60 Times Famous People Responded To Articles About Themselves

More than 70 percent of Americans who follow current events feel concerned about “fake news”. Well, they have every reason to. False or misleading information can be seen everywhere—from online media to print, from TV to radio. But even if we feel overwhelmed by the number of lies we’re bombarded with daily, it shouldn’t discourage us from exposing them.

Luckily, some people who stumbled upon falsehoods said about them online chose to do everyone a public service and call them out. To celebrate their razor-sharp replies, members of the Quit Your BS subreddit decided to document their deeds and share the screenshots with the whole community.

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From learning about your non-existent wife to seeing yourself in an ad you didn’t sign up for, take a look at some of the best posts Bored Panda has selected from this page, and upvote the ones you liked the most! If you’re in the mood for more posts where people expose others’ nonsense, check out our previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 Delivering The Twist Ending

Image credits: rebel_wo_a_clause

#2 The Mountain Calling Out An Instagram Fan Page On Their Bullsh*t

Image credits: _testep

#3 Don’t See Much Star Trek Content Here

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#4 I Guess Heroic Hollywood Really Likes That Film…

Image credits: PhenomenalPancake

#5 Wait Wha… How… Even…

Image credits: Yearning9

#6 Girl Exposes Bs Account Using Her Pictures To Sell Their Product

Image credits: 773202noot

#7 Chris Hemsworth Calls Out The Daily Mail

Image credits: NotTheReverseFlash

#8 Ign Does An Ign

Image credits: Darkcrap

#9 Jeremy Clarkson Calling Out A Fake Story

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Image credits: ivanbonadeo

#10 Grandma Shuts Down The Bullsh*t

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#11 Apparently Homophobia = Criticism

Image credits: The-Alien-From-Mars

#12 Chris O’dowd Calling Out The Daily Mirror

Image credits: dragonballelf

#13 Youtuber Mkbhd Calls Out Chair Company, That Photoshopped Him On Their Ad Against His Will

Image credits: tasoscon

#14 She Met Zedd’s “Wife” In The Bathroom. Gets Called Out Directly

Image credits: Avrogadroburger

#15 Dailymail Literally Photoshops Man’s Picture To Accuse Him Of Neglecting Social Distancing With His Dad…

Image credits: jamescracknell

#16 Trying To Make A Celebrity Look Bad Backfires

Image credits: pineappledipshit

#17 That Was Quickly Gunned Down

Image credits: Jo_Suy_Us

#18 Best. Day. Ever!

Image credits: seitancauliflower

#19 Jj Watt Calls Out His Own Team

Image credits: I_Am_The_One_66

#20 X-Men Director Shuts Down Fake News Article

Image credits: logangraves

#21 Credit To U/Haqummar

Image credits: random_person509

#22 John Stewart: No I Didnt

Image credits: scrugbyhk

#23 Misleading Headline Called Out By Mom

Image credits: Dele10

#24 Samuel L Jackson Wasn’t Having Any Of Their Bullsh*t Tn

Image credits: iamadeadreflection

#25 She Tried To Call Out Mrbeast

Image credits: CutieMiyuki

#26 Elon Musk Should Just Start Posting His Own Tweets Here To Be Honest

Image credits: astrvmnauta

#27 Elon Musk Shuts Down Time Magazine

Image credits: BradGroux

#28 News Outlet Clickbait

Image credits: sudopm

#29 Don’t Try To Bullsh*t Data

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#30 That’s Sad

Image credits: Landfinn

#31 Pretty Sure This Counts

Image credits: Grimduk

#32 James Gunn Responds To Fake Article

Image credits: SuperSlothyGamer

#33 Silent Bob Says No

Image credits: trisw

#34 Guy Fishes For Retweets, Gets Called Out By Official Account

Image credits: trollszn

#35 Kumail “Bailed” On Sh*tty Journalism

Image credits: krustykarbspizza

#36 The Sister He Always Wanted But Never Had

Image credits: xantv

#37 Nick Offerman Calls Out ‘Brobible’

Image credits: andipe220

#38 Loudwire Back With Their Sh*t Again

Image credits: SamuDrummer

#39 Elon Musk Calls Out Fake News

Image credits: sp1cyxd

#40 Lil Nas X Shuts Down Ajc

Image credits: Slavitt4

#41 Someone Made A Fake Subscriber Count And The Real Youtuber Replied

Image credits: i-like-to-be-wooshed

#42 Counterpoint

Image credits: SeiriusPolaris

#43 Straight Up

Image credits: mandysux

#44 It’s Always Nice When Media Create Fake Dramas…

Image credits: zabaaaa

#45 Lying About A Singer’s Sexuality

Image credits: Fruity_badger

#46 Elon Musk Calls Out Wired

Image credits: Rasko__

#47 Ugly God Calls Motivational Twitter Account On Its Bullsh*t

Image credits: TheMstar55

#48 Elon Has Been On A Roll Lately

Image credits: gergecostanza

#49 Imagine Being So Consumed By Calling Everything Fake News, That You Become One With The Fake News

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#50 Um No I Didn’t…

Image credits: ramblinghambling

#51 John Legend Calls Out Misleading Headline About Him And K

Image credits: Ishaan863

#52 Elon Is Back

Image credits: AjitPaimomgay

#53 Joe Rogan Calls Out Ryan Fournier For Copying His Tweet From Five Years Ago

Image credits: chumprock

#54 Tom Morello Calling Bullsh*t

Image credits: InsidiousInfidel

#55 When You Forget People Can See When You Tag Them

Image credits: zlsteiny

#56 Elon Ia Not Having It

Image credits: invigibleman

#57 Gets Called Out For Blatant Made Up Story

Image credits: christiant91

#58 Airport Authorities Ahemdabad India Got No Chill

Image credits: -Abhay

#59 Elon Calls Out Bbc News

Image credits: noprayers

#60 Av Club Claims Hannibal Buress Kicked A Trump Fan Out Of His Show. Hannibal Himself Swoops In To Clear Things Up

Image credits: putthehurtton

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