6 unpolished greeting cards that are awkwardly genuine

If you are tired of the sugar-coated, polished and soulless messages of Hallmark cards these alternative greeting designs are going to enhance your life in a great way. Emily McDowell tells it like it is. Her cards are raw, honest, authentic and pretty damn awkward. 

The cards below are made for a variety of occasions and express congratulations, thanks and appreciation in a playful hand-drawn typeface. The messages are really awkward, but embody within them a feeling that these cards actually mean what they say.

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McDowell explains, “My work reflects our shared human experience, in all its different, messy forms, and I feel most satisfied when something I made helps somebody feel like someone else out there gets them.”

Check out the cards below and head over to her shop to send a few of your own!

Awkward Thinking Of You Card


Awkward Love Card


Awkward Mother’s Day Card


Awkward Dating Card


Awkward Birthday Card


Awkward Sympathy Card



Source: designfaves.com

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