56 Threatening Signs

Signs are supposed to have the most basic of practical purposes. They can give directions, for example, or give the name of a street or place. Perhaps they are there to warn us of a potential hazard up ahead.

Sometimes though, a warning sign can instill more fear and trepidation in a person than is strictly necessary. Sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but who really wants to be told to watch out for falling snakes? I mean, how often is that really happening?

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This list, compiled by Bored Panda, is a series of sinister signs that captured people’s attention for their slightly threatening nature. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes deadly serious, these are the kind of warnings that everyone is definitely taking notice of! Which is, ultimately, the point in putting up signs in the first place.

Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 At Pittsburgh Zoo – What?

Image credits: whododatlikedat

#2 Sign At An Irish Zoo

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#3 Thanks For The Heads Up

Image credits: Scazon

#4 This Corn Maze Sign

Image credits: shidanesayo

#5 This Sign At My Uncles House

Image credits: nateair

#6 Slower

Image credits: IPointThings

#7 Good Advice

#8 It’s Only Fair

Image credits: domeafavour97

#9 Found This Gem At A Local Bulk Foods Store

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Image credits: OnsetOfMSet

#10 Nope

Image credits: unfamiliar-ceiling

#11 This Sign

Image credits: dontwantyourtitpm

#12 Presenting Exhibit A

Image credits: phitter72

#13 I Mean… It’s Not Wrong

#14 Killer Coconuts In Oahu Hi

Image credits: child_of_old

#15 Alligators Love Kids

Image credits: FilthySpaniard

#16 Sarcasm Meets Capitalism

Image credits: Cieslok Media

#17 Take A Guess

Image credits: Paul Smith

#18 This Sign Outside A Cabin My Family Is Staying In

Image credits: cheesybread116

#19 This Sign At My Local Orthodox Church

Image credits: SilverSunrises

#20 Public Service Announcement To All Kids

Image credits: vampedvixen

#21 At The Hippo Exhibit

Image credits: 1stumbler

#22 My Relaxing Road Trip From Darwin To Melbourne, Australia

Image credits: AcidUrine

#23 No Idea What It Means But Can’t Be Good

Image credits: CruzWayne

#24 I Have Well Meaning Neighbours Who Knock On My Door At All Times (All Times) To Inform Me Of Neighbourhood Discord

Image credits: mahuzair

#25 Feed A Pigeon Lose A Finger

Image credits: Leo Reynolds

#26 Just Another Day In Alaska

Image credits: electronicthesarus

#27 No Worries, 3 Layers Of Glass Still Remain To Protect You From The King Of The Jungle

Image credits: Tails_RulesTheWorld

#28 Crocodile Enclosure At Sydney Aquarium

Image credits: ReginaldHardwick

#29 Texas, Home Of The World’s Scariest Sign

Image credits: RCViking44

#30 Gotta Be Bold To Urinate In Public In Tirana, Albania

Image credits: LittleCrumb

#31 A Good Reminder Not To Drown

Image credits: blindgorgon

#32 At A Nearby Wolf Sanctuary

Image credits: Gymnos84

#33 Ominous AF

Image credits: Citizen_Ken

#34 In Australia, High Is The Second Lowest Fire Danger Rating

Image credits: Brinq

#35 Bringing Health And Safety Considerations To A Whole New Level

Image credits: 19_smeljakis_86

#36 Wheeeeeeeeeeeee-Uh Oh!

Image credits: CaptainCrackbaby

#37 On My Jogging Route

Image credits: marion4sho

#38 Seen At My Local Tattoo Studio

Image credits: StoneageRomeo

#39 Scary Ratio

Image credits: MrSplinch

#40 This Is A Real Sign

Image credits: Jigfly

#41 This Is How Our Tigers See You

Image credits: tripadvisor

#42 Is This Church Threatening To Kill Me?

Image credits: Bubzy_Bubs

#43 Ummm… Okay?

Image credits: ledromire

#44 Advertisement For An Anti-Malaria Medicine (1941)

Image credits: National Museum of Health and Medicine

#45 I’ve Never Seen A Look Of Terror On A Little Sign Guy. Sign On A Commercial Washing Machine

Image credits: myotherbannisabenn

#46 Trust Me, I Won’t

Image credits: Svensit

#47 The Sign Outside My Local Church Is Vaguely Threatening

Image credits: Elisa-kiwi

#48 When You’re 2 Miles Into A Tough Mudder And You Think All Is Going Well Then You Run Past This Sign

Image credits: Jason Meredith

#49 Good Morning! Have You Exorcised Your Dog Today?

Image credits: somesillywowzer

#50 Should I Be Concerned?

Image credits: moneyforcolleg

#51 Key Chain

Image credits: JackRubyTuesdays

#52 You Know What, I Think I’ll Turn Around And Take The Long Way

Image credits: mrdicknballs

#53 I Noticed A New Sign At My Doctors Office

Image credits: mynameisntsavannah

#54 Um… Are We Still… Are We Still Talking About Ice Cream?

Image credits: calyank1184

#55 Don’t Be A Norman

Image credits: seandavies86

#56 Cursed Sign

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