58 Cringey Posts That Show What Happens When People Celebrate Just A Little Too Early (New Pics)

Please, for the love of God, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Please, please, PLEASE! …oh, well, see, now you’ve done it—you counted ‘em. We hope you’re proud.

You may or may not believe in things like Fate and Karma, but you can’t deny that the Universe has a sly sense of humor. It likes irony. And it loves bringing arrogant people down a peg or two, as well as proving folks wrong just for the heck of it. Usually, in an overly-dramatic fashion.

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The r/Prematurecelebration online community documents epic examples of people celebrating things prematurely, only to fail or be wrong. In a very public manner, no less. Scroll down for the most embarrassing cases and remember to upvote the posts that you enjoyed, dear Pandas. Bored Panda also got in touch with the friendly moderator team running the whole online community. They were kind enough to answer our questions.

If you enjoyed this post and would looove to see more people being wrong, check out Bored Panda’s previous feature about the ‘Premature Celebration’ subreddit right over here.

#1 Prematurely Celebrating A Legend’s Anniversary Of Passing

Image credits: hamiltonscale

#2 Ye?

Image credits: tanzmeister

#3 Celebrating That Natural Immunity Just A Bit Too Soon

Image credits: reddit.com

Bored Panda got in touch with the team of redditors that runs r/Prematurecelebration with a few follow-up questions for them. One of the moderators was happy to answer them.

We were curious as to what has changed since our last article about the online community.

“We have been working towards being more receptive and open-minded about the definition of premature celebration, as to be less bogged down by obvious examples of the genre,” they told us.

#4 This Whole Operation Is Noting But Premature Celebration

Image credits: WarintheFuture

#5 Russian State News Accidentally Publishes Article Saying Russia Has Defeated Ukraine And Restored Its ‘Historical Borders’

Image credits: boxofrain

#6 A “Victorious” Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Returns From Germany And Declares “Peace For Our Time” After Hitler Agrees Not To Invade Any More Territories In Europe, 1938

Image credits: hobbaabeg

“We spend a few hours every week debating these posts and working on the definition of the words, shaping the future of the sub,” they shared a bit about the work that they and their other moderator colleagues do.

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Bored Panda was interested to get the r/Prematurecelebration team’s opinion as to why so many people find it hard to admit that they’ve made a mistake. According to the, the widespread use of the internet and especially social media has a lot to do with it.

“This era of online presence allows people to pull in and out,” they explained.

#7 Greatest Tweet Of All Time

Image credits: WHO

#8 Possibly The Biggest Premature Celebration Of All Time?

Image credits: tamatar_1

#9 So Much For Sweden’s First Female Prime Minister

Image credits: _Skum

“A lot of people manipulate this to walk away from their mistakes,” the mod pointed out that on the internet, it’s quite easy to avoid taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Finally, we wanted to get their take on the right balance to have between confidence and humility. However, they quipped that “being too humble makes for bad premature celebration!”

In short, if everyone was well-balanced and mature, the subreddit wouldn’t need to exist.

#10 The Newspapers Were Hoping

Image credits: iamatworkiswear

#11 We Are Going To Win …. Never Mind, Damm Youngsters

Image credits: creatingastorm

#12 A Bit Late, But Here A Nice Collage

Image credits: rickkkk71

The r/Prematurecelebration subreddit is a fantastic corner of the internet that shames anyone who’s arrogant enough to fly too close to the sun, only to have their wax wings melt.

The online community was created to document all those intensely embarrassing moments when people celebrate something (“usually in sports”) before actually accomplishing it. The result? They end up failing in the process. The irony is immeasurable but incredibly entertaining.

#13 People Magazine Prematurely Celebrates Betty White’s 100th Birthday

Image credits: people

#14 Cyclist At The Tour De France Fails To See Actual Winner Finishing 8 Seconds Before Him

Image credits: damon02

#15 Chechen Mercenaries Release An “I’m Coming For You Ukraine!” Video. Less Than An Hour After It Was Posted (On The Sub), The Column Was Wiped Out And The General Killed

Image credits: orangeoliviero

Created all the way back in mid-June of 2013, the ‘Premature Celebration’ sub has since grown to house nearly 710k members. The last time that Bored Panda wrote about the subreddit, it had 525k members.

Clearly, the subreddit’s mix of schadenfreude and forced humility appeals to a lot of people. (And, really, we’d be lying if we said that it isn’t satisfying to see someone be wrong on a massive, massive scale.)

#16 Commitment

Image credits: potatonator

#17 The World Cup Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving For Premature Celebrations

Image credits: Pieboy8

#18 Why Worry, We’re On An Unsinkable Ship

Image credits: Ertuu1985

Members of the sub have to abide by a few rules. One of the main ones is to keep the content focused on premature celebrations. That is the point of the entire community after all. So you’ve got to show some sort of evidence that the person in question has been celebrating before it was appropriate to do so.

What’s more, redditors ought to avoid reposting the “top 50 of all time or the current hot 25.” In other words, try to keep the content fresh! Do a bit of research on what’s already been posted, don’t just share random screenshots and photos randomly. And, of course, be a kind and decent person: “No namecalling, direct personal attacks, or bigotry.”

#19 Tattoo Soon

Image credits: Hsduncan

#20 Elon Welcoming Kanye Back To Twitter

Image credits: Bad_Grammer_Girl

#21 Hallelujah

Image credits: kabirakhtar

Previously, a colleague of mine got in touch with the team running the entire r/Prematurecelebration subreddit. Moderator u/N8theGr8 had explained to Bored Panda that the community had no moderators at one point, so there was a transfer of power to the current redditors.

According to the mod, the sub is focused on “kind of a niche topic”, so that might impact how busy it is. “But we have half a million subscribers and it stays relatively active,” they said back in February 2021.

Redditor u/N8theGr8 noted that the entire point of the sub revolved the idea of people “ celebrating some kind of win or victory before you really should.”

They gave a couple of examples: “Like a guy who runs a race and then slows down right at the end to do a victory jump and throw his arms in the air, only to be passed by the 2nd-place guy who then wins the race. Or the ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ newspaper held up by President Truman.”

#22 Does This Fit?

Image credits: Lost_Smoking_Snake

#23 Me, Today. Could Go In Sadcringe Too 🙁

Image credits: DoomSleighor

#24 Close But No Cigar

Image credits: SoupRobber

Judging others feels good. You really can’t deny it. And it’s actually a part of what makes us human. During a previous interview, Bored Panda had reached out to psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers.

“Judging others is something that we as humans do, both consciously and automatically, and there are a number of reasons why we do it. Comically, we are often told as children not to judge others and have stories shared about how judging others can mean we upset them or lose opportunities to see what really lies behind our perception,” he told us earlier.

#25 A Confident Scam Artist

Image credits: Surelythisisntaclone


Image credits: bunnnnnnnyx

#27 Tattoo Of England Coach

Image credits: AleksP633

“Sometimes, we judge others to feel superior ourselves, finding faults in others, highlighting them, and feeling better about ourselves in the process. Sometimes, we use it to work out where we fit in, recognizing how we want to be, where our aspirations lie, and how we don’t want to become,” the psychologist explained to Bored Panda before.

“Sometimes, it’s in response to our own flaws, and we attack others for what we don’t like or don’t see into ourselves. And on other occasions, it’s to fit into a wider group who judge something or someone, and we conform and perform with the same judgment,” the psychologist said.

#28 Time Magazine Cover, December 2001

Image credits: zjuka

#29 A Premature Celebration In Premature Celebration

Image credits: strong_survival

#30 Context: His Team Won Their Local National League For The Last Time In 1979, This Goal Would’ve Made Them Champions…he Just Should’ve Openned His Eyes

Image credits: LoretoYes

Used mindfully, however, being judgmental actually does have some benefits.

“It can help us to set goals, find alignment with our values, it can help us to build the self-awareness of others and it can boost our self-esteem,” Lee told us earlier. “Add to that it can also help us to make positive social choices, and it’s understanding how and why we judge that gives us the ability to use it for our benefits instead of escaping our flaws or pulling others down.”

Do you have any tales about premature celebration, dear Pandas? Have you ever been knocked down a peg the moment you thought you were victorious? Which of these posts made you laugh the most? Do you enjoy judging others when they’re acting way too arrogant? Share your thoughts in the comments.

#31 Dutch Rider Celebrating Olympic Gold Without Knowing Someone Else Beat Her To The Line From The Group Ahead

Image credits: HamishGray

#32 Whoops

Image credits: WhyLiveIfYouCantLift

#33 Spacex Starship Sn10 Successfully Lands, Then Explodes A Few Minutes Later

Image credits: CommanderSpork

#34 Taking A Gamble Here

Image credits: xQc

#35 Don’t Doubt The Underdogs

Image credits: kima-

#36 A Semi-Pro Road Race Recently. Remember: Celebrate After The Line

Image credits: persondude27

#37 84 Days Before India Posted Highest Single-Day Surge In Coronavirus Cases, Pm Modi Celebrated ‘Triumph’ Over Covid-19

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Guilty

For those who don’t know him, he is Josh Duggar (aka Pedo). He m*lested 4of his sisters when he was ~14. The youngest sister was 2. Last year, he was found guilty of possession of CSAM. This year, he was sentenced to 12.5 years in federal prison.

Funny thing is she posted this like a month before his arrest.

Image credits: Evening-Mistake-3321

#39 Valentine’s Day

Image credits: henrywrover

#40 Woman Who Bragged She Wouldn’t Go To Jail Becomes 10th Jan. 6 Capitol Rioter To Get Prison

Image credits: Dark-All-Day

#41 2007 Forbes Nokia Cover

Image credits: stalepotato07

#42 The Cleveland Guardians With A $66 Million Payroll Just Won The Division Over The White Sox With Their $197 Million Payroll. This Tweet At The Beginning Of The Season Didn’t Age Well!

Image credits: EnemySoil

#43 Chucky Chuck…

Image credits: ZabariYarin

#44 Kwasi Kwarteng (UK’s Chancellor) 13th Oct 12:24 – “I’m Not Going Anywhere”, 14th Oct 12:25 – Fired

Image credits: randypriest

#45 After This Was Posted Lsu Outscored Ole Miss 42 – 3 And Won By 25 Points

Image credits: DiaDeLosMuebles

#46 It Was Not, In Fact, Ball Game

Image credits: prostatewhispers1

#47 Four Years Ago, This Bettor Put This On His Snapchat Story

Image credits: LMAO_HAHA_WOW

#48 Algerian Football Fans Celebrating Their Team Qualifying For The 2022 World Cup… Until Cameroon Scores A Last Second Goal, Eliminating Algeria

Image credits: Lacazema

#49 Xbox’s Ad For The Game Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Image credits: lushes54673

#50 Chelsea Won The Match A Couple Of Minutes Later

Image credits: DeadKillerX9000

#51 I Think This Belongs Here

Image credits: hoosyourdaddyo

#52 Tough Day For This Seahawks Fan Yesterday

Image credits: Dragonborn22777

#53 Not Even Two Hours Later

Image credits: Oxygen_MaGnesium

#54 “This Tweet Is Ageing Well”

Image credits: chance_waters

#55 Saw This One Coming

Image credits: the_endoftheworld2

#56 Happy Opening Day

Image credits: Bucccc

#57 Chile Got Their Bid Denied And Didn’t Qualify For The Soccer 2022 World Cup In Qatar

Image credits: Briansey

#58 You Don’t Let Tom Brady Have The Ball Back With Time On The Clock

Image credits: Shark05bait

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