62 “Not Exactly Bad, But Somehow Unfortunate Designs” Shared In This Online Group

Design follows us everywhere we go — from billboards, ads, and signs we see while driving down the road to pretty much everything in our kitchen cabinets. It’s an integral part of life that should make everything easier. If it’s any good. Because the sad truth is that very few design concepts are actually great. Far too many creators make glaringly obvious mistakes that stand out like a sore thumb, turning a blind eye to user experience, logic, aesthetics, and common sense as a whole.

But believe it or not, most of these cringe-worthy fails are not full-blown disasters of epic proportions, but rather… disappointing attempts that are almost begging to be poked fun at. So allow us to introduce you to one entertaining corner of Reddit, which seems to be still growing, called ‘Unfortunate Design’. This online community features an impressive collection of not exactly bad, but plain under par solutions that are bound to raise some eyebrows.

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Below, our team at Bored Panda has gathered a list of some of the most regrettable examples of “when the design is just not right,” so continue scrolling to check them all out! Be sure to upvote the pictures that made your inner critic all fired up and ready to go, and let us know in the comments which of these were your least favorite.

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#1 The Amount Of Characters Makes It Seem Like Canada Is Funding Coronavirus

Image credits: thescronchofdeath

#2 Very, Very Unlucky

Image credits: frostmonsters2

#3 3f Arts

Image credits: GooseMeBro

#4 Marketing Lesson

Image credits: littletear

#5 Was Lincoln Really The Best Example For A Movie Theater?

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 How Many More Times Will I Think The Bread Bag Is Suffering From Condensation?!

Image credits: mashed_potatoes_yas

#7 From “Love Dachshunds” – Promoted Ad On Reddit

Image credits: musicallyunbalanced

#8 The Best Flavor If You Are Shrek

Image credits: fren_doggo

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#9 Design Of A College Building

Image credits: cowslayer7890

#10 Oh No

Image credits: TheJG_Rubiks64

#11 What

Image credits: ajcapes

#12 This Wheelchair Logo

Image credits: IrvingIV

#13 Menu Holders Suggesting A Questionable Diet

Image credits: tizlaylor

#14 This Is Actually A Much Enjoyed Korean Drink

Image credits: Waste_Wolverine5665

#15 This Oddly Shaped Pool

Image credits: FishManGuy

#16 Unfortunate Lettering

Image credits: iwhispermeow

#17 I’m Lost And You’re Not Helping

Image credits: minimand

#18 Seriously Tho

Image credits: Olalafafa

#19 Gym’s Recent Renovation = Inspirational Quote Gone Wrong

Image credits: bettercalljess

#20 Unfortunate Spelling In This Simple Diagram

Image credits: nugtz

#21 Oh No

Image credits: KinglyBoiiiiii

#22 Spider-Man, What Are You Doing

Image credits: FeeshuChan

#23 When Your Company Name Becomes Slang For Vagina 20 Years After You Start It

Image credits: ActuallyBlur

#24 On My Plane Ride Back Home

Image credits: CarolineLuvsU

#25 This Unfortunate Choice Of Name For A Nut Butter… They Didn’t Think This One Out

Image credits: rasputinriver

#26 Sign At Universal Grad Bash Implies A Very Different Kind Of Party

Image credits: JCBAwesomist

#27 Youtube’s Character Limit On TV App

Image credits: psychicowl

#28 Found This In Work ??

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 That’s Either A Sick Joke Or A Sales Ploy?

Image credits: PammyRich

#30 The Most Unfortunately Named Garden Tool ~ever~

Image credits: TheWholesomeViking

#31 Go Violence?

Image credits: notaninfringement

#32 That’s A Tough Break On The Name Of Your Restaurant

Image credits: opgary

#33 My What?

Image credits: Tequi_LaMockingbird

#34 I Always See This On The Way Home And I Just Think, ‘Damn, Thats An Unfortunate Name For A Funeral Service’

Image credits: Louisgarden23

#35 Was Browsing Through Snapchat When I Saw This Gem

Image credits: dorklork15

#36 This Book Abbreviating “Pumpkin Pie”

Image credits: Mitty_Kitty_Cat

#37 What An Interesting Name For A Parking Space

Image credits: JeikuFurame

#38 Hell

Image credits: FalloutGuy35

#39 2meirl4meirl

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Kpop Group Dreamcatcher’s Infortunate Merch Design

Image credits: Yves10inchesstrap

#41 Interesting Way To Describe An Almond Joy

Image credits: burgmeista

#42 Someone Has A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: EAVMommy

#43 Unfortunate Web Address

Image credits: throwawaystellabud

#44 Scrolling Though Pintrust And Saw This In The Wild

Image credits: jerkwadprods

#45 Unfortunate Initials For The Company

Image credits: TopDoot

#46 (I Thunk This Belongs Here) At A Local Convention, It Seems Nobody Is Interested In Knife Crime Prevention

Image credits: OxoTheWolf

#47 The Placement Of This Stoplight In Front Of This Development Entrance Is Quite Unfortunate

Image credits: longfart12

#48 This Unfortunate Title That Found Its Way Into My Recommendeds

Image credits: hhhnchen

#49 I Love—What?!

Image credits: Imamuffinz

#50 Ice Cream….with Bug Spray

Image credits: ycr007

#51 I Would Rather Not Eat Some Crunchy Nut, Thanks

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 These Inserts For The Socks I Bought

Image credits: steveco73

#53 They Didn’t Think Their Mask Image Placement Through. (Sorry For The Pixelation, It’s How It Was Sent To Me, Cropped For Privacy)

Image credits: AlphaData0

#54 This ‘Ladies Room’ Thing With Two Specific Spots For Tacking It To A Door

Image credits: NNakedLunchDate

#55 Qooder (Pronounced Like Cooter, A Slang Term For Vagina)

Image credits: QBOT_COSPLAY

#56 Bad Taste Or Unfortunate Foreshadowing?

Image credits: angry-guru

#57 Very Unfortunate Company Name

Image credits: @VegasOffroad

#58 Not A Good Name Choice

Image credits: Ilovedogs1257

#59 Too Soon Doritos

Image credits: MankeyGamez

#60 Fart

Image credits: shophopper

#61 With Consent, Of Course!

Image credits: moomba78

#62 This Unfortunate Design Of A Kangaroo And Its Baby In A Hotel In India

Image credits: NewInBangalore

Source: boredpanda.com

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