63 Times People Were Completely Oblivious To How Cringey They Were Being

Whatever might divide us, there are some fundamental things that unite us, no matter our background, color, or creed: our love of cat pics, our desire to have longer weekends, and—finally—remembering incredibly awkward moments from the past that make us cringe internally and facepalm to this very day. Remember that super embarrassing thing you did in the 6th grade/during that party at college/last week at work? Yeah, it’s time to think about that all over again.

However, what’s far worse is being unable to recognize when someone’s making an utter fool of themselves and making others feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes, people are so oblivious, others can’t help but screenshot their messages and online posts to share with the world. It works as the perfect how-to guide on what we should never, ever do, and Bored Panda has compiled for you this list of all the times people weren’t aware of their own cringe.

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Upvote the pics that made you lose a bit of faith in humanity and let us know which of these screenshots you loved/hated the most, dear Pandas. Though keep in mind that however embarrassed we might be by our memories of acting awkwardly, it’s best to embrace these feelings instead of running away from them. Then, we have to move on from them instead of lingering on them constantly because it’s bad for our mental health. In short, we have to learn to be kind to ourselves. No matter what.

#1 Nope

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#2 Gotta Keep Busy On Those Snow Days

Image credits: beloose

#3 Rihanna Attempting To Swim In Peace

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Bored Panda had a chat about how to make our mental health our priority in life with British psychotherapist Silva Neves. He explained that at the core of our mental welfare lie the ideas that we should be compassionate to ourselves and that we should work hard to make looking after our mental health a daily habit. “Be kind to yourself,” Silva told Bored Panda.

“I think we should make our mental health a priority every day because if we have poor mental health then we cannot function in other areas of our lives,” the psychotherapist explained to Bored Panda that the need to put mental health at the top of our hierarchy of priorities is very clear. If we don’t look after our mental health, everything else can fall apart.

#4 Very Big Brain

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#5 How Do I Know I’m The Real Mom?

Image credits: Fancyrobot101

#6 CEO Of A Neighboring Company, They Decided To Join Us And Close. Giving Us Their Clientele For A Percentage Out Of Profit. Texted Him Our Emails, He In Return Lost The Contract And Business. Making Him Send Us His Clients With No Profit

Image credits: cosyd

“Looking after our mental health should be a daily routine like we have a daily routine with looking after our body: taking a shower, brushing our teeth, eating food,” Silva said. He noted that taking care of our mental health doesn’t have to take hours and hours: it can involve a series of small steps that, nonetheless, have a large impact on our welfare.

“A daily mental health routine is to take some time to breathe deeply and consciously, having a short moment of quiet and self-reflection enquiring with how you are doing, connecting with a good friend or a pet, having a quiet cup of tea, listening to your favorite music (and dancing to it if you wish), laughing. These are only a few of the very many quick ways you can look after your mental health every day,” he explained.

#7 He Left His Flash On

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#8 I Lost My Grandson In Walmart

Image credits: JoplinIsFree

#9 Sure, This Definitely Happened

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A while back, I also spoke to Vanessa Bohns from Cornell University about how embarrassment has its positive sides. By fully embracing embarrassment instead of hiding from it, you can reap some seriously great social rewards.

“Displaying signs of mild embarrassment can actually be socially constructive and make people feel more sympathetic towards you in the face of your faux pas,” Vanessa told Bored Panda in a previous interview that showing these signs can actually strengthen your relationship with the people around you. On the flip side, pretending you’re not embarrassed or feeling awkward when you are can cause your social capital to drop.

#10 Breaking Up With 4 Dudes At Once

Image credits: magnetometers

#11 Miley Cyrus’ Brother Dmed Somebody In My Insta Feed Because She Commented “Gross” On A Pic He Posted Of Himself Choking His Fiancé. Not Sure Where To Post This

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Haha Thanks Mom

Image credits: WhiteWolfJon

Vanessa noted, however, that we should strive to prevent our embarrassment from turning into shame. While blushing a bit is perfectly fine and even healthy, deep-seated shame leads to serious long-term problems.

“What you want to be careful not to do is to let embarrassment morph into the more destructive self-conscious emotion of shame, where you feel so badly about a minor mistake that you start to think there is something wrong with you and feel the need to completely disappear and hide away yourself,” she said.

#13 16 Year Old Me On The Far Left At A Birthday Party I Wasn’t Invited To [2011]

Image credits: SeptimiusSeverus_

#14 Influencer Doing Deadlifts In The Middle Of The Street

Image credits: joeybtoonz

#15 That Time In 2014 That I Meant To Text My Sister About My Stepmom’s Gift, But Actually Texted My Stepmom. Funny Now. Was Not Funny Then.

Image credits: indissippiana

So even if we do mess up and post something cringey on social media or send out a message that makes others feel very uncomfortable, we have to embrace our embarrassment and prevent it from morphing into shame. At the end of the day, we have to forgive ourselves and focus on our mental health. And that means being kind to ourselves no matter our mistakes in public. Though… that requires being aware of these mistakes in the first place!

#16 My Roommate Tried To Get An IKEA Delivery To Our Apartment. They Called And Refused To Drive Into Our Complex, Saying She’d Have To Grab The Bookcase From Their Truck And Drive It To Our House. After Irritatedly Doing So In Her Pjs And Barely Speaking To Delivery Guys, She Got This Message Today

Image credits: roxypotter13

#17 Wow You So Beautiful. Wow Message Didn’t Send Separately. Wow Leave Group

Image credits: ddh85

#18 These Iraqi Workers Gave Back 30.000 Us $ They Found, And They Were Rewarded With 1 Copy Of The Quran

Image credits: Kaiji700m

#19 Friend Just Sent Me This. Sweet Recovery Bro

Image credits: Waitforsquirtle

#20 Cousin Swol

Image credits: OGangstaShitposter

#21 Uhoh

Image credits: alypooo

#22 Damn

Image credits: Cascade272

#23 Aged Like An Egg Left Under A Moldy Carpet For 3 Years

Image credits: loggyloggyloggy

#24 When You Need Asterisks For Your Asterisks

Image credits: higgsparticles

#25 Overly Protective Girlfriend

Image credits: Deliriumisms

#26 Your Phone Is Now Hacked

Image credits: NateM135

#27 What The Fuck

Image credits: GhastlyCain

#28 33 Year Old Virgin

Image credits: soap94

#29 The First Tweet From Our New Congressman…

Image credits: witheringsyncopation

#30 The Amount Of ‘Hi’s In This Conversation

Image credits: Fancyrobot101

#31 Wrong Number

Image credits: MysticStryker

#32 He Threw A Pokemon Ball

Image credits: TinyGlowingScreens

#33 Me, 6 Years Ago On This Day Thinking I’m Popular

Image credits: NAJIDASH13

#34 This.

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Do Not Praise A False Idol

Image credits: Fancyrobot101

#36 Man Meets His Onlyfans Idol… For Only $10k

Image credits: drunk-on-juice

#37 Blunder Years Taken To A New Level

Image credits: NationalTeamFootball

#38 You’re Joking, Right?

Image credits: Papi-Emmanuel

#39 Iq +500

Image credits: mememan4206969

#40 Yikes

Image credits: LordK15

#41 I Didn’t Know Where To Post This. But This Kills Me Hahaha

Image credits: netflixnchillibeans

#42 He Tracked Her Down To Find Her Real Name

Image credits: dgreene33

#43 A Classic

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 The Shortest And Most Bizarre Conversation I’ve Ever Had

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#45 Great Faceswap ??

Image credits: whitemike40

#46 I Would Be Creeped Out…

Image credits: Cascade272

#47 Apparently You’re Supposed To Obsessively Check Tinder Every Second Of Your Life

Image credits: lascanto

#48 Yep

Image credits: turnew155

#49 Girl What… ☠️ The Level Of Narcissism And Complete Lack Of Self Awareness I Genuinely Don’t Know How People Get Like This

Image credits: G09EO4

#50 I Wonder If He Will Take Me To Court? ?

Image credits: TriggeredQuilt

#51 Mia Farrow Wishes Her Adopted Black Daughter Happy Birthday On Twitter, Googles “Mia Farrow And Her Black Children” To Find A Picture Of Her To Post.

Image credits: brodakmoment

#52 What’s Your Diversity

Image credits: viachicago22

#53 Instant Regret

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 Inner Monologue As Tinder Opener

Image credits: HoDub

#55 Amy Schumer Tries To “Prank” Kanye West By Diving In Front Of Him And Pretending To Pass Out, Kanye Reacts By Walking Away

Image credits: JonasBrosSuck

#56 The Super Bowl Is Older Than America

Image credits: Fancyrobot101

#57 An Old Friend From High School Asks A Weird, Personal Question

Image credits: ventscalmes

#58 Delivered Lunch To A Guy At His Workplace Today Who Had Trouble Taking A Hint

Image credits: skylarparker

#59 2 Years Ago I Bought A Cake To Celebrate A Fictional Character’s Birthday. I Really Had The Balls To Ask My Parents For Cake To Celebrate An Anime Girl’s Birthday Ahahah

Image credits: MonikaEnthusiast

#60 He Feels Hungover

Image credits: TinyGlowingScreens

#61 Got Arrested For Being Selfish, Plz Feel Sorry For Me

Image credits: blackmeout88

#62 Girl I Hooked Up With Tries Desperately To Get Me To Hang Out And Eventually Fakes A Pregnancy In An Attempt To Hustle Me For Drugs/Money

Image credits: Htowncats

#63 Guy Messages Me This Through My Facebook Ad…

Image credits: silocin27

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