59 Pics Of Happily Adopted Pets That Show There’s Still Good In The World (March Edition)

The “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement can be traced quite a while back, but it really took shape in 1986 when the non-profit organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA) launched its campaign raising awareness about puppy mills, which took away homes from millions of dogs in shelters.

To this day, it successfully encourages people to consider rescuing instead of buying and giving a safe sanctuary to those who need it the most.

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Continuing to spread this message, Bored Panda has collected some of the most wholesome moments of pets loving their second chance at life. Let’s celebrate their new beginnings by scrolling down and upvoting the ones that melted our hearts the most!

#1 I Adopted Two Orange Cats And My Mornings Started To Look Like This ?

Image credits: TsunSun18

#2 Adopted My First Cat. Didn’t Know They Sleep Like This, Had To Make Sure It Was Breathing. Dolly Parton Is Fine

Image credits: BeachedPandaBear

#3 First Time Cat Owner. Adopted These Bonded Babies From The Rescue I Work At And Could Not Be Happier

Image credits: wagswanson

Since becoming an animal rights motto, the phrase “Adopt, Don’t Shop” has helped to educate many potential owners about the negative effects of buying a pet from stores or backyard breeders and persuade them to adopt from a shelter or rescue instead.

Current data shows that about 4.1 million animals in the US are rescued each year, and about 810,000 strays are happily returned to their owners. Something else that gives even more reassurance is that the most common way owners obtain cats is through animal shelters or humane societies.

#4 First Cat!

Image credits: Efficient-Stage-3119

#5 How Do I Explain To My Wife We Have Been Adopted By A Second Cat?

Image credits: Shot-Apartment7523

#6 How Lucky Was I To Find Her At A Shelter?

Image credits: DIY_Girly

Even though these numbers look promising, some animal rights activists believe this slogan is too simple or too broad. While the phrase is meant to discourage the support of puppy mills, some think that it’s also saying that there is no such thing as trustworthy breeders.

Others even propose that it indirectly shames buying purebred animals, even if they come from a reputable source. Originally, it was supposed to address the conditions of puppy mills, but some see it as a way to divide and pit pet owners against each other.

#7 My Friend Adopted This Cute Little Thing

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Image credits: BigTranslator6244

#8 New Kittens

Adopted these 7 week old babies yesterday. Have been meaning to get cats for a while, but it’s finally happened now. I’m kind of in a weird state life wise, recently left my job with nothing lined up, want to go to grad school in the next 2ish years and generally like to travel. I want to give them a loving home, but do members of this sub think it was a rash decision? Also, would appreciate your own stories and thought process of raising cats as a 20-something with lots of flux in life!

Image credits: am2310

#9 Adopted Cat Loves Our Dog

Image credits: cha-ronn

The reality is also that not everyone can or should adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue. While not all rescues are reactive, many are traumatized by their previous experiences. Most likely, such animals need specialized attention and training from experienced owners to successfully adapt and enjoy their surroundings. Depending on the situation, some may even need to live in a child-free, cat-free, or single-dog home.

In addition, shelters and rescues are known for a lengthy application process, often involving a home visit, interviews, and references from vets or trainers. It’s indeed necessary, as about 60% of rescued pets leave their adoptive homes after six months. However, this procedure often limits the pool of people who want to adopt, leaving them no option but to look for other ways to obtain a furry companion.

#10 Just Adopted A Former Livestock Dog… This Is My Life Now

Image credits: Lunar-Baboon

#11 Adopting Cat From Deceased Grandma

Image credits: Sellables

#12 Which Funny Name For This Adorable Adopted Dog ?

Image credits: Badalub

So what’s the solution, you may be asking? Well, “Adopt or Shop Responsibly” seems to be one. This alternative slogan prioritizes doing research and having adequate knowledge before bringing a pet into your home, no matter how or from where.

RSPCA Australia recommends taking the time to learn about the animal you are adopting or purchasing well before bringing it home. This way, you’re completely positive that your choice will be appropriate for your lifestyle, and you are well prepared for what comes with having a furry friend.

#13 Been A Really Rough Month For Me, But Adopting These Sisters Has Made It Less-Rough

Image credits: GTOdriver04

#14 Went To The Shelter To Adopt A Cat. This Happened Instead

Image credits: RRTAmy

#15 I Was Looking To Adopt A Lazy And Cuddly Senior Cat. Instead I Found These Brothers- Young And Bonkers

So glad I did, I love my boys! Ambrose and Avery are endlessly entertaining and can be oh so sweet when they feel like it

Image credits: Elisabethkcmo

They stress that “adding a companion animal to your family should never be an impulsive decision. RSPCA shelters receive thousands of unwanted and abandoned animals each year, and these may be the result of an ill-considered decision.”

Before deciding to become a pet parent, it’s important to evaluate the situation by asking yourself if you’re prepared to take care of them and if it’s something you can afford. Equally important is making sure that you have time for the pet and can offer suitable accommodation.

#16 Just Adopted This Sweet Girl A Few Hours Ago

Image credits: hereforbutts23

#17 My Husband Joined The Navy So I Adopted A Cat

Image credits: NatashaRebel

#18 Pov You Wake Up After Adopting The 4 Year Old Cat From The Shelter

Image credits: Holiday_Box9404

Try also asking the relevant adoption or breeding organizations for more information about any health problems or specific requirements certain breeds might have. It’s also a good idea to research the organizations themselves. Not all shelters are ethical or responsible, just like some breeders.

#19 Adopted This Big Boy

Image credits: getkafkad

#20 Just Adopted A One-Year-Old From My Local Shelter. No Idea On His Breed!!

Image credits: WeekendResponsible95

#21 My Golden Cat Is A Sleepy Angel, I Adopted Him One Rainy Night. What Name Would You Give It?

Image credits: Moritaax_feet

A reliable rescue center provides honest descriptions of their adoptable animals to the best of their knowledge. However, do keep in mind that sometimes it’s hard to observe particular behaviors right away, and they can only start appearing later on. They’ll also seek families who are a good fit for the animal and openly answer questions about where they came from and how they’re cared for.

#22 Found (Adopted) A New Friend For My Dog Today

Image credits: Glimmergoddess

#23 My Cat Was Feeling Lonely, So I Adopted A Cat For My Cat… Should I Adopt Another Cat, For My Cat’s Cat? Lol

Image credits: babeyulii

#24 Just Adopted This Sweetie

Image credits: xaeon333

An untrustworthy shelter might sugarcoat health issues to boost pity and get the animals out of there more quickly. Another red flag is if they often have purebred litters of puppies from unknown sources. Some organizations buy from unethical breeders and sell them disguised as rescues.

#25 Meet Ygritte! She Is 4 Months Old

Image credits: TinyDrug

#26 The Newest Member Of Our Family, Aki! We Recently Adopted Her From A Local Shelter, And She’s Already Stolen Our Hearts. She’s A Mixed Breed With The Sweetest Personality

Image credits: GraceyManila

#27 Just Adopted This Girl From A Shelter! German Shepard Mix

Image credits: uhhwhatthefuck

However, the aim of this information isn’t to deter you from adopting or purchasing an animal companion; rather, it’s to make you more informed and confident in your decision. If you’re looking to get a pet and you’re flexible and willing enough to get a rescue – go for it! It saves lives and gives animals a second opportunity to have a happy home – just remember to do so responsibly (and let’s not forget that the same goes for buying).

#28 Just Adopted This Good Boy Today!

Image credits: Bhun_Dawg

#29 Just Adopted ? (But Settling In Nicely)

Image credits: ucantpronouncemyname

#30 Just Adopted This Sweet Baby Hippo

Image credits: Spoopy_Scary

#31 What Name Comes To Mind When You See Her?

Just adopted this Border Collie/ Labrador mix and I’m having trouble coming up with names! She is about 4 months old

Image credits: FUTRFNK

#32 Just Adopted This Scruffy Boy!

The shelter said he’s probably 5 years old & we adopted him 2 days ago

Image credits: 420sundog

#33 My New Pup I Just Adopted Today And Her Derpy Smile

Image credits: Scar77

#34 Name My New Baby!! Just Adopted Him Recently As He Was Abandoned By The Previous Owner. Struggling With A Name ?

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Just Adopted Our Newest Family Member. Meet Meadow

Image credits: NoIncident168

#36 Just Adopted A Creamsicle Baby! What Should We Name Her?

Image credits: BoobySlap_0506

#37 Just Adopted A Baby Hippo, Introducing Jojo

Image credits: Itchy-Dot218

#38 Just Adopted This Little Man Meet Dash!

Image credits: celcius-77

#39 Just Adopted A Stray !

Image credits: Mydogsmellslikeass

#40 Thought I Had Adopted A Cat, Got A Sunlight Consuming Demon Instead

Image credits: alpini

#41 Our Adopted Princess From The Animal Shelter. Cute, But Still Hisses. 10/10 Though

Image credits: Katharon

#42 We Adopted A Stuffed Animal

Image credits: ratta_tata_tat

#43 Adopted A Rescued Kitty From A Facebook Cat Adoption (Bangalore) Page

Image credits: Cutieeded

#44 Just Adopted A Cat!

Image credits: Jumpy-End8259

#45 I Adopted My Late Friends Cat And Need Advice On How To Make Her Comfortable

Image credits: sabbahaya

#46 Senior Cat Adoption

Image credits: mogmilk

#47 Adopting Senior Dog

Image credits: _xaliyahx_

#48 Need Help With A Name. He’s A 4 Month Old Lab/Weimaraner Mix I Think (Adoption Agency Had Him Labeled As “Hound”)

Image credits: htown80

#49 Just Adopted This Girl Yesterday!

Image credits: Turtlefamine

#50 This Is Cheeto. He Was Very Depressed In Local Shelter So I Decided To Adopt Him

He is around 8 years old, still needs some dental care (I already scheduled an appointment for that) but otherwise he’s healthy. He loves belly rubs and he’s always hungry (I know that I need to watch his diet). Staff from shelter told me that I’m basically saving his life because he was so severely depressed that he would probably won’t live long (and he was fighting with other cats too)

Image credits: Fradjikan

#51 The First Day I Adopted Him

This was the first night adopted him. I was crying and he came to comfort me even though he barely knew me. He’s such a sweet soul

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Row1212

#52 Recently Adopted This Sweet Chaotic Creature!

Little miss Ebony Mulch has settled in nicely with us and I’m excited to watch her grow!

Image credits: jade_Owl244

#53 Just Adopted Him. I Think He’s Happy Now

Just adopted this little mustached gentleman on Wednesday and he’s already sleeping with me in bed. They said he didn’t like sleeping with people. They must not have had a comfy bed

Image credits: Jexxo

#54 We’ve Adopted A Cat. Say Hi To Prosha

Image credits: thorfinnn

#55 Just Adopted Our First Pup In Over A Decade. Her Name Is Pepita!

Image credits: Heathery-Feathery

#56 Cat Adoption

Image credits: akki_1947

#57 Just Adopted This Guy!

Image credits: BrightWoodpecker9415

#58 Just Adopted My First Cat Who’s Last Owners Abandoned Him. He Warmed Up Within The First Hour And Is Already Cuddly And Playful

Image credits: StarLightDot

#59 Just Adopted Him, He Is About 7 Or 8 Months Old Meet Gizmo!

Image credits: 1996hockeyman

#60 Just Adopted My First Cat!

#61 Grumpy The Cat Adopted From Shelter

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