62 Of The Worst First Date Stories That People Shared For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

“It’s Hashtags time!” Jimmy Fallon’s collections of hilarious real-life stories are back with a bang. Twitter users are having lots of fun sharing their personal stories with the 46-year-old comedian and the host of The Tonight Show. This time, everyone’s opening up about their very worst first dates by posting under the #WorstFirstDate hashtag.

First dates are supposed to be a tad awkward but fun. Unfortunately, that’s an overly romantic view of them. Reality shows us that first dates can be utter disasters—as bad as they are hilarious! Take a look at our collection of the funny and unbelievable stories that Twitter users shared with Fallon, give the ones that grabbed your attention an upvote, and share your own stories in the comment section.

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Having a weird feeling of déjà vu? When you’re done with this list, check out our post about Fallon asking his fans the very same question nearly 3 years ago. Time flies, but people will never stop going on dates, so there’s an inexhaustible supply of future awkwardness.

Mike Sington, a former senior executive at NBCUniversal and a celebrity and pop culture expert based in Los Angeles, detailed to Bored Panda how shows like Fallon’s work, how late-night shows have been adapting to the pandemic, and what the purpose of hosts asking questions on Twitter is. Check out what he had to say below.


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According to Mike, Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider, hosts like Fallon ask questions on social media to better connect with their fans. “TV hosts are sourcing material directly from social media because it’s a great way to engage with their audiences and stay connected with them,” he said. “Each show has a staff of writers, so there’s no lack of content, but nothing can top the personal, and often very funny, contributions of the fans themselves.”

For some viewers, the endless lockdowns seem to have taken some of the wind out of Fallon and other late-night show hosts’ sails, removing a chunk of the energy and comedy from their work. However, Mike believes that the situation is quite the opposite. In his opinion, Fallon and the others have been doing brilliantly this past year, going as far as calling them heroes of sorts, while pointing out that it’s natural for the hosts to have a different type of energy because they’ve had to adapt to the new normal like everyone else.


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“I commend the late-night hosts for soldering on during this months-long lockdown. So many people are isolated and alone now, and they are welcome and familiar faces we can safely bring into our homes. I would even say what they have been doing over the past several months has been somewhat heroic because it hasn’t been easy for them. They knew early on though, the need was there, and they stepped up to the challenge,” the expert explained to Bored Panda.

“I think their material has been better than ever. Over the past year, there’s been a wealth of material in the news to utilize. The energy is there, but it’s a bit different. They’ve had to adjust to trying times and having no audience, but have done so admirably. What they’re doing is paying off in the ratings which have been stronger than ever. They’ve been providing much-needed comfort and familiarity that people are craving now.”

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A lot of us know Fallon from our TV, computer, and phone screens. However, the man’s more than just a comedian and a host. He’s also a loving dad of two girls, Winnie and Franny. Fallon also has a dog named Gary. He also admits that he forces his family to listen to holiday music all year round. Imagine the fun/horror!

The New Yorker’s also a very popular writer, having published hits like Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, Everything Is MAMA, and This Is BABY. Most recently, he’s published 5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas. Pleasantly surprised that Fallon has a literary side? So were we. But Fallon’s books look like they’re aimed at families—something that’s difficult to build if all you can’t move past your disastrous first dates.


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