64 Times People Witnessed Such Inexplicable Stupidity, It Made Them Facepalm (New Pics)

Those who say nothing is infinite clearly haven’t considered human ignorance. Luckily, the subreddit r/facepalm has plenty of examples to convince them.

This online community (which also calls itself the ‘Gallery of Inexplicable Stupidity’) unites over 6.4 million members, and they’re constantly sharing the dumbest statements and actions they’ve witnessed both online and in real life.

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So continue scrolling to dive into delusion, and if you want to explore it more when you’re done, check out our previous publication on the same subreddit.

#1 They Are Turning The Fricking Lions Gay

Image credits: TwasAnChild

#2 Kids Solve All Problems

Image credits: pietradolce

#3 “Muh Guns!!!”

Image credits: No-Interview97

#4 Let’s Go Spend 10k On Jewelry

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 Do You Consider This A Human Being?

Image credits: ckgjfxfcgb

#6 That’s The Point Of The Book

Image credits: Colcud

#7 Would That Be Standing Up Or Lying Down? That’s The Important Question

Image credits: rgatoNacho

#8 Immigrant Prisoners Are Lease To Be Slaves

Image credits: MeatPublic46

#9 They’re Everywhere

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 I Know Right

Image credits: pietradolce

#11 You Had One Job

Image credits: Tracer_Bullet1010

#12 The News Is Always Accurate

Image credits: mbodog293uhuj

#13 How Is This Possible

Image credits: Vendruscolo

#14 This Is Getting Really Sad Now

Image credits: Whocares_101

#15 But He Needed That Medication

Image credits: TinyMolasses1

#16 Blindly Playing Yourself

Image credits: okiedokie64

#17 I Desperately Want The Backstory Behind This

Image credits: vhm3

#18 The It Crowed

Image credits: hjgbuijhgh

#19 A, “Virtual Track Train”

Image credits: pietradolce

#20 I Prefer To Get My Diet Coke At Home

Image credits: LoneShark81

#21 We Ordered A Grill. Got 300 Ipads

Image credits: usuzulose

#22 Give The Restaurant An Award

Image credits: Hugosimpon

#23 These Darn Spoiled Kids Today, With Their “Need To Eat At Regular Intervals” Or Whatever, Smh

Image credits: primary_obscenity

#24 Seems Legit?

Image credits: Extra-Contribution41

#25 I Never Thought Of That

Image credits: TinyMolasses1

#26 What’s The Problem?

Image credits: StrokeRN18

#27 Fool Me Once, Shame On You

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#28 That’s The UK Parliament…

Image credits: thecluelessbrowsing

#29 When You Take The Job Before Reading The Job Description

Image credits: americanthaiguy

#30 Simpsons Did It

Image credits: 42words

#31 Does This Count As A Facepalm?

Image credits: Low-Heart-3566

#32 Which One Of The Many Mass Shootings Are We Talking About?

Image credits: letstalkaboutit24

#33 Yes, I Am Saying That

Image credits: the_zestylime

#34 People Are Total Morons

Image credits: adamhillscomedy

#35 Foreign Scripts

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 We Did Everything But

Image credits: americanthaiguy

#37 System Failure

Image credits: weaselbass

#38 May Be They Are Lazy

Image credits: SarahMiller20

#39 All This Time I Thought It Was Avocados, Not Greed, Causing Unaffordable Housing!

Image credits: UusiSisu

#40 Ah Yes $4k Rent

Image credits: peppery_allegory

#41 Yeah, Imagine That

Image credits: 42words

#42 Who?

Image credits: Thryloz

#43 Priorities People!!!

Image credits: truthhealsandhurts

#44 My Father Will Hear About This

Image credits: ImaCompletCyclePath

#45 Our Economy Is Devastated

Image credits: SarahMiller20

#46 Swear It’s Not A Pyramid Scheme

Image credits: InternationalToxicit

#47 Trader Joe

Image credits: KaamDeveloper

#48 They Might Want To Reserve A Judgement On That

Image credits: Revealed_Jailor

#49 That’s Right, Poor People Always Spend At Least $8,185 On Their Outfits! This Was Spotted On One Of Those Dumb Entrepreneur Instagram Accounts

Image credits: Bbew_Mot

#50 Gluing Themselves To Table Is So Brave, Wow

Image credits: Revealed_Jailor

#51 This Fast Food Employ Got Fired For This:

Image credits: Movie_Advance_101

#52 Pure Political Theatre. Putin’s “Unscheduled” Live Emergency Meeting With His Security Council Was Broadcast At 5pm. Sergei Shoigu & Sergei Lavrov Watches Both Say 11:45

Image credits: NineteenEighty9

#53 A “24h” Fitness Closed Without Checking And Locked A Man Inside

Image credits: pietradolce

#54 That Didn’t Take Long

Image credits: tcn33

#55 Backfired

Image credits: Trungx1

#56 How Would You Like To Pay Today?

Image credits: GoinFerARipEh

#57 You Won’t Say…

Image credits: TwasAnChild

#58 Exhibit A

Image credits: Left-Manufacturer979

#59 I Have No Idea What Point They Are Trying To Make

Image credits: ForeverNearby2382

#60 So I Came Out The House At 5 This Morning And I Saw This Bloke Leaning On A Wall With A Walking Stick

I thought he must be out of breath. Just went back out and he’s still there I shouted mate you alright? No reply, so I walked over to check on him and its a trampoline net hanging over the wall

Image credits: No-Glove1428

#61 The Entitlement

Image credits: MonsterJuiced

#62 Shameful!

Image credits: monaleeparis

#63 Guy Asks For Money To Remove His Face Tattoo, Forgets To Keep The Same Font In Later Video

Image credits: rclippi

#64 A Girl At Work Drew What She Thinks The Map Of The USA Looks Like. She’s Almost 30 With 2 Kids. The Nc Public School System Has Really Failed Her

Image credits: Katewalsh83

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