54 Times People Had To Deal With Insane Parents Who Felt More Entitled To Things Than Anyone Else

The subreddit ‘Choosing Beggars‘ has over 2.4 million members posting examples of people being way too picky when asking for things. And a popular group among these scrooges who routinely go viral within the community is parents.

Some expect their kid’s school nurse to treat them too. Others use their little ones for bargaining power during the holiday season. It’s as if there are no limits to their insolence.

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So if you’re interested in seeing how low can parents go, continue scrolling and meet the worst moms and dads we could find on ‘Choosing Beggars.’ (I’m pretty sure they can even make you appreciate your own folks a bit more.)

#1 “I’m A Single Mom. Let Me Buy This For 15% Of Your Asking Price!”

Image credits: IronWurmple

#2 Selling A Used Imac For 1200$, Woman Asks “How Low” I Would Sell It For, Or If I’d Take 800 And Some Jewelry She Makes. Oh And I Also Ruined Christmas

Image credits: Vindictive_Barista

#3 Cb Tries To Use Their Kid As An Excuse To Get A Supreme Shirt For Super Cheap

Image credits: Rylanbrit10

#4 Homeless Single Mom Looking For Love, Must Make Good Money Though And Have Your Own Place!

Image credits: Own_Addition_6398

#5 Mom Calling Her Kid’s School And Tries To Have The School Nurse Diagnose And Treat Her Lady Parts Over The Phone

Image credits: tb1649

#6 Not Mine But Op’s Mom Is Freaking Out Her Because She Switched Jobs And Doesn’t Have A Cell Discount Anymore

Image credits: VoschNickson

#7 Apparently I Ruined Someone’s Christmas?

Image credits: mcalel_

#8 Father (With 18 Year Old Daughter) Looking For Housemate

Image credits: RSK29

#9 Karen Thinks She’s Entitled For A Ride For Her And Her 4 Kids Cause She’s A Military Spouse

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Image credits: firststone27

#10 Entitled Parents Attending A $30,000 A Year Private School Demand Free Food For Their Son Attending A Tutoring Centre

Image credits: lightgeschwindigkeit

#11 Selling An $800 Drone With Accessories For $400 To Get A Little Christmas Money. Then This Parent Of The Year Shows Up

Image credits: schmoogina

#12 Anti-Vax Dog Mom Looking For A Groomer

Image credits: Ross1648

#13 My Kids Won’t Let Me Sleep…. Send Me A Phone

Image credits: Former_Coffee

#14 “I Am Homeless With 2 Kids Please” But I Need To Buy These Headphones

Image credits: joeyeatsfridays

#15 “My Kid Hasn’t Eaten Since Yesterday”

Image credits: megoon-

#16 I Didn’t Know Having Kids Gives You A Discount

Image credits: TheDoctorGomez

#17 This Lady In My Local Mom Group Wanting A Room Painted In Exchange For Advertising On Said Mom’s Group Page

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 My Boyfriend Bought My Mom A Diet Coke, This Is What My Dad Had To Say

Image credits: urimisu

#19 Parents Using Their Child As A Scapegoat To Get A Lizard They Can’t Afford

Image credits: BvbblegvmBitch

#20 This Choosing Entitled Parent Wantz Zoo Staff To W*nk Of An Elephant.. An Actual Elephant!… So Her Child Doesn’t Ask Questions

Image credits: targetsbots

#21 Purple Is Looking For Free Christmas Gifts For Her Infant- But Suggestions Are “Not Worth It”

Image credits: neversaynoto-panda

#22 Somehow Buying The Phone I’m Selling Will Help With This Guys “Dad Bod” & “Thinning Hair”

Image credits: TheRealZeeborg

#23 Choosing Beggar, Girlfriends Dad. (Brother And I Both Own Second Hand Shops)

Image credits: Clay3476

#24 I Can Buy Things That Aren’t Too Useful For Myself, But When I Need A Gift For My Kid, I Want Someone Else To Pay For It

Image credits: putanginamo22

#25 Ah, But You Get To Hang With My Kids, And Hey, Maybe Earn Something Extra!!

Image credits: OkieTrue

#26 Mom On Facebook Begs For Free Gaming System, Then Becomes Rude & Picky With Offers

Image credits: margebeannesacke

#27 She Needs A Sperm Donor And Child Support

Image credits: tensorblow

#28 Insane Mom Wants To Leave Her Kid With A Stranger For A Week For $200

Image credits: backl_ash

#29 You Cannot Make This Stuff Up…definitely Need That Nintendo Switch But Maybe Clothes For The Kids

Image credits: roach_xo

#30 Pay You $450 For The Fantastic Opportunity To Babysit Your Kid?!

Image credits: ChattyAstronaut

#31 Wow This Dude Trying To Use The Single Parent Card

Image credits: weston20

#32 But Muh Kids Birthday

Image credits: QuesoDino

#33 Choosing Beggar In My Local Fb Group Asking For Specific $100+ Toys For Free Lol

Image credits: ImAFishTacoSalad

#34 If You Needed A Reason Not To Give Into Choosing Beggars, Here’s A Lovely Example On Why Not To (Ft An Entitled Parent)

Image credits: Shortkitsu

#35 My Stepmom Won Some Money From The Lottery Last Night, This Is What My Dad Had To Say

Image credits: drolrats

#36 $250 A Week For 69 Hours Babysitting, And She Is Playing The Single Mom Sympathy Card

Image credits: jexmex

#37 Ungrateful Pregnant Mom Rants About Receiving New Baby Clothes Instead Of Things On Her Baby Registry

Image credits: GoosebumpsTed

#38 Someone Decides $140 A Week Isn’t Worth It. Mom Of The Child Rants On Facebook And Ex Babysitter Joins In

Image credits: arielscars

#39 Cb Mom Wants To Be Paid For Her Daughter’s Play Dates

Image credits: bedtime_besttime

#40 Ungrateful Parent. Who Wouldn’t Accept A Free Pair Of Toms?

Image credits: cellardoor0004

#41 $2/Hr For A Full Time (58 Hours/Week) Babysitting Job. Sweet Deal!!

Image credits: fartypantsmcghee

#42 Selling My Car Through Craigslist, Came Through A Choosing Beggar / Entitled Parent

Image credits: CppTU

#43 “I Only Pay $100 A Week For A Full Time Parent”

Image credits: Minimum-Ad9791

#44 You Should Come Watch My Kid All Week For $150!

Image credits: Thewhitemexicangirl

#45 My Dad Asked Me To Announce A High School Volleyball Game For Free. I Worked As A Collegiate Basketball Analyst For My Naia School

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 Lady Wanting Preteen To Watch Kids For $50/Week

Image credits: snakeman135g

#47 Mom Needs A Nice Spec Audi For $4,000- Must Not Be Black Though!

Image credits: JW40

#48 This Person Post Weekly Or More Often Asking For Multiple Items. This Was A Whole Different Level Of Ask

Image credits: Fillmaff

#49 Nothing Like Being Financially Vulnerable And Deciding Now Is The Time To Try To Look Rich

Image credits: Firebirdy95

#50 Tax Free Clothing Isn’t Enough For This Single Mom

Image credits: arsenicbutterfly

#51 Please Make Sure It’s In Good Condition Also

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 Replace The Food My Child Ruined For Free!

Image credits: RiotPunchette

#53 Local Fb Group Mom Wants To Pay $100 A Week For Babysitting Overnight And Getting Child To School

Image credits: OrangeExo

#54 $2.50/Hr To Watch 11 Kids

Image credits: badfeelingabout_this

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