64 Times People Wanted Attention On Social Media So Bad, They Resorted To Doing Horrible Things (New Pics)

Talking to The National (the publisher, not the band), Elaine Wallace, senior lecturer in marketing at the National University of Ireland Galway (so many nationals!), said there’s a lot of research showing that people like to receive likes and are motivated to seek them. “People engage in all sorts of practices to get them, and it keeps them coming back,” Wallace explained.

But the negative psychological effect of the desire to collect likes has been freely admitted for many years by both Facebook and Instagram. In 2016, Instagram’s then chief executive, Kevin Systrom, for example, told The Wall Street Journal: “We need to have a place where you feel free to post whatever you want without the nagging fear of, did someone like that or not?”

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Years later, however, there’s no such place in sight. People still go above and beyond for internet points, trying to impress folks they don’t even know. And when I say beyond, I mean burning fellow plane passengers with a high-powered laser and giving up a child after you learn you can’t include them in your videos.

To show how desperate some of us are for temporary online fame, we invite you to take a look at the recent posts we found on the subreddit r/justforsocialmedia. But if you scroll through the list and think that’s it, fire up our earlier publication on this community. Sadly, there’s way more.

#1 Burning People With A High Powered Laser And Getting Yourself Banned From An Airport For Clout

Image credits: alexpugh

#2 Couple Gives A Child Up After Learning They Can’t Include Them In Their Videos

Image credits: tosac2

#3 Imagine … Uggh

Image credits: KyloRose231

#4 Give Your Grandson A Cake *they* Want

Image credits: redditboy123451

#5 It’s Just A Prank Bro

Image credits: OGD3C

#6 Imagine Going To Jail For A Tiktok

Image credits: Hellamagz

#7 Wow, So Quirky

Image credits: Rancid_Remnants

#8 Some People Just Aren’t Raised Right

Image credits: Hyonokokoro

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#9 A Guy Sprayed Gorilla Glue On His Hair Cause He Didnt Believe The Gorilla Glue Woman Was Telling The Truth

Image credits: oujiasshole

#10 Tiktok Must Be Stopped

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Influencers Jailed In Bali For Fake Mask Video Prank, To Be Deported As ‘Soon As Possible’

Image credits: t_a_6847646847646476

#12 Wasting All That Food Just For A Photo

Image credits: BS-31

#13 Bruh Wtf

Image credits: SilentExpert8

#14 Harassing People While Shopping Is Classified As A “Prank”

Image credits: combatcompanion

#15 Reel Cool Dude

Image credits: comicgenius

#16 It Just Gets Worse

Image credits: ShadowL0rd2080

#17 Disney Employee Posts Videos Breaking Rules At Disneyworld, Is Promptly Fired And Banned From Disneyworld

Image credits: Careless-Internet-63

#18 Wcgw Pretending To Have The Coronavirus

Image credits: ILeftTheKeysInTheCar

#19 All I Can Think Is Ants… Ants Everywhere

Image credits: swangin82

#20 She Knew She Would Get A Reaction With Her Funeral Dress.

Image credits: bonbonellio

#21 Booty Shots At Auschwitz!!!!

Image credits: mrkuboy

#22 The Lie Was Obvious, But That Didn’t Stop The Likes

Image credits: Flatulent_Rimjob

#23 When You Use Your Nanas Death As An Excuse To Show Off Your Tattoos.

Image credits: brbarr324325

#24 Creating A Mess In A Store For Literally No Reason

Image credits: RiOT-Septic

#25 Hot Glued A Toilet Onto Your Head

Image credits: kwkierjote

#26 Imagine Going To Supermarkets Just To Destroy Food

Image credits: Luxvee

#27 Just Stop

Image credits: bibbidi-bobbidi-boob

#28 Girl Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Ps5 For A Tiktok

Image credits: redditboy123451

#29 Texas Mother Poses As 13-Year-Old Daughter And Attends Her Class For Social Media Attention – Gets Arrested

Image credits: FuckYourFee-Fees

#30 Great Way To Ruin Your Life And Other People’s Lives

Image credits: JamesLeeFOG

#31 Cooking A Steak On A Plane

Image credits: soymilk666

#32 Let Me Film A Tiktok Infront Of My Dying Friend

Image credits: CapitalCourse

#33 Disturbing Everybody’s Shopping Experience

Image credits: HamsterCockSock

#34 Imagine The Work That The Workers Gonna Have To Go Through Cleaning This

Image credits: Akhaware

#35 When Daddy Didn’t Give You Enough Attention When You Were Young

Image credits: _LouSandwich_

#36 Man Drinks Bottle Of Rubbing Alcohol For Facebook Live

Image credits: count-ejacula69

#37 Don’t Even Know What He Just Snorted

Image credits: philip2303

#38 Squashing Supermarket Oranges Just To Get A Good Portrait

Image credits: zxcghui2

#39 Having A Romantic Date In The Middle Of The Road

Image credits: istillwannamarryyou

#40 I Hate People Like This

Image credits: xanax101010

#41 Why Is He Surprised?

Image credits: -sewer-rat-

#42 Ruining Someone’s Night For Some Internet Points On Tiktok

Image credits: AutisticTurnip

#43 Idiot Eats A Firecracker For Internet Points

Image credits: 2020clusterfuck

#44 Tiktoker Takes Back iPhone He Gifted To Little Girl After Filming

Image credits: 007Redhorse

#45 This Is Awful

Image credits: PLRTSPA

#46 Doing Something Illegal Then Showing It Off As A “Life Hack”

Image credits: shumin00

#47 Making The Customer Wait

Image credits: ckb14

#48 Brain Dead For Social Media

Image credits: Evonos

#49 Okay Then

Image credits: spacebuno

#50 Dancing In Front Of Her Deceased Mother

Image credits: ILikeTasks

#51 Don’t Warn Him Or Scare Off The Bear, Just Film

Image credits: Vensyth

#52 Peanut Pain

Image credits: ziga-rih

#53 Pain Is Fame On The Internet

Image credits: Blewmeister

#54 I Hate People

Image credits: appayipyip__

#55 Waste Of Nuts And Terrible Acting

Image credits: augusttrip2019

#56 Hurting Yourself For Some Internet Points

Image credits: Complete_Original_86

#57 Playing Chicken With The TV

Image credits: CartographerOfMaps

#58 He Pretended To Be A Girl

Image credits: MemeDudestick

#59 Tasering Your Friend For Views

Image credits: BoyGirlSmoke

#60 Just Why?

Image credits: prettylonelynstuff

#61 Like, What’s Even The Point Of Doing This…?

Image credits: M4T1_PL

#62 Asshole Wastes Valuable Food.

Image credits: Yeets420

#63 Just Why

Image credits: AidsInMyBrain

#64 Poor Kid, And They Laugh After

Image credits: brycemqtt

Source: boredpanda.com

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