55 Times When ‘Nice Guys’ Revealed Who They Truly Are (New Pics)

Nice guys: you know them, you hate them, but you can’t get enough of them. There’s something addicting about watching these unlikeable fellas in the wild. Maybe it’s just our curiosity wondering if they will hit a new low?

Anyway, the best place to observe these specimens is the appropriately titled subreddit r/NiceGuys. We already released a post on this online community, but it keeps growing and featuring more interactions with them, so we have to keep up and make an update!

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By the way, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, a “nice guy” is a term used around the internet to describe a man who believes he’s entitled to a woman just because he’s treating her in a nice way. Continue scrolling and, believe me, you’ll get it in no time.

#1 Not Really A Nice Guy But Things Nice Guys Do/Expect

Image credits: Fluid_Kxng119

#2 I Thought Of Making This After A Particularly Nice Weekend

Image credits: professorearl

#3 The Entitlement To Touch Women

Image credits: boopyouonthenose

#4 Yes, Because Paying For Someone’s Food On A Date Means That You’re Entitled To Get Some

Image credits: ayegurlwyd

#5 The Accuracy In This Post

Image credits: chiky_nuggies

#6 Can’t Even Escape Them On Meme Pages

Image credits: mightypenguin18

#7 Chivalry Is Alive And Well

Image credits: zinasbear

#8 Man Annoyed His Female Friend Won’t Sleep With Him

Image credits: PatientDoor4996

#9 Shoot Your Shot I Guess /Sarcasm

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Image credits: CleCatLady

#10 Never Leave The House, Be Social Or Enjoy Your Life Because If You Do, No Good Man/Nice Guy Will Ever Want You…

Image credits: OrchidGuilty7105

#11 Just…wow

Image credits: sorelymean755

#12 20 Year Old ‘Rich’ Nice Guy, Hitting On My 16 Year Old Niece

Image credits: MattS213

#13 Found On Facebook

Image credits: DaddyPhatSaxxs

#14 “Nice” Guys Apparently Target Minors

Image credits: tikitakidoggo

#15 And He Wonders Why He’s Still Single

Image credits: westcoastcdn

#16 It’s Women’s Fault They Get D*ck Pics

Image credits: LiteraryFroggy

#17 Nice Guy Wants To Convert To Islam So That He Gets His Complimentary Wife…

Image credits: 6062hra

#18 I’m Sure She Would Love This Guy Turning Up At Her Door

Image credits: alexpete

#19 A Nice Guy From Mccall’s Magazine, 1953

Image credits: tarafitzwriter

#20 Kinda Doubt He Has A Girlfriend

Image credits: ApprehensionUwU

#21 The Cringe Is Real

Image credits: jesibeII

#22 This Guy Always Tried Pushing The Convo To Sexual Places, And I’ve Repeatedly Shut Him Down. This Was The Last Straw

Image credits: BelleLuciole

#23 Came Across A Nice Guy Who Wants To Know Why He’s Being Turned Down

Image credits: SamGamgE

#24 The Guy That Commented Was The Guy I Was Referring To

Image credits: postovalahtttt

#25 A Friend Of Mine Decided She Wasn’t Interested In This Guy. I Wonder Why?

Image credits: shlebby

#26 This Was Just Right There, And I Instantly Though Of This Sub

Image credits: billnyetherussiansoy

#27 Street Art

Image credits: Flora112233

#28 Nice Guys Make The Post All About Them

Image credits: JohnWickIsMyPatronus

#29 *asks Question Directed At Women*

Image credits: pineapplepizza_99

#30 A Wild Nice Guy Spotted On A Facebook Post About Romance

Image credits: QueenofDenial

#31 Thank God I Was Only 13 At The Time And Not A 30 Year Old Lurker

Image credits: Post_reviewer_

#32 That’s Not The Point Of The Post Though? She Wants To Be Friends With People Who Don’t See Her As A Sex Toy, Not Date Them

Image credits: ngomhleliv4

#33 Aw No, He Was So Nice!

Image credits: yesdertay

#34 A Nice Guy Who Is Also A Sex Offender… She Dodged A Bullet

Image credits: Owl_says_Kira

#35 After A Nice Guy Found Out My Cousin Was A Sexual Assualt Survivor, He Tried To Get Her Number From Me So He Can Provide “Helpful Advice”

Image credits: I_brutally_honest_

#36 Saw This Post By The Hard Times And Immediately Thought Of This Sub

Image credits: sincewedidthedo

#37 Oh My God He’s At It Again. I Didn’t Think It Could Get Any More Cliche

Image credits: tamhachga

#38 Tiktok Is Something Else…

Image credits: OhNawww

#39 Is It Really That Easy To Summon Them From Their Caves?

Image credits: weirdo0808

#40 I’m Married. So I Just Jokingly Described My Husband

Image credits: SaraAnnabelle

#41 He’s So Done Being Nice And Respecting Women

Image credits: My_Name_Is_Ana

#42 Boobies Have Left The Chat

Image credits: lil__babyface

#43 I Thought He Was A Real Nice Guy, Not An R/Niceguy

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 He Was Complaining About Being Rejected By A 19 Year Old Girl. He’s 28 Btw

Image credits: toobloodytiredtocare

#45 Nice Guys Spread Stds ?

Image credits: cad1208

#46 I Blocked Him But He Keeps Calling Me From Restricted Numbers…

Image credits: hamsterpopcorn

#47 Didn’t Even Have To Match With Him (Tinder)

Image credits: catsnothats

#48 Watch Out! He Has The Power Of God On His Side!

Image credits: Cancioce

#49 She’s Gonna Die Alone

Image credits: MomSaidIWasASurprise

#50 He Stopped Responding

Image credits: moog-boog

#51 Today I Was Reminded Why I Don’t Post Photos Of Myself On Social Media

Image credits: deleted

#52 Can Someone Verify If This Is The Solution

Image credits: grahamtr

#53 Context: I Made A Post Saying I Am Attracted To Goth Guys And Guys With Tattoos And This Niceguy™ Is Not Happy About It And Keeps Making Comments Like This On My Posts

Image credits: ghijga

#54 Taking A Leap Here!

Image credits: Missdisasterous

#55 Blaming Women For Their Abusive Exes

Image credits: Dr3adNyt3mar3

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