56 Pics And Stories To Make You Warm And Fuzzy Inside, As Shared On This Online Community

There are days, months, and entire years when the world feels gloomy. In the midst of worldwide chaos, political turmoil, inflation and a looming economic crisis, the uncertainty of the post-pandemic world, and too many things we don’t want to dedicate an entire page to, it may be hard to find a ray of light.

For many people, keeping themselves positive has become a challenge in itself. Especially, when the news headlines more often than not tell us the very opposite. But this corner of Reddit known as the “Happy” subreddit is a getaway we all need. “Happy Reddit to make you happy,” says the slogan of the community which is home to 474k “happy campers”, aka members.

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Scroll down through our selection of the fuzziest and warmest posts below, and be sure to share the article with anyone who needs an uplifting boost!

#1 After 4 Years, 75 Rejections And 164 Days On Anxiety Medicine, I Published My First Fantasy Book!

Image credits: Wordsmith_Rypht

#2 10.5 Years Ago, I Was Just Going To A Dance With A Boy. I Had No Idea That We Would Choose To Spend The Rest Of Our Lives Together

Image credits: Spooky_Gecko

#3 Today Is The One-Year Anniversary Of My Wife’s Passing. As I Walked Into My Shop, I Spilled My Water. She Gave Me A Reminder That Today Will Be Just Fine

Image credits: kabley

#4 My Mugshot From Two Years Ago Following A Massive Pcp/Benzo Overdose And Before Homelessness And A Trip To Prison

I’m now two years sober, living a wonderful life, and happier than I ever thought I’d be!

Image credits: outforchow

#5 I Got Full Custody Of My Son Seven Years Ago And This Week We Finally Got Our Own Place Together!

Image credits: mrcoldpiece

#6 I Got Engaged Last Night. I’m So Happy My Cheeks Are About To Break Off

Image credits: fireball_cooper

#7 My Husband Laughing Hysterically During Our Wedding Vows. This Photos Always Makes Me Smile

Image credits: wholebunchofbees

#8 200 Days Drugs Free Today, On My Way To My First Day Of College

Image credits: A_yeasty_vagina

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#9 I Got My Order Of The Arrow Sash In Boy Scouts Today!

Image credits: NumisNick

#10 After Getting Laid Off Twice In Six Months, And Moving My Family To A Crammed Apartment In A New City For A Job I Didn’t Like, I’m Now At A Job I Love And Buying My Dream Home. It Has A Bathtub

Image credits: amybris

#11 3 Years Ago, I Had My First Solo Gig, Where There Were 5 People In The Audience And I Was Nervous As Hell. Last Night, I Had A Gig In Front Over 1,000 People And Loved Every Single Second

Image credits: throwaway622796

#12 The Pure Ecstasy Of Winning Gold During The Special Olympics! My Heart Is So Full From This Past Weekend!

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 A Year Ago My Wife Left Me And My Girls

I finally got the finalized divorce papers in the mail today! That means I officially have custody of my two tiny monsters! I’ve also lost over 70lbs in the last year, working to get healthy and watch these two grow up. Haven’t been this happy in forever.

Image credits: adamhasabeard

#14 Graduated High School And Earned My Eagle Scout On The Same Day!

Image credits: pm__your__feelings

#15 I’ve Lost Some Weight. Can’t Stop Smiling When I See A Mirror Now

Image credits: 3InchMeatMonster

#16 Many Vet Visits, A Surgery, And Long Recovery Later

Image credits: umxx21

#17 A Year Ago Today, I Moved To The Other Side Of The World, Without Knowing A Word Of Any Foreign Language

 Today, I passed a German exam permitting me to study at university in my first ever second language. F**k yeah, life!

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Spent My Entire Life In A Church That Brainwashed Me Into Following Their Dogma

I wasted my time “Working” for them when I should have been getting an education. I am happy to announce that I finally got the guts to leave, moved across the country, and at 22 years old, I’m going back to university.

Image credits: TheOmnipotentPilot

#19 My Son Is Autistic. The Best Part Of My Day Is The 20 Minute Night Time Routine With All His Stuffed Animals

Repetition doesn’t bother him (in fact he prefers it) so my same jokes totally kill every night

Image credits: _scienceftw_

#20 13 Years Ago, I Started Medical School. I Walked Out Today A Heart And Lung Surgeon. Today, I Am Happy

Image credits: save_our_bluths_

#21 My Daughter Won A Medal At The Special Olympics. There Was A Time Where Doctors Told Us She Wouldnt Survive Infancy. Very Happy Weekend!

Image credits: beefchariot

#22 After Many Failed Attempts At Actually Completing What I Started, I Have Finally Finished And Published A Book! I Literally Can’t Contain My Excitement!

Image credits: smileforkirk

#23 Found Her On Tinder 2 Years Ago And Now She Said Yes To Being My Wife!!!

Image credits: abstronomy

#24 A Couple That I Served On The 4th Of July Left Me This Awesome Note On The Back Of Their Receipt. Totally Made My Day!!

Image credits: badbradmtl

#25 My Best Friend Was Born 3 Years Ago And I Just Had To Get Us Matching Hats. He Brings So Much Happiness To My Life

Image credits: Omg_Itz_Winke

#26 I Just Submitted My Last Final Paper For My Masters Degree!

Image credits: LuneMoth

#27 It Took 17 Years, But I Can Finally Call This Country My Own!

Image credits: FlyingUndeadSheep

#28 We Did It! We Are Now Gal-Pals For Life!

Image credits: trippin_the_velvet

#29 Wife Survived A Brain Tumor So We Celebrated!

Image credits: bnjthyr

#30 Here’s A Message From My Dad, Making Me Cry And S**t

Image credits: HeWentToJared91

#31 Got The All-Clear For Triple-Negative Breast Cancer In Early January. The Sun Came Out The Other Day, And Just Because, I Put On My Sunniest Outfit, And Twirled About With Genuine Joy. My Husband Took This Photo

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 It’s 4 Am, My Eyes Can Barely Open, Baby Finally Asleep, Mission Accomplished

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 I Went To A Paint Night With My Mom The Other Night. We Had Such A Good Time, And It Was The Happiest I’d Been In A Long Time

Image credits: dm_me_your_tie_dyes

#34 My Little Brother’s High School Hosted A Dance For Students With Special Needs. He Had A Blast!

Image credits: that_happy_pillow

#35 2015 vs. 2017 My Skin Has Been Better For A While (Shout Out To The Pill) But Seeing This Old Photo Compared To A New One (Where I’m Not Even Wearing Make Up) Made Me So Happy I Just Had To Share It Somewhere!!

Image credits: elsiebet

#36 My Incredible Father Got Up And Stood On His Own Today!! And He Took 7 Steps And My Heart Is So Happy (Heart Aneurism And Stroke)

Image credits: justynebean

#37 After Trying For Years We Finally Got To Meet Our Pride And Joy

Image credits: osmosisparrot

#38 Drug Addict For 8 Years, Went To Jail In 2015, And Went To The Psych Ward Twice In Early 2017

Couldn’t hold a job for more than a few months. Now I’m 100% drug-free for 135 days and a manager of McDonalds! In the fall of 2018 I’m on track to fulfill my dream of going to hamburger university in Chicago!

Image credits: OpenmindedRecovery

#39 I Became An American Citizen In June And My Passport Came In The Mail Today! Cried Tears Of Joy When I Saw The Envelope, And Even More When I Opened It

Image credits: soared_

#40 Three Years Ago I [Tried To Take My Own Life] Because Of My Chronic Depression And A Traumatic Experience. Now I’m About To Graduate High School And As Of Yesterday I’m Three Years Clean Of Self-Harm!

Image credits: littlemermaidxx

#41 Quit My Job Saturday, Got Dumped Sunday, Aced My Midterm Monday, Got The Job I Actually Wanted Tuesday, Paid Off All My Debt On Wednesday, And Spent The Day With My Dogs At The Beach. It’s Been A Good Week

Image credits: space-reindeer

#42 Today Marks Six Happy Months With My Beautiful Girlfriend

Image credits: corgiboat1

#43 Well, Folks. Today I Have Been Sober For One Year. Coincidentally, This Has Been The Best 365 Days Of My Life. Perhaps Even Consequently So. All I Know Is That I Feel Great

Image credits: VirginSubpoenaColada

#44 After 4 Years Of Being Out Of School Due To A Traumatic Brain Injury, I Am Lucky To Be Able To Call Myself A Student Again

Image credits: CourtM092

#45 This Past Year Home Life Became Too Much For Me So I Ran Away To China To Teach English

These kids think I’m the coolest person just because I have hair on my arms. I have never felt so much love.

Image credits: BatSniper

#46 I Ran My First Race Today! It Was A 6.5km And I Did It In 44:27! I Trained For Two Months (And Lost Nearly Three Clothes Sizes), Having Never Been A Runner Before. I’m So Dang Proud Of Myself!

Image credits: toriadenofrio

#47 After 3 Months Of Treatment, My Wife Finally Completed Chemo! I Am So Proud Of Her (Dogs Also Proud)!

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 Last Year I Started Learning My Girlfriend’s Native Language Because Her Parents Didn’t Speak English. This Week I Asked Their Permission To Marry Her In Portuguese

Image credits: SEND_ME_SPIDERMAN

#49 12 Years On Disability, 7 Years Sober, 300lbs Lost In 2 Years And Next Week I Move To NYC To Start A New Job. Keep Looking Up And Keep Moving Forward!!

Image credits: RandomExcess

#50 I’ve Struggled With Anxiety And Depression Since I Was 15

 Since bringing Mia into my life just one week ago, I’ve felt more happiness and peace than I ever thought possible. With her by my side, I know 26 will be my best year yet.

Image credits: 710coug

#51 I Bought My First Home!

Image credits: MPFarmer

#52 I’m 26, I Just Bought My First Car That Has Ac And Under 150k Miles And I’m Pretty F**king Proud About It

Image credits: Lexuss

#53 I Suffer From Severe Depression. Traveled More Than 6000 Miles (9800 Kms) For A Solo Vacation To L.A. I Never Been This Happy In Years

Image credits: Junper

#54 Yesterday I Sat Next To My SO And Told Him I Had 100% Reached Maximum Happiness

 We live in a gorgeous village with a hilarious dog, we love each other deeply and laugh a lot, I run a great business, his job is great, our parents are alive and well, we have lovely friends. Today he made me happier.

Image credits: iamsoveryverytired

#55 We Met 9 Years Ago & Then He Took Me On My First Date

Life happened, he battled through a 6 year heroin addiction, jail time, and rehab. I battled through extreme anxiety, depression, and 2 toxic relationships. This year we reconnected and on Christmas eve he proposed. Never been so happy & whole.

Image credits: liability_girl

#56 I Hung Up My Art At A Restaurant At Pike Place Market Last Weekend, A Step Up From The Cafes I’ve Been In The Past

One of the employees just sent me this saying this is the first time in a while a customer has ever actually looked at the art on their walls. I’m bursting with happiness right now

Image credits: Anilxe

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