56 Screenshots Of People Putting A Stop To The Nonsense Shared On This Online Group

There’s only so much nonsense one person can handle. And just because the internet is not guarded by BS-detecting police, that doesn’t mean one can share it without hesitation. Especially if it misinforms, spreads fakery, or takes advantage of a situation.

The corner of the subreddit “Quit Your Bull,” which is home to 1.6 million members, is dedicated to collecting such bittersweet examples. From Elon Musk busting his alleged “brain coach” to the American Kennel Club calling out a false ad that claims that a particular type of dog breed is recognized as dangerous by AKC, these are some of the screenshots that got karma restored.

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And next time someone claims you can say whatever you want online, tell them to try and see what happens. Hint: nothing good will ever come of this.

#1 Someone Is Awfully Busy With So Many Careers!

Image credits: TubDumForever

#2 They Did The Math

Image credits: themacity

#3 Faking A Dead Man’s Autograph

Image credits: Viazon

#4 Anti Vaxxers Never Change

Image credits: RedditSmokesCrack

#5 Guy Leaves A Bad Review For A Shop He Was Never Even At

Image credits: Majestic_Beard

#6 Idk How Restaurants Deal With All The Anti-Masker Bs Right Now

Image credits: aztnass

#7 Elon Is Not Having It

Image credits: invigibleman

#8 Clickbating About The Vaccine

Image credits: Corzare

#9 Don’t Need 5g When U Have The Fastest 4g In The Universe

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Icey96

#10 Akc Calls Out Clickbait Twitter Ad

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Karma Farming Accounts

Image credits: AmoghVaishnav

#12 It’s Just Full Of Misinformation

Image credits: Vilateral

#13 Restaurant Owner Smacks Down Bs Review

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 Local Jackass Gets Corrected

Image credits: jaytix1

#15 Faking A Wedding Pic For Karma

Image credits: wattapwn

#16 Vegan Lies About The Benefits Of Being Vegan. Another Vegan Calls Them Out

Image credits: Peanut_Tree

#17 Bill Gates Made The Coronavirus

Image credits: jjensen538

#18 Caught A Live One Today

Image credits: oculometric

#19 (Now Ex) BF Says He Is Getting Threats From Reddit Users Because I Anonymously Posted On R/Amitheas***le

Image credits: treehouseladder

#20 Boyfriends Steals £hundreds From Store, Goes Next Day, Gets Nicked So Girlfriend Sends 1-Star Review. As You Do

Image credits: BissoumaTequila

#21 I Found This Review From A Local Haunted House Attraction. There Were Quite A Few Negative Reviews Just Because They Had To Follow Covid Guidelines

Image credits: Bxggzys

#22 Third Times A Charm. Repost For Anonymity Editing

Image credits: MishtheDish77

#23 It’s A Big Conspiracy!

Image credits: jaytix1

#24 Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation

Image credits: jaytix1

#25 *sigh*

Image credits: jaytix1

#26 Fortunate Son Meets Travelin’ Band

Image credits: 4500x

#27 Guy Doesn’t Even Know What Band He Saw

Image credits: Project_096

#28 Congrats On The Graduation Buddy

Image credits: clopz_

#29 This Person Posted To Multiple Subreddits Claiming This Is Their Cat Named Garfield. The Cats Actual Name Is Pisco

Image credits: emmabearden99

#30 Just Jared Didn’t Know What He Was Talking About

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Was Looking For Reviews For A Tattoo Shop, Then I Found This

Image credits: MJIB

#32 Someone Doesn’t Have Their Facts Straight

Image credits: legothor

#33 Image Fakery With Bulls**t Explaination

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Masks Are Dangerous, You Guys

Image credits: jaytix1

#35 They Quickly Deleted The Exchange After This

Image credits: paperreamsofmemes

#36 First One In The Wild

Image credits: janiso123

#37 Guy Tries To Steal Other Person Grandfather For Reddit Points

Image credits: oofer_mcdoofer

#38 False Persecution And Nazi Comparisons

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#39 City Of Denver Calls Out A Covid Troll

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#40 Just Grab Some Random Image, Itll Work Out

Image credits: TrackLabs

#41 Tries To Claim A 5 Year Old Story

Image credits: appropriatedusername

#42 Says The Art Was Theirs And Gets 5.5k Upvotes Before Admitting They Actually Got It From Pinterest. The Original Artist Even Said “Please No Copying” When It Was Posted To Deviantart Almost 3 Years Ago

Image credits: Narwhalpilot88

#43 Tries To Claim Lousy Service… Lousy Vehicle Instead

Image credits: SabeyTheWolf

#44 From A While Ago, Guy I Met On A Dating Site Tried To Pass As Chris Pratt Abs

Image credits: The_Orange_Elixir

#45 Faking Having Cancer For Karma

Image credits: memes_lord69

#46 Dude Came Into My Tattoo Studio Today Trying To Get An Apprenticeship By Showing Me Photos Of Tattoos He Did. More Info In The Comments

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Found This In The Wild Tonight. Why Would You Lie About That?

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 Amsterdam = London Apparently

Image credits: Changmeister888

#49 Fortnite Kid Bullshits Sponsorship And Gets Called Out By The Company

Image credits: tokyotapes

#50 Person Asking Me For Money For A Transmission When They Got A Free One Under Warranty. #freetransmission

Image credits: BtroldedKallaMik

#51 On The Internet You’ll Never Get Away With Lying About Animals

Image credits: tokchok

#52 Lying About Donating Bone Marrow

Image credits: VolantisMoon

#53 Dumbass Gets A Fact Check

Image credits: jaytix1

#54 Got Denied From The Military For Being “Too Smart”

Image credits: komu989

#55 Hunter Of The Bull**it

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 Definitely Has A Teacher Friend

Image credits: Mortiky33

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