65 Times People Online Got Roasted With “This You?” Comebacks (New Pics)

“Be careful what you post online, because it can always come back to haunt you.” When I hear warnings like that, my mind immediately goes to the embarrassing selfies and videos my friends and I shared on Facebook in middle school. With a mouth full of braces and an awkward haircut, I had all the confidence in the world!

But we should also be sure not to make bold, false claims online or political statements that contradict what we’ve previously stated. Below, you’ll find some of the best roasts that have been shared in the This You Comebacks subreddit, a group dedicated to calling people out for their hypocrisy online. Enjoy scrolling through these posts that make celebrities, politicians and more look like clowns, and remember to upvote the burns that you consider the most clever!

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#1 This You, Jim Jordan?

Image credits: My170

#2 I’m So F**king Tired…

Image credits: AtotheJ2215

#3 I Have Never Got Any Government Assistance

Image credits: GinnayWeasley

As an adult, I have to admit that I wish there were more opportunities during the day to use sick burns. No, I probably wouldn’t deliver them anyway because I’m too scared of hurting other people’s feelings. But I would think them in my head and give myself silent high-fives! Thankfully, however, many people have found the perfect place to use amazing comebacks: the internet.

The This You Comebacks subreddit is a wonderful place to share your own roasts or applaud others for theirs. In this community of over 80k members, you can find some of the most brilliant comebacks that have ever been posted online. We’re not just talking about “Yo mama” jokes or “I know you are, but what am I?” These “This you?” remarks have receipts, and they’re ready to leave politicians, celebrities and more feeling “Boom! Roasted!”

#4 Ah Yes, The Double Standards Of Blaire White Back Again

Image credits: Conscious-Glove-1526

#5 Who Even Takes Their Kids To Drag Shows?

Image credits: Hedgehogbiscuits

#6 This You Dad?

Image credits: qmechan

Responding to someone with a comeback is often a risky move. Especially if you’re calling them out publicly, there’s always a risk that your reply will fall flat. What if it doesn’t land? What if it’s not actually as funny out loud? Or what if you mess up the delivery and end up looking like a fool yourself? The risk is high, but the reward can be as well if you manage to pull it off!

If you need some tips for concocting a fire comeback, Kletische has shared their best pointers on their site. First of all, be sure to listen fully to what the other person has said before starting to present a comeback. You have to have all the information and understand the entire context of what they’re saying to ensure that you can burn them in the most brutal way.

#7 Gun Rights Are Great Unless People I Don’t Like Have Them

Image credits: My170

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#8 Never Forget Indeed

Image credits: My170

#9 Pretty Sure He’s The King Of This Sort Of Thing

Image credits: Kosta7785

The next tip for coming up with a sick burn is thinking of your comeback “shell.” As someone is talking and you’re considering in your head where you’ll go with a comeback, you’ll need to decide exactly which points of their argument you want to attack. Perhaps they said something embarrassing, you caught them in a lie or they made a mistake. Grasp onto that information, and combine it with an element of surprise to create the perfect comeback. After all, the best burns include a component that will shock listeners and the person being roasted, so you’ll have to be quick on your feet.  

#10 Pedophile Doesn’t Want Kids Being Sexualized. Approves Of Fl “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Image credits: MissingTaco

#11 The Turd Delivers Yet Again

Image credits: Foolhearted

#12 “America Is Full”, But Not Too Full For Me

Image credits: Nolimitsolja

While you can’t fully form a comeback without having all of the information from the other person first, you might be able to have a bit of skeleton prepared and then simply fill in the blanks to ensure you serve up the most fire comeback possible. Having a few comeback formats ready to go can also ensure that you can deliver great roasts on a moment’s notice in any different setting. And once your friends and family know that you’re the master of comebacks, they’ll be sure to watch what they say around you!    

#13 You Can’t Take Her Royal Highness There. The Hutts Are Gangsters

Image credits: LastJediKnight7

#14 When Did Pronouns Become Such A Big Thing?

Image credits: Nolimitsolja

#15 Musk Is Not Having A Good Time

Image credits: FennekinFlames

Unfortunately, one of the most painful aspects of being able to come up with brilliant comebacks is when they come to mind just a moment too late. Someone bumps into you on the sidewalk and yells, “Watch where you’re going!” And then they get away right before you think of a brilliant burn. Or your middle school bully leaves the bathroom just before you came up with a sick burn to roast him with. If you’re wondering why we always come up with these lines just a moment too late, thankfully, the Good Men Project has explored this frustrating experience.  

#16 What Could Go Wrong?

Image credits: Tymathee

#17 Screamy Is As Screamy Does…

Image credits: Elle_Vetica

#18 Of Course There’s A Photo

Image credits: swarlymosbius

According to the Good Men Project, one of the reasons why we always think of brilliant comebacks when it’s too late to use them is actually because the part of our brain that we need to use to do so is still relatively new. The high functioning brain evolved fairly recently, so it can’t always work properly when a threat is perceived. If you’re being insulted by a bully or threatened by someone on the bus, you’re definitely not going to be your wittiest and most clever self at that moment. And sadly, you might miss out on the opportunity to deliver a great comeback.

#19 Superbowl Halftime Show

Image credits: Rigzin_Udpalla

#20 What Happened To Him In The 2 Months In Between

Image credits: Difficult_Project_91

#21 This You?

Image credits: reddit.com

Once the stress hormones leave us alone and we start to feel calm again, then our brains are capable of working at full capacity. We get a sense of clarity once we’re relaxed, and that’s when the great comebacks come flooding in. “I should have just said this!” Or, “Why didn’t I just say that?” It seems so obvious later, but you can’t blame yourself for not coming up with these burns sooner. Just keep them in your back pocket for next time.

#22 “Only I Am Allowed To Tell Black Entertainers To Shut Up.” —candace, More Or Less

Image credits: ImOnlyHereForTheCoC

#23 That’s Right, Nicki

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#24 Wonder Why That Is, Jim?

Image credits: Arielle_6

The great thing about delivering “This you?” comebacks is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, sitting on your couch responding to posts on X or sharing screenshots on relatives’ Facebook posts. You have time to reply to ensure you don’t misspeak, and you have the chance to provide receipts to back up your claims. These comebacks are well researched and well written. What more could you ask for? 

#25 Sir, Is This Your Yelp Review?

Image credits: Monorail_Lime

#26 Cereal-Themed This You?

Image credits: SylTop

#27 Imagine Getting Called Out By The Official White House Account

Image credits: rode__16

We hope you’re enjoying scrolling through this list of epic burns, pandas. Keep upvoting the pics you find particularly hilarious, and feel free to share any classic “This you?” moments from your own life in the comments below. Then, if you’re interested in checking out even more amazing comebacks, you can find Bored Panda’s previous article featuring the same subreddit right here!

#28 “Free Speech”

Image credits: Kosta7785

#29 The Right’s Hypocrisy On Full Display

Image credits: chrono4111

#30 Gameplay Director At Blizzard

Image credits: Strebicux

#31 A Proper “This You” Comeback

Image credits: NastyNateRTS

#32 Generational This You To A Guy Who Opposes USA Receiving Afghan Refugees

Image credits: MarsNirgal

#33 Of Course It Is

Image credits: swarlymosbius

#34 Big Bird Is A Communist

Image credits: I_hacked_kmart

#35 At Least This Time, She Didn’t Ask If You Know Who Her Father Was

Image credits: purrfunctory

#36 Misinformation

Image credits: Nolimitsolja

#37 This You, Elon?

Image credits: SkyezOpen

#38 She’s Such A Boebert

Image credits: Dodgiestyle

#39 Votes Against Bill That Would Send Fl Relief Funds, Then Goes On Twitter To Demand Relief Funds Be Sent To Fl

Image credits: szechuan_sauce42

#40 I Hope This Counts. Gov Desantos And His Wife On Screening For Illnesses

Image credits: megamoze

#41 Uh Oh

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 “Pronoun Extremists”

Image credits: beta_zero

#43 So Holy

Image credits: HoDub

#44 Dr. Who?

Image credits: sunkid

#45 This Your Last Location?

Image credits: MutationIsMagic

#46 Jeremy Clarkson, A Man Who Has Made A Whole Career Out Of Being As Offensive As Possible About Pretty Much Anything, Is Sad That People Are Making Jokes About His Queen

Image credits: elzmuda

#47 Knew Better. Did It Anyway

Image credits: MutationIsMagic

#48 I’m A Democrat That Donates To Republican Politicians

Image credits: My170

#49 Wow So Does This Mean Sorbo Is Unaware Of His Surroundings?

Image credits: vrphotosguy55

#50 This You Marxist Rubio?

Image credits: thewholedamnplanet

#51 Obligatory Greene Hypocrisy

Image credits: SylTop

#52 Charlie Is Very Selective About Free Speech

Image credits: NicholasHomann

#53 People Should Take Responsibilities For Their Actions. Not Me Though

Image credits: vpsj

#54 “Why Are You Wearing A Mask?” Asks Man Who Said It’s Fine If You Want To Wear One

Image credits: ThatAdamsGuy

#55 His Comment Wasn’t Meant For His Party, Obviously

Image credits: aheinouscrime

#56 Swing And A Miss

Image credits: My170

#57 Awkward

Image credits: SpecialReserveSmegma

#58 Sexist Coder Has Relationship Woes:

Image credits: mikephamtastic

#59 I Don’t Give A F About Her

Image credits: bladezor

#60 Elon Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

Image credits: misterecho11

#61 Guy Pinned His Racism

Image credits: chrono4111

#62 Someone Must Have Hacked Her Account

Image credits: swarlymosbius

#63 This You, Sarah?

Image credits: thatguysjumpercables

#64 Republicans Don’t Own The Fourth Of July But

Image credits: Spirited_Accident_98

#65 Where Is The Lie?

Image credits: smartwaterofficiel

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