58 Idiot People Who Don’t Deserve To Own A Pet

We all love our pets. Humans have kept domesticated animals for thousands of years now and they provide us with companionship and protection while fulfilling our desire to nurture.

But having pets comes with great responsibility. To the animal obviously – this creature now relies on you for its quality of life and you need to ensure its physical and emotional needs are met. And to other people too – you should be able to look after your animal and keep it healthy and happy in such a way that doesn’t encroach on the lives of others.

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Simple really, isn’t it? Well, not to everyone. This list, compiled by the good folks here at Bored Panda, is a catalog of shame, showing the times when pet owners were jerks not only to their poor animals but to society at large. From the liberal dumpings of excrement to just flat-out animal neglect, these people don’t deserve to be let anywhere near an animal again, and makes you wonder if perhaps it was time people had to get a license to have a pet.

Scroll down to see what we mean below, and let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

#1 This Is Honestly Sad

Image credits: LeelinkGOML

#2 Man Washes His Dog’s Behind In A Water Fountain At A Park – And Refuses To Stop When Horrified Passers-By Yelled At Him In Disgust

Image credits: Rebecca Laurie

#3 Someone Stored Their Dog

Image credits: soviet_asshole

#4 This Woman Dumping Her Dog In My Best Friends Front Garden…

Image credits: sweidish

#5 Dumping A Litter Box Off The Top Floor Balcony Of A Pet-Free Apartment Building

Image credits: popro5

#6 A Customer Tried It On Their Dog And Put It Back On The Shelf

Image credits: NotAnotherGummyBear

#7 More Evil Than Trashy, But Still Applies…

Image credits: Roguecop

#8 Leashing Your Dog To Your Car In The Parking Lot While You Go To The Gym

Image credits: PrimitiveLoaf

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#9 These Are The Type Of People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Pets Whatsoever

Image credits: Skateordie_

#10 Every Day My Neighbor Throws A Bag Of Dog [poop] From Their Porch Into The Trees

Image credits: Fourney

#11 Getting Rid Of Your Dog Because You Got A New Puppy

Image credits: SendMeYourDoggos

#12 For Years, Vegan Blogger Sonia Sae Has Been Allegedly Raising Her Pet Fox Jumanji On A Vegan Diet Because She Thinks That All Species Are Equals

Sae has already admitted that Jumanji is half blind, suffers from spontaneous convulsions and a severe skin condition. However, she refuses to believe that this is because of what do foxes eat. “They use the word ‘abuse’ to describe the act of feeding [it] food that no animal had to die for. Despite the obvious oxymoron, any other non-vegan alternative DOES involve abuse by default,” she said in a Facebook post.

Image credits: Allister Natanya Moore

#13 Imagine Being So Lazy That You Allow Your Dog Create A [poop] Pile On Your Balcony Instead Of Taking It For A Walk

Image credits: scott216

#14 Dog Owners Who Think This Is Ok In A Restaurant

Image credits: thepoincianatree

#15 Someone Tied A Bag O’ Dog [poop] To This Crosswalk Button

Image credits: danocurrygravy

#16 South Ca’kalakee Facebook

Image credits: d-list-kram

#17 Just Evicted One Of The Worst Tenants Ever And Took Their Mother Leaving These Poor Kittens Without Food And Water For About Week. They’re Now Safe At My Own Place. Looking To Rehome Them Soon

Image credits: CDRNY

#18 Friend Just Sent Me This Photo Of A Dog They Found While Driving By A Construction Site

Image credits: baconeggsnSTEEZ

#19 A Small Dog Left Inside A Shop’s Baggage Storage

Image credits: SpeedStrikerXLR

#20 Woman Gets Tired Of Caring For Dog So Decides To Let It Run Away. Becomes Upset When Neighbor Brings The Dog Back

Image credits: wasit-worthit

#21 Letting Your Dog Pee In The Elevators

Image credits: snoller5

#22 My Neighbors Moved Without Taking Their Cat With Them

Image credits: CosmosFoxx

#23 Vegan Posts Pics Of Her Lab ‘Excited’ To Eat Her Vegan Dinner

Image credits: varanustitanus

#24 Normal Reaction To A Pet Dying

Image credits: WillSterile

#25 My Neighbour Was Evicted And Left The Family Cat. Looks Like I Have A New Cat

Image credits: Jesuschooltrash

#26 Lizzy Kate Tea Shop, Kirkland Wa. Some Human Piece Of Garbage Just Leaves Their Dog Out In Below Freezing Temperatures For 45 Minutes. The Dog Was Whimpering When I Walked By. I’m Livid Dude

Image credits: dookylove420

#27 Previous Owner Abandons Aquarium With Two Live Fish And Overfilled Amount Of Food

Image credits: liquidhorses

#28 Woman Uses A Drinking Fountain As A Doggy Bidet

Image credits: TheShadowDemon247

#29 This Dog With Dreadlocks On Its Tail

Image credits: pewl1337

#30 Getting A Dog Soon, So Let’s Just Get Rid Of The Cat…

Image credits: babybeluga420

#31 I Hate Humans

Image credits: hoelygod

#32 Pick Up Your Dogs Poop

Image credits: Sapd_cc

#33 People At The Dog Park I Go To Are Too Lazy To Put Their Poop Bags In The Trash Can So They Hang Them On The Fence

Image credits: TurkayLurkay

#34 The First Time I’ve Felt Worse For The Service Dog Than I Have The Owner

Image credits: -steezy_wunda_bred-

#35 People Who Drive Around With Their Dog In The Truck Bed (It Was Raining)

Image credits: oh_hey_yamez

#36 Tied To A Dumpster Outside A Liquor Store While The Owner Was Inside Playing Video Poker(35° And Raining)

Image credits: IloveAnnie82

#37 Trashy Pet Owner

Image credits: BirmzboyRML

#38 Students Abandoned Puppies After Graduation

Image credits: SadArtistTM

#39 Leaving Your Dog Like This While You’re At Work

Image credits: Nategreat923

#40 Pet Makeup…

Image credits: jankydeal

#41 This Is My Co-Workers Dog. Seriously

Image credits: TunaOnWheat

#42 Just Cut Your Dogs Nails…ok?

Image credits: Bdlilla

#43 This Fat Squirrel Is A Service Animal

Image credits: ReallyLikesBears

#44 This Is My Friend’s Grandmother’s Dog, She Feeds It 2 Hotdogs Every Morning With Mustard

Image credits: Moto77

#45 Came Across This On Facebook Today. Why Would You Dye Your Dogs Fur? Being An Animal Lover, I Could Never Do This To My Dog

Image credits: JessicaRose222

#46 Dog Given Free Reign Of Sidewalk!

Image credits: cat11

#47 Receiving A Medical Service Dog And Turning It Into Your Own Traveling Sideshow

Image credits: Jack_Gorillacakes

#48 Pretending Your Pet Didn’t Pee All Over The Floor In Line For A Vet Clinic

Image credits: 3-methylbutylacetate

#49 A Women Just Tossed This Kitty Over Our Fence Between Two Dogs That Were In The Yard And Took Off. The Kitty Was Too Terrified To Move & A Staff Member Was Able To Get Her Inside

Image credits: Bakedschwarzenbach

#50 Spray Painting Your Dog To Look Patriotic

Image credits: drewslayer69

#51 Not In The Bed. Not Tied Down. Thats Safe

Image credits: Mrpewpybutwhole

#52 I Asked My Roomate Why There Were 2 Candles On Our Carpet. Apparently Her Dog Puked And She Didn’t Have “Time” To Clean It

Image credits: AmieKinz

#53 Dog On A Table At A Food Festival

Image credits: d1le0n

#54 Girl From Facebook Duct Taped Her Dogs Mouth Shut Because It Wouldn’t Stop Barking

Image credits: Tamparockout17

#55 This Screams Trashy

Image credits: mrglubglub

#56 I Don’t Know If Weed Is Safe For Reptiles What The Hell Stoner Pets

Image credits: SockedKitty

#57 Traveling With 4 Dogs And A Cat In The Back Of A Truck At -25 °c

Image credits: DropDlaSauce

#58 For Someone Desperately Seeking Their Lost Dog, They Sure Are Placing Alot Of Demands On The People That Find Her

Image credits: WildAnimus

#59 Her Dog Loves Getting High With Her

Image credits: sassz93

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