59 Hilarious Tattoo Fails, As Shared On This Online Group

They say you’re gonna regret it, you’ll get bored with it, it will look bad when you age, and so and so on. Although we know it’s not true, the prejudice against tattoos still exists, but it usually comes from people whose skin is a blank page.

Sometimes, however, tattoos do indeed turn out not quite as cool and beautiful as you imagined. And it’s fine. In fact, they may end up on this entertaining corner of Reddit which goes by the all-telling title “Shitty Tattoos.”

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The community gather ink art aficionados to ‘celebrate’ (and not just mock!) their not-so-perfect tattoos, share some inspirational cover ups, and have a good laugh. Scroll down to see the funniest and the best of the worst ones!

#1 I Drunkenly Tattooed Some Inspiration On Myself From Nessie

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#2 Beautiful Cultural Tattoos

Image credits: ilovegecko

#3 Thankfully She Had The First “Artist” Stop Before It Was Too Late To Save

Image credits: anywhereplease

According to Bored Panda‘s previous interview with tattoo artist Alex Alvarado from the Santo Cuervo studio, a lot can be said about a person just by looking at their tattoos. “I’d venture to say you could even guess nationality based on what style of tattoos they have, but the most obvious answer to me would be how much they have (or haven’t) invested in their tattoos,” he said.

According to Alvarado, tattoos aren’t simply a monetary investment; they also show the amount of research, time, and dedication that it took to make a particular piece of ink art. “Getting a good tattoo is sometimes a very multi-faceted process that could even include travelling to see a specific artist. Things like this can tell you how knowledgeable, patient and committed a tattooed person can be.”

#4 This Is It, Guys

Image credits: mossvd

#5 Mom Knows Best

Image credits: FourSeasonsMoving

#6 If It’s Up, Then It’s Up, Then It’s Up, Then It’s Stuck!

Image credits: Rainbow_Soul_Poet

Alvarado also told us that there are many tattoo trends going around, but what is popular really depends on where you live. “Custom lettering seems really popular at the moment. I’ve seen a lot of very delicate, very intricate Korean-style tattoos lately, and on the opposite end of that, there’s a lot of heavy blackouts going on as well, but it seems all styles seem to be flourishing and being taken to the next level all over the world.”

#7 These Were Supposed To Be Brown, But They’re Super Red. Trying To Convince Myself It’s Just The Inflammation And It’ll Calm Down. Rip My Face

Image credits: lumanous

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#8 Gosh

Image credits: fliminglaps

#9 One Of The Sexiest Pinup I’ve Seen

Image credits: faizanmzn

For some people, the excitement and satisfaction never wears off, and they cherish their tattoos forever. For others, regret can begin as soon as the next day. One way to avoid post-tattoo blues is to carefully think through all the details of your ink art. From style to body placement, little details make the final result, so it’s best to be prepared. Consulting a couple of tattoo artists to make sure they get your vision well is the best and safest way to not have your tattoo end up on the Shitty Tattoos subreddit.

#10 What A Subtle Coverup

Image credits: eo97

#11 Wolf Tatoos Are The Best

Image credits: MischievousDoodle

#12 Got A S**tty Tattoo Today! Girlfriend Is Starting Out Trying To Learn How To Tattoo And I Thought It’d Be Fun To Get Her To Tattoo Me. Obviously Wasn’t Expecting Much. I Think The Sloppy Lines Really Add To The Character Of A Depressed Ratatouille!

Image credits: Chemo55

Other time-proven tips may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people forget them before having their skin inked. First, you have to know what you want and that you are 100% sure about it. It will be nearly impossible for an artist to guess your vision without you knowing it yourself.

Secondly, finding a reputable and talented artist is key. The professionals will ensure that your tattoo turns out exactly how you want it and they will be able to answer any questions that pop into your mind.

#13 Somke Weed

Image credits: RockyPennis

#14 Imagine Having This Kind Of Cover Up, I’d Be Livid

Image credits: Neurexine1

#15 This Sh**ty Apartment Tattoo Of A Pikachu I Got, They F***ed Up The Left Eye So I Said Just Throw An Eye Patch On There

Image credits: crazyhawk44

Thirdly, listening to your artist is as important as listening to yourself. They know what they are doing and will be able to advise you on what will or won’t work. If want a bold tattoo but the artist advises against it, or against its placement, make sure you take their advice into account.

Not getting a tattoo on an impulse, especially if it’s your first one and you’re still new to the ink world, is very important. And lastly, don’t forget to keep your tattoo well maintained. This will help it to look its best and prevent any regret down the road.

#16 My Brother’s Many Drunken Nights Tattoos

Image credits: Bri_Cox2018

#17 Found On Ig. This Makes Me Appreciate All My Tattoos

Image credits: rainbow-sparklz

#18 They Did Timon Dirty

Image credits: QuesoDino

#19 They’ve Worked Out The Formula For Life

Image credits: woo46

#20 I Am Simultaneously Convulsing And Crying. This Is Terrible

Image credits: Mjestik

#21 Live, Laugh, Limp Bizkit

Image credits: pegchinks-

#22 But Why?

Image credits: Important-Stomach406

#23 Self Explanatory

Image credits: akbane

#24 The Longer You Look At It, The Worse It Gets

Image credits: scrotophobia

#25 Points For Creativity I Guess

Image credits: algalblooms

#26 If You See This, Abort Mission

Image credits: YohoBottleORum

#27 Calvin Klein Should Sue

Image credits: faizanmzn

#28 When You Have 9 Attempts At A Circle And Fail Every Time

Image credits: missbooie

#29 Yikes! Showing It Off Like A Boss

Image credits: elizabubblehead

#30 I Believe This Belongs Here

Image credits: Bueno916

#31 Franklin

Image credits: ananonymousbear

#32 This Is Supposed To Be Walter White From Breaking Bad… I Can’t

Image credits: anonymous_sad_girl96

#33 Not Even Sure If This Is A Tattoo Or An Attempted Murder At This Point

Image credits: tophatpainter

#34 I Found This Gem On Twitter Today

Image credits: thegloomylagoon

#35 ???

Image credits: skylane890

#36 Oh Dear God, Which Is Worse, The Broken Ass Neck Or The Weird Short Leg??

Image credits: dacoobobswife2

#37 Found This One In The Wild (Oc)

Image credits: DaKumquatking

#38 Oops, I Meant Hollie

Image credits: humblepieone

#39 Apparently The Artist Is Know And Popular Because She Can’t Draw

Image credits: Zur-En-Arrhh

#40 It’s.. Kinda Cute Though

Image credits: the_misfit_123

#41 Sepsis Free With Every Tattoo

Image credits: TaLDoR_RuMBuX

#42 Holy Shitty

Image credits: Jdgrande

#43 My Coworker Takes The Cake

Image credits: joshyperks

#44 Saw This Loser At The Local McDonald’s

Image credits: ChuklzDaJ

#45 I Come Here To See Awful S**t Like This

Image credits: blacksheep_kho

#46 What They Asked For vs. What They Got, They Were Told By The Artist That They Could Do Realism

Image credits: the_misfit_123

#47 Feel A Bit Bad Posting This As The Artist Is My Wife’s Family. But Also Feel It’s Earned It’s Spot Here

Image credits: Suds344

#48 Been Around The World And Found That Only Stupid People Were Breeding

Image credits: yteg3

#49 This Gem

Image credits: thekgb22

#50 Is…is That The USB Logo?

Image credits: EmaWhite420

#51 Seamless

Image credits: Sarchasticbeat

#52 Expectation vs. Reality… I Don’t Wana Talk About It

Image credits: GorillaBean

#53 Guy I Matched With On Tinder Is A Tattoo Artist

Image credits: hotp0tat

#54 I’m So Confused By The Whole Thing, Poor Guy

Image credits: Dazzling_Anxiety

#55 Shitty?

Image credits: Sk8rSkis

#56 Expectations vs. Reality

Image credits: blist94

#57 Someone Posted This Guys Work Before…yikes

Image credits: Swordbeach

#58 Oh No

Image credits: the-dead-kitty

#59 My Tattoo, It Gets Shit On By My GF All The Time

Image credits: foreignpony

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