65 Of The Funniest Husbands And Partners Effortlessly Bringing Chuckles To Daily Life

A good sense of humor is a quality that many people seek in a partner. And for a reason—even if some jokes tend to push certain buttons (when the artwork your husband buys for the house is him portrayed as a mythical being, for instance), life with someone who tickles your funny bone is never boring.

Today, we want to shed light on some examples of men making sure there’s never a dull moment in their partner’s life. Responsible for everything from said artwork-related occurrences to creative solutions and bizarre happenings of all sorts, these men sure know how to make their loved one laugh.

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#1 Every Night My Husband Holds Our Sphynx Cat Up To Fight His Nemesis: The Ceiling Fan Pull

Image credits: minniesmom55

#2 A Hairstylist Friend Of Mine Is Doing Her Boyfriend’s Hair Each Day. So Far, We Have Leia, Amy Winehouse, 90s Prom, Cindy Lou Who, And George Washington

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 My Partner Farted And Made The Air Quality Level “Very Poor”

Image credits: railedtoot

#4 My Boyfriend Fell Asleep, And This Is How The Cats Responded

Image credits: rodironcandle

#5 Day 14 Of My Wife Being On A Work Trip

Image credits: Crybad

#6 My Boyfriend’s Wallet

Image credits: Nitiyama

#7 I Quietly Changed A Picture In My House To The One I Photoshopped To Surprise My Wife

Image credits: mandal0re

#8 I Heard My Boyfriend Giggling To Himself In The Bathroom

Image credits: imgur.com

#9 My Friend’s Boyfriend Was Not Happy About His Kindergarten Picture. His Parents Still Have It Framed In Their House 20 Years Later

Image credits: wrud4d

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#10 My Husband Thoroughly Enjoyed The Science Museum

Image credits: rachelmaryl

#11 My Wife Ran And Won Her First 5k In Her Age Group This Weekend. Here Are A Couple Of Pictures From The Race

Image credits: zachirino

#12 I Opened My Boyfriend’s Glove Compartment And Found These

Image credits: strvncrtoonst

#13 I Just Got Home, And My Boyfriend Said “I Found The Original Box She Came In”

Image credits: bluecedarood

#14 My Husband Started 17th Grade (His Masters Program) On The Same Day My Daughter Started 5th Grade. They’re Both Ecstatic About Going Back To School

Image credits: Snipsthetips

#15 My 32-Year-Old Husband Playing In His New Pool. By The Way, We Don’t Have Kids

Image credits: dawn7c

#16 Staring At It Like I’m Watching A True Crime Show And Trying To Figure Out How Everything Happened

Image credits: LizerReal

#17 When Your Husband Cleans The Kitchen And Rearranges The Fridge Magnets

Image credits: supersamness

#18 My Friend’s Boyfriend And Her Cat Share The Same Enthusiasm For Sundays

Image credits: cjs81268

#19 My Wife Got This Picture Of Me Staring At A Whale’s Dong In The Icelandic Phallological Museum

Image credits: readycent

#20 My Boyfriend Specifically Remembered Purchasing Tampons For Me And Turns Out He Did. He Just Misplaced Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 My Wife Really Wanted Us To Make Our Own Christmas Cards. For Some Reason, She Rejected Mine

Image credits: phelyan

#22 My Husband Put The Candles Really Close Together

Image credits: vab0618

#23 Thank Goodness He Didn’t Stretch My Clothes

Image credits: _asapgigi

#24 He Genuinely Believes Our Landlord Won’t Notice

Image credits: fairycakes

#25 I Made A Face With My Girlfriend’s Hair In The Shower

Image credits: walmartia

#26 He’s An Artist

Image credits: _AlyssaLauren

#27 We Have Nothing Worthwhile To Display, But My Fiance Thinks This Is Worthy

Image credits: dinoaids

#28 My Husband Always Does This Whenever I’m Having A Bad Day

Image credits: charliesday

#29 My Husband Says He Made It For The Kids, But I Think He’s Enjoying It Just As Much

Image credits: CharistineE

#30 He Really Tried

Image credits: badgalariiii

#31 Every Time My Wife And I Eat Chicken Nuggets I Try To Spell Something With All The Letters To Make Her Giggle

Image credits: ptgauth

#32 My Girlfriend’s Entire Family Are Vegetarians. I Think It’s Time To Unleash The Chaos

Image credits: guggabump

#33 My Boyfriend Made Gnocchi With Leftover Fries

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Wife Asked Me To Make Half A Pack Of Spaghetti

Image credits: AndrolThePageboy

#35 I Had An Electric Day At The Children’s Museum

Image credits: Mofomania

#36 What My Boyfriend Tried To Text Me vs. What I Actually Got

Image credits: czericeliza

#37 My Husband Works In The HEB Bakery And Today He Made This Tiny Baguette

Image credits: borshctbeet

#38 Work Smarter Not Harder

Image credits: littlebillie

#39 This Birthday Card My Boyfriend Gave Me With His Face Taped On

Image credits: kinda-random-ngl

#40 My Boyfriend, Who Thought All Cats Were Evil, Is Now Doing Indoor Rock Climbing To Reach Her. Why? He Wanted To Kiss Her Forehead

Image credits: Doctorspiper

#41 Men Need Specific Instructions. There’s No Point In Being Subtle

Image credits: zfcyanide

#42 My Wife Says This Isn’t Gonna Work

Image credits: CatVideoFest

#43 Points For Creativity

Image credits: seasonal_menu

#44 My Friend Had This Made For His Own Birthday, And His Wife Was Very Annoyed Because Of That

Image credits: Costaa54

#45 My Girlfriend Hosted A M*rder Mystery Event At Our House. I Was In Charge Of The Crime Scene

Image credits: Bennnnetttt

#46 It’s Important To Dress For The Job

Image credits: aileenlee

#47 My Elderly Mother Didn’t Understand The Meaning Of The Shocked/Sad Emoji Face In A Text, So My Partner Made Her A Visual Explanation

Image credits: shinjirarehen

#48 When I’m Not Home, My Boyfriend Likes To Torment Our Cat By Dressing Her Up. Today Is A Whole New Level Of Crazy

Image credits: ChompYoFaceOff

#49 It Do Be Like That

Image credits: annaclendening

#50 Wife Says I Probably Hold The World Record

Image credits: deeplyprobing

#51 Definitely Looks Like Godzilla

Image credits: himbodotgov

#52 All The Essentials

Image credits: hannystyles69

#53 Can Someone Please Explain To Me What Is Going On Here? I Opened My Boyfriend’s Refrigerator To Find This Dish Filled With Clear Jello, Cut-Up Hot Dogs, And Onions. I’m Horrified

Ok, so this is now solved! My boyfriend came home and told me it was a birthday gift joke for our friend. I’m so glad, I don’t have to break up with him over this abomination.

Image credits: ole_worm

#54 He’s A True Artist

Image credits: itsjadeyanh

#55 My Husband Did My Makeup And Took The Term “Eyeliner” Too Literally

Image credits: Rainbow62993

#56 I’m Always Losing My Nail Clippers, And It Stresses Me Out Because I’m A Massage Therapist And Need Them Regularly. Then Today I Came Home To This From My Boyfriend

Image credits: PurpleDuck11

#57 My Wife Has A Baby Monitor For Her Birds While They’re Nesting, So I Decided To Prank Her

Image credits: inhugzwetrust

#58 I Present To You All, My Fiancé

Image credits: babyeater01

#59 My Husband Is Ready To Gas A Nest Of Yellowjackets

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 My Husband Is Helping To Decorate The House

Image credits: MakeMeBeautifulDuet

#61 My Best April Fools Prank I Performed On My Wife. I Broke The Old Car’s Window, Rolled Her Window Down, Scattered Glass Around The Vehicle, And Staged The Area. She Wasn’t Amused

Image credits: Mrconduct1

#62 He Knows Angles

Image credits: daniihorror

#63 My Boyfriend’s Solution For Holding The Spoon While He Eats The Cereal

Image credits: Nianx

#64 Good, He’s Earning His Keep

Image credits: ghostofeste

#65 I’ve Finally Found A Way To See When My Girlfriend Is Ready

Image credits: Ur_Just_Spare_Parts

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