57 Parents Share Their Hilarious Struggles Dealing With Their Kids During The Quarantine

Being a parent is challenging in the best of times, but add a pandemic on top of that and your kids might drive you even crazier than usual. Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest things that parents are sharing about their everyday quarantine struggles raising their kids, so scroll down, upvote your favorites, and drop us a comment if you’re parents yourselves, dear Readers. When you’re done with this list, check out our earlier post about the funny pics that parents stuck in quarantine with their kids have shared.

Plenty of parents who are working from home have realized that the quarantine has meshed their work and home life into a seamless blob. Another thing they’re learning is that kids are, well, kids—they love playing, mucking about, and then sharing everything they did with the people they look up to the most.

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However, not all kids are misbehaving and wreaking chaos with every teeny-tiny footstep. Some are behaving far better than usual because they’re glad to be spending more time with their parents, sleep more, and don’t have to rush around getting to countless afterschool activities.

#1 These Are Troubling Times

Image credits: fmanjoo

#2 Lockdown Day 17. In Case Anyone Is Wondering How Us Parents Are Doing, This Is My 3-Year-Old Cleaning His Potty With My Toothbrush

Image credits: Ka3de

#3 My Son Found Some “Stickers” In The Bathroom

Image credits: GreedyJester

Seagal Hagege was a bit scared about staying at home all day, every day with her 3 kids who are 8, 7, and 4 years old. Fortunately, she had nothing to worry about because her kids became far more independent, far kinder to each other, learned better manners, started inventing new games, and took on new responsibilities like helping her out with cooking.

“Every day after school we were running to music, running to gymnastics, and then we would get home, do homework, and go to bed,” Hagege told CNN. “Now we have a chance to get stupid and take a break together. They’ve really stepped up, and they are shining. It’s been really eye-opening. I don’t want it to go back to the way things were.”

#4 Honestly, I Can Relate

Image credits: HereComesCunty

#5 My 3,5-Year-Old Ran Inside To Go To The Bathroom, But Apparently Took A Detour For A Fistful Of Brownies. There’s Literally A Handprint In The Middle Of The Pan

Image credits: TheTonz

#6 An Actual Text I Had To Send Today. I’m So Tired

Image credits: Timmybear2

Now, this doesn’t mean that every single child out there is happier because of the quarantine: there are lots of kids who are feeling sad and scared. But some parents are overjoyed that the quarantine has some pros for their kids, not just cons.

According to the president of the nonprofit group Let Grow, Lenore Skenazy, kids now have much longer stretches of unstructured time. So one of the lessons that the quarantine has taught us is that some kids feel much better when they don’t have jam-packed schedules and when they have more freedom to do what they want. This small lesson can be a good thing for parents to keep in mind in the post-pandemic world.

#7 Cereal Bowls

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#8 “Now I Know My Abc’s, I’ll Write Them On Our SUV”

Image credits: PieterJanSmet

#9 Quarantine Is Going Awesome

Image credits: TaikaWaititi

#10 3-Year-Old Threw A Toy Through The TV Screen This Morning. Now She Keeps Trying To Turn It On Saying “It’s Broken”. Yeah, No S**t Professor

Image credits: ProfDallinHoax

#11 My 3-Year-Old Daughter Set Her Chalk Up This Way & Demands It’s A Turtle. She Made Me Pet It Twice

Image credits: Landahlia12

#12 My Son Is At His Dad’s For The Weekend And It Turns Out Today Is The Day He Gets A Haircut

Image credits: theonemanbandit

#13 Kid Left With This Lockdown Haircut After Asking His 7-Year-Old Brother For “Old Man” Hair

Image credits: Kevin Moore

#14 My Wife Dressed My Son Up As Frida For A Project For His Class To Recreate Her Art. Today In His Zoom Meeting We Found Out That Meant A Drawing Or Painting

Image credits: NumberJ5

#15 My Daughter Backed Into A Light Pole And Promptly Got Out Of The Vehicle And Fled The Scene. Her Very First Hit And Run

Image credits: Grace-Face13

#16 My 7-Year-Old Drew On The Walls And Furniture In His Bedroom And Tried To Pin In On His 3-Year-Old Sister. He Almost Got Away With It, But As A Good Artist Should, He Signed It With His Name

Image credits: Nirahli

#17 From 1st Day Working At Home. She Got Pink Slime In Her Hair

Image credits: vellowitty

#18 My Son Stuck His Finger In My Eye And Scratched Off The Whole Top Layer Of My Cornea

Image credits: shermiezzz12

#19 She Wanted A Bath

Image credits: RecklessDolly

#20 Thank You, Children, Very Cool

Image credits: MattWalshBlog

#21 My Daughter Found Scissors And Cut Her Hair. Now She Looks Like Yolandi

Image credits: SleepParalysisDemon6

#22 Do You Laugh Or Throw More Bread At Him?

Image credits: kimberlycongdon

#23 Frozen

Image credits: Swishergirl24

#24 Let The Fun Begin

Image credits: LurkAtHomeMom

#25 My 4-Year-Old Son Reassembled My Keyboard After Cleaning

Image credits: Wastey111

#26 No Explanation Needed

Image credits: jaime0007

#27 Before/After – My Son “Maybe Dropped Zelda Into The LEGO Box At Some Point?”

Image credits: garatth

#28 Had To Replace And Shatter My Toilet To See What The Blockage Was. My 2-Year-Old Had Flushed Sully In There. Even He Looks Guilty

Image credits: deacon_of_fire

#29 The Box Was Left On The Kitchen Counter, Left The Room For Less Than a Minute And This Is How My 2-Year-Old Has Left Them

Image credits: J96x_Rob_LFC

#30 It’ll Be Fun They Said

Image credits: burginam

#31 I Think I’m Failing As A Teacher

Image credits: murd_tdot

#32 My Son Doing His Schoolwork In My Gaming PC. This Quarantine Need To Stop ASAP. He Seems To Enjoy Doing His Work At Home, I Don’t

Image credits: Dolorax28

#33 I Told My 11-Year-Old To Wash His Laundry. This Was Waiting When I Opened The Dryer

Image credits: Bizzle_worldwide

#34 My Son Is Two And Is Practicing Throwing

Image credits: wed_niatnuom

#35 Gloss Paint And New Flooring, Should Have Got The Snip

Image credits: Hightideuk

#36 This Is How All The Dinosaurs Died, And Also Why We Can’t Have Milk

Image credits: 42icu

#37 “I’m A Teletubby”

Image credits: Kyrim2

#38 Ran In Between My Legs To Watch Me Pee. I’m Glad I Hadn’t Started

Image credits: b1r0_

#39 Was In The Process Of Trying To Remove “Slime” From One Kid’s Hair When The Other Decided She Wanted To Join The Fun. Now They Both Have Monk Haircuts

Image credits: jaymcdan

#40 Kid Decided To Play With The Vents In The House Today. What A Brilliant Idea To Leave Them Open

Image credits: croixofwar

#41 “Son, Did You Write On My Tablecloth?”, “Mom, That Is Obviously Dad’s Name. I Bet He Did It”

Image credits: marzirose

#42 Quarantine Day 37: The Kids Are Trying To Cook Each Other

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 Homeschooling

Image credits: RobAnzalone

#44 Homeschooling Hurts

Image credits: goodnewswendy

#45 Kids Demand My Full Attention 24/7

Image credits: miss.sarahyvette

#46 No Toilet Paper? No Problem

Image credits: elle1205

#47 Quarantine With A 3-Year-Old: Day 10

Image credits: ThexGreatxBeyondx

#48 Our 2-Year-Old Decided To Flood The Bathroom During The Night

Image credits: CMDR_Anarial

#49 We Tried To Teach Her Soccer. She Tried To Climb The Net Instead

Image credits: Bllewellyn1

#50 3-Year-Old Trying To Burn The House Down

Image credits: Pinophytologist

#51 He Found The Permanent Marker

Image credits: Zoomerang4

#52 Ready For His Kiss Audition

Image credits: dudewheresmycobb

#53 He’s Crying Because He Bit His Own Arm

Image credits: k90de

#54 Homeschooling

Image credits: andyholloway

#55 I Think I Need To Give Up On The Quarantine Cooking

Image credits: marigoldandgrey

#56 Today My Youngest Brother-In-Law Gave My 2-Year-Old Son An “Iron Mike” Face Tattoo

Image credits: Leotix

#57 Quarantine Stir Crazy With Tape And A Truck

Image credits: podfoto

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