60 Times People Felt Pure Joy Living Next Door To Their Funny Neighbors (New Pics)

Finding a good home is a blessing, and having a nice neighbor only amplifies that feeling. After all, the person living next door can add a lot of fun and entertainment to your life.

From hilarious decorations on the front porch to quirky notes about missing items, these people have the ability to brighten your day instantly.

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Today, we at Bored Panda have scoured the internet for such folks that deserve appreciation for their vibrant personalities and funny antics. Enjoy these pictures featuring neighborhoods with some amazing humans!

#1 My Neighbor Is Vacuuming His Grass

Image credits: mideonequalsratings

#2 An Inflatable Life-Size Whale Outside My Neighbor’s House

Image credits: BooBerries2

#3 Interesting Snow Suit

Image credits: WeThePeopleCLE

#4 One Of The Neighbors Built A Mini Skate Park For His Kid

Image credits: sloshncrunch

#5 The Cat Burglar Has Struck Again

Image credits: Brunson21

#6 My Neighbor Screened In His Garage For A Secondary Living Room

Image credits: SoDakZak

#7 My Neighbor Trimmed Their Tree In A Way That The Sidewalk Can Still Be Used

Image credits: vanko987

#8 Really Even Squares Left In My Neighbor’s Lawn

Image credits: Getkong

#9 Lots Of Packages In Front Of My Neighbor’s House

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Image credits: genevish

#10 My Neighbor Put On A Drive-In Movie For Kids

Image credits: Viper640

#11 My Neighbor’s Driveway Is Lined With Dog Statues

Image credits: Brentknows

#12 My Neighbors Appear To Be Moving Their Entire House 200 Ft Up In The Air

Image credits: SquishyComet

#13 My Neighbor Has A DeLorean Tricked Out To Look Like It’s From Back To The Future

Image credits: jeannetteagarcia

#14 My Neighbors Built Their New Fence Around The Trees On Their Property

Image credits: DeHumbugger

#15 This BBQ Setup My Neighbor Has Is Hanging Out Of His Living Room Window

Image credits: lost-in-drawers

#16 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations For This Year

Image credits: mobilesuit_Builder

#17 My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen, So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

Image credits: PrincessAlterEgo

#18 So My Neighbor Built This In His Back Yard

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 My Neighbors’ Mailbox Is A Tiny Model Of Their House

Image credits: mytornadoisresting

#20 Outstanding… In Its Field

Image credits: brianmcconnell7

#21 This Bathroom In My Neighbor’s House

Image credits: OreganoFlakes

#22 I Think My Neighbor Hopped To His Car This Morning

Image credits: Tra_La-La

#23 My Neighbor’s Unique Fence

Image credits: bkulaga99

#24 There’s A Rickmobile From Rick And Morty At My Neighbor’s House

Image credits: mweb32

#25 That’s One Way To Beat The Heat Wave

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 My Neighbor Built This Treehouse

Image credits: NewsGif

#27 My Neighbor Built This For His Master’s Thesis At The Local College

Image credits: RedBomberSupra

#28 Neighbor Installed Heaters Under Public Sidewalk

Image credits: llIIlllIIIIIIlllIIll

#29 Neighbors Have A Monster Truck In Their Driveway

Image credits: PotatoKingIV

#30 This False Entrance On My Neighbor’s Home

Image credits: SpinyMilkvetch

#31 Maybe It Will Fade With Time. Like In A 100 Years

Image credits: melnickjeffrey1

#32 My Neighbor Got A Giant Bandage To “Fix” A Dent On Their Car

Image credits: daziesandconfuzed

#33 My Neighbor Just Stopped By. He Said He Was Taking His Mother-In-Law For A Ride

Image credits: rustede30

#34 My Neighbor Bought A Lot Of Walnuts

Image credits: Meezor

#35 My Neighbor Couldn’t Make It To The Store For Bunny Decorations, So They Decided To Use What They Had Available

Image credits: Yodajrp

#36 When Your Neighbor Dresses Like An Unsupervised Toddler To Blow Snow

Image credits: sabertoothbeaver1

#37 My Neighbor Texted Me These Pictures She Took Of Me Taking Out The Trash In A Dinosaur Costume

Image credits: gwoman9810

#38 My Neighbor’s Tree Split In A Storm. He Taped It Back Together Again

Image credits: Grey_Gryphon

#39 The View From My Desk. My 65-Year-Old Neighbor, Who Can’t Sit Still, Is Making A Snow Fort. No Children In Sight

Image credits: megnmoran

#40 My Neighbor And I Share The Same Back Yard. I Walked Outside And Saw This Beauty Today

Image credits: Toilet-Sock

#41 Neighbors Decorated The Sidewalk As Well As Had A Guestbook For Their Dog’s Birthday

Image credits: meesh66

#42 My Neighbor Burnt His Lawn

Image credits: wallnumber8675309

#43 My Neighbor Just Completed His Batmobile After 9 Years Of Work

Image credits: Hugodugio

#44 Guillotine On Neighbor’s Front Lawn In Toronto, Ontario

Image credits: jobert-bobert

#45 Tree Fell Down In My Street, My Neighbor Decided To Create This Masterpiece

Image credits: Jstahz

#46 My Neighbors Put A Chandelier In A Tree

Image credits: nemothorx

#47 My Neighbors Are Moving Their Entire House Back 200 Ft

Image credits: Eulielee

#48 My Neighbor Has His Fence Painted Like A Piano

Image credits: ohgodthatwasdumb

#49 My Neighbors Have A 12 Ft Tall Robot With A Hand Full Of Flowers

Image credits: AdmiralArchie

#50 Walked Past One Of The Neighbors’ Houses. I’m Not 100% Sure What Happened Here, New Neighbors? Squatter? Invasion?

Image credits: Exemplar1968

#51 Neighbor Left Up Their Bat After Halloween And Added A Little Christmas Flair

Image credits: poison_ivey

#52 My Neighbor Made These Skull Adirondack Chairs And A Matching Table

Image credits: Fernwhatnow

#53 My Neighbor’s Mailbox Got Struck By A Car. He Stuck It In A Trash Can And Now Wheels It Out To The Street Daily

Image credits: ararerock

#54 Neighbor Painted This On Their Fence

Image credits: k_wick

#55 My Neighbor Casually Has A Turret In Their Back Yard

Image credits: Mercurycandie

#56 My Neighbor Covered His Car With Actual Blue Jeans

Image credits: Huvaz

#57 My Neighbor’s Truck Is Decorated With Decals From The Office And Parks And Recreation

Image credits: cuddlyskeletor

#58 Our Neighbors Have An R From Toys “R” Us

Image credits: Not_Joshy

#59 My Neighbors Sure Do Know How To Make Their Eggs Sound Appealing

Image credits: MaMaJillianLeanna

#60 My Neighbor Recreates Cars From Old Movies

Image credits: twentyonerooms

#61 Neighbor Has A Functioning Observatory

Source: boredpanda.com

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