64 People Share What Gets Worse As They Age

With age comes wisdom. And stiff joints, less energy, worse eyesight, worse hearing and less tolerance for hangovers and technology that you don’t understand…

When I was a little kid, I couldn’t wait to turn 16 and get my driver’s license. Freedom, here I come! When I was 20, I couldn’t wait to be out of university. Even more freedom, here I come! But then one day I woke up and realized that not everything gets better with age. In fact, sometimes things get worse.

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Reddit users have recently been sharing some of the things they enjoy less and less as they get older, and to be honest, some of the replies are a little sad. From being less enthusiastic about Christmas to dreading nights out in loud bars, we’ve gathered some of their most spot-on responses down below to see if you aging pandas agree with them. Keep reading to also find an interview we were lucky enough to receive from gerontologist and host of the Aging Greatfully podcast, Holley Kelley.

Be sure to upvote the replies that make you feel less alone, as you realize that all of our preferences shift with age, and feel free to share anything else that has become less fun over the years in the comments section. Then, if you’d like to read a Bored Panda article highlighting the most hilarious parts of getting older, you can find that piece right here!


Honestly leaving the house, I used to be a social butterfly and now I have to convince myself to go get basic necessities and go to work..

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I haven’t liked religion since i was 15, but I downright hate it now. Now that I see in even more ways the ridiculous hold it has over people, and how that affects everyone’s lives. It’s like this unquestionable monolith that prevents rational thought.

And my beef isn’t that people believe in deities and such, I don’t care about that. I’m not one to make snide comments about “Sky daddy”. I simply hate how religion dictates how everyone lives. How people are basing policy and votes on what their own misguided religious beliefs tell them. Add to that how straight up crooked and slimy so many churches are.

Believe in God all you want. But quit standing in the way of science, psychology, and other people’s well-being. That’s all I damn ask.


How fast time is slipping away from me rather than how slow it used to be as a kid

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Aging is inevitable, and there’s no reason to fight it. But it is fair to admit that, as we age, some things just don’t feel as enjoyable as they used to. I no longer want to wake up at 5am on Christmas morning, and I feel wrecked any time I stay up past midnight. Sitting in traffic is a lot more painful than it was for teenage me, and I no longer feel proud when I make a large purchase on my own. Spending money brings me more anxiety than excitement, and a busy weekend is something I often dread, as I know I won’t be able to feel refreshed on Monday morning.

To gain some insight on this topic, we reached out to gerontologist and host of the Aging Greatfully podcast, Holley Kelley. We asked Holley if there’s anything she has come to enjoy less and less with age, and she had an excellent answer: appointments. “I’m a huge advocate of everyone overseeing their best medical, health, preventative, and general well care,” Holley told Bored Panda. “The amount of these tend to increase as we grow older and spending more time at these various appointments isn’t something that is considered fun but they are still very important not to neglect.”


Shopping. for anything… including groceries. Shopping used to be fun. Now it is a chore.

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Being a certain level of presentable to be in public. Me in my 20s wouldn’t have left the house in sweatpants unless I was deathly ill on my way to the doctors. And the idea of a family function without a full face of makeup was horrifying. F**k that noise. I’m grocery shopping in my sweats and y’all lucky if I show up to family functions at all, much less in a full face of makeup.

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Feeling like I’ve done all the right things yet the goal posts keep moving farther out.

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But according to Holley, it’s perfectly natural for our preferences to shift with age. “Our preferences can shift for a variety of reasons as we grow older. For example, if you’re referring to a shift in cuisine preferences, this can be due to the fact that our taste buds not only decrease but can become impaired with aging,” Holley told Bored Panda. 

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“These changes in taste can be due to medication, infection, medical treatments, smoking, or other injury, ailment or disease but are also a normal part of aging,” she explained. “My grandfather, who never enjoyed spicy food when he was younger, really enjoyed it later in life because it really stimulated his taste buds. We see older adults adding salt to their foods to activate taste. Similarly, our sense of smell can also tend to wane. So, taste tends to shift.”



Everyone and their mother has to have an app to download for every little thing, especially if you wanna use a coupon, or earn rewards, or whatever. I’m tired of places asking me to download an app. I don’t want your f*****g app, I just wanna buy your s**t and be done with it!


Contrarians. A lot of people dislike stuff simply because it’s popular, they think it makes them edgy and cool but they just seem like defiant teenagers to me nowadays.

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Anything with a lot of hype that requires me to stand in a long a*s line.

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“If you are referring to general preferences shifting as we grow older, I believe this is not only natural but indicative of the fact that we are growing in our life wisdom through the amazing process of becoming,” Holley shared. “In youth, we are finding our way and it is a time of great discovery. Through life experience, we learn, grow, adapt, discover and blaze our own distinctive trail to the best of us that has been there the entire time just waiting to be unearthed!”

And if anyone out there is a bit scared of aging, Holley has a great perspective on the topic. “It beats the alternative!  And, aging is happening to all of us, from newborn infants to supercentenarians. Aging is our gift of life, if we’re lucky enough to be doing it,” she told Bored Panda. “With that, not only do we want to do it as long as we can, we want to do it with a positive attitude and with passion, vigor and vitality. As we grow older, there may be some things we cannot do as we once did. But with some childlike wonder and an optimistic mindset, we can find FUNdamental ways to mine our passion and purpose in creative ways to give life meaning and even make a positive difference in the world around us.”


Loud places. Like bars and parties and stuff like that.

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Dating. I just turned 40 and I feel like I may never find someone

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Going to theaters to watch movies. They’re more enjoyable to watch at home now.

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Aging isn’t all bad. According to Holley, the best part of getting older is “Being able to answer ‘PRESENT’ to the roll call of life.” And as she shared with Bored Panda, there are plenty of things she actually enjoys more now than she used to. “With age comes a deeper appreciation for life and the opportunity to experience grand living by design,” Holley says. “I believe attitude plays a big role in our life experience.  That doesn’t mean every day is rainbows and roses. Because as we know, life is full of surprises for all of us. It simply means choosing to take nothing for granted and cherish life’s special “whatisness” – big and small, in the spirit of gratitude.”


Social events. The mental preparation beforehand followed by the wide range of personalities at said event.. exhausting.

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I can’t wait to get a cane so I can shake it at them while yelling to get off my lawn.

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The way the internet is in 2022.

Ads, subscriptions, pay walls, unhelpful sites with more pictures than words, and streaming service content split up between around 200 platforms, and most of the good content is exclusive to one, and never available elsewhere.

On browsers, you have to have multiple extensions or the like to tell Cookies, Trackers, and Ads to go away. For people in Australia, we’re also Geo-Blocked, so we have to use VPN to get around it or turn to other means.

Commercial radio is unlistenable, with the same 25 songs on repeat at the only five I can remember the channel for, and even that is preferable to the afternoon talk show of cackling, squawking gossip. (I’m happy to pay a contribution to my group’s spotify; I can have that going on my phone, instead of listening to any of that c**p; I can have long playlists, *my* kind of music, and I don’t have to pull over to change CDs).

Changing phone service provider is simple enough on the surface, but then you also have to update your 2-factor authentication, and if it’s tied to the old number, which is out of service, you have to go in person to a store or office, or call customer support. For each instance.

Those are the most prevalent grips I have with modern life. It’s all in regards to what I watch, listen, or read, and the devices I do so on. It’s this tangled web of inter-dependant, exclusive-pushing, paywall-blocking, subscription-requiring noise that really does distract from more important, more healthy, use of time, energy and money.

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“I remind my listeners to be active stakeholders in their growing older journey and design life on their terms to discover meaning, purpose and passion over and through the years,” Holley told Bored Panda. “Sure, growing older can have its share of challenges; it can serve up lemons we didn’t want.”

“But I love seeing how with resilience, grit and passion that bitter lemon can be sowed, and the next thing you know there’s an entire grove of lemon trees capable of serving lemontinis to the entire world. In other words, we can take that unfortunate circumstance and transform it into something greater than we ever realized was imaginable.”


Junk food! I can tell when I’m malnourished and it feels good to eat vegetables

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Holidays. As kids it’s about opening presents and eating, but as adults you need to be the one to cook the big meals all day and buy the presents for everyone. Halloween was getting excited about dressing up and getting free candy but now it’s about buying candy to give away and maybe buying an expensive costume

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Rollercoasters. The more I see how little people care about their jobs, the more I questions how well put together those things are—especially at fairs and carnivals ?

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“We continually fill our Virtual Treasure Trunks with the many Gems we collect along life’s way making us rich with Pearls of Wisdom, Emeralds of Empathy, Garnets of Gratitude and so many more. What fun we have mining for each of them in our life-long journey of self-discovery,” Holley says. “With that, I invite everyone to love the st’AGE’ they’re in!”

If you’d like to hear more wise words from Holley, be sure to check out her podcast, Aging Greatfully, right here!


Small talk

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I hate losing interest in things I used to love.

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Going to work. Working in general.

Nobody can stay young forever, so we might as well embrace the beautiful process of aging. But that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy everything as much as we used to! Keep upvoting the responses noting things that don’t feel the same as they used to, and feel free to mention any more you think of in the comments below. But we’re also curious, what do you pandas think gets better with age? Christmas might not feel the same, but I’m guessing a cozy night in and the satisfaction of having a clean house are a lot more enjoyable now than they were to teenage you. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Alcohol. It’s getting harder for me to bounce back on Sunday Fundays. So much so that I moved them to Saturday.

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Dating scene and overall toxicity in it.

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Huge gatherings of people.

Parties are cool. But like festivals, concerts, anything where people are shoulder to shoulder and packed in somewhere, no thanks.


The ultra wealthy.

I was never a fan to begin with, but seeing how the can grow their wealth by billions, live in extreme luxury, and pretty much never pay taxes, really makes me sick.

Elon Musk was able to increase his wealth by over $100 billion in less than a year, without paying taxes. He was able to buy twitter using a leverage scheme so that the majority of the $44 billion was money that was never taxed.

And he’s far from the only person benefitting from tax laws that let the ultra wealthy pay little tax.

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Teenagers. I can’t believe I turned into that guy who peeks out the window whenever he hears a skateboard.

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Lack of leisure time. When I was younger, it wasn’t a oh deal to go from work to gym to home to right back out half an hour later to bar hop or movie or something.

Now it’s like work…. Aw hell, gym? Not even half an hour to chill? No? F*ck. After gym I’m not doing sh*t the rest of the night.

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Deciding what to cook for dinner. You want chicken and chips great, 3 course meal great just tell me what you want to eat


Loud noises in general.

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Driving. I used to drive to do fun stuff like pick up my friends, go places I wanted to be, or just cruise during the night and enjoy the air.

Now I drive to work. Even though my car is a million times more fun to drive, Im perpetually annoyed.

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Ignorance. It’s almost always harmful and, at sone point, seems willful.


Getting out of bed!

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Capitalism. F**k working until I die for profit I don’t get to enjoy.


New music, I don’t have the time to care about what’s relevant or “in” anymore. I’m sure it’s great, but it’s just so much easier to stay in my comfort zone with all the to-dos of life.


The world in general, it feels less and less like it has anything to do with me, more alien and absurd with each passing year. Perhaps that’s natural for a creature that is closer to death than birth.

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As much as I hate to say it, video games. Not that I like them less inherently, but it feels like as an adult, I’m entering into a long term relationship every time I start a new video game that I don’t have time for.

The pile of shame for unfinished videogames is real.

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Going to the damn grocery store

Image credits: KendalMay


Having social interactions, even going out with my friends is tiring.

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Crowds. I’m the guy at house parties that sits outside by the fire pit all night.

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Waking up at 5 am to p**s.

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Social Media

It’s a literal biblical level plague


Working. Getting drunk. Politics. People.


People with huge “look at me!” life-of-the-party personalities who have no off switch. I spent my younger years seeking friendships/relationships with this type of person, maybe because I wished to be more like that, but after years of being the supporting sidekick bestie to a series of main characters, I find them exhausting.

my other answer was “doing anything at all” but that’s probably depression.

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People. Do not stay in the service industry longer than 10 years. It really changes your perspective of how we live and the system we are in (USA).


Unnecessary noise.


Concerts. They used to be the thrill of my life. Now I hate the prices, the parking, the road tripping to get there. I’ve skipped out on even bucket list bands and I do t even care.


Being in a relationship. It was so easy to walk away from my last one. I remember being so upset when a relationship ended even just five or six years ago.

I have cancer now, so it’ll be pretty hard to find someone else, but it’s so weird…I don’t even care. It’s so much more peaceful being single. It may not be as fun, but the fun parts of my last relationship weren’t worth nearly as much as having peace of mind most days.

I’m also fantastic at masturbation, so, that helps.

Edited: spelling error. Corrected for the chode who is definitely single!

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That my parents are getting older.


People that drive loud cars/trucks.


Angry, depressing music. I used to listen to metal and hard rock all the time, but as time has gone on, it doesn’t have the same appeal. The loudness hurts my ears. The screaming is just… grating. I want music I can just relax and chill with. The lyrics even seem juvenile to me. After working as a firefighter for years, hearing people romanticize morbid subjects just seems, well… dumb. Every time I hear a metal singer talk about death and dead bodies, I just feel like… ew. Probably smells. I’m more mature, I’m a happier person. Give me some alt rock or EDM now and I’m happy.


The world in general. I still have a passion for helping others (hence why I’m studying physiotherapy & trying to go to medical school after that) but I also have disdain for people in general, especially stupid, ignorant people.

Alcohol, just don’t enjoy drinking like I did when I was young.


The agendas of institutions and corporations. Realizing that my partner and I are the only people that have our best interest at heart. Every other entity wants to exploit us for our attention, our money, and our will. We are more than just pawns in someone’s agenda. It seems as if more and more people are mindless pieces in someone else’s game.


Star Wars.

It was so much better when it was basically just 3 movies and some books.




Going out to have fun lol I rather a quiet night in


How I look.


Going out drinking and clubbing. What used to be a fun way to end the week/an escape from work now actually feels LIKE work. Time to find a new hobby I guess ?


New movies. Especially since the movie theater experience has really fizzled out. I used to get so hyped up for premieres. Now it’s just a release date on whatever streaming service. And a lot of new movies are just reboots of old stuff. Yawn.



i mean this in a blanket way which i think applies to all of us; the older we get, the less patience we have for things that we don’t agree with, or naturally aggravate us, or just plain out dislike for whatever reason. we classify it as “b******t” and shuffle it to the curb

which is why it’s always important to keep a critical mindset; why do i dislike the things i do? why do i disagree with this thing/argument/person?

i definitely feel myself getting into an “old man yells at clouds” mindset the older i get, which i think is natural, but not necessarily a good thing


People under the age of 30. Not that there’s anything wrong with youth, it’s just that I’ve been there and it’s hard not to cringe seeing the next generation loudly doing all the cringy things my generation did loudly too. It’s nicer hanging out with people who have some maturity under their belts.


Fake friendships.


Social media. I’ve already pared it down to Reddit and Instagram YEARS ago but honestly could do without IG too now.


Modern day social* politics

I’m an older guy, not boomer age but older than most people I’ve met online.

Point is, when I was younger, I fought the fight, I signed petitions, supported protests, mainly because when I was younger it was the new fight to be there for gay people, which I am. (Bi but I married a man so everyone just assumes I’m gay)

But as I get older I see these things being more and more radicalized to the point where things that were very progressive and liberal when I was younger are now making me seem more and more conservative as time goes on

And istg this makes me sound ancient, I’m pretty young but also old.

Edit: social


Movies. I was already losing any desire to go to a movie theater before Covid hit, what with the prices of admission & food. It felt outrageous to blow fifty or sixty dollars for the two of us to see a movie (or *much* more than that back when we needed a babysitter.)

Nowadays, there just aren’t many movies that interest me much. Movies are more formulaic and less interesting than ever. Star-power seems to have faded over the last couple decades. And at a certain age, you feel like you’ve seen multiple versions of the same stories being told over and over. Once in a while something comes along that pushes those boundaries, but not very often (Fury Road was that movie for me).
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