62 Things People Had The Audacity To Sell Online

You can list just about anything online but… should you? Well, that depends. Do you want to surprise everyone on the internet? Have people question your sanity? Maybe even receive a few prank calls? Then go ahead. Put those used dental prosthetics on sale. Make that tennis ball chair work for you.

But if you aren’t that much of an opportunist, I suggest you join the other side, (silently) judging them. There’s a subreddit called r/WTFgaragesale, and it features all the funny, weird, creepy, and downright disgusting things people are trying to sell both in real life and online. Here’s a collection of pics the sub has from the latter.

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#1 Only Once

Image credits: kaijudiet

#2 Harry Potter Teeth, Mmmmmmm

Image credits: cat-cultist

#3 We Love Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: milksprink

#4 Dead *ss Tree

Image credits: HypnoticGremlin

#5 Y Tho

Image credits: Bigham1745

#6 Helloooo, Officer!

Image credits: Radicchio3

#7 You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Image credits: FizzyOperator

#8 My Fiancée Sent This To Me And I Couldn’t Help But Feel It Belonged Here

Image credits: LordFortinbraap

#9 Why Do People Say “Brand New” When It’s Clearly Not?

Image credits: anticlockclock

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#10 There Are No Words

Image credits: imnotaraboon

#11 If He Has Buyers, I Am In The Wrong Business

Image credits: JustincredibleGames

#12 Teeth In Great Shape

Image credits: hotmama1230

#13 $20 For Old Doll Head Found While Hiking

Image credits: mamahertz

#14 I Check Offerup For Chairs Every Few Days….

Image credits: shaunmittens

#15 Is It Weird That I Actually Kinda Want This?

Image credits: Usernameusername97

#16 KFC Zinger

Image credits: NotPengu1

#17 Mmmhhhmmm Premium

Image credits: TheSlimReaper99

#18 I Hope This Is Satire But I Truly Don’t Know …

Image credits: TeaPartyInTheGarden

#19 The Vodka Bottle Full Of Cigarette Ashes I Posted Here About 2 Years Ago Is Still Up, And The Price Was Dropped By A Whopping $4.76. What The Hell

Image credits: mrgameandwatch09

#20 The Things You Find At Government Surplus Auctions… Birthing Simulator

Image credits: OhLookASquirrel

#21 I Mean.. Someone Is Gonna Like It, Right?

Image credits: mandamaeee

#22 He Haunts You

Image credits: the-graveyard-writer

#23 Poor Memaw

Image credits: EmptySighs66x

#24 Not A Garage Sale But I Thought You Might Enjoy

Image credits: Tears4Tacos

#25 Todd

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Today On Fb Market Place

Image credits: Rosebudd100

#27 All Hail Titty Frog

Image credits: uni-piggy

#28 Hot Dog Statue – Two Lovers Holding Hands. Can Also Be “Personally Ordered With Any Customizations Wanted (Mini Hotdog Babies, Pregnant Hotdog, Rockstar Hotdog, Etc)”

Image credits: Fitzpleasure_

#29 Found This Gem In Free Pile Outside My Work

Image credits: mrhasselblad

#30 How To Avoid Awkwardly Asking Someone To Take Their Shoes Off At Your Door.. Sold!

Image credits: grandtheftsu

#31 “No Lowballers”

Image credits: woweewow

#32 Woman Makes Her Regretful Husband Model Her Handmade Ponchos. Hilarious

Image credits: fckmarrykillme

#33 Umm I Don’t Think This Is Apple Official

Image credits: C-Lord96

#34 Just What I Needed To Complete My Bathroom Aesthetic

Image credits: tempura_medic

#35 For When You’re Lonely

Image credits: nigwarbean

#36 The Perfect Bed To Preserve Virginity!

Image credits: Foxien

#37 Eat Your Heart Out, Kirk Cameron

Image credits: BringBackTheNinties

#38 Facebook Marketplace Is A Gold Mine. This Lovely Is $200

Image credits: Wienerwrld

#39 How To Properly Sell Firewood In Kentucky

Image credits: awakenedfloof

#40 Is She Being Held Hostage As An Ebay Model?

Image credits: ke11y24

#41 Creepiest Car Seat Ever

Image credits: Rosebudd100

#42 Tbh It’s So Well-Made I Kinda Want It, But It Freaks Me Out

Image credits: woweewow

#43 Croc Balls

Image credits: thecharizard

#44 My Dream Of Being An Artist Is Alive

Image credits: Yanikeka

#45 For The Classicist Who Needs To Charge Three Phones And A Tablet

Image credits: shakyshake

#46 This Couch Is Awful Taste And You Cannot Change My Mind

Image credits: pm_me__your_drama

#47 The Seller Seems Just As Confused As I Am

Image credits: Hubcap_Man

#48 Man, I Don’t Know

Image credits: woweewow

#49 You Know— For Kids

Image credits: woweewow

#50 I Found This On A Facebook Page Where People Sell 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

Image credits: blowmine62

#51 Free Hanted Rooster Has Demon

Image credits: vodkawater

#52 Just In Case Anyone Is In The Market For A 5-Foot Squirrel

Image credits: iamDB_Cooper

#53 The Description Stated: “Low Carb Option For Hotdog”

Image credits: idkhamster

#54 Cicada Shell Wreath

Image credits: acidundead

#55 Horrifying/Educational Vhs Tape Found At Goodwill

Image credits: Raptor-Facts

#56 No Thank You

Image credits: sammyjoeturd

#57 I’d Have To Be Baked To Buy This

Image credits: WhyIsTheMoonThere


Image credits: butteredbuttbiscuit

#59 Someone Found This Book At A Thrift Store. It Sure Didn’t Age Well

Image credits: Labyrinth2_0

#60 Jesus, That Is Bad

Image credits: silentwail

#61 He Now Lives In Our Livingroom. And Yes, My Fiancé Thinks I’m A Jackass For Buying It

Image credits: hereforthekix

#62 Unused Bachelors In Criminal Justice

Image credits: trayc38

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