56 Of The Funniest Fashion Fails

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m no fashion expert. But sometimes you don’t need to be a VOGUE subscriber to tell that a piece of clothing is terrible.

Whether we’re talking about poorly placed words and graphics, confusing and obscene designs, or straight-up ugliness that literally looks like a piece of poo, some things are just universally bad.

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You would think when it comes to mass-produced clothes, a team of highly-qualified people have certainly thought about everything, playing with the design until figuring out what worked and what didn’t. However, Bored Panda compiled a list of hilarious photos to show you that it’s not always the case.

#1 This T-Shirt

Image credits: raioramon

#2 My Mother-In-Law Made All The Men In Our Family A Pair Of These Sleep Pants For Christmas

Image credits: KyleRichXV

#3 I Thought She Was Wearing A Black Dress And Hands On Her Hips

Image credits: Lannart

#4 This “Muddy Waters” Poop Dress I Found On Depop

Image credits: RabiesPositive

#5 Women’s Pockets Can Fit Less Than Half Of A Switch Lite, Whereas Men’s Pockets Can Fit A Whole Switch

Image credits: definitelynottori

#6 These Jeans

Image credits: ClavicusNitrus

#7 Hmmm

#8 Proof Read That Inspiring Sneaker Quote, Boss

Image credits: ostearn

#9 This Bag

Image credits: urbanoutfitters.com

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#10 This Intentional Design On This Hoodie

Image credits: tessuti.co.uk

#11 My Old Assassins Creed Belt, Looks Cool But Punctures Your Stomach When You Sit Down

Image credits: agMORALZ

#12 My Nephew’s New T-Shirt With A Newly Designed Solar System

Image credits: meggrace92

#13 Highlighted Area

Image credits: asos.com

#14 Horse

Image credits: Mr_Fshdg

#15 Looks Good On The Package, Not So Much When Worn

Image credits: FarisFrontiers

#16 Not With That Shirt

Image credits: munglimaltin

#17 Seriously Stop It With This

Image credits: Smokeyeyemiss

#18 Can Someone Tell Me What This Jacket Is Actually Made Of?

Image credits: txm_butch23

#19 Kanye’s New Yezzy Shoes

Image credits: Alex_Houseof308

#20 These Inflatable Pants

Image credits: harri_ks

#21 I Wonder What The Thought Process Here Was

Image credits: Max_1995

#22 Tiny Body Or Giant Head?

Image credits: linseydavis

#23 I Found This In The Store. There’s Only 3 Cities

Image credits: DustyBlu09

#24 Like, Eat Milk

Image credits: malgreezy

#25 Because Every Woman Wants To Look Like She Had A Period Accident

Image credits: ladymodjo

#26 I Am Racism?

Image credits: Turb0-Pad

#27 Bet You Can’t Flex This

Image credits: hrithikbadass

#28 Whoever Designed This Baby Grow Has Never Seen A Human Child

Image credits: hoochy123

#29 Timberland Boot Sole Is Hollow

Image credits: rataktaktaruken

#30 I Get What Adidas Was Trying To Do, But From Any Distance Except Close Up, It Looks Like These Came From A Crime Scene

Image credits: sneakercollector94

#31 Blessed Ape The Poop

Image credits: Rocoulm

#32 My Girlfriend Has A Pair Of Gloves And All Of The Fingers Are The Same Length

Image credits: TheStaplerMan2019

#33 What Is On His Pants?

Image credits: unique_creations

#34 These Horse Shoes

Image credits: gardenskate

#35 A Dress For A Very Specific Occasion. I Just Don’t Know What That Occasion Is

Image credits: GoFishOldMaid

#36 Why Would Anyone Want To Carry This Around? (And I Don’t Have Anything Politically Against Them). Found At A Thrift Store In Southeastern Pa

Image credits: Matt Zlotnick

#37 Goodwill In Longwood, Fl. I’m Not Even Sure How One Would Walk In These Shoes

Image credits: Elizabeth Yakubchik Lefkowitz

#38 Just Dot

Image credits: Mr_Wildcard_

#39 These Pillow Ankle Boots

Image credits: Maison Margiela

#40 Peo Peo Are Ple Ple

Even better, “peo” means fart in Spanish

Image credits: galaxymewmew

#41 Pockets In Women’s Clothing

Image credits: _Skum

#42 What A Cool Backpack… Oh, Wait

Image credits: momobestgirl22

#43 Every Day I Am Thankful To Live In The Land Of The Because Of The Brave USA Free

Image credits: TimBallard

#44 This Product Shot Of Pants From A High End Fashion Brand

Image credits: ssense.com

#45 Naming A Pair Of Boxers “Sniff”

Image credits: mccluskey111

#46 Unless It’s For The Kidneys To Breathe

Image credits: shitoupek

#47 This Chewbacca Costume Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Image credits: IcyyHott_Viper

#48 Ah Yes, The Perfect Thing For Your Grandpa To Wear While Jogging

Image credits: jollyrancherboi

#49 Not A Good Look Topshop

Image credits: mrsgardom

#50 My Baby Girl Is The Best Dad Ever

Image credits: criked

#51 Found A Few Days Ago In A Charity Shop. I Presume It’s A Bag But Whoever Had Stocked The Shelf Obviously Presumed It’s A Shoe As It Was On The Shoe Shelf

Image credits: Han Rose

#52 Cowboy Boot Trainers

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 What A Time To Be Alive

Image credits: Erika Vincent

#54 I Feel Like There Are Better Ways To Protect Yourself From The Rain. But, Maybe Not

Image credits: MrResistorr

#55 Thought This Was A Joke, But No, They’re $4,000 Puffer Coats And Dresses By Moncler

Image credits: Moncler

#56 Bought Leggings On The Internet. Not Quite What I Was Expecting. Where Can I Wear These?

Image credits: eeanneli

#57 Literally Being Held By A Thread

Image credits: agroyle

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