56 Times People Spotted ‘Not Their Cats’ In Their Homes (New Pics)

Have you ever had a cat just show up at your doorstep and act like it’s their house? It’s a strange, yet amusing occurrence that seems to happen to a lot of people. These “home invaders,” as we like to call them, are usually friendly and well-fed, leading us to believe that they may have a home somewhere, but they seem to enjoy the thrill of visiting new places and making themselves at home.

If you’re a cat lover, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Facebook group “My house, not my cat.” This group is filled with hilarious and heartwarming photos of random cats who have decided to visit people’s houses and make themselves at home.

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As a member of the group, you can share your own photos of unexpected cat visitors and read the funny and heartwarming stories of other feline lovers. It’s a great way to connect with other cat lovers and appreciate the quirky and lovable nature of our feline friends.

When you’re done checking out these feline intruders, be sure to take a look at Bored Panda’s previous posts about the group (click here for part 1, part 2, and part 3).

#1 My Orange Boy Brought Home A Boy. You All Could Have At Least Put A Tie On The Door. Judging By How Close They Are, I’m The Last One To Meet This Dark, Handsome Stranger

Image credits: Jordyn Oshman

#2 This Girl Often Sneaks Into My House, Eats My Cats Food, Naps On My Favorite Chair And Violently Tries To Style My Morning Bed Head While Try To Peacefully Drink Coffee. She Is Not My Cat. She Is Chaos

Image credits: Jessie Heidelberg

#3 Came Home From Kroger To Hear Some Screaming, And Found This Little Guy Running Around

Image credits: Sajoel Hauberg

#4 My Kitchen…. Absolutely Not My Cat…. Think She’s Expecting Food?

Image credits: Annelie Birtner

#5 We Generally Leave Our Bathroom Window Open At Night For Ventilation And Bathroom Door Shut To Keep The Rest Of The House From Getting Cold… Switched On The Light – Opened The Door…

Image credits: Matt Hendry

#6 My Hotel Room, Not My Cat. Monkey Is The Sweetest Boy. If I Knew The Hotel Room Came With A Cat I Would’ve Asked If I Could Pay More

Image credits: Letty Macbeth

#7 My Bathroom, My Lap, Not My Cat. I Got Home From Work At 6am And This Guy Decided To Follow Me Inside. Oh! And He Has Some Extra Toe Beans

Image credits: Alyssa Reaser

#8 My House, My Bedroom, My Bed. Not My Cat

Image credits: Vicki Brooke

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#9 My House, My Shoes. Not My Cat Asleep With His Face In Them

Image credits: Cubby Adams

#10 This Gorgeous Boy Keeps Visiting! Although He Knows Hes Not Allowed In The House He Does Try!!! Ive Named Him Mr Big Balls… I Think You Can Figure Out Why

Image credits: Aimée Jade Harvey

#11 This Fuzzy Boy (I Think) Had A Sudden Urge To Check His Email. This Is My Computer. This Is Not My Cat

Image credits: Laura Phillips

#12 I Was Wondering Why This Plant Had Died. Get Home From Work…. Not Our Cat, But Enjoying The Sunshine Nonetheless!

Image credits: Jackie Simmonds

#13 I Have Been Holed Up At Home Sick For The Last Week. My Cat Will Have Nothing To Do With Me. I Sat Out On The Back Patio This Morning For Some Fresh Air And Sunshine, Feeling Pretty Sorry For Myself. Along Came Our ‘Not Cat’ From Over The Back Fence. To Keep Me Company. Yeay For My Not Cat!

Image credits: Lorraine Poth

#14 He Walked In And Made Himself At Home. Is This A Halloween Blessing?! My House, Not My Cat

Image credits: Valerie Slade

#15 My Desk, My Laptop And My Knees… But Definitely Not My Cat. And Was Absolutely No Help Marking. Sadly

Image credits: Helen Marshall

#16 He Found The Tuna Cupboard And Bravely Went For It. The Only Issue Is That I Have Never Seen Him Before In My Life

Image credits: Elisheva Jacobson

#17 My House, My Door, Not My Cat. What Does He Want?

Image credits: Csilla Kaltenecker

#18 We Own A Duplex. My Daughter Lives Next Door With My Grandson. Orange Cat Is My Daughter’s The Other Cat Is Not Ours. He Walked In Like He Owned The Place. We Call Him Sneakers

Image credits: Anna Young

#19 Our House, Not Our Cat

Image credits: Leah Jayne Williams

#20 This Wondrous Lovebug Just Strolled Right In To The Meeting House We Were Doing Our Game Night At. Apparently He Lives At One Of The Surrounding Businesses And Has Decided He Owns The Street

Image credits: Felix Kai Lovelace

#21 ‘my House Not My Cat’ Had A Sixth Sense That It Was Steak Night And Volunteered To Be The Official Taste Tester

Image credits: Chelsea Davis

#22 We Had A Bad Leak In Our Bathroom That Resulted In A Lot Of Water Damage Downstairs So I Left The Back Door Open Every Day To Air The Hall… And This Little One Started Walking In Every Single Day And Making Herself Very At Home

Image credits: Ciara Hewitt

#23 We Have Enjoyed Our Daily Visitor To Our House For Months

Today we noticed the owners had moved out of their house and our ‘not cat’ was gone. We spent the day in mourning for our cute little visitor. I broke the news to my son, as he loved being greeted by him each afternoon. Then, late in the afternoon…..This happened! He either came back to visit or he was left behind. He will be will looked after

Image credits: Lorraine Poth

#24 This Is Newton

After about 2 months of him showing up twice a day for food because I thought he was a feral, he showed up with this lovely ribbon and note attached to him, letting me know he has a home. Poor newton got caught he still stops by every day. I think he thinks this is his house, too

Image credits: Dawn Alexander

#25 Meet Mikey, First Time He Came A Few Months Back, Now He Regularly Visits Me, Gets Cuddles, Eats, Sleeps Like There’s No Tomorrow, He Seems Like He Was Someone’s Pet But No Collar, No Chip. He’s Adorable. He Owns The House As His Own I Love Him So Much And Get Sad When He Doesn’t Come

Image credits: Fareha Asif

#26 My Fridge, Not My Cat

Image credits: Gemma Payne

#27 He Comes, Takes A Nap And Leaves. No Idea Where He Comes From…

Image credits: Er Orzo

#28 This Is My House. I Do Not Have A Cat

Image credits: Kevin Strexcorp

#29 Not A Thought In His Head. Not A Care In The World. My Yard, My Chair, Not My Cat. (Yes, He Is Alive. I Checked)

Image credits: Clair Chapman

#30 I Have Two Cats. Not These Two Though

Image credits: Annette Ilgenfritz

#31 Our Long-Term MHNMC Had Some Babies

Image credits: Caitlin Wilson

#32 This Is My House, I Have 2 Cats, Neither Of Them Ginger

Image credits: Victoria Jane

#33 We Do Not Own A Cat, Yet The Footstool Under My Desk (Or At Least The Blanket On It) Has Apparently Become The Place To Be For The Neighbours’ Cats

Image credits: Becky Reynolds

#34 Husband Was Grilling Chicken On Our Porch With Our Poodle. “Mike” The Cat Belongs To The Neighbor But Thinks Our House Is Pretty Cool. We Live On 3-4 Acres Per House So He Makes A Significant Trip To Visit

Image credits: Heather Evans

#35 Not Our Cat, Assisting Me With A Charity Yoga Challenge And Getting Comfy In Our Son’s Room. He’s Called Zimba (The Cat, Not My Son). We Don’t Feed Him But He Drops By For Tummy Rubs About 10 Times A Day

Image credits: Lynn Jones

#36 One Of My All Time Favourite Photos Of Our Neighbour’s Orange Boys Being Little Creepers. Ivan (White And Orange) Tends To Show Up After It Rains For Whatever Reason And Loves Belly Rubs. Leo (The Window Licker) Meows Like He’s Telling You All The Latest Gossip And Makes Grumbling Noises If You Touch Him While He’s Eating

Image credits: Rachel Jones

#37 Glad I Bought New Patio For Not My Cat!

Image credits: Lisa Ruccolo

#38 One Of My Neighbor’s Cats Just Making Himself Comfortable In My House

Image credits: Karyn McEwen Woodsum

#39 My House, Not My Cats. But They Are Such Good Cats

Image credits: Damin Spritzer

#40 My House, My Cats’ Toys, Not My Cat

Image credits: Steph Donahue

#41 My Screen Door, Not My Cat. That’s Sylvester, From Next Door

Image credits: Jeff Rosenberg

#42 My Chair. My Backpack. Absolutely Not My Cat

Image credits: Noa Liberman-Plashkes

#43 This Little Guy Has Won Me Over To My 2 Cats Utter Disgust!

Image credits: Kathleen Jones

#44 My Lawnmower, Not My Cat

Image credits: Kathleen Graville

#45 Was Putting Up Halloween Decorations. I Seem To Have Acquired This. Doing An Inspect. My House. Not My Cat

Image credits: Zöë Spíçè

#46 This Is My Car. That Is Not My Cat

Image credits: BriAnna Rose Morabito

#47 I Now Have A . He Started Showing Up A Week Ago

Walked right in and took over the cat tree. He comes every day now and I put him out at night. He sets our security camera off 3 to 4 times a night. I worry about him. Winter is coming. He is healthy, and loves stomach rubs so I know he belongs to someone, somewhere…..But night time here brings coyotes and owls. How do you let them go

Image credits: Cheryl Frost Waller

#48 Our Neighbors Cat Aristo Aka Meow Meow In My Girlfriends Deck Chair

Image credits: Lars Gustav Midbøe

#49 This Is Tyrus Who Is For Sure Not My Cat. I Went Outside To Pick Flowers And Left The Door Open A Bit And She Invited Herself In

Image credits: Kayla Marie Dixon

#50 I Finally Have A Mhnmc. She (I Think?) Showed Up The Other Night And I Have Been Giving Her Food, She Is All Alone From What I Can Tell And Is Very, Very Sweet. I Wish I Could Keep Her But We Will Probably Take Her To The No Kill Shelter

Image credits: Marina Quick

#51 My House, My Dining Room, My Armchair. Very Much Not My Cat. In Fact He’s Not Anyone’s Cat. He’s A Very Spicy Feral. Handsome Though ?

Image credits: Clair Chapman

#52 I Have Another Mhnmc! This One Wasn’t Brought In My My Dog However This Freeloader Snuck In While We Were Letting The Dogs Out ? Meet Taffy, My House, My Lap, Not My Cat!

Image credits: Rebecca Rose Goss

#53 My House, My Kitchen, I Don’t Own A Cat…

Image credits: Nikki Sparks

#54 My Garden. My Chair. Not My Cat. Tut, Sigh Etc

Image credits: Clair Chapman

#55 My House But Both Not My Cats. They Belong To My Neighbour

Image credits: Georgina Martin

#56 My House, The Neighbour’s Cats. This Is Them Right Now, They Help Themselves To My House Through My Pet Door Lol

Image credits: Karina Martin

Source: boredpanda.com

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