56 Freaky Photos Of Olympians And Other Athletes To Give You A New Perspective On The Human Body

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics well underway despite the year-long delay due to Covid, the internet is abuzz with news about sports. The world of high-level sports is far more bizarre than you might imagine, however, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Bored Panda has collected some utterly weird pics of Olympic athletes from over the years that will make you see them and the human body in an entirely different light.

As you’re scrolling down, upvote the photos that you found the most interesting. My personal favorites (and don’t let this affect you in any way) are the x-ray of the gymnast and the artistic photo of Usain Bolt with bits of the running track stuck to his back.

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Whether you’re exercising to be a future Olympian or simply want to improve your health (heck, I personally want to lose some of the pounds I packed on during the last lockdown), one of the core things that you need to keep in mind is honesty.

Being honest about your goals, why you’re exercising, what you hope you achieve, and what your current fitness level is currently like is essential for anyone. Whether they’re a professional athlete or someone who’s putting on their first pair of running shoes. It’s from this realistic evaluation of our own abilities that we can move forward and achieve great things.

I reached out to fitness expert Jack Bly for a chat about the importance of having a proper diet and the chronic issues that some athletes face. Check out his interview with Bored Panda below.

#1 Dead Last Of Her Heat In 800 Meters, But Yet We Are All Proud Of You: Sarah Attar, First Saudi Woman To Compete In Athletics At The Olympics

Image credits: jigglemybowls

#2 An X-Ray Of A Gymnast Performing An Exercise

Image credits: SomeAccountThatIs

#3 Size Difference Between Simone Biles And A US Volleyball Player David Lee

Image credits: Simone_Biles

I was interested to find out just how important a person’s diet is to their overall fitness. I’d often heard that you can’t out-train a bad diet and Jack confirmed that this is the case for the vast majority of us. It’s not just a soundbite, it’s the truth except for a handful of elite athletes and Olympians who have been dedicated to their sport from a young age.

“Diet is of the UPMOST importance,” Jack told Bored Panda. “For 99% of people, you cannot out-train a bad diet. Only high-level athletes are able to somewhat do so due to their extremely high activity level. But even then, their performance will be negatively affected.”

#4 I Was Born With A Condition: Pectus Excavatum. Which I Know Sounds Like A Harry Potter Spell. My Deformity Began Appearing Around Age 10

My name is Cody Miller. I am not a typical Olympic swimmer. Like most sports the taller you are the better… Most swimmers are incredibly tall, well above 6ft… I’m 5’11 and only weigh 170lbs. More often than not, I’m the smallest person in the pool. My condition puts stress on my respiratory system. Tests have shown that my sunken sternum and odd placement of other bones has caused a reduced lung capacity… To what extent is unknown. Doctors have said my maximum breathing capacity is likely reduced by 12-20%. Also… I’m diagnosed asthmatic… Which I leaned, from studies run on me in college, has nothing to do with my pectus condition. I live with difficult circumstances for a swimmer. Despite my disadvantages, I’ve dedicated my life to swimming… And I’ve never gave up. Like a lot of you, I have struggled with body image problems through out my life. I struggled with my appearance from a young age. I was a kid who was afraid to take off his shirt in gym class… people thought I was weird. At swim meets, I walked around the pool deck awkwardly while people stared and pointed at me. I was weird and abnormal… However, I’ve realized this: No one is 100% satisfied with the way they look. Everyone has some thing about themselves they dislike. And that’s OK! Professional athletes, models… everyone has their own insecurities! I’ve embraced the fact that I have a giant hole in my chest! It’s OK! Monday night. June 27th, 2016 in Omaha Nebraska. USA Swimming Olympic Trials took place at the CenturyLink Center live on NBC, in front of a crowd of 17,500 people, I swam in lane 5 of the Finals of the men’s 100 meter breast stroke. Only 2 athletes per event qualify for the Olympic Games. 2 swimmers to represent the U.S.A in the 100 meter breast stroke… I’d been dreaming about this moment my entire life. One wrong move and it’s over… The pressure of a life long dream… Years and years of training. Thousands and thousands of hours of preparation for a race that lasts 59 seconds… 2 lengths of the pool… 1 start… 1 turn… 1 finish… 1 moment… 1 opportunity… I did it… The feeling is still indescribable… I qualified for the Rio Olympics. My new Olympic team mate and I hug.Seeing the Olympic rings next to my name… I try not to cry… I did… like a baby…

Image credits: BatmansBreastroke

#5 It’s All About The Olympics

Image credits: scverschuren

#6 Throwing Out The First Pitch For The Houston Astro’s

Image credits: simonebiles

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According to fitness expert Jack, some of the issues that professional bodybuilders face aren’t the ones that you’d immediately think of. “In terms of bodybuilding, flexibility and stretching are a very minor issue. The actual issue it tends to come back to when bodybuilders face chronic injuries is overuse and inflammation,” he explained to me.

“This is why I highly recommend a lower volume, high-intensity approach along with sufficient deloads and exercise variation to avoid such injuries,” Jack said.

#7 Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz Became The First Olympic Gold Medallist For The Philippines

Image credits: paodelrosario

#8 After Blazing Up The Track I Take It With Me

Image credits: usainbolt

#9 Olympians Alexander Volkov (Volleyball) And Seda Tutkhalyan (Gymnast). Team Russia

Image credits: sedatutkhalian_13

According to Dr. Shane Murphy, talent, determination, and a love for what you do are all part of what makes someone an elite athlete.

“Definitely, talent is key. You need to have physical abilities to excel in a sport and speed, strength, endurance and coordination are vital. But determination is also a huge component of success. You have to love what you do in order to put in the roughly 10,000 hours of deliberate practice that Anders Ericsson’s famous research indicates is needed to become an expert. But I think many different types of personalities can become successful Olympians. Certainly, we see a wide variety of personality types on the USA Olympic team,” he told the American Psychological Association.

#10 It May Look Easy On TV, But Just A Reminder Of What The Ski Jumpers Are Staring At. View From The Top Of The Olympic Ski Jump In Sochi, Russia

Image credits: olya_samy

#11 Ex-World Champion Cyclist Janez Brajkovic Leg After A Race

Image credits: janibrajkovic

#12 Feet From Dutch Olympic Swimming Champion Maarten Van Der Weijden After Swimming 163 Km/101 Mi In 55 Hours To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Image credits: mvdweijden

The Olympics isn’t just about competing to see who’s best. Earlier this week, Bored Panda wrote about how the women of the German national gymnastics team chose to wear full-body suits instead of leotards at the Olympics to take a stand against the sexualization of young women in the sport. You can read our article about it right over here.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about health, fitness, and how we can motivate ourselves to become the best we can be. Previously, I spoke about fitness with experts Jack Bly and Paulius Lipskis. In my earlier chat with Jack, he pointed out that having the support of a professional by your side will give you better results. What’s more, it’ll help keep you honest.

#13 George Hincapie’s Legs After The Tour De France Race

Image credits: magadget

#14 Verified On The Eve Of US Nationals

Image credits: anthonyervin

#15 After Sixteen Stages In Tour De France I Think My Legs Look Little Tired

Image credits: p.poljanskiofficial

“If you’re someone who is SERIOUS about making a permanent body transformation but feels like you’ve tried everything before, don’t want to do another miserable diet, or don’t have much time to commit… you need to invest in a coach,” he told Bored Panda earlier.

“Countless studies show the power of accountability when it comes to achieving any goal. And we know that where we invest our time & money reveal our true priorities. If you want an area to improve you MUST invest your resources there. And, just know that EVERYONE is capable of achieving the body they can be proud of. You can do this!!!”

#16 Leg Muscles Of The First Perfect 10 In Olympic History, At Age 14. Nadia Comaneci

Image credits: mega002

#17 4’8″ Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Standing Next To 7’1″ Shaq

Image credits: Simone_Biles

#18 In 2009 J.R. Celski Sliced Through His Entire Left Quadriceps With His Right Skate Blade At The U.S. Olympic Trials

My first major sports injury happened at the 2010 U.S. Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Trials. It was the competition I had to do well at in order to secure a spot on my first Olympic team. The fall happened in one of the last races of the competition, the 500 meters, known for absolute top speed. I fell in the corner and put the front six inches of my blade straight into my quad. I bounced off the pads with the blade still in my leg, looked down and had to pull it out myself because of the awkward position that I was in. I completely severed the VMO “tear drop muscle” and luckily barely missed the femoral artery which might’ve been the end. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through, especially because in the moments after, I started realizing that I might not be able to achieve the goal I set out for in the first place. If not for the people around me including my family, friends, and medical staff, I wouldn’t have been able to get back on my feet, especially in time to go to the Olympics and win two medals.

Image credits: jrcelski

Meanwhile, personal trainer Paulius shared with me that we should strive to be as honest about our bodies, health, and fitness levels as we can be. Only then can we focus on what matters. Paulius suggested that we accept and embrace ourselves as we are, but avoid looking for excuses for our unhealthy habits.

“It’s also a problem if you view healthy living as something that you’re forced to do. If you’re constantly angry, tired, and you’re low on energy—it’s an issue,” Paulius told Bored Panda in an interview for a previous article.

#19 Olympic Rower’s Hands

Image credits: AlexGregoryGB

#20 German Cyclist Robert Forstemann And New Zealand Cyclist Greg Henderson

Image credits: Greghenderson1

#21 Wild Spring Break Night, Recovery Compression For Soreness And Movies

Image credits: simonebiles

The personal trainer reiterated that you can’t force a person to change. They’ll change only if that desire for a different lifestyle comes from within.

“Usually, our unhealthy habits are a result of constant stress and our behavior that’s meant to protect us from it. If we would have an honest chat with ourselves, we’d clearly see that we’re dissatisfied with ourselves only when we feel that we’re using our bad habits to cover our emotions,” he said.

#22 Wednesday Treatment Day! My Triceps Needed A Bit Of Love After A Couple Tough Weights Sessions

Image credits: nathangadrian

#23 Size Difference Between Basketball Players And Gymnasts

Image credits: usabasketball

#24 Olympic Cyclist Robert Forstemann (Right) Shows Off Freakish 74 Cm Thighs

Image credits: robertfoerstemann

“However, if we accept that we’re not perfect, we’re not pressured to change. That’s when you start developing a natural desire and curiosity to find out what the best possible version of you is,” Paulius noted.

This is a point that I believe is crucial. Realistically speaking, even if only a select few can become Olympic athletes, at the end of the day, what truly matters is us striving to be the best that we can be. Perhaps not Olympians. Perhaps not perfect. But powerful, healthy, full of grit, drive, and energy.

#25 When You Spend Every Day On A Bike vs. When You Retire And Ride Casually

Image credits: huzarskibartosz

#26 Dutch Track Cyclist Laurine Van Riessen Riding The Wall Of The Track At The Rio Olympics

Image credits: SportsNerd94

#27 Now This Is An Ice Bath. 30lbs Block Of Ice

Image credits: ryanlochte

#28 The Hands Of Olympic Swimming Champion Van Der Weijden After A 163km Swim

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#29 I Have Trained Well. Hopefully I’ll Have A Chance To Prove It Soon

Image credits: janibrajkovic

#30 Hungarian Weightlifter Janos Baranyai’s Right Arm Gave, Ripping Apart Ligaments And Muscle Under The Weight

He pushed himself to lift 148 kilograms (326.3 pounds) during the men’s 77kg weightlifting competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

#31 10000-Calorie Meal

Image credits: RyanLochte

#32 Acrobatic Gymnastics Elite And Level 10 Training Camp At Karolyis Olympic Training Site

Image credits: Txflip

#33 The Leg Of An Olympic Runner

Image credits: TyroneofAfrica

#34 Who Would Like To Try This?

Image credits: robertfoerstemann

#35 The Difference Between An Olympic Swimmer And An Olympic Gymnast

Image credits: JonLuca

#36 3 Weeks Ago I Finally Got My Knee Cleaned Up After Skiing In Pain For Years

Trying to compete in both halfpipe and slopestyle, I would just try and ignore what my body was telling me. This should have happened years ago but happy the knee is starting to feel/look like the other again(not twice the size). Excited to be back skiing like my old self again!

Image credits: devinlogan

#37 Michael Phelps After Cupping Therapy

Image credits: m_phelps00

#38 I Think I’m Doing It Wrong

Image credits: nathangadrian

#39 Still Plenty Of Juice Left After 7mj Of Work

Image credits: janibrajkovic

#40 Not A Bad View From 10m

Image credits: dannielgoodfellow

#41 Simone Biles With Lebron James

Image credits: simonebiles

#42 Tour De France Is Comming

Image credits: TMarczynski

#43 Anything Possible Right?

Image credits: usainbolt

#44 Annemiek Van Vleuten Crashes While Leading Rio 2016 Road Race

Image credits: AvVleuten

#45 Olympic Abs

Image credits: simonebiles

#46 Getting Ready For That Christmas Binge

Image credits: aikines

#47 Walking Around Getting Ready For Practice While Cupping My Legs. Athletes Understand The Struggle

Image credits: alyraisman

#48 How Huge US Fencer Miles Chamley-Watson’s Hand Is

All Smiles from Miles when I’m back again with my man, a legend Pele. Thank you always and special thank you for welcoming me to your beautiful country of Brazil. I can listen to this legend talk all day. Really humbling.

Image credits: fencer

#49 Keeping It Real. Wild Friday Night

Image credits: alyraisman

#50 Relaxing & Recovering. Grateful To Have Access To Such Incredible Technology To Help Heal Aches And Pains

Image credits: alyraisman

#51 I Know I Am Not The Only Gymnast Who Sometimes Watches TV Like This

Image credits: alyraisman

#52 Anyone Want To Hold My Hand

Image credits: ellieblack_

#53 British Synchronized Swimmer Olivia Federici Stretching

Image credits: olivia_federici

#54 Friday Night Outfits

Image credits: alyraisman

#55 Dutch Gymnasts

Image credits: eythora

#56 Olympic Bronze Medalist Julia Mancuso Skiing With A Swimsuit And A Sideways Cap

Image credits: MarcoBrusa

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