64 Of The Wildest Delivery Room Tales, Shared By Doctors And Nurses

Learning that your partner cheated on you can hurt you immensely. But realizing that this happened right after they give birth can be beyond devastating. It’s not just awkward for the couple, though—the medical staff have to witness all of the drama that goes down, too.

Internet user u/NoTalentAzKlown sparked a massively viral discussion on r/AskReddit. A number of doctors and nurses shared what it was like in the delivery room after they helped deliver babies whose biological fathers were clearly not the moms’ partners. Read on for some of their experiences.

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Bored Panda got in touch with the author of the popular thread, u/NoTalentAzKlown, and they shared their perspective on infidelity. You'll find our interview with the OP as you scroll down.


We had a very sweet blond haired blue eyed mom and dad along with their entire extended family in the room for a delivery one busy afternoon at work (think aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandma and Grandpa too). The baby is born and as the doctor places her on the mom’s chest the first words out of her mouth are “That’s not my baby! That’s not my baby!!”

The baby in question, still attached at the umbilical cord, has beautiful dark curly black hair, and dark skin. The nurse looks at her and tells her that this is definitely her baby because “she’s still attached to you” and she, not so quietly, tells the nurse “There’s no way, I never slept with a black man! It’s not mine!”

The “father” is standing there silent, not sure what to do. A long awkward silence fills the room.

We clean her and baby up as cheerfully as we can. We see the extended family filter out of the room and the “father” leave to get a cigarette. About ten minutes later a tall black guy walks up to our front desk asking how to get to the patient in question’s room.

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We asked the author what couples could potentially do to move past one of them having been unfaithful. “I don’t really know how you recover from a situation involving infidelity when a child is born,” u/NoTalentAzKlown opened up to Bored Panda.

“It’s a betrayal of trust and the child would be a constant reminder of that betrayal. But, every situation is different and I’m sure it’s not navigated without a ton of communication and time to rebuild trust.”

They added: “But, I would find it hard to believe it wouldn’t linger in the relationship.”


I have a white friend who is a Superman of a dad. When his third child was born, she was obviously of mixed race. His white wife had an affair with a black man. The wife also had substance abuse issues before this pregnancy and was no longer dependable or stable as a mother. So my friend immediately divorced her and took custody of the kids. ALL of them. He’s been raising his two bio kids and the third child who isn’t technically his for the past decade. She’s his princess and he loves her exactly like the other two.

Edited to answer a couple of questions: he is a straight man who has not remarried. He’s done this all on his own, dated here and there, but nothing serious yet. He’s too busy with three kids, full time career, and a small business to run.

Also, bio dad to the third child waived his rights immediately when he found out about her birth. He was mom’s dealer and their fling was a one time thing that resulted in pregnancy. He had zero interest in fatherhood.

Edited again to add: some people say how they could never raise another man’s child, especially one that was a product of adultery, but you have to consider that my friend went through the entire pregnancy preparing for this baby that he thought was his. So he bought the baby gear, painted a nursery, went to the Dr appointments, etc. He was heavily invested in this baby before she was ever born, he already loved her and felt she was his, so it wasn’t a big leap for him to take her on as his own.

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Had two women give birth a few days apart on my floor. Turns out they actually had the same baby daddy. The father of the two newborns got both patients pregnant around the same time. It was an interesting day for the social worker!

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Bored Panda was interested in getting u/NoTalentAzKlown’s take on what the doctors and nurses might do to ease the tensions in the delivery room if the parents start arguing.

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“The medical staff already has plenty of responsibilities so I would not want to place the burden on them,” they shared their perspective. However, there are some steps that hospitals could take that might potentially de-escalate these sorts of situations.

“If they don’t already, they could potentially have a counselor on-call for these kinds of situations. Or, a divorce lawyer. I’m sure most of those situations don’t end well.”


I'm of Irish decent. Extremely pale, freckled, wavy dark hair and darker green eyes. My husband is half Native American, half German. Dark, **dark** hair and slightly wavy as well… My daughter came out with light light brown curly hair and ever so slight strawberry blonde pieces mixed throughout… *curls for days*

and the nurse goes "wow, where did you get that hair?!"

Knowing I had similar colour as a baby and my mother has kinky curly hair, my husband, in a room full of nurses goes "I DON'T KNOW JADED, WHERE DID SHE GET THAT HAIR?!"

I could have f*****g killed him.

Edit: Please no one tell my husband how much traction this story got, it'll just make him conceited and the jokes will get worse. I already have a rough time finding him hats.

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Not a doctor, but someone in my extended family had a baby (two middle Eastern parents) that turned out to be dark-skinned. The father of the baby filed for divorce, even though the mother kept saying the baby was his. A few years later, they found out that the mother’s great grandmother was African and that the baby obtained strong genes from her.

They didn’t get back together, because too much had gone down at that point, but the mother was right all along.

Tldr; Two middle-easterns had dark-skinned baby, husband divorced but later it was found out that it was genetics.

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I know a guy who is fully white, his parents are both white and his younger sister is black. I always assumed she was adopted and one day when I mentioned it, he looked at me weirdly and was like no dude that’s my full blood sister…

Obviously I didn’t believe it, and apparently neither did his dad at the birth. But they got the paternity test and she was his daughter – likelihood is they’ve got some black ancestors far enough back to be forgotten about.

I also know a dude who has a white Scottish mum, and a black Jamaican dad. Dude came out pale white with a ginger afro… genetics were not on his side.

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According to u/NoTalentAzKlow, they were shocked that their thread went so viral on Reddit. “I posted it pretty late in the evening and had no expectations that anyone would respond,” they said.

“I originally posted it while watching ‘Me, Myself & Irene’ because that situation happens to the character played by Jim Carrey.”

In their opinion, the topic connected with such a large online audience because it’s a “grab your popcorn” situation.

“People love drama when they’re not directly involved,” the author told us.

According to one study from 2014, infidelity rates amongst married couples in the United States range from 20% to 40%. In cases where people hid their infidelity from their partners, the likelihood of divorce was 80% compared to 43% of cases where the infidelity was revealed.

Meanwhile, the divorce rate for couples that did not cheat stood at 23%. Couples that stayed married, whether or not there was any infidelity, were found to have better relationship satisfaction over time.


Not a cheating story, but my sister’s friend was born fair skin with red hair and green-hazel eye colored. Both parents are dark-skinned with black hair and brown eyes. When her mom gave birth, everyone in the room went silent. However, the father knew that his wife didn’t cheat. Turned out, his wife great-great grandmother had red hair and fairs-skin. However, hospital protocol made both parents get a DNA test, and everything was okay.

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When my baby was born people asked me if her father was Polynesian. Nope. He’s a skinny white man.

There was no doubt he was the father.

She was born with thick black hair, she was a big baby (4kg) and had jaundice which made her look VERY tan.

The hair fell out, the jaundice went away, she thinned out & I now have a strawberry blonde haired 2 year old that looks exactly like her papa.

But man, if I hadn’t known he was the only man I’d slept with I would have some serious doubts.

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Midwife from Australia here, craziest delivery I attended was a G17P15 (pregnant 17 times, 15 live children as a result of those pregnancies) and 3 different "dads" turned up over the short course of her labour with baby #15. They proceeded to have a fist fight about who was the "real" father and I had to call security to escort them out. Then followed with a call to child services.

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There’s no easy answer to why someone decides to cheat on their partner. It really depends on the individual: their relationship dynamics, their hangups, their insecurities, their values, and their expectations.

One person might be unfaithful because their physical or emotional needs aren’t met. Another might cheat because they lack confidence, want to feel attractive, or… they simply have the opportunity.


A friend of mine (white guy) never knew who his father was got married and had a kid with a white girl. Kid came out black, he opted for a paternity test rather than walking away and it was indeed his son. So he took a genetics test (23andme or something like that) a couple years later and as it turns out he’s half african.

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My story isn’t a cheating situation, but it looked like one. Both of my parents are Asians with black hair and black eyes, they also have darker skin compared to mine. I am the first of their kids and I have hazel eyes, brown hair and pale skin.
Nurses and doctors thought that my mom cheated and tried to convince my dad in that. Turns out both of my grandmothers are mixed and I got some genes from both of them.

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My aunt, who is white, is married to a black man. When their son was born, he was white with blonde hair. Dad was screaming and throwing a fit in the hospital. Doctor came in and turns out, their son is albino.

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Verywell Mind explains that some of the main reasons married folks cheat include anger, low self-esteem, a lack of commitment to or from their partner, and a lack of love. Some other factors include neglect, a need for variety, and sexual desire.

The individual might have some serious emotional baggage that leads to their low self-esteem. Or they might lack empathy and simply not care about the consequences of their actions.


I had a female patient come in with abdominal pain. Pregnancy test was positive. She was with her husband who, evidently, had a vasectomy about a year prior.

I slowly backed out of the room after that one..

Edit: i know it’s possible, just improbable.

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New born had chlamydia, got it from the mom, obviously. So the mom admits she was cheating on the dad, because there’s no other way to explain that one. Except- the dad was cheating too, with the other guy’s girlfriend, and all 4 of them had chlamydia, with no idea who had it first. They also had no idea who the actual dad was. That was a rodeo.

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Had a patient who came in to ER for UTI with her boyfriend of 4 months (his words). She was 19. Acting extremely dramatic for just having UTI. We tell her we need urine. She urges us to cath her which is really unusual but she says she can’t pee so me and other nurse assume the position to put in a catheter with her lying on the gurney. At this point nurse screams, “call L&D!! She’s crowning!!”

L&D nurse gets in just in time to grab the child as it shoots out into her hands and is a living breathing baby.

The girl swears she had no idea she was pregnant. They wheel her off to postpartum and the guy is just kind of left standing there, dumbstruck.

“We only been dating 4 months. I had no idea she was pregnant. She never mentioned it at all.” As he just buried his head in his knees while he was sitting on the floor against the hallway wall.

I felt so bad for the guy.

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While it’s possible to overcome infidelity, it’s not an easy task. For one, your partner might not want to forgive you. On top of that, you might need to reach out to a couples counselor for assistance. Whatever the case might be, the first step is to stop the affair, stop lying about it, and take responsibility for your actions.

The important thing is not to blame anyone else for the affair and not to try to justify your actions. You’ll need to give your partner some time and space to come to terms with the truth. And you’ll need to get ready for a lot of open and honest conversations about the future.


Not exactly the situation you’re asking for, but Reddit loves a good crazy MIL story. My dad is blonde and my mom is brunette. I came out of the womb with fiery red hair. My dad’s mom made a huge fuss about my mom “cheating” on my dad and had to be escorted out of the hospital.

My grandmother’s own mother had flaming red hair, which she apparently forgot until my great-grandmother held me for the first time and said, “I always wanted a baby with my red hair.”

Edit: holy s**t, I woke up to A LOT of notifications. To clarify: I was very tired last night and did not phrase this well. My dad’s mom accused my mom of cheating, forgetting that my dad’s grandmother had red hair. She was in her 80s (late in life babies are actually common in my dad’s family) and spent her entire life in rural Alabama and Mississippi, so she wasn’t exactly a biologist or geneticist. Additionally, she was extremely mentally ill, and these delusional temper tantrums were not uncommon.

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Obligitory not a doctor/nurse. But both of my parents have blond hair. When I was born, my hair was strawberry blond. My paternal grandparents lost their s**t and accused my mom of cheating because red tinted hair didn’t run in their family. However, it ran in my mom’s family with a redhead popping up every now and then. My paternal grandparents didn’t know that, they just really hated my mom so looked for excuses to drag her down.

It wasn’t until I stopped looking like a potato (as most newborns do) and started looking like a person when my dad’s family features came through enough to make them apologize to my mom.

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Not a doctor or nurse, but when I was 14, maybe 15, I found out my cousin and his wife were having a baby (keep in mind my mum had lots of much older siblings, so my cousin was already 23 at this point).

Fast forward eight months later, me, mum and the rest of our extended family were eagerly waiting outside the delivery room, and we hear a scream.

Not my cousin’s wife, but my cousin. The nurse opens the doors for us, and we see my cousin sitting on a chair, his head in his hands. His wife is holding their baby in her hands, but the only thing was:

The baby was black.

Needless to say, they divorced a month later and we have not heard from her since.


Ok story from a friend of my brothers. She worked as a nurse and a woman and her husband came in. They were both white, and she delivered a child that was black. The husband immediately starts saying wtf, while she is going on and on about dormant traits and everything.

He orders a DNA test. While this is going on her mother and Stepdad show up. The stepdad is black, after the testing is done, the DNA test ends up showing that the baby is the Stepdad’s. Her husband instantly dropped her and cut ties.

Edit: In response to some comments. This didn’t happen over the course of a couple of hours. Husband hung out (albeit reluctantly) until things were conclusive. Once testing showed it wasn’t his baby, they tested the step dad. Probably suspected something, I wasn’t there I don’t know the deeper details.

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A friend of mine tells the story of his aunt giving birth (in the 1970s or 80s) to a baby that at first glance appeared to be of Asian descent. Aunt and her husband are both caucasian midwesterners from long lines of the same sort, going back to Germany. There was evidently a shocked moment, and then the aunt’s father, my friend’s grandfather, quipped, “Well, they say 1 in 7 babies is born Chinese,” and everyone laughed. The tension broke, long enough for the Doctor (also a white midwesterner of German stock) said that likely the kid’s color is just off due to the events of the birth. That baby is now a man in his 30s or 40s, and looks like your typical midwesterner; he just had some tinge to his skin for a few hours following the birth, plus some dark hair at birth that has since lightened up.

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Little different twist – I am Ukrainian. My great-grandfather was Crimean Tatar (who are mixed Turkic and Mongolian). My wife is Ukrainian and Italian. My first boy was blonde, my second was dark-haired, dark skinned, and has the classic almond-shaped Asiatic eyes. Mongolian Spot. Despite the fact that we know my family history, we ordered a test to make sure there was no "separation at birth" stuff (C-section). Yep, that's our boy. You would never know looking at us that that boy is genetically related to us. And we love him to pieces!

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My biology teacher went to high school with a woman who slept with her white boyfriend and went and slept with a black guy later that same day. She ended up with twins, each guy fathered one girl. One was white skinned and one was dark skinned. I think she came clean about it right away so it wasn’t a huge shock later.

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My brother had a surprise baby this way… he and a coworker had a one night stand while she was broken up with her ex. She gets back with her ex.. ends up pregnant flash forward to the delivery day… the day my brother sends me a picture of a random baby out of the blue and says “I think I am a dad”.

She is white, her boyfriend is black my brother is white. Baby came out looking very very white.

I don’t know how it went down in the hospital room… but I know they separated very soon after. My brother went to visit her in the hospital and asked her if she would let him take a paternity test. She agreed and it came back positive a week later.

And that’s how I got my surprise nephew.

Edit to answer questions and clarify some things.

Everyone is fine. My brother took full responsibility from day one. They ended up dating?… having another child together and are now separated with full split custody (no courts involved).

I know how genetics work. I have a mixed sister and mixed children. My kids are Mexican/Puerto Rican and 11 kinds of European. They came out very brown and are now pasty white like me. One has brown eyes and one has green eyes. I DO understand everyone’s experience may vary.

When I say “very very white” I mean it, he was practically translucent. The baby looked just like my brothers baby photos… and nothing at all like the boyfriend. We just kinda knew.. but still a test was the only way to know. Everyone in our family was surprised of course but we all embraced the situation with love and understanding.



Anesthesiologist here. C-sections are typically done under spinal anesthesia, and we're the ones at the head of the table keeping the mother calm and talking her through the procedure while the surgeons operate.

I've seen it more than once, but I remember one in particular when the parents were both very Caucasian, and the baby was very much not — the actual father obviously had to be very dark-skinned. At delivery, when the not-Father saw the baby he just looked down at his wife (who was starting to cry) and calmly said, "You f*****g w***e" and walked out.

She started screaming for him to come back, but there wasn't much she could do since she was, you know, still being operated on. She lost it to the point I eventually had to sedate her just a bit because she was in danger of injuring herself.

As far as I know her husband never came back to the hospital, I don't know what happened after that.

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Not a doctor or nurse…..but in undergrad I had a buddy (Caucasian) who’d been dating the same girl (also Caucasian) for awhile. She gets knocked up, he proposes. Fast forward a few months and both families are eagerly waiting at the hospital to meet the baby. The baby comes out black. Everyone is in shock. Girl is frantically trying to convince everyone that there’s been a misunderstanding. My buddy called off the engagement immediately, returned the ring, and never looked back.

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Obligatory “not a doctor or nurse” BUT this situation happened in my extended family!

My aunt and uncle had two kids, both toe head blondes. My aunt is blonde, my uncle has light brown hair. They have their third kid who has the darkest, curliest hair you’ve ever seen! My uncle thought my aunt cheated on him with the literal milk man.. apparently that guy had dark curly hair – bad luck.

Turns out… My uncle’s mom had dark, curly hair when she was born (and throughout her childhood) but started coloring her hair blonde and straightening it when she was a teen. My uncle never knew his own mother’s natural hair or texture and there were very few pictures of her as a young girl so he hadn’t know it wasn’t her natural hair. Thankfully, when my aunt and uncle’s marriage was on the rocks, my grandma casually mentioned how much this girl would hate her hair when she grew you and would color/straighten it, just like she had… Uncle had a sigh of relief and all has been good since then.

Btw, my cousin does not dye or straighten her hair – guess grandma was wrong :).


My sister used to volunteer as a nurse in (bad) third world countries. She built orphanages and helped with treatment.

In one particular hospital (in Congo I believe, I’m not sure, she’s worked everywhere) she was stationed at the Gyn departement. On her first day a woman came in in labor with Placenta Praevia (the placenta is in front of the exit for the baby) which was the cause for the mother losing a lot of blood and on the brink of death.

Because my sister was white and she was wearing a white coat, the DOCTORS there thought she was more equipped to do the Cesarean, even though she was just a nurse in training.

Nevertheless, they shoved the instruments in her hands and made her do it. My sister (the f*****g badass that she is) continued to do it because the doctors were afraid to do it themselves. (Appearantly if you come in and need a C-cection, they cut out the baby but the mom never survives).

Anyhow; she did the surgery from what she had learned from individual study and together with the doctors they managed to save both the baby boy and the mother.

After a horrowing surgery, blood everywhere etc. The baby had to go into an improvied incubator. Before they could do that, the dad went crazy on my sister.

Why you ask?

Well, because all babies come out a little whiter than their own skin colour, the dad thought my sister put some spell on the child, making him white (because she was white herself).

People restrained him, the baby was safely indubated and my sister continued to calm the father and explain how it worked.

Needless to say, she was very scared when a huge muscular man went crazy and tried to hit her with a bedpan.

Luckily everything turned out allright in the end.

I know, it’s not really an exact answer to your question, but I thought it kinda fit here!


Mother to be warned, “this could go one of two ways” prior to delivery. Wasn’t sure what she meant. She was white, as was her husband. Delivered baby was black. Then it all made sense.

1. This happened about 4 years ago. Sorry to be anticlimactic, but I don’t know where they are today or how the situation turned out. I CAN tell you that the dad left the room immediately and the mom burst into tears. So this leads me to believe he might’ve had a suspicion? Otherwise there might’ve been a little more shock? I honestly don’t know.

2. Yes, I did mean to say mixed & not black.

3. I never said I was a doctor.

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Super awkward for everyone involved. The husband was only in the room for a bit then left and didn’t see him again. The fob (father of baby) showed up after the baby was born.

I’ve also had where they didn’t know whose baby it was so both guys were present to see whose they thought it was.

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From my friend who was a delivery nurse for years.

The mother takes the doctor aside and makes him promise to let her know the color of the baby the instant he knows. The baby is born and the doctor announces to mom,”Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy WHITE baby!” The father just walked right out the room and they never found anything more out about it.


My SO and I just had our first in January. He has brown hair and I’m blonde. When she arrived, the nurse exclaimed, “wow, look at that red hair!”

We know it’s a recessive gene but it wasn’t the very first thing we expected to hear!

We looked at eachother for a moment and I said, in my drugged and exhausted post labor stupor, “I swear she’s yours.”.


No idea what the doctors thought, but I had a phone call from the wife asking for my blood type while they were in the hospital the next day (and I’d ducked home)

I’m A-. The wife is O-. Bub is A+


I’ve done enough science to know where that’s going.

Have done DNA testing, I’m 100% the dad. Still not sure how to get more interesting science info about the myriad markers that apparently exist.


So a friend of mine (he is unfortunately dead) had cancer and he was dating a girl for about 2 years he then discovered he had cancer and that he would live at best 1 more year. his girlfriend announced to him a week later that she was pregnant (they were both white) ..he kept on saying that life is a joke ..he was happy because he would have a baby now but sad because he would die in a year ..anyway 9 months later the baby was born and it was black .. he then disappeared for weeks and we learnt that he had died a month later
Felt so f*****g sorry …

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My brother married a half Korean, half white woman who had three girls to the same Mexican guy.

The first girl looks Latina. The second girl looks Pacific Islander. The third girl has platinum blonde hair and icey blue eyes. They look nothing alike, and yet if you look at their lineage it all makes sense.

I don’t know if this ever caused any issues between her and her ex, but I could understand if an eyebrow was raised in the third one.

Now she has a fourth girl with my brother and she looks nothing like the other three. Just standard brown hair brown eyed white girl.

I know this ain’t super relevant to the question but it always entertains me.

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Not a doctor, but my best friend’s brother in law has two black parents and came out completely white. DNA test confirmed they were both his parents.

It just be like that sometimes.

Edit: I’m only guessing they tested the mother as well to rule out any possiblity of an accidental swap at the hospital. Lmao y’all savage.

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Not a doctor, but I’ve got a pretty relevant story about my parents.

My mum was pregnant before she met my dad, but only for a month before she met him. She had decided to give the child to a couple who were close family friends who couldn’t have kids, and then told my dad. He handled it pretty well, since she wasn’t asking him to be a father, just emotional support, and in his words, he already knew that he found the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. However, back in those days in my country it was still looked down upon to have a child while you were single/out of wedlock, so my dad told everyone the baby was his, and that they were planning on getting married. Saved face for mum, and stopped rude people sharing their unwanted opinions about the situation.

Now, my parents are both white, but the biological father was a Pacific Islander. Mum did not see that as relevent to tell the midwife or anyone else except dad. It all went well until the birth. My mum gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, while dad waited outside the whole time. Straight after birth, mum was exhausted and went straight to sleep. However, the nurses see that the baby is clearly not white, like both my parents, and go to tell my dad that the baby had been born but he might be in for a little bit of a shock. Apparently they looked so sorry for dad, thinking this poor sucker had been cheated on and lied to. When they told him that ‘his’ little girl was probably not his, he burst out laughing and just said “i know”. Poor nurses got such a shock, couldn’t make sense of the situation, and just walked away while dad sat their giggling to himself. He’s a strange guy my dad, but a great one. After telling me that story, he said he always knew his mum was his soul mate, and going through that helped him realise that mum was the one for him. When mum told me that story, she said exactly the same thing. 33 years later and they’re still going strong.


I’m a fiery ginger, my father is blonde/blue-eyed, and my mother is dark hair/eyes middle-Eastern. My parents actually MAKE mailman jokes at my expense, but it’s just the Irish ancestry on my father’s side.

Funniest part is my dad makes most of the jokes and my fraternal twin sister is dark hair/dark eyes, but looks EXACTLY like the women on my dad’s side.


Bit reversed, I’m mixed from a very dark black man and a Mexican woman on the lighter side barely passing. Well my dad and mom didn’t work out but I was made he ditched two weeks in and everything. She then got together with my step dad about two months later (looong time friends) and he knew she was pregnant.
Break the news of being pregnant to the family everyone is excited but no one knows it’s not the super white man’s child. So cut to my birth I come out clearly way to dark, not charcoal but something is missing on how. No one in that room knew but my mom, stepdad and grandparents.
I’m told it was a very awkward conversation. Skin color or not my stepdad has always claimed me as blood knowing full well I’m not and I couldn’t have lucked out harder.


Kind of unrelated but this lady at my church is a white female married to a white male. They have one younger kid who is the spitting image of his dad and obviously white. Then, they have an older kid that is quite visibly mixed. The kid has dark brown skin and curly African American hair and nonetheless looks nothing like the dad. So this lady claims that when she gave birth the hospital gave her baby a shot that turned him black. Therefore, we refer to this kid as “blackshot”. Feel bad for the kid but he truly believes the story and is in like 7th grade.


My wife’s best friend is a doctor who delivers babies.

She delivered one baby where the father and mother were acting really awkward but he was around during labor and when it came time to push the man just walked out and left the room. Apparently the issue was they were just friends and he lived in another state with his wife and kids.

Another woman had an affair with her cousin’s husband and got pregnant, calling him her fiancé. Her own husband died during this period and it prompted her to go out and sleep with a few other one night stands. At this point she tried to get an abortion but she was turned away because she was overweight and hypertensive making the procedure too risky. She never followed up with the Dr and gained weight to over 400 lbs. it was too late for an abortion at this point and she had been taking medication for the hypertensive thing and the medication can cause death/deformities. When she delivered it took the entire staff to prevent her from having a stroke and the baby’s kidneys… do they work? No one knows.

Most of the stories are that the man cheated, if the mother cheats there’s no real reason to bring it up so they don’t really know. Lots of having to tell a mother who has only slept with one man that she and her baby have chlamydia. No weird stories of white babies to black parents or vice versa.

Also if my wife’s friend sees this she will know who it is. Please just don’t go through my history and judge me for my crayon colored Pokémon picture.


In high school my gym teacher was married to the biology teacher, who was also really good friends with my math teacher (always saw them chatting and walking together). Well the bio teacher got pregnant and when she brought the baby in there was an unignorable resemblance to the math teacher. Her husband ended up driving to the nearest hospital and shooting himself dead in the parking lot. Was a big scandal at our relatively small private school. One of a few actually.


I was told this story by a nurse, veracity might be clouded by time, but…

A birth of the couple’s third child. The couple was white, the baby was obviously of Pacific Islander descent.

Everyone went very quiet. The nurse telling me the story said she took a moment of silence as she realised what had happened, then she tried to act normally, but waiting for the outburst. She said the tension was unreal.

The guy stared for a minute at a child that was very obviously not his. The mum was already in tears and talking very fast.

The guy stood up, looked around for a minute, then left the room. Never said a word. He wasn’t seen again at the hospital, the mum spent the rest of the day on her phone, the nurse doesn’t think she ever found him.

The last part is even more distantly related gossip, but allegedly the father cut all ties immediately, speaking regarding care of his 2 actual kids only through his lawyer.

If any of that is true, I take my hat off to the guy.

Edit: Just to clarify, the story goes he was very much into raising/looking after his actual kids, but wanted nothing further to do with the mum or the kid that wasn’t his. He lawyered up to avoid potential emotional fallout, which to me is pretty classy (again, if true).

Image credits: Mahhrat


Paramedic here, our crew delivered a full birth in the back of our rig. We have 2 paramedics in the back with the PT, a driver, and I’m working on the laptop listening to info they are telling me to add to the report. All the sudden, it goes kind of quiet, I hear the mother let out a very loud “Oh s**t, it’s not white!” (She was very white)

Few more seconds of silence, and I’m like, “?”

The driver alarm(beeping light on the center console sent from a button in the back) was pressed 2 times quickly, generally meaning to turn around to get info for the report. I turn from the front passenger seat to see a very dark skin colored baby.(I’m guessing Cuban) I can’t see the mothers face, but all I see is her shacking her head. She begins to worry, saying that “her husband is meeting us there at the hospital! He can’t see this!!!”. I just continue the report, and am not sure what the problem is, but I guess we’ll see when we get there.

Flash forward, to the ER. We stop outside the ambulance bay, I get out to open the doors, and am met by another very white heavyset guy in a uniform shirt, dress pants and glasses, asked me if his wife was in there and she was in labor when he was coming home.

Hospital policy dictates that we can’t have random people that we can’t confirm identity that close to the rig when opening doors for PT safety. Security is there quick, holds him back a bit. We open the doors, roll the PT and her newborn out. He takes one look, sees the color of the baby,

*JAW DROP*, LOOK OF DESPAIR. Like a 1000 yard stare. Even security had a look like, “wow, that women f****d up, and this guy knows it now”

Wife: “BABE, I can explain every bit of this!!! I know it looks weird, but I can!!!!”

We wheel her into ER. No sign of husband. Last I knew, the husband didn’t check into the hospital as a visitor. I’m assuming he went home to pack his stuff.


Not a delivery nurse, but I have to share…

My friend Sara was pregnant and her boyfriend flaked out and was not in the picture. So, her other friend Erik and I took it upon ourselves to be there for her during the pregnancy. When she was having an ultrasound, we were both there in the room with her. As the tech is showing us the baby’s face, we were saying things like, “dude, that’s totally your nose”, “look, that can’t be my chin,” etc… Sara was laughing and the bewildered tech was looking at the three of us, probably making comparisons herself.

I ended up working with that tech years later. One day she said, “So, out of curiosity… Who was the father?” lol.


Wasn’t there, but my cousin found out real quick when his girlfriends kid was black and neither he nor the girlfriend were. The funny thing is, he’s the one taking care of him, as his girlfriend was an even bigger piece of work than he was and keeps showing time and time again that she’s not fit to care for a child.


I was assisting at a Caesarian when I was a junior doctor. The woman’s dark skinned partner had been in prison 9 months or so.

I took the baby immediately upon delivery and announced cheerily “It’s a boy!”

Her first words were “Is it black?”

Luckily the baby was a mocha colour that could have gone either way, and I told her in a mildly confused manner “Ahhh, it could be?”.


Not me, but this happened to my grandma. Seventy years ago in South Africa, my great grandparents (white f, black m) had four kids. They all looked mixed race, till the youngest, my Aunt Jan, was born with bright blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin. Great Grandfather immediately left, claiming their mother had cheated with a white man. The now five kids were adopted out and moved to England.

Last year, my grandma's daughter (my aunt) hired a genealogist just to discover they were all genetically related, great grandmother didn't cheat, and they spend their lives in orphanages for no reason. My aunt wrote a book about it. It's real good.

Book is here


Not a doctor (shh, fremulon) but a friend of my mom had a black husband, baby came out white(ish). She was confused/stressed, but husband was cool “they are supposed to be light at birth“.


Med student. Had a mother who was A- and father was A- but baby ended up being A+. Mother was asking if it was possible for this to happen and the doctor kind of implied that it was possible (to my surprise since it’s not meant to be). But they suggested to retest the husband’s blood group and follow up with their GP.
The doctor told me after that they didn’t want to get involved and would leave it up to the GP to deal with and just hoped the husband was actually positive.

Apparently got awkward the next day (they stayed for a couple days after due to complications) when the husband was asking about blood grouping and was just strongly suggested to get retested.

I never found out what happened after but from my impression of the mother and some of the things she said I am pretty sure she cheated.


I had a guy who worked for me years ago, he was white, she was a fair skinned Indian. They had a baby that was so much darker than her and the tight black curly hair was a giveaway. He insisted it was his and stayed with her until she ran off with someone else.

He wasn’t the brightest light on the Christmas tree and the d***s obviously made it worse.


Kinda the inverse of what you’re asking for, my mom has a story about when she gave birth to my sister in Sweden (my family was living there temporarily for my dad’s work).

My mom’s blonde and white, my dad’s obviously Japanese but delivery was a C-section so his entire head basically was covered for sterilization reasons. My sister came out with a full head of dark hair, the nurse looked very concerned and whispered to my mom, “Hey — your baby’s black!”

Not really used to minorities, most Swedes in the ‘90s. Obviously my parents both laughed it off, but it’s a fun anecdote.


I’m Chinese and my wife is white. When our daughter was born, she had a little jaundice. When the doctor told her this to let her know that the baby needed the light treatment, he said it as: “Your baby girl is a little yellow.” Not understanding the situation, my wife in her post-labor state said: “Well, my husband is Chinese.”.


Not exactly the story you wanted to hear but still close enough.
I know a midwife and she once told a story about how she had to do two first visits in families on the same day. She visited the first family and everything was pretty normal. She went home and ate lunch, then went to visit the second family. The father opens the door and has a pleasing look on his face. She is a bit confused until she realizes that it’s the same father as in the family before.


I was a phlebotomist. Went to draw a baby and a nurse holds up a little baby and says, “Does he look black?”

I laughed and said, “No, look at that red hair!”

Apparently mom was white, husband was black. But he’d been in jail and she had been accused of cheating with a white guy. Guess they found the proof. She confessed right in the delivery room that it wasn’t his.


Not a Doctor.
In the military downrange one guy informed us his wife had gotten pregnant while he was home on RR, of course we gave him s**t, saying “Jodi has a new baby” and asking him if he knew the father. But it was all just joking around. This guy and his wife were white, very very white. End of the rotation we get back and walk into the gym where our families were waiting, we do the dog and pony show and were released. We were all hugging family and laughing, but we look over and this guy is holding the darkest baby I’ve ever seen,…..and looked to be three months older than it should be. THE JOKES STOPPED. Nobody said s**t about it.
About a year later the couple were standing outside the Chaplains office and I asked what’s up. They informed me that he had found out that the baby wasn’t his and they needed counseling. I could have gotten an academy award for my acting! “Oh really???, your baby looks just like you! Nobody would have guessed!”.


Not a doctor, but I saw other people posting stories like this so I’d thought I’d chip in. Sorry if format is bad, I’m on mobile.

My dad is native American, and my mom is white.

My parents weren’t married, and they were having some issues with their relationship. My dad had my (half) brother with his former girlfriend, and his ex was trying to take my brother away because my dad wouldn’t get back together with her. My dad didn’t like his ex, refused, and stayed with my mom.

My dad and his ex were having a custody battle over my brother, and while that was happening my mom found out she was pregnant with me.

My grandpa really wanted my dad to go back with his ex, so that they could raise my brother together and he could learn “what a real family is”, so that “he would grow up with a normal family”, etc. He tried to pay my dad to leave my mom at the start of the custody battle. So, when he found this out, he started telling everybody my mom was lying so he would stay with her. When my mom was visibly pregnant he would say that my mom had cheated because my dad was “smart enough to use a condom”

So, y’know, I was born. Didn’t look native, whatsoever. My dad kind of freaked, and everyone else really did. My grandpa was there, and apperantly just started yelling about her being a cheater, and “I told you so”.

Thank God they got a paternity test, because yes, I am his kid. I had to take a blood test to get my status card, and I am about 40%.


Not a doctor or nurse. But, one person I know had a child that showed African-Americans features such as dark skin. The husband divorced the wife. Wife claimed she never cheated. Like ten years later, it turned out that he had African ancestry, and the kid was his.

So I guess in a way this doesn’t apply to the post, but I think it does in a way as well.


Not my story, but my brother’s. My mother is an OB nurse, so she got to help deliver my brother’s girlfriend’s baby. We’re all white, but the baby came out black. My brother was so heartbroken and desperately didn’t want to believe the baby wasn’t his, and raised the baby for at least 6 months before his girlfriend kicked him out to try and be together with the kids real dad. This was just a little over a year ago, but I don’t think my brother has been the same since :(.


Not an lnd nurse, but my wife is and I hear /everything/

A woman was delivering her white ex husband’s baby with her new black boyfriend beside her and after the baby came out and had his foot stamped with the ink pad, the boyfriend pointed to the black foot and said “awww.. He’s got my feet!”

I guess it’s off topic but I lold when she told me.


No me, but my in-laws. Wife is in delivery, she states she has blood type X, nurse does blood check, came back type Y, details are vague, because I remember my son birth more than this.

Father-in-law(FIL) goes WTF, blames my mother-in-law of cheating, there was also concern about my wife not being their child as the hospital had mix up during her birth. Its also the same hospital that messed up wife’s blood test at birth.

I had to order DNA testing from Amazon, waited weeks for result and answer awkward questions from my own family why I ordered DNA test and thought I ordered it test me and my son(family share Amazon prime account).

DNA confirmed father and daughter are match. FIL threatened to walk away if didn’t match, throwing out 30+ years of relationship.


Ohhh I can actually answer this one, though the story is my sister’s. So, the girl was problematic to say the least. She was in her late teens and ran away from the doctors to get high on god knows what DURING the early stages of her (untimely) delivery. Unsurprisingly the kid had a plethora of problems and was immediately transferred to a neonatal unit. Now for context we live in an EXTREMELY white area, so babies of colour are a rarity. Well, turns out the baby was mixed but as you may know newborn mixed babies often have ashy gray skin that darkens during the first hours. It can look quite ambiguous if you’re not used to it. “Dad” (who was apparently not particularly alert and probably high too) was obviously white and my sister and the others were just awkwardly doing their thing and waiting for him to realize what was going on. After all, people don’t really “break” the baby’s race to the parents as they’re already supposed to know, right? So they just said nothing and exchanged stares as they tended to the mom and the baby.

Then my sister’s colleague walked in the room. Kid was her first patient of the day and she wasn’t aware of a lot regarding the case. The first thing she saw was the baby so got all excited and went “ooooh look at that cute little black baby”, then looked up and noticed the pale-a*s parents as the “father’s” expression went from dumbfounded to enraged. A shouting match ensued and the guy stormed out, though luckily (considering how f****d up the whole family was) he didn’t mess anything up or had to get escorted. He wasn’t seen again during the baby’s stay at the unit. Little guy survived but had severe physical and mental sequels thanks to his mom’s self-neglect during her pregnancy.

Edit: alert not alter.


I was once privy to a situation where a state senator and his wife had a baby. She claimed the baby was premature, but it was very clearly not.

Not only that, but the senator was very obviously gay (he winked at me several times and asked for my phone number).

**THEN** another man came in. He had a prominent forehead, short arms, and a tiny nose… JUST. LIKE. THE. BABY!!!

Everyone had their suspicions about the situation, but nobody actually found out for sure until about a year later when the woman finally admitted it alongside the road.


Consulted a couple who were expecting a baby and were confused about how she had Chlamydia (again). Turns out they both had Chlamydia, both got treated and continued doing their thing. She could not get her head round how she had it again if he was the only guy she had slept with… He just looked very sheepish as I tried to subtly explain maybe he had caught it from elsewhere and passed it on. Took a long time for the penny to drop. One of those couples where you realise the kid won’t get help with their science homework from their parents.


I (male) was present at the birth of all my children; and my youngest (daughter) was kind of a surprise, and we still really do not have an explanation. Mom and dad: both white. Daughter; when born, was quite swarthy. Not sure how else to put it. Not dark enough that anyone thought she had a black father. . . but I dunno, someone could have thought her father was Latino or maybe south Asian?

Anyway – I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. She showed some other physical traits which really made me certain I was her father (ear shape, and some other facial features). As she grew older, and grew up, she “lightened up”. Actually, at birth, her hair was really dark, but very quickly grew out blond, (another trait – but from both sides of the family). She has her mother’s brown eyes. Funny thing was that when she got into her teens, her blond hair went to ‘dishwater’, then to brown (as it is today; though on any given day, it could be orange, or green, or white. She’s like that).

As she got older, there were more and more physical traits that convinced me she was my descendant. Specific location of cowlicks. Nervous ticks. Shape of her finger and toe nails. She even has this weird “extra” fold on the inside of her pinky on her right hand, exactly like mine. And a mole on her cheek, which I also have (slightly different location, but same type of mole) – and my brother has, and my sister has, and most of her cousins have, and both her brothers also have.

The other funny thing was that she was so dark as an infant, when we bought her her first doll, we picked the “Latino” colored one, to match how she had been. (then as she grew up, turns out she was not into dolls really. All that social gender programming was for naught – she considers herself some sort of neutral gender, which is fine, still love her).
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