65 Times People Who Realized Capitalism Is Getting Ridiculous Started Criticizing It Online

Anyone has the ability to flourish if they work hard enough for it, right? Regardless of where they come from or what family they are born into, if people just pick themselves up by their bootstraps — the sky is the limit. Or at least that’s what they tell us. Because while capitalism has fuelled economic growth and increased our standard of living, people are hesitant to back a system that now seems to offer little other than uncertainty and crisis.

So it’s no surprise that so many are dissatisfied with how unjust the system we’re living in actually is. And two corners on the internet capture these feelings, the ‘Capitalism In Decay’ subreddit and the capitalism criticizing page on Facebook. People over there are holding up a mirror to society and showing off examples of how upside-down our world can seem, one image at a time.

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We’ve gone through these two communities and handpicked a selection of accurate and insightful posts that might shake you up, make you laugh and cry at the same time, or at least give a few thought-provoking ideas to consider. So continue scrolling and share your thoughts with us in the comments! And if you’re interested in even more anti-capitalist content, be sure to check out our previous publication right here.

#1 Won’t Someone Think About Those Poor Billionaires

Image credits: marthakelly3

#2 Murica. The End

Image credits: parentis_shotgun

#3 This Country Really Hates Poor People

Image credits: crimsonblade911

#4 It’s Too Expensive, There’s Absolutely No Way It Can Work… /S

Image credits: Maxonsdad

#5 Pain Is Currency

Image credits: harikondabolu

#6 Live To Weork

Image credits: BelleAriel

#7 Context Of Agenda!

Image credits: existentialcoms

#8 Never Equate The Two

Image credits: franifio

#9 Louder For The Ceos At The Top

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Image credits: BelleAriel

#10 Remember The Panama Papers

Image credits: BelleAriel

#11 Only The Rich Can Be So Brave /S

Image credits: Chelsea_Fagan

#12 PSA: Capitalism Is Bad For Your Health

Image credits: Skyelandah

#13 Slavery Didn’t End. It Evolved

Image credits: Capitalism Kills

#14 Time Is A Commodity

Image credits: hecate_priestex_108

#15 Based Shaun

Image credits: shaun_vids

#16 It’s All Class War

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Based Charlie Kirk

Image credits: charliekirk11

#18 Capitalism Kills

Image credits: BelleAriel

#19 Capitalism At Its Finest

Image credits: meaganmday

#20 True Words

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 It’s Ok To Hate This Dominant Economic State Of The World

Image credits: RespublicaCuriae

#22 “Starvation Exists Because It Isn’t Profitable To Solve”

Image credits: MxMaxwellmusic

#23 Decaying Capitalism Spares No One

Image credits: DrJenGunter

#24 But We Are Getting Better Every Day Apparently!

Image credits: BelleAriel

#25 Capitalism As Religion, Walter Benjamin (1921)

Image credits: Creeemi

#26 I See A Pattern

Image credits: Public_Citizen

#27 Capitalism-In-Decay-Posts

Image credits: Capitalism Kills

#28 A Landlord Contemplating To Shut Off The Water To Tenants Who Can’t Pay Their Rent Due To The Quarantine

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#29 Speechless

Image credits: harcumblood

#30 Because Who Needs Jobs Anyway

Image credits: kayandskittles

#31 Pissing Your Money Away

Image credits: Meeghan__

#32 But They Take The Risks

Image credits: existentialcoms

#33 Can We Change This Death March System?

Image credits: wheelofsunandmoon

#34 You’re Poor Cause You’re Lazy

Image credits: BelleAriel

#35 Yikes

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 An Apple A Day…

Image credits: BelleAriel

#37 “You Made This?”

Image credits: satyabhasa

#38 Capitalism A System Of Continues Failure

Image credits: Pleasant-Force

#39 The Archangel Uncle Sam

Image credits: overheadlines

#40 Silence Of The Lambs

Image credits: BelleAriel

#41 Shame On Them!

Image credits: BelleAriel

#42 This Is Your Brain On Capitalism

Image credits: BelleAriel

#43 Wtf

Image credits: the_alpha_lobster

#44 Thank You Bezos, Really Cool!

Image credits: o5go5g

#45 Because Capitalism…..

Image credits: BelleAriel

#46 A Landlord Evicting A Paramedic In The Middle Of The Coronavirus Epidemic, Just Because He Works At The Nhs

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#47 How Capitalism Has Created The Highest Standard Of Living Ever Known On The Earth???

Image credits: free-whitebird

#48 Me When I Graduate 😉

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#49 Touché

Image credits: RafMarlo

#50 Don’t Rush Them, Give Them Time 🙂

Image credits: puistori

#51 “They Got Money For The Wars But Can’t Feed The Poor.” -Tupac Shakur, 1993

Image credits: thatkeltonguy

#52 Uber Deconstructed!

Image credits: BelleAriel

#53 Bosses Are Not Your Friend

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 This Is Worthless! Everything Is Worthless!

Image credits: BelleAriel

#55 A Landlord Figures They Will Have To Evict Their Tenants “Like Cockroaches” During The Quarantine-Related Eviction Moratorium

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#56 War & Pistachios

Image credits: Meeghan__

#57 Capitalism-In-Decay-Posts

Image credits: Capitalism Kills

#58 And It’s Only Going To Get Worse

Image credits: thatkeltonguy

#59 Capitalism, Uhhhh, Finds A Way.

Image credits: superfly-whostarlock

#60 The UK Conservative Party

Image credits: SeamusDeckard

#61 Green Imperialism

Image credits: Randomeda

#62 From The Lips Of An Angel

Image credits: Capitalism Kills

#63 The Climate Is In Crisis And Biden Is In Debt To Fossil Fuel Industries; He Won’t Save Us Like Bernie Will

Image credits: Meeghan__

#64 Capitalism-In-Decay-Posts

Image credits: Capitalism Kills

#65 We Should Accept Our Current Economic System Is [messed] When Even The Idea Of Us Going To War Makes The Stock Market Go Up

Image credits: thatkeltonguy

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