54 Times Bosses Wrote Such Delusional Notes, These Employees Just Had To Shame Them Online (New Pics)

Leading other people is as much a noble pursuit as it is a great responsibility. Any employee hopes to work with a manager who helps them develop new skills, prosper at work, and strive for success. But unfortunately, a good boss is rarely a given. The world’s chock full of leaders who start to pressure, exploit, and micromanage workers as soon as they get the tiniest amount of power.

Some even reach new lows by enforcing outrageous office rules, demeaning their workers, and downright making their life a living hell. Well, if we can all agree on one thing, there’s only so much an employee can take. Many frustrated souls who had the “pleasure” of dealing with an out-of-touch boss make sure to document their toxic antics and rightfully shame them online.

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We at Bored Panda scoured the internet and compiled a collection of extremely infuriating notes and messages bosses had the audacity to display at work. So sit back, pull your chair closer, and get ready to feel your blood boil as you continue scrolling through this list. Be sure to upvote the signs you see as completely irrational and share your own encounters with delusional managers right below in the comments. Then if you think you can handle even more workplace madness, check out Part 1 of this feature right here.

#1 Just Turn It Off

Image credits: Smil3yAngel

#2 Shout Out The Worst Place I Ever Worked (Minimum Wage, Of Course)

Image credits: MinionsAndWineMum

#3 The Place My Girlfriend Works At Just Posted This Sign In Their Break Room. The Company Had Record Profits Last Year

Image credits: harveytheham

#4 Found This Sign At A Local Dinner. Decided To Eat Somewhere Else. Sounds Like A Horrible Place To Work

Image credits: ima_lesbean

#5 At My Significant Other’s Workplace (Which Is Also My Old Workplace) Absolutely Terrifying

Image credits: RedQueen303

#6 Bout That Life

Image credits: Shouldthavesaidthat

#7 I Can’t Remember If This Has Been Posted Before But Gotta Love Their Motivation Technique

Image credits: fatninjainvegas

#8 My Boss (Gun Store) Put This Up In Break Room Today

Image credits: xenomoog

#9 I Got This From The Company I Work At In The Mail Today

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Image credits: turtlesinarace

#10 He Hasn’t Even Been Dead A Week

Image credits: IceCreamManwhich

#11 Great Sign To See Outside Your Hr Department

Image credits: statiky

#12 Don’t Worry We Won’t

Image credits: EntrepreneurSolid

#13 My New Manager Wrote This Up Today. Non-Union Grocery Business In Ohio. What Are My Options? Is This Legal?

Image credits: jrbiff18

#14 In 2013 I Worked At A Fro-Yo Shop Where The Owners Intensely Watched The Cameras; Store Has Since Closed

Image credits: cosmicmae

#15 How About Paying A Living Wage?

Image credits: josolomo4

#16 Apparently My Manager Thinks This Is A “Motivational” Sign To Keep Up Morale In The Workplace

Image credits: WinnebagoWreckr

#17 I’m Furious. This Email Was Sent To My Daughter About Discussing Pay Rates. What Are Next Options?

Image credits: JoePatowski

#18 Saw This While Shopping. This Is So Degrading

Image credits: Jynyvieve

#19 Oh Lord

Image credits: -kook

#20 Manager Instigating New “No Sitting” Policy – Work In Retail In UK, Nothing In Employee Handbook Or Contract To Say We Can’t Sit When There Is No Work To Be Done. Thoughts?

Image credits: GeorgiaMariaa

#21 This Is What My New Manager Handed Out At Her Introductory Meeting

Image credits: WHOA_____

#22 Found On Facebook

Image credits: RDSHammer

#23 This Sign At My Work. They Will Charge Staff For Anything As Minimal As A Broken Ice Cream Cone

Image credits: whatthef__ck

#24 Sign Posted In A Walgreens Bathroom

Image credits: bajsbebbdd

#25 This Slide From The Stanley Parable

Image credits: bananadragonborn

#26 Duh Parents… Your Money Problems Are Solved!

Image credits: triviateach

#27 I Work For USPS. Corporate Likes To Send Out Messages Almost Every Day To Carriers. This Was The Message Today

Image credits: pyromat1k

#28 This Showed Up In An Obscure Corner Of The Hotel I Work At

Image credits: Toaster_Oven101

#29 Walked Into Upper Management’s Office Today And Found This Gem

Image credits: Rickehr

#30 Found This Old Gem In My Camera Roll

Image credits: Happykittens

#31 This Sign, Tf?

Image credits: BuyerEfficient

#32 Guarantee They Don’t Pay Enough. Pay More!

Image credits: TyrionsShadow

#33 No One Wants To Use Spell Check Before They Laminate Signs Anymore!

Image credits: ex1stence

#34 My Availability Has Always Been Strictly Mon-Fri. I Spoke To A Manager When I Saw This Sign And Was Told I Will Be Working That Day, Regardless Of My Availability

Image credits: Clumsy_Cheeseburger

#35 Bedtime Story From Our Corporate Overlords

Image credits: legoman31802

#36 So Much To Unpack On Just One Sign

Image credits: Herotaca5

#37 This Sign At My Local L&l Hawaiian BBQ Spot

Image credits: WhyTry32121

#38 I Posted A Bit Ago About An Antagonistic Sign, The Business Added Another One

Image credits: IRideZs

#39 This Sign Is Posted Right Above The Scheduling Board At My New Job. I’m Won’t Be Staying Here Long.

Image credits: dumbsesquipedalien

#40 Wendy’s Put Up A Sign With The Cashiers Name In Bold Capitalized Red Print At The Drive Through. Found It Odd, Would Not Be A Fan If It Were Me Working

Image credits: alekgaytor

#41 No Raises But We Know Times Are Tough. No One Got A Raise, But Hey They Got Ramen Noodles

Image credits: lovinit1010

#42 Saw This At A Hotel I Stayed At. Maybe, Oh I Don’t Know, Pay More?

Image credits: piguntowed

#43 Verbal Warning For Going To The Bathroom Can I Sue?

Image credits: OhDrewzy

#44 My Girlfriends Last Job Has An Interesting Response To Quitting

Image credits: Particular_Ticket_85

#45 Appalachian Grills Old Sign

Image credits: kaljaraska

#46 My 2nd Job Recently Changed Managers

Image credits: Dwgordon1129

#47 This Was The Leaving Speech Given By The Head Of Hr To My Partner In Front Of 30 Of The Staff…she Even Printed It Out. Two Company Directors Present Who Did Nothing But Stood And Laughed. What The Actual F**k

Image credits: AggravatingPlane8097

#48 “Motivational” Sign Put Up In Response To Workers Strike

Image credits: questionablysober

#49 Hiring 14 Yr Olds

Image credits: 11BangBang-

#50 A Sign In Front Of An Electronics Store In Nc

Image credits: TM545

#51 Cafe Looking For Volunteers As Money Is Tight…as They Open A Second Store

Image credits: HawkinsCleanUp

#52 But They Have A $1000 Sign On Bonus! (Work 1000hrs To Receive It.)

Image credits: venterbenter

#53 Saw These Signs So I Inquired. They Pay Minimum Wage In A Small Tourist Town Where A Gallon Of Milk Is Almost $10

Image credits: awesomewastakin

#54 My GF’s Absolutely Ridiculous Dress Code

Image credits: demo1994

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