65 Women Share The Struggles That Men Will Probably Never Fully Understand

Even though we can, at almost any time, Google everything in the world, there is still no way to surpass lived experiences. So, for example, if you are a man, you have no idea what it’s like to live as a woman. Fortunately, one can always ask someone about their life to learn a bit more.
Someone made a post, asking “Women: What is a struggle that women have that men will never fully understand?” and netizens shared their thoughts. So get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote the posts that you relate to or that taught you something new and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Periods. Hormones. Unsafe at night (sometimes day time too). Unsafe to travel alone in some countries. Unsafe to meet strangers on dating apps. Expected to clean and cook for 2 or more people every day. Being told by doctors it’s normal to be in pain. Medical standard doses calculated for men and not women. Opinions and feelings often ignored in family talks or at work. Seatbelts calculated to bring optimal safety to men’s bodies but not to women’s. And a few more things.

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The unspeakable fatigue of being a women. The hormones, the vigilance, the fear, the need to do things to be seen, heard, paid, acknowledged on that same platforms as men. The expectation to nurture, pander, care, remember, remind and source for everyone else. I’m. Just. So. Tired.

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Not a struggle but gripe.Men are SHALLOW. Many guys look for sexual accommodation without a psychological connection. Guys have demonstrated the inability to mentally satisfy me so I CANNOT ACCOMMODATE sexual desires. Sex would bore ME without a connection that is "meaningful to ME." I do not care that you like what you see. Looks mean nothing to me nor does the size of your ego when I'm mentally turned off. It's not hard to understand but when you're shallow, it is..

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Life really.
Growing up with choices limited, being groomed constantly, put down, leered at, groped, puberty, periods, period pain, pms, gynae problems, medical dismissal, chronic illness, gaslighting, mansplaining, sexual abuse, sexual assault, ‘the biological clock’, body shaming, pregnancy, pregnancy complications, childbirth, childbirth complications, post-natal depression, breast-feeding, doing it all again 2 years later, miscarriages, autoimmune illness, career damage, inequality..

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Living in a women’s body in this world.

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We live in a world that hates women.

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Being attracted to your number one predator, then being shamed for being weary of them.

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The feeling of knowing exactly how to solve a problem but knowing that the man in front of you doesn’t accept answers from women.

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That a man’s uninformed opinion is always taken more seriously than a woman’s lived experience

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Being fearful to reject a flirty advance out of safety concerns.

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Feeling guilty your entire adult life for going out of the house not wearing a bra.

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Buying clothes that are for your body type.

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Being surrounded by men is a constant threat.

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You must be beautiful. But not so beautiful you look like you are trying to get attention.

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Not being able to fight a guy off

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I mean, America Ferreras entire monologue in the Barbie movie.


Exercising with a big chest absolutely sucks. No sports bra really works once you’re over a DDD. Imagine jogging with a two one-liter bottles of Coke strapped to your ribcage. My husband went for a run shirtless today, and I can’t even begin to imagine how effing amazing that must feel.

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The full body changes our bodies go through when creating a tiny person.
The horrendous pain things like PCOS and Endometriosis put us through, the second being so serious of a disease that we can d!e
The fact that the female body has not been closely studied in the medical field even though professionals are fully aware that we are not just small men.

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Having to prove your competence at work, sometimes for months or even years before people begin to take you seriously.


That we are viewed as objects in a mostly man ruled world. As well as the fact that our image has everything to do with the way we are viewed as existing creatures, instead of just humans.

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For people who are in the situation where it’s remotely possible to unintentionally get pregnant, the worry that you might have gotten pregnant.
And sometimes when you’re absolutely sure you’re not pregnant, you’ll decline an alcoholic drink or mention your period is running late, and someone will accuse you of being pregnant.


Autonomy of our own bodies

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Fear. The fear that passing a man while alone on a dark street could lead to a sexual assault and/or death. Not to mention the fear when it’s a group of men.


Fronting up to work having just had a miscarriage

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Living in a country where politicians force women to give birth and never even mentioned the responsibility of the father.


Constant fear of violence & abuse. We have to be HYPERVIGILANT about who we allow in our lives. Bc even ppl who pretend to be good can actually be abusive.


Being in a relationship and doing the bulk of the physical work and ALL the mental work. Getting groceries when they’re almost out, getting everyone to appointments, practices, recitals on time. Shopping for clothes or shoes when the kids need something. Men weaponizing their incompetence so they can get out a particular task.


Sneezing on day 2 of your period.


The struggles with feminine health and fibroids..If men only knew the hell fibroids can wreak on our bodies, and how delicate the female reproductive system is, I’d like to think they’d be a little more understanding


That women have to “fight for rights” to be human


The way we are expected to do everything to placate men. Be pretty, but not so pretty you look unapproachable. Wear make up, but not so it looks like you’re wearing make up. Don’t earn more than men because that’s emasculating, but don’t ask men for money because that’s gold digging. Be smart, but not smarter than men. If you don’t go to the gym you’re lazy, but if you do you’re just attention seeking. It goes on…


The salary difference. Women can be in the same position and still earn less.


Finding job when u are 20-35yo. If u don’t have kids they assume that u will start a family soon. And they don’t want to pay for your maternity leave. Even if u tell them u don’t want kids…If u have small kids then they think u will be at home all the time because kids are ill very often. In both scenarios u are not hired. They rather choose man


Being able to be ambitious, have a demanding career and children. Somehow that’s expected from men, but women are bad mothers when they want the same.

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Bodyshaming, fatshaming, lookism. I do not know any man who is as self – conscious about the way his body looks as the “most attractive” woman. One more thing… The constant fear of getting pregnant unintendedly even if you use birth control.


Loss of sexual desire.

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Thinking about going for a countryside walk alone to get more exercise but deciding not to because I am worried that a lot of the walk is out of public view and what if someone attacks me?


Listening to your husband tell you how silly you are for taking safety precautions instead of locking the door when he leaves.


How they are the biggest threat we face all day everyday


Men acting like they have any idea what it’s like to be a woman with a 28 day (sometimes longer) hormone cycle! There’s literally 4 phases where each phase, our dang hormones fluctuate & sometimes we literally feel like we are losing our minds. They think we are just being dramatic. It’s not just the cramps, bro. It’s 28 days of it all. Men have a 24 hr cycle, THATS IT. It would be lovely if men would do some research on how the woman’s body works.

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We get it. Men like soft legs. We do to. But shaving is such a hassle. Hair grows back way to fast, stubble itch and are worst than hair itself. Lasering hurts like hell.


Be confident but don’t be confident because that means that you have a big ego and you think that men are useless


We can’t say no without giving a “reasonable” answer. No is a full sentence. Also, “I don’t want to”. Same. Don’t need reasoning. We don’t need to explain ourselves so man feel good about themselves. For example, I won’t say, sorry, I don’t want to be with you because you’re so great and something is wrong with me. I’ll say, I don’t want to. That’s it.


Lack of pockets.


The patriarchy.




pregnancy & periods.


Doctors ignoring pain, the weight obsession and how many mammograms resulting in callbacks for further tests.


Why they get friend zoned.




The fact that because we are attractive to men, they think they can get us to do/say/be anything for them. And they will treat us well until they get what they want, and then it’s like we never existed.


that you do not get the same opportunities and exposure as men but also have to be SIGNIFICANTLY better than them to be acknowledged. make it make sense.


A constant fear of being attacked…not being able to walk alone at night…being concerned going to a car in a parking garage, getting out drinks drugged at a bar…and on and onand on. Nevet really being safe, simply for being a woman.


Packing for holidays when you need different underwear for different outfits. Men just have probably 2 colours of underpants for light & dark trousers/shorts. We have to avoid VPL, camel toe, ensuring our bras aren’t showing, are the right cut for the top. Etc. all this means we need more case space.

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Breaking into male dominated fields. It isn’t about just getting the job. Once you’re in, even if you aren’t discriminated against by your employer, your coworkers treat you like a novelty. Even when they’re trying to be complimentary they’ll say stuff like “why is the woman doing all the hard work while the men sit around?” Because it’s their job. It isn’t unusual to do your job when you’re at work. Having it pointed out like it’s something special because you’re a woman is uncomfortable.


Our pain tolerance, even worse for POCs


Sex ed. teaches girls by 5th grade that life is unfair. Women instill this in girls by actually saying it, “life is unfair.” Boys aren’t privy to these private talks nor do they hear those words. Then, when things like dot com crashes, Great Recessions, or Global pandemics happen women excel because they were taught that “life is unfair.” The media blasts the messaging that “men are falling behind.” So the humans already getting empathy get even more empathy and become weak. Women keep going.


I think sensitivity, most women are very sensitive and emotional, and most men wont comprehend, that all they want sometimes is just to be heard.


The struggle of a colposcopy. That can be so painful




Not being able to walk around topless without being harassed, arrested, or molested.


Hahaha having that instinct or discernment. Even if he lies or covers up YOU DON’T BELIEVE cus you SEE THROUGH IT CLEARLY


Getting you toilet when you are out and about.


That administration or early childhood education is not as taxing/draining as being a mechanic.
Sure, it’s not as physical but it’s not without the mental and emotional exhaustion.
Oh, and that most mothers never really switch off.


our need to be assured how much they want us, love us and care for us. Yes we can be damn needy but we reciprocate everything.

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