60 Clever Ways To Fit More Stuff In Small Spaces

Not everyone can afford spacious penthouses in urban centers or huge mansions in the suburbs. Many of us have to make do with what we have and that often means choosing small houses and apartments. And fitting your entire life in there can get tricky. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to keep your workstation in order and get rid of that enormous table that blocks the entire kitchen. From affordable furniture to genius DIY hacks, we compiled a list of creative solutions to create space in your home. We know that every inch counts and these things should help you utilize most of them. Also, scroll down below to see the tips and tricks that tidying experts who specialize in renowned KonMari Method™ shared with Bored Panda.

#1 A Slide-Out Pantry In 6 Inches Of Space

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Bored Panda spoke to three certified tidying experts who follow in the footsteps of the renowned organizing guru Marie Kondo. The mantra for putting things in order like a pro sounds simple—things should spark joy and if they don’t, you’re better off without them. Helen Youn, a platinum level KonMari consultant, explains “the first step to start is to think about why you want to tidy and the life that will bring you the most joy. Often when people decide it’s time to change, they just want to have an organized and clutter-free space, but you need to also think about how that will actually impact your life, but you need to also think about how that will actually impact your life—would you read more as a result? Entertain more? Start working out? Think about all the things you enjoy doing that bring you joy. By choosing to keep only the things that bring you joy, you will create a home that supports your ideal life.”

#2 Brilliant Design For Kids That Need Their Privacy But There’s Only One Bedroom

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#3 University Library Has A Wall Where You Can Quite Literally Take A Seat

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#4 Elevate The Bed In Small Spaces To Create Storage Underneath

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Jenny Haves from the lifestyle studio Lightly Love claims that consistency is the key. “Clean up and put things away at the time. A minute here is a lot quicker and far less painful than hours, weeks, months, years of procrastination and overwhelm experienced later.” There’s no magic here—try and make it a habit to put everything back where it came from on a daily or weekly basis so it stays manageable.

#5 When You Want To Maximize The Space Under The Stairs

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#6 Washer-Dryer Inside A Closet

#7 West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table

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Reality doesn’t always meet expectations, especially when it comes to cleaning on a tight budget. Lifestyle consultant Amanda Scanlan from Home Nurturing assures readers that “tidying doesn’t need to be an expensive undertaking. Use what you already have to organise your belongings. Shoe boxes or any media boxes from laptops, tablets or phones that you may have lying around are ideal for keeping like items together. For the kitchen, large glass jars or bottles can be reused and work really well for storing food, just remove the labels to reduce the visual clutter. Old or odd Tupperware containers that no longer ‘spark joy’ are also useful for keeping like items together.”

#8 No Place For A Bedside Table? No Problem

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#9 Space Saving

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#10 Stair Drawers

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And now, we’re asking for a friend: it seems like everyone around me is having domestic makeovers except me. Why is that? Amanda Scanlan confirms it’s not all in your head: “I definitely think that more and more people are willing to make changes when it comes to tidiness. We have a greater understanding of health and wellbeing and the simple life choices we can make to improve it and reduce stress. Such as eating well, exercising more, spending time with loved ones, doing activities that we enjoy and find meaningful, and cultivating more positive feelings like joy and gratitude, etc. Moreover, we are getting better at understanding environmental issues and the impact that our daily choices can have towards this.”

#11 That’s Some Neat Space Saving Design

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#12 Handlebars That Flip Sideways To Save Space

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#13 When You Need That Extra Bed

In fact, “having a tidy home can unlock more time, energy, mental clarity and more, and I believe it is a really effective tool to reset your life and start living life how we want to in a way that is in alignment with our own values.” Trust us, your general practitioner would approve.

#14 This Space Saving Table Takes The Murphy Style Decor To Whole New Level

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#15 A Play Room That Fits Under The Bed

#16 Space Saving

#17 Genius Shoe Organiser

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#18 My Kitchen Floor Has A Built-In Cooler

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#19 The Inception Bed For When Kids Have A Sleepover

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#20 Use Picture Ledges For A Miniature Vanity ‘Table’

#21 Shelf That Works As A Small Computer Table

#22 Hang Shelves Over The Door For Extra Space

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#23 Towel Racks On The Door

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#24 Use That Space Under The Stairs!

#25 Extra Storage Hidden In These Kitchen Benches

#26 Built In Wardrobe And A Cozy Bed Fits Everything In One Wall

#27 Kitchen Utensils Board

#28 Playroom, Bedroom And A Closet Perfectly Fit In This Small Room

#29 Ditch The Huge Ironing Board With This Portable Ironing Mat Blanket

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#30 Bathtub With Drawers

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#31 Mason Jar Bathroom Organization

#32 Identify The Wasted Spaces And Utilize ’em

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#33 My Awesome Husband Hung This Up For Me Tonight!

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#34 Maximizing The Space On The Wall Above The TV

#35 Genius Headboard Drawer

#36 Multi Functional Wall Bed Turns Any Room Into A Bedroom

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#37 The Storage Box Is Designed For Your Refrigerator

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#38 Triple Bunk Beds Done Right

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#39 Floating Corner Shelves Help Use Up Every Corner In A Small Space

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#40 Staircase Cupboard

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#41 Place Wire Baskets Over The Counters For Extra Storage

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#42 Perfect Solution To Fit All The Boardgames

#43 Home Office In A Closet, Before And After

#44 Headboard With Shelves

#45 Install An Over-The-Toilet Rack For Stacking Up Toiletries

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#46 Space Saving

#47 Space Saving

#48 Use Picture Ledges To Display All Your Kids Books

#49 Corner Shelving Saves Space And Looks Cool

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#50 Bookcase Staircase

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#51 Great Way To Organize Your Wrapping Paper And Get More Storage Is To Hang It Inside Your Doors

#52 Use The Vertical Space To Double The Room

#53 Bathroom With Wooden Shelf Above The Sink Fits Many Items

#54 How To Store The Extra Seats In A Small Living Rooms

#55 Open-And-Close Barbecue Perfect For A Small Backyard

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#56 Bunk Beds Built Inside A Closet

#57 Bed Inside A Drawer

#58 Nicely Planned Studio Fits It All

#59 Organize Your Veggies Vertically Instead Of Horizontaly To Save Space In The Pantry

#60 Small Home Office Idea

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