A “Master Tattoo Artist” But Will Refuse To Pay Someone Adequately Because Their Arm Is The “Size Of A Stick.”

Image credits: cuddleboyo

#28 My Friend Is A Tattoo Artist Who Does Illustrations To Make Ends Meet During The Quarantine

Image credits: Stop-spasmtime

#29 Seem At My Tattoo Shop

Image credits: httpmxry

#30 Well-Established Lingerie Brand Paying Exposure Bucks For Tattoo Artist Designs For Their Upcoming Collection

Image credits: cunt_punts

#31 So Many Amazing Demands For One Tattoo- A “Chest Coverup With The Country Of Africa”

Image credits: humandalekrace

#32 Tattoo Artist Based Out Of Oslo Is Giving Away Her New Merch On Youtube

Image credits: byorderofthe

#33 Comments On A Tattooing Competition Show Want Professional Grade, Free-Hand Tattoos (For Free). This Is Obviously The Best Way To Contact These Artists

Image credits: OkayestHistorian

#34 Give Me Your Signature Tattoo Template For Free

Image credits: deeeper

#35 “Give Me A Free Tattoo, But I Want It To Be Star Wars”

Image credits: UndeadFrog

#36 My Stepdad Was Kind Of Salty About Not Getting Anything For His Birthday. So He Turned To Facebook To Beg For People To Pay For His Next Tattoo

Image credits: DarkkAngellll

#37 Asked Me To Do To Tattoos In An Hour Then Didn’t Want To Pay For Ink. It Really Be Your Own Family Sometimes

Image credits: lyf31sg00d

#38 I See People Beg For Free Tattoos All The Time But She Friended A Ton Of Tattoo Artists And Makes Posts Like This All The Time Wanting Free Tattoos For Various Reasons

Image credits: GunBunnyBangBang

#39 She Wants A Good Tattoo But She Doesnt Wanna Pay Good Tattoo Prices… Pay Artists For Their Work!

Image credits: narwhalicorn97

#40 Tattoo Me For 1/2 Price, And Travel To Me!

Image credits: rictus58

#41 A Tattoo Artist I Know Recently Had This Interaction

Image credits: ruthdubb

#42 I Offer Free Tattoo Sketches

Image credits: Marvenel

#43 This Choosing Beggar Thinks It’s Enough That He Likes The Illustrators Pics After Getting A Tattoo With His Art

Image credits: Hawination

#44 Design My Tattoo For Me!

Image credits: TheOsttle

#45 But It’s Her First Tattoo 🙁

Image credits: LynyrdHalen14

#46 From My Time Running A Tattoo Parlour; This Was Something I Had To Reiterate Almost Daily

Image credits: Mother_of_Pigatron

#47 Doesnt Have A Car But Wants A Tattoo

Image credits: Shadow1787

#48 It’s Always The People Looking For Cheap Tattoos

Image credits: ripgcarlin

#49 Want To Barter For A Tattoo? Also You Need To Come To Me. Bro, Just Go To A Tat Shop

Image credits: CapitanWaffles

#50 Then Get Your Tattoo Done There, Choosing Beggar. Your English Sucks

Image credits: ElectriconRdQn2718

#51 She Has Clown Makeup Tattooed On Her Face That She Also Wants Touched Up. For Free Of Course

Image credits: lotusflower1993

#52 Cb Asks For Money For A Tattoo That Doesn’t Look Half Bad

Image credits: lilrice08

#53 Need A Tattoo On The Cheap, I’m Doing You A Favor Since Michigan Is Shutdown

Image credits: adamsappol

#54 Cb (Yellow) Asks For Discount From Artist (Green) Because He Has A Tattoo With The Same Design

Image credits: Vickel

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