62 Situations People In This Online Thread Have Been In That Are So Bizarre Nobody Believes Them

The universe is truly stranger than fiction. And luckily, we get to see this in action quite often. Whether it’s a breathtaking feat by wildlife or a mysterious UFO, an ordinary day can turn into something extra in the blink of an eye. Only, we don’t always get the chance to document it.

So when Reddit user u/LostGreyApe59 made a post on the platform asking people, “What is something you swear you saw, but have no proof of?”, many had pretty crazy stories to share. So continue scrolling and check out those “trust me, bro!” moments that we should believe actually happened (apparently!).

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About ten years ago, I was looking out my grandmother’s back door. Two squirrels were playing in the yard.

A hawk swooped down and grabbed one. As it was batting its wings and gaining altitude, the other squirrel raced up a nearby tree, leapt off, rocketed down into God’s Own Death From Above, and rescued his friend by curb-stomping the hawk out of the air.

They both ran away and the hawk limped off in confusion.

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A cyclist stop for a red light in London.

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I swear I’m not insane, but I was walking home from high school 9 years ago and I saw something that I absolutely can’t understand that freaked me out badly. I was coming to a crosswalk and across the 2 lane street I saw a distinctive looking girl maybe a little older than me wearing a white dress, and she had a cocker spaniel puppy on a leash that was just sitting on the sidewalk. I looked away while I was watching for traffic and crossed over to her side, and when I looked up I kind of jumped because the girl in the white dress was now maybe in her late 60s and her dog was a very old, graying cocker spaniel.

I don’t have eyesight problems and I seriously am certain of what I saw. I still wouldn’t tell anyone I know because there’s no way they would believe me. The only explanation I can feel comfortable with is *maybe* hallucination, but that’s never happened to me before or since.

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I saw a bird land on top of another bird mid flight

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Random man in a bunny suit in my backyard. Called my wife and she saw it too. Called my in-laws downstairs (they were staying over for the weekend) and they thought we were crazy when we said this man jumped over the fence like a f****n deer

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One time after school, my friend and I were hanging out in her room on the computer, and we heard the front door open and the little “beep beep” alarm go off when a door or window is opened. We both looked at one another, confused, since both of her parents weren’t supposed to be home for several hours, and we both got a weird vibe from the sound.

So we slowly crept to her door, and she literally grabbed a bat, and we opened the door and peered down and over the banister to the living room below, and I SWEAR TO GOD there was a man in a business suit, with a brief case, just standing in her living room; the front door wide open behind him. And my friend was like, “Who are you?! Get out of my house!!” And he just slowly looked up at us, like he was totally stoned or confused, and was like, “Wha? …… oh…… sorry……..” and walked out and shut the door.

That was almost 15 years ago, and we both STILL remember it and talk about it to this day. At least someone else was with me who saw it!

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I was about to walk in the front door around midnight and saw an explosion way up in the sky. The flash was so bright that for a fraction of a second everything went daylight. I called a few people that I knew were still up and out, but nobody had seen anything.

A couple of weeks later, I mentioned it to someone and he said “That’s funny, someone was telling me how a satellite exploded a couple of weeks ago and it was an explosion with a bright flash.”

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I was living in Texas. It was around Thanksgiving. I lived by myself and was lonely and missing my relatives (the deceased ones).

I heard an alarm going off. It wasn’t my alarm clock. I followed the sound into my storage room and could hear it coming from a pile of boxes. I dug through and found the right box then tore it open.

In a bunch of stuff I had gotten when a favorite uncle died, there was a travel alarm I didn’t know I even had. It must have been his. It was going off about 3 years from the day when he died. He had died on a Thanksgiving morning.

I had just been thinking of him earlier that day.


i was watching the local lottery draw on tv and vocally called out every correct number before the ball was shown

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This is going to sound so childish, so bear with me.

When I was about 13, I was severely bullied, between the fact that my clothes were all second-hand, my mother was too caught up in f*****g her way down the alphabet to teach me how to groom or do makeup, and I hadn’t yet grown into curves, so I was just a chunky weird girl with frizzy hair.

Because of this, I got OBSESSED with fantasy worlds. LOTR was my initial escape, and then I began writing.

This is when I saw the movie Fairy Tale, and I read up on it as much as I could. I vehemently believed in fairies. I lived in Germany at the time, only a couple miles from a castle. I made fairy houses in the trees outside and in the blackberry bushes on a trail to the library.

One day, my sister and I were walking home for dinner. This gold figure, about 3 inches high, flew in front of us, hovered for a moment, and flew off, leaving an honest-to-god golden trail of glitter behind it. We looked at each other for a couple minutes, and she goes, “Did you see that too?”

Nobody will ever probably see this, or believe it, but I swear it HAPPENED. Never saw anything like it since. There was no face or anything, it was just like this glowing golden roughly humanoid shaped golden thing with wings.

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Walking home at night from college in Ireland in the early 90s, I saw an elderly man looking up with a puzzled look on his face. I looked up and saw an orange light about the same brightness as Venus, lazily moving back and forth in the sky – but completely silent. Suddenly it shot off in one direction at what could only be described as ludicrous speed for a second or two before coming to an immediate stop, then just sitting there motionless. Few moments later it shot off in another direction and came to a stop.

The two of us watched this for 3-4 minutes before it shot straight up and disappeared.

Oul fella looked at me, shrugged, and said “Well, you don’t see that every day” and walked off.


When I was 18 I got woken up in the middle of the night with my mom’s favorite song playing. Back when song ringtones were a thing, it was the sound I used to hear every day when people were calling her. It was a few months after she passed away. My laptop was dead… dead, dead, I remember falling asleep being annoyed that I was too lazy to walk downstairs to get the charger because I had homework. It was partially open on my vanity and then I wake up to the sound and the light at like 3 or 4am. The song was playing. I closed the laptop and it would not turn off. I opened it, first I looked for the song app or internet site that was playing it and could not find it. So I just had to hold down the power button forever for it to turn off. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. No one believes me.

Also weird thing with my mom’s death and the house (she died in the house comfortably, cancer). You don’t have to disclose natural deaths when selling. One of the new owners quickly asked my family friend(my old next door neighbor) if someone died in the house previous because things would happen. My friends response was “yes, but she was a wonderful person and I don’t think she would do anything negative” and the new owner was like, “she hasn’t done anything bad, but I can just tell, and it’s just random weird helping things”

Sooooo ?‍♀️ sorry 2 stories in 1.

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Growing up, my brother’s and I used to have this running joke about how the neighbor’s kids never grow up. I’m now in my late 30’s and when I went to visit my parents recently, I caught a glimpse of the neighbors outside. Their whole family still looks the same, including the kids who are still kids. I wish I had photos of them from the past to do a past and present comparison.

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Babysitting my nephews at my sisters place when I was a teenager. They were in bed asleep and I was the only other person in the house.

Sitting in the living room watching TV with a clear line of sight to the kitchen sink when both taps turned on by themselves. nobody could have gotten to those taps without me seeing them.

Still one of the freakiest things I have experienced.

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I saw a tornado empty a hotel swimming pool.

This was in Nebraska, mid 90’s. We were staying in a room that has a sliding patio door that opened to a outside pool. The building was sort of “U” shaped with the pool in the U.

Storms were bad and the hotel lost power in the middle of the night. I pulled back the curtains by the sliding door to look outside and see how bad it was. Right then I heard a sound like a combination freight train and steam whistle, and saw the entire contents of the pool just lift straight up out of the ground like someone hit it with a giant shop vac. There was about a 3-4 second delay where I could only describe the sound as the combination of wind in a cave and water flowing through pipes. Then the wind pitched REALLY high for a split second and suddenly, it all stopped. Like someone dumping a bucket of water into a solo cup, the water crashed back down into the sides of the hotel. About half of it flooded back into the pool and the rest flowed across the patio area and out to the parking lot and the tornado was gone. Like sucking up an entire swimming pool killed it’s energy or something and it just all crashed back down.

A bunch of cars were moved sideways and a huge tree fell right next to our car and pancaked them. We had nothing on our car but a few little twigs and leaves. You could see the path the tornado crossed the road and came right into the hotel pool area. Zero damage to the hotel at all that we could see the next morning.


Not something I saw, rather something I felt.

My great grandfather died when I was 8, and I remember being sat in my room on the floor, as I remember being sat in silent contemplation (as I know now, I didn’t know grief felt like loss, like a part was missing now) and I felt a strong squeeze on my shoulder.

Like a grandfather’s squeeze, comforting but not capable of hurting me. My family to this day say my child brain was trying to rationalise my grief but I still hold to this as one final farewell.

I dont believe in ghosts or anything like that, but it certainly helped me move forward and support my mum, uncles and grandfather in their grief.

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UFO’s. I wasn’t alone. All I know is we saw multiple unidentified objects .. flying. To this day I don’t have any explanation.

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My husband and I were driving late at night on a rural road in South Georgia about 20 years ago. All of a sudden there were frogs covering about a 1/2-1 mile patch of road. You could hear them thumping up under the car. We are talking biblical amount of frogs. We still talk about how crazy it was and confirm that it really happened. I don’t think anyone could believe the amount of frogs if they didn’t see it. I wouldn’t.


An alpaca. At my apartment. In the parking lot.

It was when I first lived here. I was walking at night, just trying to decompress after a long day. And there it was, just walking across the parking lot. I literally couldn’t even believe it myself and was too frozen to snap a pic.

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When my sister and I were children, we were riding in the car on the thruway to the airport. I looked out the window and swear I saw a pitchfork flying through the air.

Actually brought this up a couple months ago to her.

My sister saw it too.

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The power went out during a game of cops & robbers in the housing complex I lived in. It was at the edge of the town already so when the lights went out you could see the entire sky filled with stars. On this night as I was walking back to my house look up at the stars I saw one die. I mean it was something so beautiful, it was bright, blue, red and than it exploded only to all come back to one small dot that was white and it just flattened into a dim and that’s was it. I’ll never forget how much the initial explosion of it looked identical to the way an atom is drawn most commonly. It was something I haven’t seen anythung like it again in over 15 years.


When I was younger, like a little girl I swear I had a baby sitter. She was pale, skinny, had beautiful long hair and was super sweet to me. But she didn’t like my parents that much because she’d always leave when they interrupted our playtime. Her name was Stacy.
Years later and when I try to bring this up to my parents or grandma’s they act like I’m crazy.


I swear I saw a monkey swinging through trees that were on the side of a major intersection growing up (southern USA). No one believed me but to this day I know what I saw and can’t think of another explanation.

Eta sorry I typed this late at night. I meant to say major interstate not intersection ?

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This is from Bangalore, India.

One of the quirks of the city’s climate is the occasional isolated spots of heavy rain. There’s a running joke of ‘When you say its raining in Bangalore, do mention which locality and street too.’

So one summer in the late 90’s, my friend and I were in the outskirts of the city, we saw a small crowd blocking the highway. There was a rain front slowly passing across the road, and the people were watching that spectacle. One side of the road was dry while the other side had heavy rain.

So we stopped the bike, cooly got down and took shelter beforehand. And from that comfortable vantage point, we saw a parked goods van whose one side was rainy while the other side was dry. Took 5 seconds for the van to be rained on fully, and another 10 seconds for us to be completely surrounded by rain.

Till date, my memory of this is in a super clear slow motion while my friend doesn’t even recall this incident.

Edit: Looks like it is not an exceedingly rare phenomenon, and encountered across various climatic zones. We just have to be at the right place and the right time to sight it.

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Listen Man, I know what I saw. But one day when I was 6 years old, we were out playing as kids do, a girl in my class ran really fast in front of me, I was facing forward standing still, and she was running from the side, she tripped over maybe 15 feet in front of me and fell really hard, but as soon, as soon, and I mean as soon as she fell she got up like Clark Kent in Smallville, that’s literally how it looked when she got up. It was that fast, superhuman speed. She got up and kept laughing and running. I know I am not misremembering coz other kids saw that s**t as well. I never saw that girl after that day. I wonder where she is these days.


Mountain Lion. Driving home with my grandpa in the late afternoon, swear I saw one on the edge of the tree line of a field maybe 60 yards away.

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My cat jumped up onto a shelf that we didn’t think he could get to, where we hid his cat food. I walked in and saw him eating it, and someone had left a cracker beside the bowl. He paused, took a huge bite of the cracker, then continued with the cat food. Nobody believed that he ate a cracker. He also ate my sister’s chocolate Santa one year.

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My boss and I were out having a smoke, we looked up and saw this bright pink jet. As we were watching, it flew into a small cloud but never came out the other side. There weren’t a lot of clouds that day, and none near the one that the jet flew into.

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I was on a houseboat with my family in the Thousand Islands (St Lawrence River in Canada). We’d docked on one of the tiny islands for the night. A branch cracks loudly over the boat, and a snake that (to me at that age) looked to be the size of the snake in the film Anaconda fell from a tree and landed across the boat. It splashed down into the water and swam away.

Everyone I told believed it was a snake but nobody believed how huge it was.

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Early 2000s.

I was alone in an elevator with Neil Gaiman for about 30 seconds. I thanked him for writing Stardust. He said, “oh, you’re welcome.”

I got off at my floor.


A few years ago my dad and I went for a run and on this field at night, we both saw glowing red eyes on this man’s silhouette in the field. Not to mention that my dog literally ran up to it, sniffed it and ran… he took me back to my house and one second later it was gone. No clue to this day, any ideas?

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2006. Had dinner at a friend’s place. We went out on the patio to look at the night sky.

I see a blinking dot of light about us and thought it was a plane at first. But the object never moved. Just as I’m about to tell my friend it shoots off to the right at an incredible speed. No way on earth a man-made object can accelerate that fast. Absolutely no way.


I was in the Navy and when I was on liberty in Guam, I was at a food court. I was counting my change and I dropped a dime to the tile floor. It landed on its edge in the grout between two tiles. I had witnesses, but this was during the time before camera phones. Obviously I wasn’t carrying a camera to the Exchange food court either.

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I swear I saw a woman disappear in front of my house. I told my partner and friends exactly what happened in detail and obviously no one believes me, but to this day I know what I saw and I can’t think of any way she could have gone out of my line of sight without me watching her move. She had abruptly stopped outside of my front window and looked really sketchy, so I was cautiously watching her as I was home alone. She looked like she answered a call and then VERY suddenly hunkered down to the ground, which obviously peaked my interest. There were no other people outside, no cars parked on the street where she was, and nothing to either side of where she hunkered down to that would’ve blocked me from seeing her. My partner insists that for whatever strange reason she must have crawled away out of sight, but I showed him the outside of my house and made it clear that it would be impossible to do that without me seeing. I will forever be confused.


You know that little toy vacuum thingy with the colorful popping balls?
I have a weird, vivid memory of it lighting up, making a real vacuum sound, and chasing me. Probably a dream or something like that, but I was so small it felt very real.

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I’ve seen ghosts, UFOs/UAPs, and all kinds of weird s**t. But the most unbelievable thing, at least as far as the reactions I get when I tell the story is:

When I was in middle school, my gfs family used to take me to this hole-in-the-wall, $5 all-you-can-eat crab shack in MD (mid/late 90s). As a fat kid, I was “the ringer” to make sure we always got our money’s worth, lol.

One night, when I was about halfway through what I would have eaten, I saw a dude eat an entire crab, ***shell, claws, and all***. Like this dude was HOUSING a whole-a*s crab, snappin’ into it like a slim jim.

And it wasn’t no softshell crab, either. You (well, I) could hear the chompin’ and cracking from several tables over. I remember that I kept expecting to see blood dribbling out of his face, but it never did.

I was so awestruck and horrified that I couldn’t even move; couldn’t finish my food or anything. No one in our party saw it, because I asked about it on the ride home and everyone thought I was joking.

There has not been a single instance in my life since then that I’ve eaten crab without flashing back to that s**t.

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I was almost in a movie, I met a producer because he was in my beach town scouting for teenagers that look scrappy and he saw me on my bike cut up from the skatepark. I went through a whole audition process and got the part but backed out due to scheduling conflicts with school and hockey. I was supposed to be in a sequel to a movie about a kid that moves to a new school and there’s an underground fight club. I was shown the trailer on youtube in 2010 and watched it so many times. THE TRAILER FOR THE FIRST MOVIE IS GONE it’s so frustrating and i have no evidence of the movie whatsoever

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Nobody is going to see this since this post is 12 hours old, but about 10 years ago I saw two shadow figures at the same time in my home. One was focused on me while the other one was agitated, walking back and forth.

My friends and family thought I was just dreaming or stressed out, but my neighbor, who I share a wall with, said she saw the exact same thing as I did when i worked up the nerve to ask her. It horrified her that I verified that what she was seeing was real and moved away immediately.


blue meteor.

it was the middle of summer. was at a friend’s house. we were drinking. playing loud music. shootin’ the s**t. i’m sitting there, looking up at the sky. i see this flash of blue. aquamarine/cyan, but a little bit richer. i tell my brother and our friend to look up so they can see. but they brush it off. i keep staring. a couple seconds go by. and then i see the meteor itself race across the sky.

gorgeous. it was white with a long blue completely straight tail.


a year or two ago i saw what i thought was rain. looked at the ground, no wet mark. i stick my hand out. one “lands” on my wrist/forearm. nothing there. not even wet. i see a couple more. my father saw some too. no idea what it really was.


One time I was at home alone and heard something odd at the front door. This was about the years ago. I opened the door and there were two ducks standing there quacking at me. One was male, the other a female. Anyway, they continued to quack and slowly waddled down the driveway and then down the street. I shook my head in disbelief and closed the door. In hindsight I wished that I followed them, as it seems they wanted me to follow them. That was the only time I have seen ducks in the neighborhood and have not seen any since.


When I was 8 I lived in a trailer park in Florida. One whole row of trailers were unoccupied, no power, no water. As any 8 year old in the early 90’s, I played around them, because it was fun. If you’ve been to Florida you know what fire ants are. If you’ve lived in Florida you know how they react to having their hills stepped on.

So 8 year old me, not paying attention, wearing shorts, stepped calf deep into a fire ant mound. Yea, you know where this is going. Instantly my leg was covered in biting, stinging fire ants. A lot of them. Easily 100. Of course it hurts. I start screaming and stomping. That just pisses them off more.

No more than what felt like instantly, this man comes running around the trailer with a water hose. He sprays my legs off and tells me to run home to my mom. I do. Never saw the man before or since.


We lived in an old house and instead of an actual attic like with pull down steps it was upstairs crawl spaces. So there’s access points to get into the walls, square about three feet on each side. There are wood pieces over the access hole and screwed into place. Sounds really ugly but it’s hardly noticeable with the matching paint and how thin the cover board was.

There was one in my room (upstairs) and at the top of the stairs. I was walking upstairs one day after school and I would bet two of my fingers that the corner of that cover board bent out at me, and not like wood, it bent like paper like someone just pulled the edge of a piece of paper up that had been against the wall. I saw INTO the crawlspace, a tiny a*s gap of darkness but I saw it. I was confused at first what was happening and then I got scared, those materials just don’t work like that, it couldn’t have happened, but it did.

I ran. Got downstairs and got a knife and waited to see if a murderer had been stashed in my house. When I didn’t hear anything I started blocking off rooms so I could check the lower floor, then I went to the stairs, couldn’t see any one up the stairs so I crept up as quietly as I could so that I could see the crawlspace access.

It was perfectly fine, no damage to it, no bend, not a scratch. It took me like an hour to go past it to check the rooms upstairs. I saw it bend though. I don’t believe in ghosts, magic, demons. I wasn’t tired that day, I wasn’t upset or spooked otherwise, no meds. It wasn’t a trick of lighting because it lasted so long and I saw it change while I was standing still and the light source was still. Just f***s my head up a bit. It bent, and went back to being fine, it broke the laws of physics. I was so spooked I asked my dad to add more screws. Took me a good while to quit worrying about it.

First thing I did with the one in my room was uncover it, the furniture in front of it I mean, had dad put more screws in but I wanted to watch that f****r. If it was gonna do something I wanted to be able to see it. Something wrong happened and I have no idea how


A few years ago I saw an *enormous* black bird on top of a telephone pole. Just sitting there. Looked like a hawk, only twice as big as the red-tails you’ll see all over, and all black. This bad m**o was either a mutant or came from somewhere else, ‘cause we don’t have hawks or eagles that big around here.

Everybody said oh, you saw a turkey vulture, or just a big crow. No, I know what those are.

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I have two:

About 14 years ago I was working two jobs and one of them was a taco bell drive thru. The customer waiting at the window was a lady with a Homeland Security jacket. I got curious and asked, “Do you really work for Homeland Security?”

“Yeah, it’s mostly just paperwork.”

“Oh ok good, just making sure you guys aren’t watching me”

“Don’t you also work at Wal-mart?”

I’m speechless because I had never seen this woman before and I never saw her again.

Also another time I was working the drive thru by myself on a busy and short-staffed night. I’m more agonostic than anything but I had this customer who was the spitting image of Jesus Christ. He wasn’t dressed in holy robes or glowing or anything but I wanted my boss to take a second and look at him.

“Man I ain’t got time for Jesus!”

So I sigh and I pass Jesus his food. He drives away and our power goes out. My boss is pissed but we all collectively blame him for disrespecting a diety.

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I live in Somerset, England. Both my grandparents swear on their lives they saw some kind of big cat, like a puma, in a nearby quarry. We don’t have big cats in England.

They said it was sat laying there then they watched it walk away.

If it was just one of them, I wouldn’t believe them but both my gran and grandad were walking there and I don’t think they would both lie.


A shadow moving up the stairs as I put the keys inside and locked up while moving out.

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Back in yonder 1990s, probably like 92ish, I was about 11, and it was the weekend. I went to call my best friend on the phone to see if he wanted to hang out that day…and he was already on the other end of the phone! No one but him believes me this happened.

Edit: I’m not alone anymore. Thank you reddit. <3


I once saw the [Pend Oreille Paddler](https://shscedarpost.com/9043/arts-and-culture/the-pend-oreille-paddler/). He’s a Nessie-like creature that plies the waters of Lake Pend Oreille in the United States’ Pacific Northwest: Northern Idaho, to be exact.

It’s pronounced “Pond Oray”, by the way.

Lake Pend Oreille is tremendous, and gorgeous, with thick forest that grows right down to the waters edge. It’s also very, very deep (1,150 ft./350.52m). It has a lot of huge logs floating in it, too, which can be a hazard to watercraft.

My first husband was part of the crew on a racing yacht, and I tagged along early one cold, foggy morning.

As we were sailing along, a few of us saw, off to the left side of the boat (we were heading due south), what looked like an absolutely *massive* tree trunk in the water.

Only this trunk was *moving* all on its own, in the opposite direction to our sailboat. It was leaving a wide wake in the water, and as we watched, three bumps appeared above the surface. They were the blue-green color of dark water (think lake water in the shade) and they were covered in small scales. We could see an actual space between the humps and the water. We kept watching in utter silence as it passed us by, until it suddenly just disappeared below the surface.

I’m still convinced, thirty years or so later (this was in the 80s), that I saw The Paddler. For one thing, logs don’t just motate on their own. Second, they don’t have visible humps like this object did. And third, they *can* be submerged, but they don’t have the wherewithal to submerge that quickly, and that completely. Also, this thing was whisper-quiet. It was a pretty calm morning, too, with no choppy water, so it could not have been mistaken for rough waves.

I feel so special and blessed to have seen it that morning, and I would have loved to have filmed it!

Edited for punctuation.


A giant earthworm. It was about two or three inches in diameter. F*****g enormous. I got scared and stomped on the ground to scare it away and it retreated back into its hole. I regret doing that because it was coming out onto the lawn and I could have caught it for posterity.


Several years ago, probably around eight, my dad and I were at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. We were watching the Animal Planet or National Geographic channel (like I said, it’s Beene if he years) and an episode came on about preying mantis.

The episode was normal until the end. Dramatic music started playing and the camera zoomed over to a much larger praying mantis that was clearly a different breed. The narrator said “and now the youngling must perform a dance to see if it can please the gods.” So, the little mantis that the episode had been following did a little dance, and the big one watched for a minute and then leaned down and ate it. The voiceover said “the god was not satisfied” and the episode ended.

For years I never thought about that, but I remembered it around four years ago and brought it up to my dad. He got so excited because he had thought he imagined it, but no, he remembered it exactly and finished the quote about “appeasing the gods” before I finished.

We have tried ever since then to find it, but it’s nowhere. We found a similar episode about the mantis, but the voiceover never happened.

I am so glad he remembers it too because otherwise I would’ve thought I’d gone insane.


Afghanistan 2011 I was patrolling in paktika province when I came over a hill, stopped in my tracks, and called a halt to the patrol. My lieutenant called on the radio to see what the issue was and I replied, “there is a huge jack rabbit 50 ft in front of me”. It had to have been 4 ft tall. As soon as I said it, the thing ran off and no one else saw it.

I did some research when I got back and they apparently do not get that big in those parts. Maybe I was just sleep deprived but I swear I saw it


last year i was chilling with a friend close to his house next to this stream of water on a sunny , warm spring day. out of the blue there was this little gust of wind and litteraly started this mini ‘tornado’ on the water right in front of our eyes. was the weirdest thing ive ever seen .


A UFO. Was riding in my buddy’s car one summer night on the way from the Bay Area to Sacramento. I had my window open. There were no lights on the highway, just the car’s headlights. Above the car to my right I saw something white fly over the car toward behind us. It looked like a football. I waited until I thought, based upon how fast it appeared to be going, I should be able to see it out the back window, so I turned around to look. Didn’t see it, but my friend said, “Oh, you saw that too?” I said, “Yeah.” We drove on for a minute then I said, “What was that?” Buddy said, “I don’t know.” Drove on for another minute and I said, “What the f**k was that???” He said, “I don’t know.” We just kind of left it at that.

Edit: It made no sound. My window was open and it appeared to be maybe a hundred or two feet in the air. A white, soundless football.


When I first moved to LA I’m pretty positive I saw Harold Ramis speed down my street bumping Gangsta’s Paradise with the windows down.


This happened in the late 90s. We have a Sapodilla Tree just outside our house. I saw a big-a*s bird landed on the branch of the tree. It looks like an eagle to me since there are no hawks or falcons here in the Philippines (not that i know of). It was standing there gloriously and I was watching it from our door and I was too stunned to shout and call for someone to witness it, and I swear to god it was the most badass memory of my childhood.

Eagles are rare here in the PH and most of them are in specialized sanctuary for eagles and our place is a thousand miles away from that sanctuary. So it’s hard to convince someone that this story was true but who cares and no i wasn’t high! hahaha ?


Shadows. Unsure if it really was staring down the hall or my imagination is broken but I swear I saw it duck around the corner.


1980 give or take a year.
I saw what claimed to be The World’s Smallest Trinitron Portable Color Television in a MA convenience store. Tube Face on one end, tapered to a blunt point on the other. About 5 x 5 x 14 inches. 8 C batteries, non-digital electronic tuning. No sharp edges, colored plastic. The one that I saw was red. About $250 1980 dollars.

25 years later I check eBay, Amazon, Google…. Sony’s ‘History of the Trinitron CRT’…

It never existed.

No, not the KX-4200. Those are grey, boxey, and have top and bottom sections joined with a tilt hinge.


I saw John Elway driving a blue/white Viper on the highway in Denver. This was in 1996 while I was on my first adult vacation.


One time I was on Chatroulette maybe 10-12 years ago. I got connected to Jessica Alba and we talked for 3-5 min before disconnecting. It was super random and cool.


So last year my dog had puppies and she was in this box lent to us by a friend. The box had a sticker on it that had like a wooden picture frame with a dog peering over the top with text inside saying something like ‘Dog’s Puppy Boxes’. Something else to know is that the sticker was at a slight angle. When the puppies were 4 or so weeks old, I noticed that the sticker had changed! The text had changed to something like ‘Weening Tray’, the font had changed and also, the text was level with the base of the box, not in line with the base of the sticker. I asked everyone in my family about it but as far as they are concerned it was always the current appearance. I had lots of photos and videos of the puppies in and around the box but I somehow never caught the sticker on camera! I convinced that I have travelled to an alternate dimension or something


A shadow girl run under my bed. A month later I was horribly sick and as they rushed me to the emergency room I saw my dead dog wearing sun glasses next to me and started talking to him. That was when I was 7 and I remember both of them very clearly still.


I believe I saw a large grey bird (seemed wider than an eagle) perched across a fallen tree in Missouri.

It took a second to make sense of it until it began to preen under its left wing. From there, I could tell it’s back was to me.

We’d heard strange noises leading up to it (I remember being on alert even though this was a familiar wood) but I can’t for the life of me remember what it sounded like – this was probably 15+ years ago.

Edit: The closest bird I can come up with is the the Great Gray Owl but seeing one of those, especially in Missouri, would be insane in itself.
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