56 Rants By People Who Are Sick And Tired Of Sacrificing Their Personal Life For Work

A rare workaholic aside, there’s more to people than just their job. I know, it sounds like a non-controversial and non-provocative thing to say, but often the most difficult parts of life are not the “in-your-face” type of challenges, but those that seep into your everyday routine and become rituals and habits. Like earning your bread and butter.

At a time when the term work-life balance has become a bookselling catchphrase, many are realizing they don’t have one. Even more, people don’t see a way to achieve it. They’re stuck feeling that the system they’re a part of has been designed to maintain itself at the expense of its “screws” — human capital — and have nowhere to turn to express their anger and frustration but the internet.

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#1 On God

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#2 Title

Image credits: SamuelKOfficial

#3 School Prepares You To Be A Good Wage Slave

Image credits: QueerlyAutistic

#4 Sometimes I Wonder How We Aren’t In A Near Constant State Of Revolt

Image credits: GrandpaChainz

#5 A Healthy Work Ethic Is Key

Image credits: jzux

#6 Don’t Let Them Fool You- We Swim In An Ocean Of Abundance

Image credits: babadookspinoza

#7 Is There More To Life Than Work?

Image credits: kellynotbrecht

#8 The American Dream Is To Move Out

Image credits: TreJames_

#9 Capitalism Should Die

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#10 There Is Nothing Good About Huddle Culture

Image credits: KaluhisKitchen

#11 And People Wonder Why This Sub Exists

Image credits: alitlstrawberry

#12 Nobody Ever Wanted To Work

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#13 One Of The Most Brilliant Minds To Have Ever Lived Was Crushed Mentally And Physically By Capitalism. He Was Robbed Of The Fruits Of His Labor, Manipulated And His Research Sabotaged In The Race For Profit

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#14 I’m With This Guy

Image credits: Grayhaem

#15 Do What You Love

Image credits: existentialcoms

#16 That Sunday Feeling

Image credits: signuser

#17 Work Takes 11 Hours Of My Time, Not Just 8

Image credits: n-word_lover

#18 Not A Controversial Take

Image credits: libbybakalar

#19 Life Is Meaningless – But In A Good Way

Image credits: melatoninlau

#20 This Is A Big Factor Of Why I Have Depression

Image credits: NieshaHildreth

#21 Never Ending Rat Race

Image credits: ghauraghaura

#22 Welcome To Our Lovely Society

Image credits: NXHLVS

#23 New Tech Is Not Supposed To Make Our Life Harder

Image credits: VoidInvasion

#24 Amazon Killed People Last Night

Image credits: DegenerateCharizard

#25 Get Bent, Brian

Image credits: Buttery_Hamwater

#26 The Cycle Continues

Image credits: sorimsjackson

#27 Same Here My Brother

Image credits: rsonic17

#28 We Have Become Slaves To Money, Rather Than Using Money As A Tool To Make Our Lives Easier And Better

Image credits: Maevalyn

#29 Felt That One

Image credits: venusized

#30 The Protestant Work Ethic Is Stupid

Image credits: poisonivy47

#31 She Has A Very Valid Point

Image credits: gjenci23

#32 I Threw My Life Away For A S**t Job. You Can Too!

Image credits: bocxtop

#33 It’s Not Normal

Image credits: thediyora

#34 I Hate The Grind Mentallity

Image credits: sleepisocialist

#35 The Software Industry

Image credits: JustSpeedy

#36 Not Gonna Happen

Image credits: spokentruths5

#37 But Your Passion Is Working Until You Die Right?

Image credits: lanaskittens

#38 That Front Porch Life

Image credits: TechnicalTerm6

#39 It Really Is

Image credits: friasmp

#40 Sick Humble Brag

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#41 Sounds Like A Scam To Me

Image credits: CommercialStandard65

#42 This

Image credits: UnsocialButterflies

#43 Ryan Seacrest

Image credits: sonofarex

#44 Facts

Image credits: ZiggyTYSON

#45 This Has Been Quite The Crushing Realization As I Transition To Post-Grad Life

Image credits: IAmNeqina

#46 Truth

Image credits: JoHeller

#47 You Supposed To Get Motivated By This… Lol

Image credits: Mimosas4355

#48 You Aren’t A Person When You Aren’t Someone Else’s Person In This Free Society

Image credits: Kaliworship

#49 Sorry?

Image credits: thehandsomecontest

#50 On Mental Health

Image credits: ShrinkRapping

#51 We Work 40+ Hours A Week Not For Maximum Efficiency, But Because It Makes Sure We Can’t Force Change Outside Of Work

Image credits: six96

#52 This Is Depressing. True But Depressing

Image credits: xxxSexMan69xxx

#53 Biggest Scam Ever

Image credits: TheWeirdWorld

#54 12 Years Of Elderly Leisure

Image credits: etteirrah

#55 I Think This Belongs Here

Image credits: NineteenthHouseplant

#56 Who Thought It Was A Good Idea?

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