60 Times Entitled People Who Believe They’re The Center Of The World Got Roasted In This Group (New Pics)

According to Freud, infants have an innate tendency to be self-centered. The main basic, evolutionary instinct of humans is to protect themselves and survive. In order to do so, the brain has to be 'selfish’ and largely concerned about itself. But as we grow up, we start to realize that not everything revolves around us, and our self-centeredness starts to decline.

Unfortunately, not all people grow out of it, and the I’m the Main Character online community is proof of that. It’s dedicated to shaming individuals who can’t help but just want to be the center of attention by shining even more spotlight on them. If you ask me, there’s no better way to help the entitled Karens come back down to earth.

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#1 This Guy At Disneyland

Image credits: its_wesley_tw

#2 I Was Running In Lane 1 At The Track, And This Dude Showed Up And Decided This Was The Perfect Location To Lie Down

Fully aware all I had to do was run around him, which I totally did, but this still annoyed TF out of me: he stayed like this for 30 minutes and then got up and left.

Image credits: Paiger__

#3 Seconds Before She Kicked Him In The Head. Got Mad When She Was Asked To Move Seats

Image credits: deafgaming

#4 I Let A Colleague Borrow One Of My Favorite Books, And It Was Returned To Me With The Pages Written On And Stuffed With Sticky Notes

Image credits: lucasnevermind

#5 Main Character Blinds Everyone The Entire Show For A Video Shoot

Image credits: _-undercoverlover-_

#6 Shocked

I was on a trip to the United Kingdom. I am a Canadian and was more than glad to see the recognition for our contribution in the world wars and especially since 10% of our population served in the second. I was absolutely stunned by what I saw at the Canadian war memorial. I didn’t say a word but should I have? It’s a memorial paying respect to thousands of Canadians (usually in their early 20s) who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and liberation of a occupied Europe.

Image credits: External-Quote3263

#7 Entitled Bride

Image credits: Constant_Question445

#8 At Least The Shoes Are On

Image credits: wcmotel

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#9 Which Do You Hate More?

1 "My vehicle deserves more space." The vehicle that needs to take more than one parking space in a congested parking lot/garage.
2 "My vehicle is more important than people." The vehicle that needs to block sidewalks used for walking and wheelchair access. (Note: the red color pavement is a ramp next to a handicap parking space.)

Image credits: WTF_Just-Happened

#10 “Not Now Sweetie, Taylor Swift Is Playing My Song”

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Influencer Camera Set Up

I'm trying to take a nap during my 6 hour layover at Denver Airport and without warning or asking, a pair of people set up these bright face lights and have been complaining about people other than them being in an airport.

Image credits: Dillpickle2002

#12 This Pos Main Character At Aushwitz

Image credits: Minimum_Carry8816

#13 Disney Adults Are Making His Brother’s Wedding All About Themselves

Image credits: 8teengw

#14 She Can’t Keep Her Pet Away From The Window But Expects For You To?

Image credits: the_nacho_stealer

#15 10% Harder Because Of Me

Image credits: ages_devil

#16 How Dare People Stare At Me While I Take A Photo Of Them In Public!

Image credits: NotASexJoke

#17 How Dare You Also Use The Pool

Image credits: alphase7en

#18 “Compact”

Image credits: mynameisbritton

#19 Taking Photos In A Sensitive Habitat

Image credits: Fathom-k

#20 Your Armrest = My Footrest

Image credits: ZhangtheGreat

#21 Found In The Wild

Image credits: jujuscroll

#22 Parking Is Rough…

Image credits: Nervous-Ad-3984

#23 Standing In The Front Row

Lady stood up and recording right as the recital started. Even though people behind her were telling her to sit down, it was about ten minutes before an administrator confronted her

Image credits: Ok_Consideration_242

#24 When You’re Late To Your Nieces Talent Show

Image credits: areafiftywun

#25 My Neighbors Parking, And No It’s Not Temporary, Been Like This For 3 Days

We have an HOA but clearly they don’t care, but they do care if my garbage can is left out 30 seconds after garbage is picked up.

Image credits: Rhinop21

#26 These People Used Books To “Reserve” Their Seats At The Resort And Then Just Never Showed Up

Wild how inconsiderate some people can be. Reserving lounge chairs early in the morning just in case they feel like going to the pool at some point.

The box is mine from some fries I ordered.

Image credits: charmcitycuddles

#27 Imagine Being A Sh**ty Father And Posting About It Thinking People Will Agree With You

Image credits: TheBunionFunyun

#28 The Audacity Of This B

Image credits: WxBird

#29 Andrew Tate Says He Doesn’t Sleep With Vaccinated Women

Image credits: Sishi-Runak

#30 My Neighbor Sprayed Herbicide On My Back Lot To Make Himself A Parking Spot

Sheriff says that in our county you’re allowed to park on the outer 8 feet of someone else’s lawn for a day or two without their permission because it’s considered the shoulder. Come back to the same spot as many times as you want, just don’t be there continuously. You probably don’t have the right to kill someone else’s vegetation but I can’t prove it was him.

Image credits: Anomalous_Pearl

#31 How About You Try To Initiate A Conversation With Someone You Are Interested In Talking To?

Image credits: Downtown-Text-9368

#32 “I’m Taking A Long Break At A Public Gym. Don’t You Start Using The Equipment I’m Not Done With Yet!”

Image credits: ZhangtheGreat

#33 This Person, Who Blocked No Less Than Four Electric Charging Spots

Image credits: thegrayman19

#34 How Dare An Uber Driver Not Know Who She Was! It’s Microaggression, I Tell Ya!

Image credits: ZhangtheGreat

#35 My Neighbor (Apartments) Keeps Doing This Because She Doesn’t Want Anyone Parking Next To Her Car (She’s Not Disabled)

Image credits: GhostieJillias

#36 Expecting Literally Everyone Else But Yourself To Care For Your Children

Image credits: Lando_Lee

#37 Test Tasting Soup Straight From The Ladle

Image credits: Bitter-Major-5595

#38 Flexing On Your Friend During Their Engagement

Image credits: hehzehsbwvwv

#39 This Terrible Parker

Image credits: [deleted]

#40 People In My Neighborhood Bought Up 2 Houses And Now Use The Neighborhood As Their Private Truck Depot

They own at least 5 large trucks and leave em for entire weekends, alternate side parking days, etc.

Image credits: issathrowaway2

#41 Larry Croft Is In Town, Ensuring Ai’s Safety

Image credits: IKnowEric

#42 American Tourist Complains Restaurant In Tokyo Gave Her The Menu Item She Ordered; Doubles Down By Blaming The Restaurant For Not Having Enough Menus In English

Image credits: Reddituser0346

#43 You’re Not Jesus

Image credits: Tylomin

#44 Saw A Car Actually Parked Like This In A Crowded Restaurant Parking Lot

Image credits: Fun-Application-5211

#45 A Kingly Slumber

Image credits: Several_Bank5722

#46 D-List Journalist Claims To Have Single-Handedly Launched Numerous Musicians’ Careers

Image credits: I570

#47 Maybe It’s Your Personality

Image credits: Repulsive_Dog1067

#48 Taking Up 4 Seats In A Very Crowded Airport

Image credits: gr3at3scap3

#49 Pretty Cut A Dry Main Character

Image credits: Raging_MonkeyCritic

#50 One Parking Spot Is Not Enough!

Image credits: moonandstars1984

#51 Went To A Concert Recently. This Was My View 80% Of The Time. I Literally Saw The Concert Through Other People’s Phones. Seriously, Try To Zoom In And See How Many Phones Are Up

Image credits: DingoDamp

#52 I’ll Pull The Car Around

Image credits: HappyEffort8000

#53 A*s Hole, Moron, Or Both?

Image credits: Internet_and_stuff

#54 Ladies, Prince Charming Is Finally Here

Image credits: ambachk

#55 Motivational Influencer

Image credits: ambachk

#56 This Isn’t A Parking Spot. This Is The Parking Lot Driving Lane

Image credits: Hopeforus1402

#57 Boomer Angry He Doesn’t Get The “Pretty Side” Of His Neighbors New Fence

Image credits: uno_the_duno

#58 Mc Calls Cops Over A Sandwich

Image credits: 647Med

#59 Guy Posted This In A Sub For Pokémon Cards Cause He Was Mad No One Cared About His Loose Packs

Image credits: [deleted]

#60 It’s Ok, You Go Ahead And Take Up 4 Spots

Image credits: vector_connector

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